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Connecting People In Need... Brenda’s daughter passed away from Leukemia, leaving her devastated and responsible for raising her five young grandchildren. Disabilities kept her from working and providing for her family. Exhausted by the heavy burden on her shoulders, she was unsure of where to turn... Colleen couldn’t bare any more pain in her life. With a broken-down car, fewer hours at work, and piling bills, she was at a financial standstill. But more than anything, she was anxious for relief from the pain in her aching mouth. Nothing she did would ease the pain— not even taking 24 ibuprofens a day. Her only form of relief could come from a $30,000 surgery, which she was unable to afford. Willing to do anything from mowing lawns to babysitting children, she was desperate for a miracle... Paraplegic and bound to a wheelchair, Dotty was the unfortunate victim of exploitation. A con man posing as a contractor, used her vulnerabilities to his advantage. He promised her renovations that he never intended to deliver. She paid him nearly $140,000, leaving Dotty penniless with barely any home improvements to show for it. She had lost all hope that her home would ever be restored...

Meet Your Neighbors Neighbors Helping Neighbors was founded in August of 1992, in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. During this time, Miami-Dade and Broward County residents were faced with unbearable conditions, causing widespread distress and devastation. Many families were tasked with rebuilding their lives, leading them to rely on their neighbors who had the means to lend a helping hand. Inspired by the generosity of the local community, this organization was founded on the principle of bridging the gap between community challenges and the collective efforts to solve them.

With the help of CBS 4 News, Bank Atlantic and the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, it has L]VS]LKPU[V[OLUVUWYVĂ„[J organization, Neighbors 4 Neighbors in existence today. “Helping Feels Goodâ€? is the message that Neighbors 4 Neighbors has been spreading throughout the South Florida Community. We connect those in need with those who can help. It’s that simple. Using a combination of resource development, collaboration with service providers and the power of media exposure, we empower our neighbors to use their talents, time and funds to help others in need.

...With People That Can Help ...A local minister teamed with Neighbors 4 Neighbors to provide the family with everyday necessities. Warm-hearted donations to the Family Fund provided the means to purchase household items for the Smiths. These simple acts of kindness delivered happiness to a Homestead family in crisis.

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...Colleen contacted Neighbors 4 Neighbors, expressing her desperation for a helping hand. Within the same day, fate brought Colleen her much-needed miracle. A local dental surgeon reached out to the organization, offering his services at no charge. Colleen was immediately connected with Dr. Stanton so her path to recovery could begin. Dr. Stanton performed a full mouth construction surgery, eliminating her pain.

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...Neighbors 4 Neighbors received multiple phone calls after Dotty’s television interview following the arrest of the contractor. Ultimately, Venetian Builders, a local contracting company, volunteered their services to rebuild her home. After assessing the condition of the property, Venetian Builders found that the simplest solution would be to start from scratch. Neighbors 4 Neighbors began recruiting everyday volunteers to donate their time to give Dotty back her home.

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Family Fund Your generous donations of time, talent and money have eased the burden for thousands of neighbors in need. The Neighbors 4 Neighbors Family Fund is a lifeline for those who need only a minor contribution to become self-sufficient. The Family Fund helps solve non-recurring problems by distributing funds only once to the people in need. One of the greatest assets of the Family Fund is the diversity of donations accepted. Aid can be given in any shape, size, or form. Donations ranging from small monetary gifts to lightly used household items are welcomed. Professionals are encouraged to donate their talents and services to individuals in need. Any gift, good, or service, no matter how small is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help someone in need.

Payments are made directly to the creditor or landlord and gift cards are often purchased for food and clothing. At least 90% of your monetary donation goes directly to the beneficiaries. To learn more about Neighbors 4 Neighbors and how you can be a part of helping those in need, visit our website at

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