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Wednesday November 20, 2013


Welcome to the Team!

Propr Webinar for New Sales People Get the hang of our Website Every Monday and Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, the On-boarding Services Team conducts a webinar to help our new salespeople get familiar with the My Colonial Life Propr website. If you would like to join:

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Call: 888.238.7803 Access Code: 2136933# Click here to watch the webinar

Welcome to Colonial Life! We are excited to have you as a member of our team. If you have questions or need help, call the OnBoarding Services Department at 1.800.438.6423 options 2, 7, 2— we’ll be glad to help you! Our business hours are 8 am to 5:30 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. You can also contact the Territory Office: Ty Craig—Territory Sales Manager—402-552-8782 Megan Haider—Territory Exec. Assistant—402-552-8783 Ron Steventon—Regional Instructor—402-552-8781 Jordon Scott—Territory Recruiter—402-552-8785 Territory Office Fax—402-898-2832 Tori Beachy—Territory Enrollment Coordinator—308-440-4666 ; TEC Fax—308-224-3618



WEEKLY NUMBERS Week 46 Production & Top Achievers

Top Producers Nicolle Berreth (Vis District) $10,420 Tom Fuller (Ellis District) $5,647 Duane Gottsch (Ellis District) $3,163

Territory Week 46 Cases: 4 Recruits: 0 Production: $179,665 Territory QTD Cases: 21 Recruits: 3 Production: $1,040,437 Territory YTD Cases: 101 Recruits: 49 Production: $4,658,369

Top Districts Ellis District $109,234 Vis District $20,807 Phillips $17,071

“In any project the important factor is your belief. Without belief, there can be no successful outcome.” William James








“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.” Vince Lombardi

Click HERE to register! 2014 President's Club and Leaders Conference G is for gelato (ice cream) What's the difference between gelato and ice cream? Ice cream has a minimum of 10 percent fat. Gelato has a higher proportion of whole milk to cream -- only five to seven percent fat. It's also churned at a slower speed than ice cream, which makes gelato denser. Gelato contains about 25 to 30 percent air compared with 50 percent air in ice cream. Although ice cream is served frozen, gelato is served not quite completely frozen. Don't miss the chance to try authentic Italian gelato. Make sure you qualify for the 2014 President's Club and Leaders Conference.

Important notes Passports and pregnancy You’ll need a passport if you qualify for this trip, so make sure you apply early. Currently, you can expect to wait four to six weeks to get one processed after you submit the application. If you already have a passport, make sure it won't expire between now and Nov. 2, 2014. Regent Seven Seas Cruises requires your passport to be valid for six months beyond your length of stay. Passports are valid for 10 years. Get more information. If you're pregnant and will be in your 24th week of pregnancy by April 27, 2014, or if you'll enter your 24th week of pregnancy at any time during the cruise, Regent Seven Seas Cruises won't allow you on this trip.


Will you win a Golden Ticket to Italy? **Prize points and Leaders Conference spots are up for grabs in the Fourth Quarter Sales Contest! Tickets to Leaders Conference are on the line. All you have to do is come out on top during our Golden Ticket fourth quarter sales contest. The contest is for territory managers, district managers and unit managers. This promotion is based on A-rep new account sales in fourth quarter. The drawing will take place in early January at the Leadership Development Conference in Orlando, Fla. We'll draw Golden Tickets to the 2014 Leaders Conference:

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One Golden Ticket from the pool of qualifying territory managers Two Golden Tickets from the pool of qualifying district managers (DGAs/PSMs) Two Golden Tickets from the pool of qualifying unit managers (ADMs/PSAMs)

We'll also have a second drawing and award 300,000 prize points to:

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Two territory managers Four district managers (DGAs/PSMs) Four unit managers (ADMs/PSAMs)

Everyone who achieves the set goals will receive 50,000 prize points. How it works:

1. An A-rep is defined as someone contracted in 2013. 2. One ticket will be placed in the drawing for A-reps contracted in first, second or third quarter 2013 who have $10,000 in new account sales during fourth


quarter 2013. The unit, district and territory manager each receive one ticket. Two tickets will be placed in the drawing for A-reps contracted in fourth quarter 2013 who have $5,000

in new account sales during fourth quarter 2013. The unit, district and territory manager each receive two tickets. Prerequisites:

District managers and unit managers much achieve at least 75 percent of their annual sales plan to

qualify. District managers must have at least five tickets and $150,000 in district sales during the 2013 calendar

year to qualify. Unit managers must have at least five tickets and $75,000 in unit sales during the 2013 calendar year to

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qualify. Territory managers must have at least 35 tickets to qualify. All levels must have at least 75 percent BQI to be entered into the drawing. For reps who have dual code numbers, tickets will be awarded to the manager who the rep's PCN points

to. Finish the fourth quarter strong, and a lucky golden ticket might be yours. Look out, Italy!


President’s Club & Leaders Conference 2014 President's Club 2014

Leaders Conference 2014

President's Club— Rome, Italy

Leaders Conference— Italy - France - Monaco

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April 25-27, 2014 St. Regis Rome

April 27 to May 2, 2014 Regent Seven Seas Mariner Cruise Ship

Talk about luxury and oldworld elegance, the St. Regis

Fly into Rome and board the

offers lavish accommodations

graceful and stylish Regent

and exquisitely appointed

Seven Seas Mariner cruise ship

rooms right in the center of

for a six-day Mediterranean



This resort was named to Condé Nast Traveler’s 2011

Some of the cities you’ll visit in

Gold List because of its unsur-

Portofino, Pisa and Florence,

passed setting and amenities.

Italy; as well as Monte Carlo,

This landmark hotel features

Monaco; and Nice, France.

opulent interiors, elegant spa ex-

This journey will take you to some of the most amazing historic sites in the world. Think Pompeii, Capri and Florence.

periences and fine dining. This is your opportunity to tour Rome, Vatican City and more. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

the ports of call are: Sorrento,

Colonial Life’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Tour As a special treat for those who qualify for Leaders Conference, we’re offering free tours at each port from the Mariner cruise ship. You’ll want to be part of this special anniversary tour to celebrate our company’s mission of helping working Americans for 75 years.

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