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NEH Staff Meeting/ Post Mortem

July 1, 2010

CJ: Intro - Kristin and Kelly will run this meeting - Kelly will begin post mortem Kelly – Post Mortem - some mistakes and spelling errors - looks great – graphics are great Comments: - layout looks great – interesting, clean - process comments? - Come back at end of meeting to get more comments after people have had a chance to read Chris: Creative Thinker Issue Layout - new direction with this issue - reviews – too much text is not good. - Creative thinker issue could be a stretch – we need to think about layout from the beginning - Earlier deadlines for creative team to put it together - Issue will have hand made components - We need to think about it much earlier than normal - Some sections will not be included in this magazine (reviews, agony ajumma, horoscopes, sex with Sally) - Finish early so we have time to fix problems - Word limits – for reviews, word limits should be about 50 words. People just want to see the stars – good number of stars means they may want to check it out, bad number of stars means they won’t bother - Reviews should not have conclusions! - Try to be specific so the layout team can also be specific - If you have questions for layout or art, ask the art department Kelly: -

there needs to be more communication this month “how” needs to be communicated Mags are the TV of the literary world Pages should look interesting and not have too much text or people won’t want to read People flip through magazines looking for something to catch their eye We want NEH to catch people’s eyes on every page

CJ: Submission form - you will get submission form by email in the next few days - reminders for do’s and don’t on the top of the form - fill out the top part


cut and paste your article into the text box. Do not use any formatting send to new submissions email: o

-we have the new email so multiple editors can have access to the articles and edit - please save the template of the submission form on your computer to use the form each time Cynthia: staff contact list - please check the information to make sure your information is correct - read the job descriptions and find out who you need to contact if you have any questions - print out contact list to have on hand - if you want to move into a new position, let us know. - Many people are leaving within the next 6 months. We will need people to step up and fill those positions CJ : July Production schedule - see production calendar Kristin: Creative Thinker Brainstorming - we will showcase all aspects of creative thinking - please talk about your ideas for the issue - Kara – contest for artistic contributions. Have an online survey to vote for submissions, and winners will be announced in the next issue o put submissions in issue 5, vote online, winners will be reissued in issue 6 - Chris – we could release the creative thinker issue as the beginning of a contest open to anyone in Korea - Sue – travel log – have an online style blog post or photolog - Claire – showcase crafts – handicrafts, knitting, etc. o we can talk to meetup groups o Claire will try to find some artists or craft ideas - Ryan – philosophy column o Philosophy comic – famous creative thinkers of the past o Igor – if Ryan writes comic, Igor will draw o Darwin vs. Voltaire? - Dennis – will come up with something o Will do photoshoots for profiles - Marsha – flow chart quiz o We can have a games section and include flow chart, x word puzzle, mad libs, etc. o Cynthia will do x word - Chris – will try to think up ideas, but will focus on layout - Kelly – wants to get more involved with the writing, especially profiles o Will do a profile of the foreigner douchebag and a real profile


Harri – friend is doing a craft magazine – maybe we can get a feature from her magazine o Maybe make something Korea related (she used to live in Korea) o “how –to’s” ok to do? – yes, for creative thinker issue - CJ – short fiction. o Will write a badly written piece, and then edit and rewrite so the editor writes a better piece than the writer - Sammy – new to NEH, lives in Suwon o Still catching up and trying to think about an idea o Interested in something musical o Possibly do a profile - Igor – battle of philosophers with Ryan, o Attended a “drink and draw” meeting in Seoul – maybe someone can do a profile about them o Captain Kimchi cartoon with CJ? o Virtues of riding a motorcycle – anyone know someone who own a motorcycle in Korea? Maybe they can write something. - Kristin – satirical fiction o Story of typical Korean graduating from university and has no job, so moves to America to teach Korean to Americans - we need to find poets! -

CJ and Chris will discuss page numbers and find out how much room we have to work with o * post meeting information: Creative Thinker issue will be divided into two issues.

Kelly – Profiles - we want to profile a bunch of creative thinkers - profiles have to be done really well in an interesting way - we need to have really awesome, random, interesting questions - idea – give them a question sheet and have them write answers in their own handwriting, and publish that - idea – go with them on an errand and talk to them whilst doing something – to get their essence - if doing Q&A style, we still need a brief intro about who they are and what they are doing (why they are in NEH) - Kristin has already been in contact with a bunch of people o Cory – will send photos o Rubber Duckie – Jinah has been in contact, we will need to go through their agent, and have a translator for the interview as they speak Korean o Luke Brown (ROKetship) – can send old comics, but not make any new ones for NEH - Profilers: o Dennis – Apple Girl

o o o o o o o o

Claire – Rubber Duckie Kristin – ROKetship (Luke Brown) Sammy – DX Kihong Ryan – Space Rhyme Continuum Kara? – Navah (bellie dancers) Sally? – Seoul Players Andrew? – New Edibles Kelly – Naked Jumping guy


Profilers need to have a special meeting o Think about what you want to do, how you want to do it o Can make a questionnaire ~ 10 questions o Photolog of your time with them o Have a meeting to pool ideas and make sure profiles are not repetitive o Meeting will be Monday at 8pm o Before meeting – get contact details and make initial contact o Have ideas for what you want to do


Bucheon Film Festival – starts July 15th maybe we should pass out magazines at the festival we need to have someone dedicated to covering the film festival maybe we can do a review of one movie shown at the festival can schedule an interview with someone involved in a film need a Korean speaking person to get through phone lines – not English friendly Kelly, Sue, Kristin and Ryan are interested in covering the film festival

July 1 Neh Staff Meeting Minutes  
July 1 Neh Staff Meeting Minutes  

July 1 Staff Meeting Minutes