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Find your inner strength and make friends with your body Part 2 / continued from last issue

The other major thing we focus on to help maintain this deeper connection is the Breath and to keep learning about the many different ways that we can utilize our Breathing to our best advantage. We can use our breath properly and either slow down and relax and enjoy the beauty of the moment or we can use our breath to help rev things up to function at a dynamic peak performance level and both these Aspects are important if we are to develop our human capacities fully. Our nervous System is enhanced when we learn to breathe fully and deeply. Most illnesses begin with the nervous

system being weakened and there are powerful breathing techniques to strengthen the nervous system so that we feel connected to the lifeforce within and around us. I remember one summer Teacher Training I was on and we had to sit and do ‘Breath of Fire’ for a whole 30 minutes! The next day of the workshop literally everyone came into class with way more energy and feeling way way better than before the exercise. The benefits were so Visable. If our breath is powerful, we can be like a sword – strong and dynamic, yet relaxed

And present. In our humanness we can feel constantly limited but Yoga we tap into our divine connectedness which gives unlimited boundlessness to live our best life.

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