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Catalyzing global research and development partnerships that benefit Canadian innovators

What is Going Global Innovation?

What does Going Global Innovation support?

Going Global Innovation (GGI) is a funding program created by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada to stimulate international research and development (R & D) partnerships that benefit Canadian innovators.

The program is designed to support activities that help Canadian innovators solidify global R & D partnerships.

Who is eligible? GGI funds are available to Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), post-secondary institutions, and non-government research and innovation centres.

What does Going Global Innovation offer? GGI provides $5,000 to $75,000 to support in-person discussions, meetings and related activities to solidify a global R & D partnership.

What type of expenditures are eligible under Going Global Innovation? GGI funds up to 75 percent of eligible expenditures, including: • travel and related costs, • meeting expenses, and • the pursuit of additional investment for R & D emerging from a previous GGI-supported activity.

GGI provides funds to support in-person meetings with strong prospective international partners to solidify an R & D partnership or to finalize a plan for R & D collaboration. Note: This program does not support expenses associated with: • an exploratory trip abroad to seek potential global R & D partners or opportunities, or to confirm initial partnership interest (the initial stage of the R & D process), or • R & D and commercialization activities such as sales, product development, testing and market studies (the final stage of the R & D process).

Eligibility criteria are available at

Is Going Global Innovation right for you? • Are you a Canadian SME or a Canadian researcher from a post-secondary institution or non-government research or innovation centre in Canada? • Are you seeking to solidify an international partnership for a future R & D collaboration? • Have you established and confirmed mutual interest in R & D collaboration with a foreign partner?

Yes? Then Going Global Innovation can catalyze your international R & D partnership!

How do you apply? GGI applications are accepted on an on-going basis. For additional information about the program or application process, please contact the Going Global Innovation Administrator at Please note: Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks before the departure date. For more information, visit www.tradecommissioner.

How has Going Global Innovation helped Canadian innovators? “Inventys Thermal Technologies develops carboncapture technology, so we aim to collaborate with governments and energy firms around the world. Going Global Innovation enabled us to travel to Scotland, France and England to solidify partnerships with five major oil companies. Building on these meetings, we have now established an R & D consortium and are pursuing a $25-million grant. If we are successful, it will open up new market opportunities for us in Europe.” Brett Henkel, VP Operations, Inventys Thermal Technologies “Global partnerships are critical to the Centre for Drug Research and Development’s mission of advancing early-stage health research technologies, such that they can ultimately be developed into new medicines. With support from Going Global Innovation, we were able to connect, and establish a collaboration agreement, with scientists at the Eskitis Institute in Australia. This in turn led to a $1.5-million grant and access to a world-class library of natural products for drug discovery—a valuable resource to expand the R & D capabilities of our organization.” Dr. Tom Pfeifer, Head, Screening, Centre for Drug Research and Development

Photos courtesy of NRC/Harry Turner

Going Global Innovation Fund  

Going Global Innovation Fund

Going Global Innovation Fund  

Going Global Innovation Fund