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Escola Estadual José Soares de Araújo. Student:___________________________________________ Date: ___________ Teacher: Lucas Alves Atividades de Intervenção 1) Complete the text with there is or there are: My name is Annie and I lived in a very big house.__________________ twenty-three rooms in my house, but _____________ only twelve bedrooms. I live in one of the rooms on the third floor. In my room_____________ a huge bed and____________nine windows. My bedroom isn’t small. On my bed___________lots of pillows, and ___________my cat, Fluffly. In my closet______________many toys, and________________also many clothes. I don’t have a bathroom in my bedroom, but______________ a bathroom next to my room. Also in my house___________two kitchens, a big dining room and three livings room. The house is really big. 2) Write in the negative and interrogative forms the following sentences: a)There is a pen on the desk.

d) There is some bread on the table.



b) There are some pictures in the room.

e) There are two books on the table.

_________________________________ _______________________________________ c) There are some chairs in the kitchen

f) There is a garden near the house.

_________________________________ _______________________________________ 3) FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH WAS / WERE December 25th, Dear Santa: Thank you very much for all the presents you left me last Xmas, I enjoyed them very much. We had a great Xmas party tonight. Can you ever join us? There ______ a big cake, there ______ different dishes; you know my mom is an excellent cook. There ______ also a funny jelly, there ______ bags of candy for all the children, there ______ a raffle and there ______ a lot of presents. I hope you can join us next Christmas, Mike 4) Complete with was, were, there was or there were: a)Anny _________at home when I phoned her.We ______________-speaking for a half an hour. b)My sister ___________ at school yesterday.She fell ill and she stayed at home. c)Our teachers____________angry because we didn’t do the homework. d)___________________ many students at the theatre play, just a few. 5) Complete the mini dialogues: a) _______________a new student in your class yesterday? - Yes. How do you know that? - She's Lynn's daughter. Lynn told me she was going to enroll her in your class. b) I cleaned the kitchen cabinets this morning. Did you know_______________a broken plate sitting there? - Really? Last week ____________________two broken glasses in there. We have to be more careful!

Good luck!!!lete with

WA WERE, THE WGAS, THERE WERE in the affirmative,

Atividades de inglês there is there was  
Atividades de inglês there is there was