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Putting the patient first is No. 1 at Doctor’s Urgent Care

By J Pancia

Development is booming in Trinity/ Odessa, which means many more ankle sprains and head colds. For those who can’t wait to see their primary care provider, Doctor’s Urgent Care is now open to address the sudden medical needs of a growing community. “We’re here to help those who have a debilitating condition, but their illness or injury isn’t serious enough to visit the hospital ER,” explains Dr. David Dean, the clinic’s medical director, adding that

around 90 percent of ER visits can be handled by an urgent care clinic. At the same time, Doctor’s Urgent Care, he says, will not hesitate to expedite a visit to the emergency room if a patient has serious chest pains or other grave condition. The staff’s caring approach is apparent on first observation. Dr. Dean, the director of two additional Doctor’s Urgent Care locations in Palm Harbor and Holiday, inspires his staff to treat patients with concern and respect. See “Doctor’s Urgent Care” on page 28

BOB THE COMPUTER GUY & ASSOCIATES, INC. “TECHNOLOGY WITH A HUMAN TOUCH” The next time you need professional quality help with your computers and other technology devices you’ll want to call Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. We have come to depend on our computers and Information Technology (IT) devices every day. Occasionally these devices act quirky, slow down or completely breakdown. When this happens, we need someone to swiftly help us

get back up and running, someone to give us reliable and courteous service, someone to explain the problem without confusing “technical jargon.” Most of all, we need an IT professional we can trust who will give us an honest assessment of our situation and charge a fair price to fix it. That is exactly what you can expect when you call Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. See “Bob the Computer Guy” on page 24

Dr. David Dean

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4 AUGUST 2019

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Hi readers! I have been focusing my editorials on bringing awareness to specific causes and movements every month. In July I focused on Minority Mental Health Awareness, and I received a lot of positive feedback and heartfelt written letters from readers who felt moved or identified with my case. I want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for your caring words and for sharing your own personal stories with me. It’s a good feeling knowing that what you write can touch people, even if it’s just one person, makes it all worth it. August happens to be National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). Immunization, just like Mental Health, is a very delicate subject, but I still wanted to bring it to your attention. There seems to be a strong immunization opposition with the “antivaxxers” movement, and while I am pro vaccines, I respect both sides. I believe it is the parent’s right to choose what they think is best for their child. I know parents who vaccinate without hesitation and those parents who are afraid to vaccinate both have their children’s best interest at heart, so I am not here to judge, just to share my own point of view, which I hope you can respect as well.

As I said, I am provaccines and believe them to be beneficial for kids, adults, and even our pets, after all, they are our family too. Thanks to vaccines, we can protect young infants against whooping cough and other preventable life-threatening diseases. Pregnant women can pass on protection to their newborns by getting vaccinated against whooping cough during their third trimester every pregnancy. Family members and caregivers can strengthen that protection by getting upto-date on the whooping cough vaccine, which helps prevent the spread of this life-threatening disease to infants and their mothers. 

vaccines and share strategies to increase immunization rates in our community. Here are just some ideas on how to do this: • Talk to your relatives, friends, and coworkers about how vaccines are not only for children. Shots can protect people of all ages from dangerous diseases like the flu, measles, and pneumonia. 

That is why I urge the members of our community to be persistent in raising awareness about immunizations and encouraging timely vaccination.

• Get a flu vaccine every year, and encourage others to do the same. Remember, it is not just about protecting yourself. Getting a flu vaccine can also help protect others you may come into contact with, especially young children and individuals with compromised immune systems who are at higher risk of getting sick. • If you own a business, please invite a doctor or nurse to speak to your employees about the importance of vaccines. • Big on social media? The American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging you to take photos and use the hashtag #Ivax2Protect when you share vaccine information content on your social media accounts.

No child or adult should ever lose their life from a preventable disease.

As always, thanks for your support and readership.

Whooping cough is just one of several vaccinepreventable diseases that threaten Americans. Outbreaks continue to occur, and many vaccinepreventable conditions remain common.

Let’s all use this month to raise awareness about

Carla Selby.

Be Smarter Than You Were The Day Before with KUMON Math & Reading Center of New Port Richey-Trinity! By Lisa Stephens With summer upon us, our children are out of school with time on their hands. As parents, we’re constantly asking ourselves, “What can I do to help my child excel at school?” Look no further than the KUMON Math & Reading program currently available at nearby Grand Trinity Plaza. This proven academic program for success is the world’s most successful after school program and currently serves more than 4.2 million children and their families worldwide. More than 410,000 of those participants are in the United States, Canada and Mexico! But it’s not only a successful after school program! You can enroll your child now to start experiencing the benefits of KUMON. KUMON is a comprehensive program serving children in preschool through high school. The individualized approach helps students develop a strong command of math and reading skills. Through the program, students develop a mastery of subjects studied which develops confidence, improves concentration and develops study skills as well.

worked for me and my family and I want to share this with my community.” Other parents support her claims: Alisha said, ”Safia has been at KUMON with Roopa since last year and she was six when she started. Today, she’s a first grader and she’s thriving in Enroll now - You and your both reading and math! She’s become so confident and her class average is child won’t regret it! about 95%. We definitely believe in what KUMON Math & Reading Center of New Passionate owners Roopa and Max Port Richey has to offer! Palakkat put their money where their Olena is a parent who enrolled her child mouths were when they opened their because of language issues in the home. KUMON Math & Reading franchise “My son was struggling in English location at Grand Trinity Plaza. Having because we’re a multi-language seen the success their own children experienced through the program, when household and I couldn’t help him,” she they were considering a business of their said. Because of KUMON, her son is now doing very well in school! own, the answer was simple. “A friend suggested KUMON to me and KUMON had been such a huge we’re very happy now. Roopa is a very success for their own family, Roopa special person!” wanted to bring this success to other Roopa describes the program as a families in the area. “As a parent, this self paced one. “We start where the program has given me great satisfaction student is,” she explained. Then, they in that I feel they’re prepared for each proceed forward to master skills before stage. This program taught them discipline and I feel they’re prepared now proceeding to the next skill. “It’s more about making students independent for each stage of school and beyond. learners,” she explained. “Their homework has become easier because of this program,” she explained. KUMON, she said, actually builds Roopa said,” This is not a program I’m life skills that will take students far in life. She added, “We can work with trying to sell, it’s something that really

6 AUGUST 2019

any ability level; even students with learning disabilities or other issues because our program is based on the student’s ability versus their age or grade level.” This is an excellent way to help build confidence for those students struggling with learning issues. The gained confidence continues with them into the traditional classroom setting at school. Roopa explained summer break from school is actually a great time to start the KUMON program. “Our program ranges from counting numbers to calculus in Math and from learning vocabulary words to critical thinking and writing in Reading portion of the program. “We have 11th graders getting ready for college trying to strengthen their math foundation,” she explained. So, if your student is entering school or preparing for college, KUMON can help build skills and confidence to get them to their desired destination! “We offer structure, guidance and help to students when they’re building their fundamentals,” Roopa said. Don’t assume this is a crash course in reading or math! “We enable each child to develop and meet expectations in order to achieve success,” Roopa explained. Working with complete focus, lessons can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes each day.

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Don’t confuse KUMON with a tutoring facility. Roopa describes KUMON as learning program which builds confidence in students. She added children will begin loving the very subjects they originally didn’t like in school. And, KUMON kids also have some flexibility! “Kids in KUMON have more time to do the things they want to do because they’ve learned to manage their time,” she added. “The journey isn’t an easy one,” she said. “But worth it,” she added. Each year, a student award ceremony is held to recognize students and their success in the program. The event for the KUMON Math & Reading Center of New Port Richey was held in May. “We recognized students for their hard work in the past year which motivates them further,” Roopa shared. Students are also awarded based on the level they have reached in KUMON. According to Roopa, KUMON encourages students to work through challenges to achieve their greatest potential. “The true difference happens

when you’re committed to the program and then you’ll truly see the difference,” she said. To avoid losing up to two months of summer learning opportunities, be sure to take advantage of their current promotion! Save $50 off registration between June 1 and June 30, 2019. This program promotes continuous summer reading and math to students. See their website for details. Just because they’re out of school, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the pleasure of a great book or the thrill of conquering

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additional math skills! KUMON of New Port Richey-Trinity is located in the Grand Trinity Plaza at 4018 Little Road, Trinity FL 34655. Call Roopa Palakkat with any questions at 727-877-0707 or to schedule your parent orientation and testing appointment for your child! Visit their website at www. You can also find them on Face Book at KumonOfNewPortRicheyTrinity.

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8 AUGUST 2019

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What is so great about CBD and Medical Marijuana? EVERYTHING. The doctors at Trinity ReLeaf, a medical marijuana office, are quickly approaching 1000 patients certified for the use of medical marijuana. Both physicians, Dr. Robert Ferreira and Dr. Leo Vieira, are board-certified in Family Medicine with a combined experience of over 40 years in the field. In early 2018, they decided to start investigating medical marijuana as an alternative form of treatment for their patients. After the two doctors trained at several national-level seminars, performed dozens of hours of continuing medical education and on-line courses, they were convinced medical marijuana has decades of sound, scientific data and a proven track record. Not surprisingly, as early as the 1800s its use started showing up in medical journals. In 1889, an

10 AUGUST 2019

article by Dr. E. A. Birch in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, outlined the application of cannabis for the treatment of opium withdrawal symptoms. It reported that the mixture reduced the opium cravings and acted as an effective anti-nausea medication As early as 2700 B.C., Emperor and Chinese physician Shen Nong was recorded as officially prescribing marijuana tea to treat various illnesses such as gout, rheumatism, malaria and poor memory. Through their education and training, the doctors have learned how medical marijuana works in the human body - through the endocannabinoid system. Just like we have a gastrointestinal system and a nervous system, we have the endocannabinoid system. This system is unique

Back row: Dr. Ferreira, Ashley, Stacey, Molly, Dr. Vieira Front row: Laura, Erica, Guiga Vieira, Jill

in that it regulates the balance of all the other systems in the body - from electrical activity in the brain to intestinal function. In fact, the cannabinoids (CBD and THC) are vital in creating life. These receptors have been found on the inside lining of the uterus and on the placenta implying their role in embryo implantation. The endocannabinoid system is present in every mammal on the planet. It is a vital part of us and is 100% natural. Its use in the medical field is becoming more

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and more common. People who pursue medical marijuana have legitimate medical concerns. They suffer conditions that negatively impact the quality of their lives. These patients do not want to get “high”, they just want relief from their symptoms. In fact, the doctors at Trinity ReLeaf say that is their patients’ main concern – they don’t want to feel high. Unfortunately, much misinformation still exists about medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is not “smoking pot.” To the advantage of the consumer, medical marijuana in the state of Florida is highly regulated. It is a “vertical” process. The “grows” or crops of marijuana are planted and harvested in Florida, the active compounds are extracted here and the dispensaries are here. Furthermore, dispensaries are required by law to have lab testing performed on their products for purity and the absence of harmful chemicals like insecticides and heavy metals. Recreational marijuana offers no such assurances. Moreover, there are over 200 hybrids of the marijuana plant and some strains can make some medical conditions worse. This is why the guidance of a physician approved by the state to make medical marijuana recommendations is important. Another benefit is its safety. No one in the history of humankind has ever died from an overdose of marijuana alone. Approximately 130 people die every day in America from opioid overdose (oxycodone, vicodin, fentanyl, etc.). Medical marijuana is safe and, even if large doses are ingested, no long-lasting detrimental effects are seen. Dr. Vieira recalls a patient, Dave B., who came to him taking the maximum dose of Percocet six times a day for back pain for the past fifteen years. With CBD alone, he was able to decrease to four a day and, with adding medical marijuana, he was off his pain medicine completely within a month. Dave B. told Dr. Vieira that he felt like he had been in a fog for 15 years and now had his life back. “This

Dr Ferreira (left) and Dr Vieira (right) is extremely rewarding medicine to practice,” Dr. Vieira reports. Dr. Ferreira tells a story of an older gentleman who suffered from terrible tremors. “He had gotten to the point that he could not sign his name or write; feeding himself became frustrating and embarrassing. He never went out to eat anymore. The medicine his doctor gave him, primidone, just wasn’t working. By his first follow-up visit, he was off of his medicine and signed his name for me - several times; he was very excited. It sounds simple, but this was life-changing treatment for him.” What can qualify someone for medical marijuana? There is a long list: anxiety, depression, chronic pain of any type, cancer of any type, insomnia, Crohn’s disease, tremors, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, trying to wade through the state bureaucratic morass associated with getting a medical marijuana registry card can be daunting. This is where Trinity ReLeaf excels. They are committed to excellent patient service. They walk their patients through the legal

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system, provide education regarding medical marijuana and even see their patients in their first follow-up visit at no-charge. They want to ensure patients are getting the outcomes they desire and will provide more guidance, if necessary. In short, they truly care about their patients. They have several educators on-site who will spend the time the patient needs to become comfortable managing their medical condition. How does one get started? Simply go to www.trinityreleaf. com and fill out a brief form and you will be contacted within one business day. Alternatively, you can call directly (727-645-6900) during normal business hours (8 AM to 5 PM) and many times can be seen within the week if not the same day. Dr. Ferreira and Dr. Vieira and their caring, professional staff are here to serve you and are conveniently located at 2044 Trinity Oaks Boulevard, Suite 220, Trinity, Florida. Don’t suffer needlessly when help is as close as a phone call away. Call Trinity ReLeaf, your home for relief through medical marijuana.

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Grout Tech - Your Tile and Grout Specialist! Before you spend thousands of dollars remodeling and re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen be sure to call Grout Tech for a FREE estimate on cleaning or repairing old dingy tile and grout. Grout Tech can breathe new life into your existing tile work, making everything shine like new at a fraction of the cost. Grout Tech is a family owned business serving Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Grout Tech specializes in cleaning and sealing tile and grout, recoloring grout, re-caulking showers and tubs, and repairing grout and broken tiles. Grout Tech will renew existing grout and tile to its original beauty by cleaning and maintaining the tile and grout lines. Jeremy G. and his wife were ready to re-tile their entire bathroom before calling BJ at Grout Tech. “Our bathroom tile was over 40 years old it was looking grungy and very dull. We called Grout Tech and we are extremely pleased with

16 AUGUST 2019

Before our results! We saved so much money by having the grout in our shower resurfaced and the tile cleaned and it looks brand new.” BJ is happy to set your appointment, come out and give you a free estimate. She stresses, “It is important for me to be respectful of our customers’ time so I will always arrive at the time we set.” In addition to always arriving in a timely manner, BJ says that they can keep their prices low because they are a family owned business and not a franchise. She explains, “What many people don’t understand is that franchises are often forced to charge more for their services because

After they have to maintain their franchise fees, but not with Grout Tech.” Not only does Grout Tech keep its rates competitive, but the company will also honor any other quote as long as it is in writing.

machinery. They will then apply a color seal (of your choice). Once the sealer is applied the grout lines will be permanently protected from any stains.

Because grout is a porous material, trying to remove stains is seemingly impossible. BJ explains, “Color sealing grout lines is one of the many services we offer and it is definitely the most effective way to create a perfect, new look.” Using a step-by-step process, Grout Tech begins by using a cleansing product to remove all bacteria and surface dirt with special

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room, kitchen and dining room re-grouted. They also re-grouted the tub, shower and base of our toilet in our bathroom. They were fantastic! Not only were they professional and reliable but they also completed the job much faster than we had anticipated.” Excellent Service Leads to Referrals



The color seal also guarantees against cracking, chipping and peeling. Additionally, they will also cosmetically fix or replace chipped or cracked tiles, making your bathroom or kitchen tile like new again.

Kathy G., a satisfied customer, shares her experience, “When BJ came out to give us a quote, she looked at the job and I could tell immediately that she knew what she was talking about. We had our family

Throughout the years, Grout Tech has grown through its many referrals from happy customers. People really appreciate that Grout Tech saves them time and money, but it is the excellent service provided that has really helped this business grow. Grout Tech’s success stories say that before calling

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Grout Tech, their bathrooms, guest bathroom showers and floor grout, had deteriorated over time and the tiles were dull and stained. “The tile was in good condition but it was stained so we had Grout Tech come out and clean them and they turned out very well.” They were so pleased that they have already referred Grout Tech to neighbors in their community. Grout Tech can also remove and re-caulk around sinks, baseboards, tubs and showers serving to clean up old moldy areas and keep your dry wall free from water damage. From old to new in just one day! To find out more about Grout Tech’s services or for a free estimate call BJ at 727-768-6828.

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AUGUST 2019 19

Connections Job Development 2019 Fashion Show! graduates, disabled, older worker having to return to work out of necessity, victims of domestic violence, homeless or at risk of homelessness, ex-felons, recently located to the area seeking information on employment opportunities. No one seeking assistance is turned away at Connections.

Come join us for CONNECTIONS JOB DEVELOPMENT’S 2019 FASHION SHOW, this promises to be a fun, philanthropic event for men and women held at SEVEN SPRINGS GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, 3535 TROPHY DRIVE, NEW PORT RICHEY, FL. SEPTEMBER 14TH 2019, doors open at 11am. Connections Job Development Program begun 28 years ago, by Sister Joan Foley, offering FREE assistance to ALL unemployed and under-employed through writing resumes, interview skills, job seeking /keeping skills, job leads to area employees, application assistance and basic computer training, providing interview and/or work clothes to those in need as well as referrals to local resources for further assistance if necessary. Clients served: Veterans and their families, college and high school

20 AUGUST 2019

One $15.00* Event Ticket includes: • WELCOME MIMOSA OR CHAMPAGNE • MUSIC • LUNCH • MASTER OF CEREMONIES • LOCAL DIGNATORIES MODELING. ALL CLOTHING FOR SALE AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICES • CHANCES TO PURCHASE TICKES FOR GIFT BASKETS, PRIZES AND LOTTERY TREE Tickets can be obtained by calling Connections’ office at 727849-4724 or pick-up: 5841 Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652 (Hours: Mon-Thurs 9 AM – 4:00PM) or email: TICKETS: $15.00 EACH OR TABLE FOR 8 FOR DISCOUNTED RATE OF $115.00 *For a small fee ($1.49) added to your purchase you can securely purchase your ticket on Connections Job Development’s Facebook page (hosted by Eventbrite).

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“Bob The Computer Guy” Continued from page 1 “Stress levels can boil when the technology devices we have come to rely on stop working,” said Bob Dalles, president of Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc., a full-service computer and IT company dedicated to providing reliable technology help and superior customer service. “We understand the additional anxiety and inconvenience of having to disconnect your computer (or other device), drag it into a repair shop, and then wait days or weeks to get it back. We make our customers’ repair process effortless because we come to their location and perform the computer repairs on-site. It’s a major convenience that our customers love. They schedule a time for us to come to their home or office, and when we leave their problem is solved and their computers are fixed.” Dalles has been involved with computers since the late 1970s. In 1995 he launched his own computer business. In 2008 he started teaching as a

24 AUGUST 2019

Computer and Information Technology Instructor for a Florida technical college. He also writes a technology column entitled “Tech Talk” where he shares information from his decades of experience working with technology. “I have received some wonderful feedback from readers. I am glad they find the column informative and entertaining,” said Dalles. Dalles’s company serves hundreds of customers in the Tampa Bay area. Many are businesses, but the rest are home users. “We especially enjoy working with individuals in their homes,” Dalles said. “They need tech help too and are not always sure where to find service performed by professionally certified technicians who they can trust. It’s not uncommon for us to hear new customers tell us that they did not even know companies like ours existed; and that they’re so glad they found us.” Bob The Computer Guy and Associates, Inc. treats every customer like a friend and every computer as if it were their own. “We take great pride

in the high level of service we provide,” said Dalles. Dalles personally hand picks each Associate-Technician to make sure that they not only know their craft, but also provide top-notch customer service. “We want our customers happy,” said Dalles. “We won’t settle for less.” “Customers enjoy our flexible scheduling process,” says Dalles. “We’re not just a 9am to 5pm operation. What is great about working with us is that customers are not required to fit into the rigid business hours that many other service providers require. We will be happy to schedule appointments in the evenings and weekends; if that’s what you need. The benefits of working with us is that you and the Technician set the appointment for a time that works best for you; day or night, weekday or weekend. You are in control.” Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. prides itself on being “senior friendly.” AssociateTechnician Christian, is very popular

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with our customers. “There are a lot of tech savvy seniors who rely on their computers every day. Some have commented to me that they really value the way Christian takes his time to explain the repair to them, one customer even commented that she loves him.” Another happy customer comments: “Facing a financial deadline, my laptop was not responding properly. After serving clients all day, technician Christian offered to come to my home at 6:00pm. YES! He came, he saw, he conquered. Within 75 minutes my Toshiba was running smoothly. Thanks Bob!” - John L., Palm Harbor, Florida. Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. is an entirely mobile computer services company. In addition to on-site troubleshooting and repairs, they offer setting up networks, printers, scanners, new computers, tablets, phones, and other tech devices; virus, spyware and other malware removal; securing your computer and network; transferring data between devices;

system and data backups; personal tutoring; and more! They provide technology help with a human touch. Whatever you need, no job is too small. For honest, reliable

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service performed by professionally certified technicians at a fair price then you want Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. Call Now 727-534-4000.

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“Doctor’s Urgent Care” - Continued from page 1 Observing him on the job, you can’t help but notice how unlike he is from the hurried, robotic doctors we deal with too often today. Dr. Dean and his staff listen, smile, provide eye contact and commit to meeting their patients’ needs with no short cuts. Doctor’s Urgent Care’s facilities are just as welcoming. The reception staff warmly welcomes people with colds, flu, minor injuries and those who require minor procedures and vaccines in a timely fashion. Colorful aquatic and tropical photography, inspired by Dr. Dean’s past scubadiving adventures, impart a relaxing mood, and the immaculate waiting room offers a widescreen TV as well as comfortably stylish decor. Also notable, Dr. Dean administers a minimal amount of paperwork, so patients aren’t burdened during a difficult time to read and sign pages upon pages of repetitive documents. But is it affordable? While the clinic accepts a wide number of insurance policies, in addition to all workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accidents insurance, Doctor’s Urgent Care also sets fair costs for self-pay, which you can review on their website at HYPERLINK “http://www.” www.  The doctor shares that those with no insurance or a high deductible plan can use the service FairMedCare (, a network of physicians and patients created to ensure accountability, cost fairness and transparency. The network is free to join, too. Disclaimer: Dr. Dean is a co-founded FairMedCare with medical colleagues and other Tampa Bay professionals. He shares that they came up with the concept after a friend received a bill for an expensive ear cleaning procedure, which was done incompletely and cost more than $300. “This sort of egregious overcharging wouldn’t happen with FairMedCare,” Dr. Dean affirms. The FairMedCare network, he explains, provides assistance

28 AUGUST 2019

with scheduling and finding a physician, and they also update patients on charges via text message. Costs are reviewed and approved before any funds are deducted from patients’ credit card or HSA/FSA account. No hidden charges or alarming surprises. Further emphasizing that patients aren’t just shuffled in and out, Dr. Dean makes follow-up another priority. If patients visit with a flu or other condition that is not immediately resolved, they will get a call in four days to assess recovery and if another visit or medication is needed.  Keeping up with changes in the medical establishment is an ongoing challenge. Dr. Dean, who’s been in practice for 21 years, endeavors to keep up with regulatory and pharmaceutical changes, working closely with his staff to figure out how they can solve the unnecessary problems of glitches in the system. He shares that he and his staff collaborate to find ways to address problems created by pharmaceutical companies and other corporate-owned medical industries. Among the issues discussed, antibiotic stewardship remains one of their core responsibilities. “On seeing the challenges patients have faced dealing with long waits to receive prescriptions, we started ordering certain antibiotics and Prednisone at wholesale cost,” Dr.

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Dean explains, “so we can now offer them free of charge during the patients’ visit. No one should wait to treat an infection, which can mean the difference between life and death.” While, antibiotics aren’t difficult to come by, Dr. Dean treats the problem of superbugs and antibiotic resistance seriously and strictly prescribes the meds to people with symptoms of a bacterial, not viral infection. At the heart of Dr. Dean’s modus operandi is a mission to provide immediate care and professional accountability, as well as fairness and cost transparency. “We provide high-quality, professional and affordable care and treat you like our family,” Dr. Dean assures. “Our services are designed to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits. At Doctor’s Urgent Care, you will get qualified and expert medical care for your medical necessities right here locally.” Married with three children, Dr. Dean spends his few days off traveling, learning about new cultures and people, scuba diving and participating in community service. He earned his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1998, graduated from the University of Miami Residency program in Family Medicine

in 2001 and has worked in outpatient Family Medicine. He has also worked as an inpatient Hospitalist and an urgent care physician since 2006. “I’m motivated by a passion to provide assistance in a time of immediate need,” the acclaimed M.D. affirms. Doctor’s Urgent Care is located at 13256 State Road 54, Odessa (near Trinity). Hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 813-920-0023 or visit 

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The McCaffery Team Members make a difference! Bob McCaffery, The McCaffery Team leader is pleased to announce the results of a recent volunteer effort by three of his team members: Fonda Dillard, Sharon Greenfield and Grace Rudawski.  The three real estate agents from Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Florida Properties Group/ Oldsmar spent Saturday, July 20th collecting donations from residents of the East Lake Woodlands community for Metropolitan Ministries Backpack of Hope drive for local children in need. As the photo shows, donations included backpacks, various school supplies and food items.  All donated items will be shared with school children in need throughout the Metropolitan Ministries area.  The McCaffery Team can be contacted at 727-331-8257 for additional information regarding this important summer program.

32 AUGUST 2019

For Advertising Info 727-943-0551 I or visit

For Advertising Info 727-943-0551 I or visit

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TOWNHOUSE in Trinity area. 2,416 sq ft, 3 Br + loft / 2.5 B. Walk in closets. Beautifully remodeled. Listed on ForSaleByOwner. com. 7702 Wimpole Dr. 727-514-9211 Tom’s Bargain Thrift Store Summer Clearance Sale: 50% OFF!

(Gunn Hwy Flea Market at 2317 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556, Building A in the back) Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Tables, Lamps, Gift Items, records, DVD’s, luggage, clothing, collectables, office files, home décor, toys.

Saturdays and Sundays ONLY from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Stop by and ask for Tom! Large Selcetion of

Sofa Sleepers!

SERVICES AVAILABLE SENIOR CARE SERVICES. Short or long term. Medical care, Drs. appts., home cooked meals. Honest and reliable. Excellent ref., lic. with 30+ yrs. exp. Reasonable rates. Call 727-421-8997. YARD CLEAN UPS TREE & SHRUB PRUNING AND REMOVAL LANDSCAPE INSTALLATIONS Licensed & Insured CALL Ed 727 514-5411 COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE by ALL TURF LAWN AND LANDSCAPE Family owned, servicing Tampa Area for 22 years. Providing landscape maintenance for HOA’s, Apartment & Condo

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Housing, Senior and Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals & Medical/Indutrial Parks, Shopping Malls and more. Licensed and Insured. Call for a no obligation quote. Call Edward at 727-819-1174

and monthly rates available. Now also accepting Visa, MC, American Express, and Discover for your convenience. Call for a free estimate today with a dependable and trustworthy company!! Call Mary (727) 389-0347.

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A NEW LOOK Pressure Washing. 2 car driveway $65 (includes all Mary’s Spotless Touch front sidewalks). 3 car driveway Cleaning Service, Inc.Licensed, Insured and Bonded $85 (call for long driveways). Most pool decks & cages for your piece of mind. We $125. I also gently clean home offer both residential and commercial cleaning and have exteriors, gutters, fascia, soffits been cleaning in the area for 15 & fences - Free estimates. years. No home/office too large Landscape cleanup and odd jobs too. or small. We are extremely Heritage Springs, Trinity & pet friendly, pay attention to detail that is often overlooked more! Resident of 34655. and supply all the necessary cleaning products to efficiently Call Randy 727-271-2920 clean your home/office and leave it smelling and looking wonderful!!We also offer other EDUCATION/TUTOR cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, English As A Second windows, etc. Weekly, biweekly Language: Experienced

teacher with graduate degree and knowledge of Spanish, French seeks students. I can help you learn conversational English with tools such as picture books. I charge $20 per hour and live in New Port Richey. We would meet at local library. Call 941-962-0028 Private Writing Tutor! High school, college, or adult personal/professional, writing projects. English grammar, punctuation, research writing (APA, MLA), essays, reports and college statements of purpose. Experienced (25 years), college English instructor. I can help you meet any writing/editing challenge. Available: mornings, afternoons and weekends. Call: 727.277.2099

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR FAMILY OWNED AND OWNER OPERATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. Owner performs all jobs. We offer many services, from switch replacements to ceiling fan installations and more. Reasonable rates. Keep this ad on your refrigerator, we do troubleshooting as well! Licensed, EC13005494, and insured. Call CHARGER ELECTRICAL SERVICES @ 727-937-5999.

MUSICIANS WANTED Looking for Alto sax & clarinet player to join a NEW 8 piece band. Call Wayne Johnson and the “Little Big Band” at 727-375-1444.

For Advertising Info 727-943-0551 I or visit

For Advertising Info 727-943-0551 I or visit

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Profile for Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles Magazine

Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles. Trinity. Vol. 15, Issue 8, August 2019.  

Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles. Trinity. Vol. 15, Issue 8, August 2019.