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April 2015

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear NEHC Members, I don’t need to remind you that we’ve just weathered a tough New England winter. By many accounts, this winter set snow fall and temperature records. Helicopter flying in the Northeast is typically curtailed during cold weather and, when you combine that with a record-setting winter, many NEHC members are just starting to get their helicopters out of hibernation and are getting ready for a fun and productive summer. The question is, are you and your helicopter ready to fly and if not, ‘Do You Have a Plan?’ Does your Plan include a pilot ‘checkup?’ Don’t forget to make sure your medical certificate is valid and that you’re current, which means that, at the very least, you’ve completed a flight review and have the recent flight experience necessary to act as pilot-in-command (both of which are described in FAR §61). If you’re planning to carry passengers at night, what’s your Plan to become ‘night current?’ Have you thought about the difference between ‘current’ and ‘proficient?’ Being proficient requires much more than simply making 3 takeoffs and landings. Judgement and aeronautical decision making are key attributes of a proficient pilot. Of course, the best way to stay sharp is to fly regularly but, if you’ve been grounded during the winter, you may want to jump start your summer tune-up by joining the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) and attending one of their many outstanding safety seminars. If you’re not familiar with this program, FAASTeam is the educational outreach arm of the FAA and is committed to serving the General Aviation community. As you’ll read beginning on page 6, FAASTeam seminars are both fun and educational and statistically, pilots who are FAASTeam members have fewer accidents than GA as a whole. Why not add, ‘attend a FAASTeam safety seminar’ to your Plan? Take some time to look over your helicopter. Is the Annual Inspection complete? Does it need any scheduled or preventative maintenance before you start flying? Is the aircraft registration current (remember that aircraft registration certificates now include an expiration date) and are your charts and navigation databases up-todate? Does your Plan including checking to make sure your aircraft insurance policy is in effect and that the coverage still provides adequate protection? We also hope your Plan includes attending the NEHC spring membership meeting on Wednesday, April 15. The evening will start with our Annual Meeting followed immediately by the featured presentation. The theme of the presentation is ‘Technology in Aviation–What’s Behind the Magic’ and we have two very interesting speakers who will describe how their company’s technology makes your cockpit a safer, and more productive, place to work. Dan Gouger, Senior Research Engineer for Bose Corporation, will describe how Bose developed active noise cancelling headphone technology and how this technology neutralizes the distractions and stress of noise in the cockpit. Michael Kerrigan is the regional sales manager for Garmin International, a highly regarded producer of professional grade navigation equipment using global positioning system receivers. Garmin offers integrated products specifically engineered to enhance helicopter cockpits and now offers the ADS-B Academy, a resource to help pilots meet the upcoming ADS-B mandate. We hope you’ll join us at the Tewksbury Country Club on April 15. It promises to be a great evening and you won’t want to miss it!

W. Gregory Harville President 1

High Tech Cockpit—Enstrom 480B-G

NEHC Newsletter Spring 2015  

New England Helicopter Coucil Newsletter Spring 2015

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