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Fulfilling Clients’ Real Estate Dreams is a Passion for Realtor Judi Beck Realtor Judi Beck is immediately likable and easy to talk to, but even more important to her clients, she is savvy about marketing homes and knows the Tampa Bay area extremely well. Judi Beck’s dedication to her clients, whether they are buying or selling real estate, has earned her many referrals and repeat clients as a listing agent with Florida Executive Realty’s New Tampa office, located at 15802 Amberly Drive in Tampa, where she specializes in waterfront, country club and luxury properties. If you’re looking to buy a new home or looking for an agent to sell your current one, it’s important that you work with someone who really knows the area, and Judi Beck definitely knows and loves the Tampa Bay area and enjoys to showcase the community and the beautiful homes that are available. She has worked with clients all over Tampa Bay, from Apollo Beach, St. Petersburg, and Tampa to North Pasco farm country.

Judi Beck is dedicated to making your Real Estate transaction a smooth and successful one where all parties are happy. Judi says, “The most difficult part for a seller or buyer is to feel confident about and trust the agent they’re with. On any appointment I go into, I tell the potential seller client the truth. I have comparable ready and really do my research because the first 30 days are crucial. When

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Christian Brothers Automotive - New Tampa by Matt Selby

Tampa Bay Plumbers................3

Without a doubt, our “Garage Guru” section of our magazine has been the most read column in the history of our publication between all 7 of our local editions. Not only do over 40,000 residents have the opportunity to read it each month in our printed edition of New Tampa, but many of our over 8,000 digital subscribers just outside our mailing distribution can’t stop raving about it!

From the Editor........................5

Marty La Barbera is the Owner of Christian Brothers Automotive located at 20303 Trout Creek Drive CBA New Tampa Owner Marty La Barbera and General Manager Greg Langford (Photos by NTP2 Photography)


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Whether you want to be terrified by zombies at haunted houses, (safely) collect as much candy as possible with your little ones, impress neighbors with the best Halloween decor or show off your best costume at a local party, you’re in for a treat...or a trick! With events such as Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens, an original “Halloween (1978)” showing at the Tampa Theatre on Wednesday, October 31st and a showing of “Hocus Pocus” on Saturday, October 28th, as well as many fantastic Halloween parties and pub crawls, you will have to pick and choose which local event(s) you will enjoy the most. Even though I am Catholic, I’ve celebrated Halloween in the past and will continue to do in the future. For the longest time, I believed it was frowned upon; I felt guilty about wearing costumes and celebrating with friends. Tired about feeling remorse and being confused about the meaning of Halloween, I decided to do some major research to find out what Catholics truly believe about Halloween. For those who don’t know, Halloween is short for All Hallow’s Eve. It’s the vigil of All Saints (All Hallows) Day. All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation, a major feast on the Catholic Church’s liturgical calendar. Halloween (October 31st), All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day (November 2nd) are all connnected. Together, they are known

as the “Days of the Dead,” a trim of feasts also called Allhallowtide, Hallowtide, or Hallowmas (‘Hallow’ means to honor as holy.) Hallis is the first day of Allhallowtide, the time of year when the living honor all the dead in Christ, all the saints in heaven, and the holy souls detained in purgatory, on their way to heaven. Catholics historically believed that, on these “Days of the Dead,” the veil between heaven, hell, and purgatory is the thinnest. It is also a strong reminder for the faithful of the reality of heaven and hell: the saints and the damned, demons and angels, and the holy souls suffering in purgatory. Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is actually a Catholic holiday and does not have its origins in paganism, Samhain, Celtic/ Druidic festivals or Satanism. This common misconception is modern anti-Catholic propaganda and has no basis in historical facts. The true substance of Halloween belongs to the Catholic Church. It was the English, Irish, and French immigrants who came to America and brought their variety of local Catholic customs with them: dressing up for Halloween comes from the French; Jack-o-Lanterns come from the Irish (originally carved turnips); and the English begged from door to door for “Soul Cakes,” promising to pray for the departed loved ones of those who gave them these treats, the roots of trick-or-treating. All those traditions converged and evolved in the American

melting pot to what we do today for this famous festivity. The contemporary version of Halloween that glorifies the demonic, with emphasis on violence, horror, and sensuality is definitely not traditional. It is a pulling away from a friendly and faithful celebration of this essential religious holiday. It is true that Halloween has been extremely corrupted and hyper-commercialized, just like Christmas and Easter, but that should never stop us Catholics from fully celebrating the great feasts of the Church the Catholic way, or from enjoying Halloween as a celebration of the great feast of All Saints. Halloween can truly be what you make of it! Whether or not you are Catholic doesn’t matter. This major celebration should be about following your own traditions and, of course, about having fun with your loved ones in the safest possible way. Many churches all over Tampa Bay are holding family-friendly celebrations and pot-lucks this October. I personally attend Sacred Heart in downtown Tampa, and they are holding a Fall Festival on Sunday, October 21st at their North Campus location from 11:30am to 3:30pm. There will be a climbing wall, a petting zoo, a bounce house, and more. So, plan ahead. Check with your local church and enjoy some fall fun.

Happy Halloween!

“Judi Beck”-

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meeting a buyer who has a list of houses they are interested in, I make sure I have the history of the houses and what they sold for in the past and I bring a list of comparable properties, so that I Judi Beck have a good idea if the house is priced right before I even walk in.” Judi started her career as a realtor with Florida Executive Realty almost eleven years ago, after she retired from her job as a registered oncology nurse with the VA. It was actually her patients who inspired her to make a change. “I had two patients who were Realtors and they used to tell me the most heartwarming and funny stories. I really loved my patients.” Seeing that helping people find their dream homes could be very fulfilling, Judi now channels the nurturing side of her personality and the desire to make people comfortable and happy into her efforts to find her clients the perfect home. “Every day, I am thinking of my clients. Whether they are in the process of closing, listing, or just starting to search for the right home, I am there for them. I am a full time, 24/7 agent with the full support of my family,” says Judi.

Judi uses high definition photography as well as aerial drone photography to highlight not only the homes listed, but also many of the desirable communities in the area. Photos by Tony Sica Photography

Prior to her nursing career, Judi’s early work experience also has been beneficial to her career as a Realtor. In the late 60s to early 70s, while living in Detroit, she had the opportunity to work for an interior decorator with a star-studded clientele. One of their jobs was Gladys Knight’s home, and she also met Stevie Wonder at Motown Studio. From there, Judi worked in high-end Thybony Wallcoverings in their Detroit branch. With so many gorgeous homes to work on, Judi gained an appreciation for fine homes early in life, and she now draws from her design experience to help her clients stage their homes to sell. Judi believes that most times, a few small details are all that’s needed to make a huge difference in the way a home shows. For instance, professional cleaning, carpet and upholstery, clean windows and pressure washing can make a home shine beautifully in the market. “I also share a list of contractors that I with in case the home needs any repairs,” says Judi.

6 OCTOBER 2018

Another one of Judi’s talents that’s also incredibly beneficial in the real estate market, is the fact she knows advertising design and layout, skills that she learned while working at the st. Pete times, and now those skills are put to work when showcasing homes in her monthly flyers that go out to those in her network, as well as other Realtors in Tampa Bay.

Flyers and email blasts aren’t the only tools in Judi’s advertising arsenal, she also uses high definition photography as well as aerial drone photography to highlight not only the homes listed, but also many of the desirable communities in the area. “I also do high-definition promotional videos showcasing the best nightlife, hot spots and great restaurants in Tampa Bay, and share

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them on YouTube to expand my reach,” says Judi. “There are so many wonderful reasons to move to Tampa Bay and I’m ready to show you the beauty of this area, even if you’re looking from halfway around the world!”

“I’m Local, I’m Global”

Judi’s work background has given her a wide range of experience that she draws on when helping her clients. She loves staging homes to show their best potential, and she goes above-and-beyond to reach buyers, with advertising strategies that reach potential buyers both locally and globally. If you’re a seller, you’ll want to know that your Realtor is reaching potential buyers no matter where they are. In this market, most people are turning to the Internet to narrow down their search. With Florida Executive Realty as her broker, Judi not only a great resources to offer local buyers, but she also has global reach. Judi’s able to list and promote properties on leading global Real Estate sites such as and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ( enabling her to showcase her properties to potential buyers across the globe including China through Choosing the right Realtor makes a

difference in the speed, accuracy and ease of your transaction. As a Realtor with Florida Executive Realty, Judi Says, “My main goal is to consistently provide my clients with the highest level of representation.” Judi’s energy, enthusiasm, her unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations,

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her assertive negotiation skills, and her determination to the best advocate for her clients makes her an excellent choice when you’re ready to choose a Realtor. Judi Beck can be reached on her cell phone at 813-380-3866, or by email at

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8 OCTOBER 2018

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Tech Talk with Bob: Smart TV’s TECH TALK

streaming Netflix’s offerings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. content Another feature found on some such as The television has gone With smart TVs is voice recognition. This TV shows through many changes from the Bob The Computer allows you to Guy speak into your smart and other middle of the last century to TV’s remote to change channels or video today. I used to work for an NBC By Bob Dalles perform TV program searches. An provided television station, so I have seen additional feature that is on some, by lots of advances in this industry. but not all, smart TVs is they have vendors Black & white TV transitions Today’s Topic an internet web browser built into like Smart TVs to color; monophonic sound them, so you can surf the internet Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, to name transitions to stereo; standard on your smart TV. Some smart TVs a few. This gives you more options definition TV transitions to high even come with wireless keyboards by providing programming from definition TV; and now our color, The television has goneother through many changes from the middle of the last century toto today. I used toyour work for an NBC make interaction with your sources than your antenna, stereo, high definition TVs are television station, so I have seen lots of advances in this industry. Black & white TV transitions to color; monophonic dish, ordefinition cable TV provider. transitioning into “smart TVs.” I amsoundsatellite transitions to stereo; standard TV transitions to high definition TV;smart and now ourTV color,more stereo, highconvenient. TVsSince are transitioning into “smart I am asked quiteto frequently about smart TVs. “What areyou they?” buy a smart TV? Should smart TVsTVs.” allow you asked quite frequently about smart definition “What do they do? And, “should I buy one?” So, let’s cover some of the basics of smart TVs. Well that’s up to you. Please be to additional television TVs. “What are they?” “What do There connect are multiple definitions for smart TVs. The most basic definition of a smart TV is a television that not only you thorough research content youconnection, can increase they do? And, “should I buy one?” connects to your cable,providers, satellite and/or TV antenna but it can be hookedsure up to your internetdo connection as well. Smart TVs connect to the internet using a wired network cable or your wi-fi internet connection. The internet before you part with your money. your access to literally thousands So, let’s cover some of the basics ofconnection lets you access streaming content such as TV shows and other video provided by vendors like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, to name a few.TV This programs, gives you more options by providing programming from sources other than Spend time inyour your neighborhood of movies, music smart TVs. satellite dish, or cable TV provider. TV appliance store and play with and more. This is great for the There are multiple definitions antenna, Since smart TVs allow you to connect to additional television content providers, you can increase your access to literally theaccess internet for reviews television enthusiast thatThisdesires for smart TVs. The most basic thousands of movies, TV programs, music and more. is great for the televisionone. enthusiast Check that desires greater to television content. access However, keepto in mind, that even though some online program providers offer free access to their on specific TVs. Be an informed greater television definition of a smart TV is a content, the more popular ones require you to pay a subscription fee. I currently pay about $15 a month for my Netflix buyer. content. However, keepaccess in tomind, television that not only connects account. That $15 gives me and my family unlimited all of Netflix’s offerings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. though onlineThis allows you to speak intoTo to your cable, satellite and/or TV Anotherthat featureeven found on some smart TVssome is voice recognition. yourenjoy smart TV’ssmart remote to TV content, change channels or perform TV program searches. An additional feature that is on some, but not all, smart TVs is they you need several things. One, the program providers offer free antenna connection, but it can have an internet web browser built into them, so you can surf the internet on your smart TV. Some smart TVs even come with wireless keyboards make your interaction withthe your smart TV more convenient. smart TV itself or a smart TV device access to totheir content, more be hooked up to your internet Shouldpopular you buy a smartones TV? Wellrequire that’s up to you. Please you do thorough(covered research before you with your inpartthe next paragraph). you tobe sure pay connection as well. Smart TVs money. Spend time in your neighborhood TV appliance store and play with one. Check the internet for reviews on Two, an internet connection. aTVs. subscription fee. I currently pay connect to the internet using specific Be an informed buyer. Three, email address (so you about Netflix a wired network cable or your To enjoy smart TV$15 content, a youmonth need several for things. my One, the smart TV itself or a smart TV devicean (covered in the next paragraph). Two, an internet connection. Three, an email address (so you can register with register your content providers). can with your content account. That $15 gives me and wi-fi internet connection. The Four, a credit card (to pay for any subscription services you might desire). providers). Four, a credit card (to family unlimited access to all of internet connection lets you access If youmy like your current TV but would like the features of a smart TV, there is another way you can access smart TV by Bob Dalles

pay for any subscription services you might desire). If you like your current TV but would like the features of a smart TV, there is another way you can access smart TV content without buying a smart TV. You can buy “streaming sticks” or “set-top boxes” from companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku. These devices connect to your regular TV to make it a smart TV and usually come with their own remote. Just be sure your current television has the proper connection ports before you purchase one of these devices. Most will work with an HDMI port. Prices start below $100.

Have a tech question? Email it to TechTalk-TBNL@ BobTheComputerGuy.NET. Questions will be selected by the popularity of a topic and answered in this column. If you have a more urgent need or have a unique situation you may schedule an appointment with one of my Professionally Certified Technicians by calling 727-5344000. Until next time, stay safe on the internet!

content without buying a smart TV. You can buy “streaming sticks” or “set-top boxes” from companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku. These devices connect to your regular TV to make it a smart TV and usually come with their

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Local News - GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club The GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club kicked off its 2018-2019 year in August and has been busy ever since. In August, members attended a Safety Bears 4 Kids workshop where they helped stuff over 120 bears that will be given to children in crisis. On September 11, 2018, members traveled to the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater Airport to attend the Welcome Home Celebration for Mission 35 of Honor Flight of West Central Florida. Club members were among hundreds of people from

10 OCTOBER 2018

the community who filled the airport to celebrate the return of over 70 veterans from their day trip to Washington D.C. where they saw the memorials built in their honor. The Club is a proud supporter of Honor Flight of West Central Florida and, at the Junior Club’s September meeting, one lucky Club member won a paid opportunity to act as a guardian and accompany a veteran on a future Mission. Also in September, Club members volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay and helped pack enough boxes of food to provide 11,971

meals to those who are food deprived. The Club will be participating in the Making

Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Wiregrass Mall in October and also has plans to have a reverse trick or treat at a local

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assisted living facility.

the community.

The Club meets the second Monday of the month at Hunter’s Green Tennis and Athletic Center and is always looking for new members who are interested in volunteering in

For more information, go to the Club website at gfwcnewtrampajuniors. org or send an email to ntjwc@

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“Christian Brothers”continued from page 1

off Bruce B Downs. Marty has been the writer of our monthly “Garage Guru” column and we thought it was about time we highlighted the shop that services so many of our readers vehicles. Like so many of our local business owners, Marty has a great story to tell! Way back in 2006, Marty came across a Texas-based automotive center called Christian Brothers. He was immediately attracted to the architecture of the building and the upscale, clean and inviting atmosphere of the shop. But he was even more impressed with the company’s core values. After further extensive research into the company, Marty knew Christian Brothers Automotive would be a perfect fit for his vision and dream of opening his very own automotive repair business. “Cars have always been a passion of mine, and I knew that by having my own shop I would finally have access to all the tools I always dream of having,” says Marty with a big smile on his face.

Above: Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa is located at 20303 Trout Creek Dr. Below: Auto technician Nick Dixon, has won the “Christian Brothers’ Automotive Top Technician Award” for three consecutive years

There was only one problem, Christian Brothers Automotive wasn’t interested in opening a location in Florida. “It wasn’t easy convincing them to open a location in the sunshine state, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer,” says Marty. “I’ve always been an avid sailor so even though Florida was in my back pocket, I suggested an off the wall location like the Virgin Islands first. That way Florida sounded far more reasonable. So after a lot of conversations, market analysis, and research, they eventually came around. Christian Brothers narrowed down 7 locations of interest in Florida. The New Tampa area immediately caught my eye and the rest is history.” Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa opened its doors in January 2013 and quickly became one of the top auto repair and service shops in the area. Christian Brothers Automotive’s guiding idea is a passage from Matthew 22: 39. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Marty and his team understand that when you treat people right, those people become customers for life. CBA has sought to change the way customers feel about auto service by providing knowledgeable, honest and genuine auto repairs at fair competitive prices. “Honest, friendly and knowledgeable. I will never go anywhere else. Who knew car

12 OCTOBER 2018

maintenance could be so nice.” -Sharon H. “We don’t advertise ridiculous specials just to get people in the door and then high pressure sell them on other products or services they don’t even need, says La Barbera. “That’s called a ‘tripwire sales tactic’ and we are strongly against it. We only offer professional advice on products or services you actually need! We won’t offer you something we wouldn’t offer our own family. I know it’s hard to believe considering the state of the auto repair industry but give us a try and I promise, we’ll be the only shop you’ll ever want to deal with again.”

Their knowledge, expertise and superior customer service has granted them hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers. “Fabulous. Spectacular. Fast courteous service. Fair prices. Honest owner and technicians.” I will never ever go to a dealership for repairs,” says customer Eric R. “These people do it right and value your business. There is never many recommendations for unnecessary repairs. No up selling. In fact, I enjoy going there. They truly go out of their way. Prompt and punctual too.”

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Another loyal customer Jeffrey E. says, “Christian Brothers has made loyal customers out of us! Their customer service is fantastic. Marty, the owner, bends over backward to meet our needs and make each experience positive, convenient, and efficient. They are trustworthy and stand by their work.” When you want an auto repair shop who can find the right solution for your car issues the first time, turn to Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa. “We are the only certified shop in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel that meets the required level of professionalism by NAPA Auto Care Center. In addition, Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa is the only AAA certified service center in the area.” Our high-quality services are performed by skilled and ASEcertified technicians who utilize only state-of-the-art equipment in servicing your vehicle,” says Marty, who talks about each member of his team with enormous pride. One of their team members, auto technician Nick Dixon, has won the “Christian Brothers’ Automotive Top Technician Award” for three consecutive years. An honor that only one out of over 400 technicians in the country receives every year based on his performance and customer service. “I love Nick, he’s like a son to me. He’s quickly become a legend here at CBA New Tampa,” adds Marty. “I consider every one of them a member of my family. Having a good staff that you can truly rely on is definitely key to the success of the shop. That’s why I like to make sure they all get treated well. Our shop closes on weekends in order to allow our team members to recharge and spend quality time with their loved ones.” “Just what I thought the experience would be...excellent. No upcharges, quick, courteous, clean, reasonable price,” says Rich Helm. From AC and transmission services to oil and filter change and beyond, Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa is your one-stopshop for everything auto repair. They offer auto repair estimates and courtesy inspections, walking the customer through the service process to ensure they can make informed decisions about the health of their vehicles. They will describe the work that needs to be done on your vehicle and explain why. They will never recommend work that they don’t feel necessary, and you’ll never feel persuaded into doing anything you don’t want to do. “Great place! Got my car right in at 8 and it was done before 1 pm. They drove me to work and picked me back up. Great prices and didn’t try to make me pay for a bunch of other things,” says Mel B. “They gave me a list of some other stuff that would be helpful to fix in the future but weren’t pushy about it at all. Staff was super nice and friendly too. Overall great place and hands down the best customer service. I will definitely be going back there for anything in my car.” CBA is proud of their Bay Chapel Food Pantry partnership that provides food to 120 to 150 families weekly, Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or stop by the shop anytime during the week to drop off donations. They also support the Trinity Outreach Women’s Center in Zephyrhills by facilitating customers who wish to donate their unrepairable cars and take a tax write off for the donation. Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa is located at 20303 Trout Creek Dr, Tampa FL 33647. For more information please call the store directly at (813) 402-126 or visit https:// For Advertising Info 813-928-6124 I or visit

OCTOBER 2018 13

Don’t Eat That Homemade Cookie! Tips For Safe Trick or Treating By Carla Selby

With Halloween approaching, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and guardians should be mindful of how to keep their little ones safe on the most ghoulish of nights. As a concerned aunt of an adorable 3-year-old nephew that will be trick or treating in the community where my husband and I recently moved into, I wanted to be aware of any special precautions I should take before taking him trick-or-treating. I did a lot of research online and these were the top 10 tips I found for safe trickor-treating: 1. First and foremost, make sure your children don’t go trick-or-treating on an empty tummy, otherwise, they would be tempted to snack on treats before their goody bags gets sorted out. Give them a light meal or healthy snack before they head out. 2. Before you leave your house, check out if the area you live in has a sex offender database. This is an obvious one, but just don’t go knocking on a registered offender’s door for candy. If your child is allowed to go out alone or with friends, then make sure they know and understand what an offender is and that they must stay away from that house (even if they have the

14 OCTOBER 2018

best decorations of all the houses and are giving out the “best” candy). 3. Use the Buddy System. It seems like common sense, but many kids are telling us they are walking around by themselves. If your child does not have a group, you need to go with them or find an adult supervisor to accompany them. Many kids say their parents claim they “have” to stay home to give out candy. That’s not a good excuse. Set a time you will walk around with your child, and then come home and give out candy. A win-win to keeping your child safe. While you’re out, remember that the international signal for “no candy” is a porch light turned off. 4. If they are going by themselves or with an older sibling make sure your

kids only go to people’s homes you know and trust. We know that a lot of children are allowed to go to every house in their neighborhood… but it’s also important to remember “stranger danger.” If you fear that your children will be tempted to knock on stranger houses, then make sure you’re with them. Of course, not every unknown neighbor out there is dangerous or a registered sex offender, but you should be safe rather than sorry. The best thing to do for your family is to know your neighbors before it comes time to trick or treat. 5. Make sure your kids know to never ever go into anyone’s house. There are some pretty frightening stories about kids knocking on the door and being told to come inside and get candy. Even if our children may not understand the danger of

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the ringer volume turned all the way up for them to hear. Texts don’t suffice, make them call you.

going into a house, you do. So before your child goes trick or treating, sit down and have a discussion about the rules. 6. Enforce a “Do not eat” rule until they come back home. This is particularly important if you have a little one with any allergies. Check your kids’ candy before they are allowed to eat it. A good rule is that no candy can be eaten before they get home and you can sit down and sort through it. Also, tell your little ones not to accept-and especially not to eat anything that isn’t commercially wrapped. Do not allow them to accept or eat any home-baked goods he or she may receive, even if those chocolate chip cookies smell great and look spookilicious. 7. Advise your children to avoid petting unfamiliar dogs or puppies. Even though puppies are extremely cute, they still have teeth and may be scared from all the commotion. As a rule, your children should never pet a dog without your permission, the owner’s permission and the dog’s permission. 8. If you’re not going to be with your children, make sure you set up designated times for them to “check-in” with you. Make sure they each have a fully charged cell phone with

9. Walk on the sidewalk if there is one. In neighborhoods with no sidewalk, always walk in the opposite direction of traffic so you can see the cars coming. Otherwise, you might drive the trick or treat trail. If they are walking, especially on the street and wearing dark costumes, a flashlight is a must. Adhesive reflectors attached to the costume are good too, but even more fun for the kids are glow stick necklaces. 10. Tell your kids not to talk to anyone driving by in a car. Remind them that adults should not be asking kids for help or directions; they should be asking other adults. If approached by an adult stranger, they should report this to a trusted grownup immediately. I’ve never been more excited about Halloween than I am now. I lived over 10 years in a small South Tampa condo and I never received a single knock on my door on Halloween nights from trick or treaters. This year will be our first year celebrating it on a very kid friendly, family-oriented neighborhood, and I may or may not dress up like a zombie myself and go all over the place with my little nephew. Thanks for reading, have a fun and safe Halloween!

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OCTOBER 2018 15

Local News

Gift of Adoption

Our mission is to fill the void that separates a child from family – through adoption assistance grants that give vulnerable children a permanent home and the chance to thrive.

Our local Florida Chapter has awarded over $1 million, providing 300 grants to deserving families and children.

Who are we?

We are a 501(c)(3) volunteer-driven organization and 100% of the funds raised by us are dedicated to grant-making. For every child we help, there are two other children we are unable to help because of lack of funds. The success of our fundraising event depends on our sponsors and the folks who attend our annual event. Thanks for spreading the word and our mission. Please see for more info!


Since its inception in 2002, The Florida Chapter of Gift of Adoption has awarded more than $650,000 to complete adoptions for more than 227 children. These grants have given parentless children from around the world and the United States permanent homes and the chance to thrive.

Please get involved and help the Florida chapter continue to grow and reach more families in western Florida and the southern United States. Discover our volunteer opportunities by visiting

Board members are responsible for building awareness and raising funds for this rapidly growing, energetic, national, nonprofit dedicated to putting adoption in reach for the millions of children world-wide without a family. Gift of Adoption inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children without families permanent homes and the chance to thrive. Board members can be located anywhere in the state, but must be willing to participate in monthly calls and quarterly inperson meetings to support the development of a strong state presence – as we create awareness of this new philanthropic category and resource our vision. The Gift of Adoption – Florida Chapter will be hosting our annual fundraiser on Friday, November 9, 2018, at the lovely home of Michael Malatin, and this year’s theme is “Arabian Nights”.

16 OCTOBER 2018

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Stuff to do near you... It’s finally October and we’re ready for all things spooky and pumpkin. We hope you’re as excited as we are for Halloween and Fall-themed events. From pumpkin patches to vintage markets, there’s a little something for everyone. Read on to get a taste of what’s to come. Calling all ghouls, goblins, and scary monsters of all ages! Creatures of the Night has returned to Zoo Tampa for a night of spooks, frights, and family-friendly fun. Every Friday and Saturday night through October, Medusa herself steps out from the pages of mythology and into the dark shadows of the zoo. With surprises around every turn, there’s no way you won’t have a spooktacular time! Now for something a little less...spooky. While it may not feel like Fall, we can’t resist a good Fall festival! Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival gathers together our favorite things about the season and packs them into an amazing festival. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, kettle corn, craft vendors, and so much more, there’s something guests of all ages will enjoy! The festival runs Saturdays and Sundays throughout October, so be sure to get your boots and flannel ready. Download the UNATION app to see these events and to catch all the fun stuff to do near you this Fall season.

Fall Shabby Chic Vintage Market & Artisan Day

Conga Caliente Festival


Nov 4th

Oct 21st Time:

10am to 4pm Where:

The Grove at Wesley Chaple Cost: FREE



11am to 6pm Where:

Al Lopez Park Cost:


Wesley Chapel Fall Festival

Dunedin Wines The Blues



Oct 27th & 28th

Nov 10th



11am to 6pm Where:

The Grove at Wesley Chapel Cost: FREE

12pm to 11pm Where:

Pioneer Park Cost:


Tampa River Walk Trick or Treat When:

Oct 27th Time:

4pm to 7pm

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The Tampa Riverwalk Cost:

FREE TB Food Fight Battle of the Bay

Clearwater Beach Chalk Art Festival



Oct 16th

Oct 19th - 21st



6:30pm to 9:30pm Where:

Fri/Sat 9am to 6pm Sun 9am to 3pm

Armature Works



Clearwater Beach FREE

New Hope Church Palm Harbor Cost: $16

8th Annual Pig Jig on the River

Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival

Top Local Chef 2018




Oct 20th Time:

Oct 20th - 21st & Oct 27th - 28th


1pm to 10pm



$125 includes ALL food & drinks + valet



9am to 5pm

Annual Macaroni N Cheese Fall Festival When:

Nov 3rd Time:

12pm to 5pm

Nov 4th 5pm to 7:30pm Where:

Hunsader Farms

Historic Manhattan Casino






Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park



Creatures of the Night When:

Oct 5th - 27th Fri & Sat Nights Time:

4pm to 10pm Where:

ZooTampa at Lowry Park Cost:

$24.95 / $27.95

* All events subject to change

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For Advertising Info 813-928-6124 I or visit

For Advertising Info 813-928-6124 I or visit

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New Tampa-October, Vol 4, Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles  
New Tampa-October, Vol 4, Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles