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Ecobuild CANADA the Natural Home of Innovation Canada is the natural home of green building innovation. Our abundant natural resources, world-leading innovations and brilliant business solutions are the sustainable answer. At Ecobuild, Canada is showing the world how we’re meeting its building needs naturally, today and tomorrow.

Remembering Ecobuild 2013 At Ecobuild 2013 in London, UK, Canada established a commanding presence. Our floor-dominating CANADA Innovation Pavilion included dynamic exhibitor booths, a hosting area and a meeting room, and an ambient, immersive component, the CANADA Innovation Showcase, where a highly successful ‘Build It With Wood’ social media campaign attracted visitors from throughout the trade show. The Build It With Wood campaign enticed more than 300 participants to build unique structures with Canadian wood products, generating considerable on site and online interest for Pavilion exhibitors. “The service and the organization were excellent, I wish the Canadian industry would be present this way in all European countries.”

“Great Display, Attentiveness and Synergy with organizing team members “

“If next year’s Ecobuild was the same as this year’s I would be thrilled. It was perfect for us in every respect”

Ecobuild 2013 CANADA Innovation Pavilion Exhibitor Survey • Quality of contacts made at Ecobuild - 4.22 out of 5 • Overall satisfaction with participation at Ecobuild - 4.33 out of 5 • Design and branding of Pavilion - 4.44 out of 5 • Canada Innovation Showcase - 4.5 out of 5 • Build it with Wood - 4.57 out of 5 • Number of European countries represented by Canadian Trade Commissioners– 10

The Ecobuild Opportunity Ecobuild is the world’s largest sustainable building event, attracting the global green design, construction and built environment community. Endorsed by government officials and celebrities alike, Ecobuild 2013 hosted 43,000 visitors, over 900 exhibitors, and dozens of expert speakers. Ecobuild 2014 is expected to be even bigger and the CANADA Innovation Pavilion will again play a lead role.

Build Your Bottom Line in the UK and Europe Canada’s sustainable building products, technologies and expertise are renowned in the UK and across Europe. The success of Canadian housing exports and our secure sources of legal, sustainable wood products have opened the door to the UK and Europe – a lucrative market of 800 million people where many harmonized standards are now in place. Key drivers in the UK include: • The new ‘Green Deal’ – C$22 billion in energy efficiency measures is reshaping the UK building stock, increasing the market ten-fold instantly and accelerating demand for Canadian products and technologies. •

Goal, Strategy and Pavilion Features For Ecobuild 2014, our goal is to maximize profile and return on investment for CANADA Innovation Pavilion exhibitors among Ecobuild exhibitor, delegate, stakeholder, media and public audiences to deliver tangible opportunities to increase business. The strategy is to expand on our proven, captivating trade show presence by expanding exhibitor numbers, types and floor space and leveraging on site activities with high impact, cohesive marketing, social media activations, and newsworthy, compelling public relations.

A new ‘zero carbon’ standard for new homes by 2016 and for all buildings by 2019.

• A projected shortage of half a million homes by 2021 in the UK, driving strong demand for sustainable construction products and technologies. • Urban space shortages pushing development skyward with over 100 high-rise buildings in planning in London alone.

CANADA Innovation Pavilion features include: •

A prime location on the trade show floor.

Premium quality Canadian-made infrastructure and fittings.

Fully equipped 9 m2 exhibitor booths and compact 3 m2 exhibitor pods.

A hospitality bar and lounge serving refreshments to Pavilion exhibitors and guests.

A reception area for distribution of information and seamless management of Pavilion activity and visitor flow.

Exhibitor Space and Costs “Turn key” exhibit spaces in the CANADA Innovation Pavilion are open to companies exhibiting Canadian products only. Prices have been held at 2013 rates and space includes: •

Fully equipped 9 m2 booths offering a first class display area with high impact CANADA Innovation Pavilion branding; graphic backdrop area for corporate branding; countertop; storage space; brochure holders; floor coverings; and lighting and electrical – C$9,250

Space-efficient, cost-effective 3 m2 triangular pods offering display area; countertop; graphic backdrop area for corporate branding; small storage space; floor coverings; and lighting and electrical – C$5,250

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Contacts To identify new business opportunities in the UK and European markets, contact: Jason Kee Trade Commissioner +44 (0) 20 7258 6664

To exhibit inside and outside the CANADA Innovation Pavilion at Ecobuild, contact: Boris Murray Atlas Marketing 514 802 2789






















Ecobuild 2014, London UK CANADA Innovation Pavilion, 2 adjacent islands: 9mx9m and 9mx8m Exhibitor spaces: 9m2 booths and 3m2 pods North Star Creative Group



CANADA Innovation Pavilion Floor Plan