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The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

The Style Files Whoever said office-wear was boring never met us Presenting- The Office Rulebook Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Who says dressing up for work canâ€&#x;t be fun? Beat your work-blues by looking fabulous every day! Discover the rules of work-wear, and how they can be tweaked to represent your individual style.

Scribbles-from the Editorâ€&#x;s desk

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The Rules, Featuring Olivia Palermo,


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Staples that every woman must own.

Hair &

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Make-up Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Dressing For Your Body Type:

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Wear it With a Desi Twist– Who said you can‟t wear Indian clothes to work?

What Would I wear? From Polyvore

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Pg 20 Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Scribbles– From I know people hate reading a lot of text on the net, but I‟ll try to make it interesting. The Aim I was looking through a bunch of fashion magazines, but I noticed there were more ads than content. No tips, only super expensive clothes and accessories that I would never be able to afford. But I wanted to look stylish and fashionable too. That is how I came up with the idea of this magazine. Because Style is not a Privi-

lege Exclusive Wealthy



Well, that‟s our motto here, and through these well thought out, and hopefully, well executed issues, we will try to bring you that. Constraints. However, you must remember that this is our first venture. We‟re sitting at home, not earning any money doing this. So do not be too harsh. The photographs are all taken from the net, but they are compiled to give you, the everyday girl a better idea about how to look great without spending a

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

m the Editor’s Desk fortune. This Issue One of the biggest challenges for women in India today is how to dress for work every morning. There are so few stores that sell decent, affordable stuff that you are in constant fear that someone else in office will be wearing the same clothes. There‟s not much we can do, but write about it, and show you how you can play with your formal wear to. So, we bring you our “OFFICE RULEBOOK”- the do‟s and don't‟s of workwear.

From the essentials to hairstyles and makeup, and even including a bit on Indian wear and a specific guide for your body shape. (Because we know it‟s not realistic to have figures like the models in fashion magazines.) So, hope you enjoy this issue, and follow us, as we will follow it up with related topics on the blog. We will also be back next month with our Autumn/ Winter Issue. Happy Reading!

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Olivia Palermo~ Fashion Inspiration climbing to the top of the social order. Unfortunately, a huge scandal, erupted, which pretty much sealed her fate at the NY social scene.


he brown-haired, petite, doeeyed beauty, Olivia Palermo is not really known in this part of the world (India), but in the US she wears many hats- socialite, Reality TV star, but mostly, an “It Girl”, and possibly the real-life inspiration for Blair Waldorf. The 28 year old of Italian descent was brought up in the Upper East Side, New York, attending elite schools like the cast of GG. She entered the social scene at 21, and like her social-climber reel-image, she seemed to be quite taken with

She then reinvented herself as a star on MTV‟s “The City”, started working for legendary designer Diane von Frustenberg, and started penning her self-titled fashion blog. She quickly worked her way up in the fashion line and is currently an ambassador for several high-end brands. But that is not why she is featured in our first issue. It is because she is one of the very few women who are photographed almost daily, who have what we were looking for- a classy, elegant, yet stylish look for work. And my! Does she do it well.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

The thing to understand about Olivia, is that she really doesnâ€&#x;t have a great body. Sheâ€&#x;s super skinny, and very petite, but she lacks any curves. So, she addresses that, but covering up on top, and wearing short or very fitted bottoms. Added to that shiny hair, impeccable styling and accessories, and a sweet smile, and how could she not be our unanimous choice for the role?

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1



ork-wear is supposed to be boring, plaid, neutral, absolutely unattractive, covered up with no scope for experimentation. Really? Coz no one ever told us that. Follow these simple cardinal rules, and you can never go wrong. 1. The neckline should be safely above the cleavage. 2. The hemline should be a maximum of 2 inches above or below the knee.

3. The accessories shouldnâ€&#x;t be overpowering. (avoid bling) 4. Try not to have too busy or bright prints. (unless paired with neutrals) 5. Everything should fit well, but nothing should be too tight.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1



Now that we‟re done with the basics, we‟ll let you in on a few secrets, and you can transform your look from a frumpy woman to a classy lady.

skirt, or palazzo pants, and pair figure-hugging bottoms with loose tops.

1. You can go sleeveless.

3. Belts are your friends. Invest in a few different kinds– leather, metallic, pastel, tan.

2.Pair a tight top with a flared

4.Have one statement piece– be it

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1


your shoes, top, necklace, or makeup. It balances the boring look without looking out-ofplace. 5.Two muted colours paired together look great. 6.Jackets/ stoles are your best bet to feel warm, as well as add a luxe, polished look. 7.You donâ€&#x;t have to wear pumps or loafers. Sandals are allowed as long as theyâ€&#x;re not too blingy, too high, or too distracting. (Even that is allowed if the rest of your outfit is very simple.)

colour can look very chic. Make sure to choose a neutral colour though.

8. Experiment with a brightly coloured skirt or pants.

10.When going for a one-colour look, keep a Pop of colour in the form of an accessory.

9. All black, all white, or all of any

11. To wear prints, either go for a

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1



printed top or bottom, or choose a dull-coloured print. 12.Have a good mix of skirts, pants and dresses in your wardrobe, so that your look never becomes repetitive or boring.

fabrics. 14.Lace on a top close classy and elegant. 15. The most important thing to remember is that the clothes must fit you well.

13.For shirts, choose sheer, flowy Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1


Basics form the very core


o ne ‟s

wardrobe. Have these classic pieces and mix -and-match with


them season‟s

latest trends to have that


look. We‟ve listed the

2. A white shirt

must-haves for your 3. Classic blazers and





match) 1. The LBD

4. At least 3 great skirts–



silhouettes and colours

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1


n 5. Full-sleeve, or the-quarter tees. Yes you heard me right, tees. Paired with skirts or


pants, with a blazer on top, they look chic and



Buy them in two-tone stripes, block

colours, with a variety of necklines.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

d e u n i t n o c , S C I S A B E H T 6. A pullover top (also known as turtlenecks). They look great under a

jacket. Also, pile on chunky necklaces, or a bunch of simple chains to jazz it up.

9.Nude sandals

10. A great handba

7. A few well-cut pants in grey, black, beige, khaki, navy colours (include cotton ones as well). The key to a good pair, is that it should be snug at the bottom, but not at the crotch. 8. Ballerina Flats and Pumps (plural), at least one in a bright colour

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

bag/ laptop bag

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Dressing For Your Body Type Any woman would know there are four basic kinds of body types– the Apple, the Pear, the Hourglass and the Rectangle. The Hourglass, of course, is the most desirable and proportionate, so the aim of dressing should be to create an illusion that makes it seem as if you actual-

dowed with a great bosom, legs, and arms. Highlight them.


tops with V or Scoop necks.


great trick is to wear separates, with the top tucked in followed by a jacket that is nipped at the waist. This creates an illusion of an hourglass. Or else, wear a cardigan with a slim belt.


that are flared balance out the figure, making the waist the tiniest portion of the body.

ly have the hourglass figure of Marilyn Monroe.

Wear pants that are straight, or

The Apple

Love your heels. Accessorize with

A little on the heavier side, apple shaped women are usually en

flared as they balance out the figure.

necklaces and earrings, as they draw attention

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

to your face and chest area.


tops that show off your shoulders and slim arms .


tops and dresses, prefer the slightly high-wasted cuts, that are fitted just below your bust and flare out after that. ( Wrap tops/ dresses/ A line/ Empire cuts)

 Avoid very skinny pants as they make your waist look bigger.


create the illusion of a fuller bust, wear tops with ruffles,

bows, feminine detailing, bright colours and bold patterns.

 Avoid flares around your waist.


India wear, opt for a Saree, or Anarkalis that flare out at your actual waist and are fitted at the bust.

The Pear Pear shaped women have a smaller bust, but generous hips, and maybe a slight problem at the midsection. Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Go darker on the bottom. Choose clean and simple lines.

To draw attention away from the hips, wear A line skirts or ones that are not too tight around the posterior.


as often as you can, to ensure that the line of the top does not end near your hips.

 Avoid jackets that end in the middle of your hips. Opt for cropped ones, or longer ones.


a belt and highlight the smallest section of your waist.


Indian wear, avoid very flared Anarkalis. Opt for salwars that are fitted at the bust and a little flared after your waist.

wearing bets, printed separates and well fitted clothes.

Wear stretchy clothes that highlight your curves

Avoid pants that are too flared or too tapered.

Wear classic pencil skirts, or

The Hourglass

flared skirts with ease.

If you have this shape, you‟re the envy of women all over the world. Just highlight your slender waist, and you‟re good to go.

 Avoid shapeless clothes.

For Indian Wear, choose anything that hugs your curves.

This can be achieved by Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


der limbs.

The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1


peplum. They enhance your waist definition.

Wear flowy, feminine fabrics and prints.

Show off your The Rectangle The rectangle is supposed to be the slightly less feminine figure. But the good news is, you‟re super skinny, so you can get away with a lot. Olivia Palermo has this body type and see how elegant and feminine she looks.

arms and shoulders, and wear very well fitted jackets.  Av o i d

highwasted pants.

 Avoid boxy jack-

ets.  Avoid too many

vertical stripes.

To dress for this type, you need to look more feminine, so think ruffled tops, flared skirts (go short on the length), and super skinny pants to show off those slen-

Now go out, and start shopping!

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Hair & Make-up Hair and makeup are a very important, and often neglected part of any look. But more important than shiny bands, exquisite hairstyles, and expensive cosmetics is taking care of one‟s hair and skin.

Eat right! Have a wellbalanced diet including lots of fruits vegetables, proteins, and some fat. Have loads of water. If your hair and skin are healthy, you won‟t have to work very hard to make yourself look great.

Have a regular hair and skin regimen. I shampoo every 2 days because that works for me. Then I condition my hair, and blow dry it when it‟s almost dry to get the salon

look. Yes, I do this every time I wash my hair, but then, I rarely have a bad hair day. So I guess, it pays off.

Similarly for the skin, remove makeup every night, cleanse and exfoliate with a toner+ scrub, and then use a gentle moisturizer. Before going to bed, generously apply facial cream. It‟ll help your skin soak in all the oil, and make you look fresh and radiant in the morning. (Do this only for dry skin/ weather) That‟s the basics. Now let‟s look at some stunning hair & makeup looks to try for work.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Add instant jazz to a pony by accessorizing with a cute hairband.

Hairstyles 1. The Ponytail The teased ponytail is a sexy, smart, nononsense look for the working gal. Tips on how to do it– i) Take the front part of your hair and tie up the rest to keep it from interfering. ii) Among the top section, take parts of hair from the back to the front, back combing your way. Back combing is just combing from the tip to the root of your hair. iii) Gather your hair for the pony.

2. The Bun The easiest way to do this is to have some tools- bobby pins, hair clips (use the ribbed ones, they keep the hair in the same place), and these wonderful things called Bun Clips. Tips on how to do it– Tie your hair in a pony, slide in the clip from the back, roll your hair over it, fold the clip and fasten the clasp! It‟s that easy. The Hairband can used with this too.

iv) Slightly smooth the top section, but keep it loose. Tighten the sides, so that the top looks voluminous.


v) Tie it with a band, and use a hair spray. You can also try a side parted pony. Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

3. Out-in-the Open Just leave your hair open! Tips on how to do it– And this is very, very, very important. Do not leave your hair open unless itâ€&#x;s nice and smooth. Nothing looks worse than open hair that has not been trimmed in ages, or is frizzy and limp. (applies for 3. as well) 4. The Half Updo A favourite currently, you can spice it up by experimenting with celtic knots or other variations. (Will give more details in the blog.) 5. Braids Experiment with side-braids, fishtail, half-front braids and the eternal favouritethe French Braid. Will give tutorials for each in my blog soon.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

MAKE-UP The key to great make-up is knowing exactly what kind of look you want. Obviously for the office, go for a neutral/ nude/ natural look. If you are wearing a very plain outfit, then consider going in for a bright shade of lipstick, but otherwise, keep it as plain as you can. The aim is to make people think, “She‟s so naturally beautiful, almost makes it seem as if she‟s put some makeup on.” If you‟re wearing a lot of makeup it‟s a good idea to invest and boy some good branded stuff because otherwise your skin might be affected. So, how does one achieve the look? Here‟s the beauty regimen1. Face Wash

3. Concealer 4. Matte Foundation 5. Bronzer/ Blusher– Go very light on this, or even omit. Use shades of the lightest peach, brown or pink. A good trick I learned was to such in your cheeks and apply the blusher on your cheek bones like a Nike symbol, with the longer edge towards your ears 6. Eye shadow– again, go neutral. You can put a tiny bit of transparent sparkle beneath your brows, but otherwise stick to beige-browns in the lighter tones. 7. Eye-liner/ Kohl– Indians love their Kajal. Play up those beautiful eyes, but go heavier on the kohl than on the liner. 8. Mascara– Again, not too much. I personally hate it, since it‟s such a pain to remove. 9. Lipstick– go for matte glosses, or transparent glosses in pale pinks.

2. Moisturizer Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Wear it With a


earing Indian clothes to Office is an option many stylish young women are embracing. But neither do you want to look like an aunty or your old school teachers, nor do you want to look like you‟re at a Bollywood Awards ceremony– here‟s the guide to stylish, professional work wear for the Indian Gal.

The Saree This is a very good option, and great for all body types. It hides all your flaws and makes you look like a goddess.

High Neck

3/4 Sleeves Contrast Pattern Blouse


solid colours or fineprints instead of bright bold prints with too much going on.


the net and Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent

the silks for parties


is classy, as is chiffon, and crepe.


l o u s e s should not be too deep in the back, or show too much of your waist.

Wear a blouse 24

The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

a Desi Twist A bad duppatta can ruin an othof a totally different colour to glam it up.


your aan-


Practice tie a home.

how to saree at


hostess blouses look chic.

erwise great look.


not get too caught up in matching the three parts. It‟s better to have contrasting colours than almost-similar shades.

Anarkalis must be very well fitted at the bust and your actual waist, or they risk looking like tents.


a three-quarter sleeve, as well as sleeveless.

The Salwar –Kameez/

Churidaar Do

not wear leggings to work if you want to call yourself fashionable. Cotton churidaars look elegant and classy.


fit of the top is very important. Get your tailor to alter it to fit you like a glove.

High-neck looks professional Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

My Outfits on Polyvore M


A bold pattern is complemented by neutrals, and a pop of pink.

y a d





All neutral colours, but pa can look chic. Use accessor look interesting.

A bright red top, paired with pants and comfy ballet flats. Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1


Block colours, paired with a leopard print sandals and a printed handbag to take it from „Okay‟ to „Wow!‟


paired properly, it ories to make the

h grey s.


An all black outfit, paired with white accessories, cashing in on the monochrome trend. Silver jewelry add to the bejeweled collar to complete the look.

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

Op-Ed: Fashion I read an interesting article last week, where it was mentioned that before either Hilary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher could actually run for office, they were advised to undergo a meticulous change in appearance. It seemed that if people had to believe they are powerful women, they needed to look like powerful women first. It got me thinking that the situation is kind of similar to the eternal „Chicken or Egg?” question. And what is “dressing like a powerful woman”? Is it denying that you are a woman at all, and trying to look like a man, or is it trying to look like as womanly as possible? I think that would depend on the kind of industry one is in. In Indian politics, the dress code has not really changed. Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj all have very similar looks. Mamata Bannerjee and Mayawati look like homeless women, so that

is not really worth discussing. By the way, that is intentional- they want to be relatable, and that is al-

so why they will never become anything more powerful than a Chief Minister unless they too go through a wardrobe makeover. Hina Rabbani of Pakistan really showed Indian politicians how to

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

n Equals Power? dress when she landed here for her talks. But to her disappointment, people were more interested in her bag than her talks. (I will cover her style in my coming issue.) But most of us are not in politics, journalism or acting. What is powerdressing for the corporate woman? I think, at the end of the day, it is being comfortable and confidence. The reason this whole “powerdressing” thing works is because it actually makes the individuals feel more confident. And what is the mark of a successful woman? Killer confidence. So whatever it takes for you to gain that confidence, adorn it. If it is a pair of heels, go for it. (Please, be careful not to bare too much though.) Which brings me to my next point-

how much skin can you show in office? And does it backfire? A lot of women like wearing dresses and skirts to work. In India, it‟s still rare to see much of a woman‟s bare skin on display, so women like turning a few heads in office. And that is good, because it makes you feel beautiful, confident and somehow more empowered. But, the downside is, men start thinking of you as a woman instead of a colleague, and hence, inherently and unconsciously would undermine your capability. How to tread the fine line then? By working your ass off. There is only so much clothes can do for you. At the end of the day, it‟s your work, plus some networking that will get you the promotion. The dress and heels will only help you feel a little bit more confident during the crucial interview. So work on your craft, and take over the world! Toodles!

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The Style Files, Oct. 2013, Vol. 1

If you liked this issue, follow us on Facebook and Blogger. We’ll be back with more great content very, very soon. Want to read some more? Why I Think "The Lunchbox" is Over-hyped, Archaic and Takes Indian Women Back to the Dark Ages @

Soon on the Blog: 

Indian wear to work– from Maharani Gayatri Devi, Indira Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi and Chanda Coochar. All the hairstyles we promised.

Coming up: November 2013 

 

Autumn/ Winter collections and how to adopt them from the runway to real life. Fashion Inspiration– Kate Middleton/ Sharmila Tagore Getting ready for the Big Fat Indian Wedding (as a guest, not a bride)

Because Style is not a privilege exclusive to the affluent


The style files Oct 2013 Vol 1  

This Edition of The Style Files features "THE OFFICE RULEBOOK", where chic style icon Olivia Palermo serves as the inspiration. We teach rea...

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