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This month marks the start of the academic year in many countries, not just in the U.S. In the Southern hemisphere, September 1st marks the beginning of the meteorological spring. I am an Astronomy and Astrology nerd, so for me, this month is pretty exciting. Meteor showers are expected to take place throughout the entire month of September to early October. So, if you’re into meteor showers as much as me, keep your telescopes ready, because it’s about to get lit! September is a marvelous month for swimming and partaking in water sports. The sea temperature is still amazingly high, averaging 84.2 Fahrenheit, which is as warm as the water surrounding Florida ever gets! So head out to the beaches and enjoy before it gets cold, rainy and those potential nasty Tropical Storms and Hurricanes start threatening us. Also, September 16th marks my one year anniversary with my husband, Matt Selby. I

want to take a minute to tell him I love him and thank you for a spectacular first year of marriage, and here’s to 100 more, or at least 80…Everyone knows I am the oldest one of the two so… And last but not least, I want to thank you all again…I know, I know, it seems to be a common theme on my Editorials lately, but hey… when did thanking people become a nuisance? So, in the spirits of being kind, I want to thank all of those people who reached out to me this past month and shared with me some amazing stories, some which will be featured in all of our issues of Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles in the upcoming editions. Make sure you check them out! These are uplifting and positive stories from your own neighbors, your coworker’s brother in law, your best friend’s cousin’s aunt… these are stories from real members of your community that are doing great things, and that truly deserve a chance to get featured so they can let everyone know about the

wonderful impact they are making. If you are local and you have an amazing story that you’d want to share with us and the entire community, please, PLEASE reach out to me directly by emailing me at All stories we receive will be read, reviewed and possibly edited to fit our guideliness. Like I’ve said in my previous editorials, Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles is all about YOU… So if you feel you’re making a difference or are interested in making one, if you volunteer at a specific organization, a non-profit, a rescue shelter, or even if it’s only you…one person, trying to make a difference… I want to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to email me. I do enjoy reading your messages! I’ll leave you with these incredible words from Nelson Mandela, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” Carla Selby.

More Space Place is your number one source for Murphy Beds, Custom Closets and an array of other space saving furniture solutions for your home or office! By Carla Selby

“I have a problem finding places to store things or I really need to organize…” does that sound like you at all? Making the most out of the space you have is important whether your house is small or large. Organizing is about decluttering and arranging your home or office space in more efficient and beneficial ways to you. So stop storing everything in your garage or piling up your clothes and shoes and make a resolution, yes, and a midyear resolution, to get everything in order. It will make you feel so much better, I can promise you that. More Space Place has attractive, affordable and functional solutions that will help you get organized and create more space within your home without the hassle of a home re-model, a costly addition or an outside storage unit. More Space Place’s array of products include custom closets, home office furniture and organizational systems, Murphy wall beds, garage systems and kitchen organization solutions. Starting off as a single retail location in the early 1980’s, More Space Place has grown to become a nationally recognized and trusted company that continues to expand due to their high level of attentive customer service and quality organizational products. Today, the company has over 28 nationwide stores that are locally owned and operated by community members. Clark Williams and Bob Schmidt are the owners of the three Tampa Bay area showrooms and Design Centers, located in Palm Harbor on US 19 N., St Petersburg on Gandy Blvd. and Lutz on State Rd. 54. “We have seen some very innovative designs created when a client comes in with an idea and our designers work with them to make it a reality,” says Williams. “It makes the business both fun and exciting.” Williams recalls that 20 years ago there were very limited choices of furniture and closet solutions and very few options for finishes and materials. “More Space Place now proudly offers the largest


selection of wall bed styles available, and in addition, a massive line of complimenting space saving and organizational furniture. In addition, we are one of the only companies offering the ‘Invisa-line’ boring system. This new technology makes the adjustment holes in the furniture for shelf adjustment almost 60% smaller than what others offer,” says Williams.

Murphy Beds Can Make Dual Purpose Rooms As America’s #1 Murphy bed retailer, the professional designers at More Space Place can assist you in transforming a spare room or office into a comfortable guest room with a fantastic, durable and high quality wall bed. Today’s wall beds provide the same comfort as standard beds and also have the choices of firm to extra plush mattresses.

“We recently purchased a new model home and we wanted to designate one room as a guest bedroom/office. My husband recommended a Murphy bed to save on space. I must admit I was deadset against it relying solely on my very dated recollection of no style, no comfort and something my parents would have considered,” says recent customer Karen Q. “Luckily for me, my husband, A.K.A ‘Mr. Research,’ did all the legwork and visited one of the More Space Place showrooms. Quality, style, comfort and option-uponoption are the orders of the day and I am happy to admit I was dead wrong.The people at More Space Place went beyond in customer service, suggestions and execution.Their installers were amazing and we are 100% satisfied.The guest room/office looks spectacular and I get compliments on it on a regular basis!” I must say, after reading so many incredible reviews and seeing their showroom, I am personally considering adding one of these Murphy beds to my own small home office, because of those “unexpected visitors” that end up crashing on my brand new, light colored couches. I will definitely keep you updated on my own Murphy bed in a follow up story.

Custom Closet Systems Cut Through the Clutter Do not just daydream about your ideal closet! The local experts at More Space Place can build it for you. Their closet makeovers can consist of wall-hung closet systems, floor-based closet systems, or even a combination of both. Custom closet systems from More Space Place are designed with your wardrobe in mind, so you will not continue to waste another minute frantically searching for your favorite shoes, shirts, or belt, just to fail. Your new closet would be organized to make room for all the clothes and accessories you already have, with ample space for the new must-haves. More Space Place professional designers will help you create your design in your finish choice to make a one-of-a-kind highly functional closet to fit your needs. One that will save you time and money.

Recent and very happy client,

Nicole B. says, “Thank

you More Space Place for my custom closets. I walked in just to see what the whole process would be like and everything went so smooth. I wanted someone to be able to look at my closets with all my stuff and tell me what I would need.That is exactly what More Space Place did AND had some other helpful ideas. In the process, they came out to my house, measured and then sent

me a digital proof for approval. After I gave the ok, a few days later was the install. A professional installer came out to do the job. He did a great job. He took out the old clothes racks and patched the holes. In addition, he was very considerate of my home; he laid down blankets to protect my floors. I could not be happier with this whole experience and would recommend More Space Place to everyone! In the end, I also received two follow up calls to make sure everything was in order. Now THAT’S customer service.”

FREE IN-HOME DESIGN CONSULTATIONS More Space Place offers complimentary in-home design consultations as well as three spectacular showrooms where clients can go check out the vast options of style and finishes and see the quality of their products. “When someone visits one of our three Showroom Design Centers, they’ll find trained and experienced professionals who will introduce them to a full array of wall beds and cabinet options,” says Williams. “They will also find complete furniture collections for beautifully functional offices, media rooms, closets, garages, pantries, laundry rooms and so much more.” Selecting furniture is a very important decision, and one that requires time, energy and a lot of

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“touching,” yes… touching. I have personally bought a few pieces of furniture online after reading great reviews from other clients, only to be completely disappointed after receiving my product, because the quality of the materials was not what I was expecting. Having the opportunity to go into a store, to see the quality and TOUCH and FEEL what you are looking for cannot be beat. Williams says, “We believe that if people have the opportunity to see all the various options, they get a better understanding that this can be an incredible creative experience instead of just hanging some rods and shelves. This process also makes the purchasing decision easier. Since there are so many colors, finishes and materials available, seeing these in person also ensures they’ll find the best combination of styles and finishes to match the aesthetics of their home and lifestyle.” The More Space Place creative experience is further enhanced with a three dimensional software program that allows clients to see how various furniture designs would look in their home. No more having

to imagine how it would all look like once put together! Thanks to this incredible technology you can actually see how it would all fit in your space and if it matches what you had in mind. “We have found with this visual aid it is much easier for our clients and the designer to work together in order to create the perfect design that is specifically created to meet the needs and desires of the client,” says Williams. More Space Place has three convenient showrooms in the Tampa Bay area. Palm Harbor, US 19 N just north of Tampa Road (727.773.9888), and St. Petersburg on Gandy just west of the Gandy Bridge (727.507.9799) and in Lutz a few miles west of I-75 on State Road 54 (813.935.8432). Hours for all locations are Mon. – Fri., 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sat. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., with additional hours available by appointment. They are closed on Sundays. Please log on to for more information or to see pictures and videos.

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Fish the Best, Fish a Yellowfin! By Capt. Matt Selby We are really proud to announce we are adding a brand new custom-built Yellowfin to our fleet. This is a very exciting time for us because in all honesty, this is the only boat I’ve ever wanted, and we are really excited to share it with our clients. There are certain moments in your life that you can recall like it was yesterday, no matter how much time passes. I remember the first time I saw a Yellowfin…I was in High School and my Dad called me into the living room, “Matt, come in here,” he said, with what I thought was a serious tone. I was 15, so usually when my Dad called me into the room like that I did something he wasn’t happy about. As I walked in, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I did, or at least what he found out I did wrong. He was glued to the TV. After

a few seconds, he said, “Check out the lines on this boat.” He was right; the style was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Now I was glued to the fishing show he was watching as well and couldn’t get over the look of this boat. We noticed it said Yellowfin on the side and since we didn’t have smart phones back then or even highspeed internet, I jumped on my parents desktop and fired up AOL. About 3 minutes later I was online and I searched “Yellowfin Fishing Boat.” 5 minutes after that, a number of photos popped up on my screen of these beautiful fishing machines. I was drawn to the sleek flowing lines of the boat and the proud front bow. From that day forward I knew I’d own one someday. In August of 2017, we put down our deposit and got on their custom build list. Yellowfin custom builds each boat, one by one, to ensure quality and

perfection their clients have come to expect over their 20 years as industry leaders in highperformance fishing vessels. Our boat recently came out of the mold and is scheduled for delivery the first week of

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October! If you or the fishing enthusiast in your life wants an opportunity to catch a trophy fish in style, call us today! Epic Sport Fishing 727-253-5893


A New Day in Real Estate – Altru Realty LLC! To be willing to name a real estate company, using an abbreviated form of the word ‘altruism,’ there has to be something very special and very different about that brokerage. Altruism in real estate seems like a contradiction in terms - selfless concern for the well-being of others - but one company in St. Petersburg, Altru Realty LLC, has made that principle an important part of every aspect of their operations. Words like consideration, compassion, kindness, goodwill and decency easily apply to their on-going business philosophy and practices.

Founded by partners, native Floridian, Keith Gordon (broker with 34 years of experience) and Erin Knorr (behind-the-scenes guru), the offices of Altru Realty LLC are ideally located at 2515 1st Avenue North and offer a choice of convenient days and hours of


operations for potential customers: Mon- Thurs 8:30 AM to 7 PM, Fri – 9:00 AM, Sat – 9:00 to 5:00 PM, Sun – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, something for everyone. They have chosen to specialize in working only with the seller side of the real estate market, and have admittedly, taken the total team concept to new levels. Unlike the traditional real estate company, Altru Real Estate and its affiliates, Move in Virtual Tours and New Frontier Title Company, provide their sellers with a onestop selling experience with a seamless transition from marketing through closing. No aspect of the listing and selling experience is overlooked by Altru’s talented team. Referred to by partner Keith Gordon as “transaction professional negotiators,” his team is never satisfied

with just providing a simple MLS listing. Altru offers their sellers a complete, all inclusive, professional selling experience and marketing program, with several seller-friendly twists including a 1 ½% fee instead of the usual 3%, no upfront fees and the ability to opt out of their contract with Altru with only a 60-day notice. An entire marketing strategy is employed to ensure that Altru’s clients receive the highest price for the properties that they are entrusted with. In a real departure from normal real estate transactions, with their sellers in mind, all marketing costs are paid by Altru, not their sellers, something rather unique in the real estate industry. No aspect of the selling experience is overlooked. A typical transaction follows a carefully orchestrated process. Photography

affiliate, Move In Virtual Tours, takes high definition photos and a Matterport Immersive 3D Virtual Tour of the property to be sold as the first step in their overall marketing plan. The graphic design and digital marketing team then turns the seller’s address into a custom .com website and creates an individualized brochure to stimulate interest in the property being sold. Once all initial steps have been completed, the marketing team then broadcasts the property across the Internet through multiple social media sites to garner the attention of the most potential buyers available. The actual sales process is especially unique; a 4-step process begins with what Keith calls, “All Buyers, Providing Value, Altru-certified negotiator, and transaction coordinator. Each step

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is a vital team-based cog in the sales engine. “All Buyers,” conducted by one of Altru’s transaction professional negotiators with a minimum of 15 months of specialized, rigorous negotiating training, negotiates the sales price on behalf of the seller. Unlike typical agents, in most cases, he doesn’t accept the first offer but actually slows the process down to allow multiple offers to be received before finally accepting one. This allows the seller to receive the highest price possible. “Proving Value” is the process of determining the market value of the house being sold. This involves reviewing the multiple offers submitted. Trying to determine value, based on a single offer, is counter-productive to the seller’s potential profits and studiously avoided by the Altru team. It is the Altru transaction professional negotiators who make sure that their seller receives the highest possible price for their property. According to Erin, it is a matter of “clients before commission,” working for the betterment of the client before the brokerage, a unique ethic in real state.

Once an offer has been accepted and moves to contract, another essential part of the Altru team comes into play, the transaction coordinator team. Many a real estate transaction has blown up at the closing table because someone forgot to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, failing to comply with required timeframes for submittals, inspections, escrow requirements and the myriad of details that make up a real estate transaction. Altru’s professionals are experienced in all aspects of the compliance issues that can short circuit a transaction and ensure their sellers a seamless transition to the closing table. In the dog-eat-dog arena of real estate sales, it is refreshing to learn there is a company, Altru Realty LLC, who does take their sellers best interest at heart. Unique in all aspects of their operations, this seller-friendly, professional organization continues to thrive. If you have a home to sell, you owe it to yourself to call 727 551 4474 for the selling experience of a lifetime. Your Altru Realty professionals are waiting for your call.

“Christina was amazing and set up our trip to Hawaii. I wasn’t even thinking of going, but when I saw the deal she posted in her Facebook travel page (Christina’s Travel Deals and Promos) and the savings... I was hook, line and sinker and off to the Islands we went. It was absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to book my next trip with Christina.” L. Michelle Pentifallo First in Real Estate Services, Inc. Owner/Broker

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Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel becomes first in Tampa Bay area to offer new ExcelsiusGPS™ surgical robotic guidance system The minimally invasive system allows for shorter surgery and recovery time for neurospine patients. Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is the first hospital in the Tampa Bay area and only the second in Florida to offer the Globus ExcelsiusGPS™ surgical robotic guidance system through its neurospine program. The system is the first and only robotic platform for spine surgery that combines surgical navigation and robotic guidance; and improves accuracy and patient care for precise minimally invasive spine surgeries by using robotics and navigation. The system provides real time imaging to physicians for increased safety and accuracy; more precise positioning of screws during surgery, less exposure to radiation; and potentially shorter surgery and recovery time for patients. “Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is committed to delivering the best care to every patient, every time,” said Denyse Bales-Chubb, President and CEO, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel. “We are continuously adding expert physicians, state-of-the-art services, and innovative technology to meet the growing health care needs of our community.” The Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel neurospine program launched in October 2017 in response to a growing need from the community and a desire for patients to have a long-term solution for spinal pain. The program is led by neurosurgeons, Dr. Amir Ahmadian and Dr. Armen Deukmedjian, of NeuSpine Institute. Dr. Amir Ahmadian recently performed the bay area’s first spine surgery using the system.


We are dedicated to the newest techniques and best technological advancements in neurospine surgery, and we’re excited to utilize the first ExcelsiusGPS™ robot in the Tampa Bay Area,” said Dr. Armen Deukmedjian of NeuSpine Institute. “It’s a revolutionary tool that will help improve surgical accuracy, reduce anesthesia time and hospital stays. In addition, the system allows us to make smaller incisions for improved healing and an overall elevated patient experience. This is a true game changer in spine surgery.” About Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel From state-of-the-art equipment to the most intricate building details, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel was designed from the ground up to maximize healing, patient care and wellness. This fullservice community hospital has 145 private patient rooms and features expert staff, specialty design and state-of-the art technology built for better patient care. Since opening in October of 2012, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel has been recognized as a leader in patient satisfaction, quality and safety. The hospital offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient health services, including surgery, imaging and rehabilitation services and emergency services for adults and children. The hospital features a 50,000sq. ft. community Health & Wellness Center and a wide range of community offerings such as health and wellness presentations, screenings and

events. Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel recently completed a massive expansion which involved 111, 993 square feet of new construction and 10,834 square feet of renovation. In the expansion, the hospital increased its number of emergency rooms, inpatient rooms, and surgical suites, added a second Heart Catheterization Lab, and recovery/ observation rooms as well as shelled space for future growth. For more information, please visit www. About NeuSpine Institute NeuSpine Institute is a leader in comprehensive spine and neck care. Founded by neurosurgeons, Dr. Amir Ahmadian and Dr. Armen Deukmedjian they share a unique approach to spine

care, where surgery is always a last resort. Fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery, they specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of simple to complex spinal conditions providing patients with a personalized treatment plan based on their specific needs and pathology.

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Michael’s Grill

A Culinary Journey That Became a Tradition by Carla Selby

In search of a great meal and wonderful customer service?

Venture out and explore! An award-winning dining experience awaits in the heart of Carrollwood. Luckily for those of you in the area, you don’t have to drive very far to enjoy a mind blowing meal with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer. As for my husband and I, the 35+ minute drive from our home in Tarpon Springs to Michael’s Grill, is always worth it, and let me tell you why…their quality, consistency, and attention to detail in both their meal preparation and extraordinary customer service is second to none. Every time I’ve visited Michael’s Grill I’ve been enthusiastically greeted by the owners, Chef Michael and his wife Andrea, seated in a beautiful table with fresh cut flowers, served the most delicious food, and treated like a member of the family. Conveniently located at 11720 North Dale Mabry Highway, and open 7 days a week, Mondays through Fridays for lunch and dinner and Saturdays and Sundays for a fantastic breakfast, Michael’s Grill is one of those rare neighborhood gem’s that will keep you coming back for more, no matter where you live. At Michael’s Grill you can enjoy a great selection of fresh seafood dishes, savory chicken entrees, juicy steaks, mouth-watering pastas, home-made soups, including their award-winning She-Crab bisque, and a wide variety of sandwiches and bountiful salads. By hand selecting all the veggies and other ingredients from local farmers markets, and obtaining only the freshest seafood and cuts of meats, Chef Michael and Andrea ensure that everything they put on your table is always fresh and of the best quality. They also like to feature savory specials with tasty seasonal ingredients, so whenever you visit, make sure you check out a list of all specials on the blackboard on their wall to see what deliciously fresh dishes Chef Michael is offering that day. With so many spectacular qualities that keeps this place at the top of my all-time favorite restaurants in Tampa Bay, it comes to no surprise that Michael’s Grill is about to celebrate their 18th anniversary serving the community. “We opened our doors back in 2000, that was the same year we got married,” said Andrea with a big smile on her face, as she reminisced about what an incredible journey has been thus far. Some would say, working side by side with a spouse isn’t typically a recipe for success, but these two are an exception to that rule in every way. Their relationship is stronger than ever and are still best friends to this day! Even though Chef Michael and Andrea come from different countries, both of them grew up surrounded by family members who appreciated the art of cooking a great meal with only the freshest of ingredients. For Chef Michael, growing up in Miami helped him develop a strong passion for everything


seafood, although he admits that a nice juicy cut of steak is also right up his alley. For Andrea, growing up in Lakenheath, a small village in England known for its agricultural fields and produce, meant having to help her parents with all the farming responsibilities. “I grew up knowing the importance of fresh produce, hand picking vegetables and learning how to cook them in many different ways,” says Andrea, who til this day, hands

pick all fruits and vegetables from local markets here in Tampa Bay to make sure that everything they bring to your table is top quality. Chef Michael and Andrea’s culinary backgrounds meshed perfectly into this American / European fusion, which can only be described as one word; delicious. And while Chef Michael prepares all the main entrees, Andrea is in charge of the desserts… oh, and she also makes an amazing Sangria!

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As a seafood lover myself, I asked Chef Michael to surprise me with a dish that would perfectly represent his and Andrea’s culinary journey of fresh seafood and fresh veggies, so he presented me with a mouth watering Salmon dish that was truly remarkable. The Salmon was perfectly cooked and was topped with a black olive, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes and accompanied by a fresh veggie and couscous medley. Yum! As if that wasn’t enough, Andrea and Chef Michael also allowed me to try one of their signature lunch sandwiches; The Eiffel Tower. Now, if you’ve read any of my food stories, you’ll know by now how much I love bread. So let me tell you that this sandwich stole my heart at first bite. Piles of house sliced and roasted roast beef served on a warm, soft yet crispy french bread, with au just and horseradish sauce for dipping and a side of steak fries. Definitely a must try! Even though their food is outstanding, their friendly and personal service is what truly sets them apart. “We love to make guests feel special. If we know someone is coming in for a special occasion we’ll have champagne waiting for them when they arrive. We love having fresh cut flowers on all our tables and flickering candles. Michael and I always strive to greet and meet all of our guests,” says Andrea. “We enjoy making people happy, it makes us happy. It’s a great feeling when you can give someone a really great meal. Our love for the customer and great quality food shines not only through us, but our servers and kitchen staff as well.” Local customer, Michael Parise, recently gave Michael’s Grill a 5 star review on Facebook and had this to say about his experience: “Just finished Jay’s Birthday lunch at Michael’s Grill in Carrollwood. Rarely am I able to offer such a comprehensively positive review of a restaurant from the moment we entered to the moment we left and all the wonderful food and drink in between. The sangria was unique and wonderful; best I ever tasted. The meals were fresh, tasty, properly seasoned, and prepared in a way that showed love. The wait staff was fabulous; Bianca could not have been more pleasant and helpful. Michael’s is chef-owned. His wife Andrea tends the bar (she made the sangria!) and makes every guest feel special. And the prices were very reasonable for the quality and care. Thank you Michael’s Grill on Dale Mabry, Carrollwood, Tampa!”

Guests’ Favorite Dishes “Some of our guests’ favorites are the Wasabi Crusted Tuna, the Rustic Salmon and the Steak Au Poivre. Of course the crab cakes, our awardwinning She-Crab bisque and the fried brie are a must!” says Andrea.

On a previous visit, I had the pleasure of trying

the Rustic Salmon, and it was truly unbelievable! A personal favorite of mine as well. This dish consists of a pan seared, succulent, which piece of salmon topped with a warm fresh tomato ragu, and honey goat cheese. Served with roasted cauliflower and a pesto cream. “Our breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is delicious,” says Andrea. I can honestly say that their eggs Benedict are some of the best I’ve ever had. Chef Michael even prepares his Hollandaise sauce from scratch! It’s very creamy and savory with a hint of lemon. You may also want to try the croquet madame, which consists of ham and swiss cheese on Texas toast topped with fried eggs and light cheese sauce. And their mimosas are always $3.99!

Andrea and Chef Michael would like to thank everyone that has supported them through all these years. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible support throughout the years. It’s been a pleasure serving you and getting to know you and your loved ones. It will be 18 years this December, and we wouldn’t be here without your amazing support and loyalty,” says Andrea.

Chef Michael shared with me that he truly loves what he does. He loves the instant gratification he gets from being a head chef and restaurant owner. “I love the fact that as soon as I am done with a dish I can see the customers’ faces and reactions. I love hearing their compliments from across the bar and every time someone gives me a thumbs up, I feel an enormous amount of instant satisfaction. You

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cannot get that at all jobs,” says Chef Michael. For an extended Menu and information regarding renting a room for a special event, wedding or party please reach out to Andrea or Chef Michael at (813) 964-8334 or email them directly at


KEYSTONE PREP HIGH SCHOOL - Unique Learning styles for unique students. Tucked away on the winding section of Gunn Highway that rolls past several sprawling farms in Odessa, is an extraordinary school that serves students from all over the Tampa Bay area. Some have said it is one of the best kept secrets in Tampa, but to the nearly seventy (and growing) families who know of Keystone Prep High School, it is an amazing resource that pulls together students, many of whom have learning differences stemming from ADHD, dyslexia, high functioning autism, and other challenges, in an educational learning community second to none. Engaging teens to become self-motivated learners is the core of Keystone’s strategy. A personalized learning environment, and a rigorous, engaging curriculum using


instructional strategies to accommodate individual learning styles in a small learning community works. The school’s mission speaks to its unique place Keystone Prep High School holds among peer institutions throughout the region. That mission is: To offer a different approach to high school, where students with unique learning styles thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. The curriculum includes a fully array of educational offerings including dual enrollment opportunities, college preparatory classes, music, virtual classes, visual and fine arts, athletics, world studies, and numerous other subjects. The school is led by an energetic and passionate head of school, Ms. P.J. Petrillo, who came to Keystone Prep High School two years ago. You

can see her eyes sparkle and light up when she discusses

the school. There is no doubt when she starts talking about

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the teens who attend (she knows all of them individually), that her love of her students is what guides her work day in and day out! “To me, being a head of school is not about staying tucked away in a corner office. It’s about making sure each student reaches his or her potential and has the opportunity to grow and develop into a young adult with a bright future ahead” The faculty are expert in their subject matter, but, perhaps more importantly, they are carefully selected for their energy, dynamism, knowledge about how to engage students, and their understanding of working with students who may have learning challenges. The emphasis is on removing barriers, not lowering the bar, while

providing a flexible learning environment that can be individually tailored to ensure each student has an educational experience that best meets his or her needs. Josh Boyle, a student at Keystone Prep, says, “I don’t have a favorite teacher. They are all amazing! But what I like the best about Keystone, is that my teachers are not just there to teach me in class, but to mentor me and help me with lots of different things. They really care about me.” If you would like to learn more about the school, or arrange for a tour, the school is open all summer and has rolling admissions throughout the year. You can also reach the school by email at admissions@

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Garage Guru

What’s going on with my car?

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What? How much to fix my car air conditioner? Dear Garage Guru, “My air conditioner was working just fine. Then one day I went over bumpy railroad tracks and it suddenly started blowing hot air out the vents. The mechanic says it costs $100 to find out what’s wrong then it could cost hundreds more to repair. My neighbor spent $50 on a can of something to fix her car. Why can’t we just do that? ” Ok. Let’s slow down and think this through. It’s easier to get steamed up when the A/C is not working. This time of year so many people are getting air conditioning repairs. We put the most stress on our A/C systems when the weather is the hottest. There is a systematic approach to figuring out what’s wrong with an A/C system. For around $60 a Technician can check the mechanical components and look for leaks, the most common problem. If all is good so far, then the next step is to test the electronic parts. This is where the initial $60 diagnostic charge can change to something in the $100 range. For most shops this would not be $100 on top of the $60, just $100 total. You gave us a clue when you said all was working fine until you drove over bumpy railroad tracks. Bouncing, jarring, and strong vibrations are not good for electronics. Many Technicians would start suspecting a plug connection might have come loose, a solder joint broke, or a wire rubbed bare causing a short circuit. If you ever tried finding this needle in a haystack, you would appreciate why this would cost in the $100 range. The Technician has to track all the A/C wiring, electric relays and fuses, and switches, buttons and plugs to see where power is being conducted,


and look for where it is being blocked. Switches and buttons are in the control panel on your dashboard which means the dash may have to be taken apart. This is not fun. Don’t try this at home. Wires, fuses, relays and plugs are relatively inexpensive. The control panel in the dash can be expensive. So, that $50 can of refrigerant you mentioned is not likely what your car needs. I know it’s frustrating, but expect to pay around $100 to figure out what is wrong. Then you will know what it takes to fix it.

Before you know it, you can be driving down the road once again with cold air blowing through your hair. We are eager to hear about your car concerns. Is your car acting up or have you wondered about how some part of your car works? Drop us a note at:, and we will offer our honest opinion. Christian Brothers Automotive, where we care for your family by caring for your family car.

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For Advertising Info 813-928-6124 I or visit


New Tampa- Vol 4, September Edition, Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles  
New Tampa- Vol 4, September Edition, Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles