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Portfolio 2013 Product Design Neha Karve

Simple Product Design

On The Go A medicine case for when you travel.

3 Weeks Individual project

A travel friendly, handy container for medicines.

Snap fit lid

Glass can accommodate upto 3 medicines per meal time. Has a capacity of carrying 300 ml of water, enough for one dose of medicines.

Concept Making the process of taking medicines more convenient by adding a glass of water to it.

Container for water

Day wise medicine container with live hinge Snap fit lower compartment

The containers have a gap on the top. This provides space for your finger so you can pickup any box with ease. Neha Karve | Product Design


The water cup is attached to the medicine holder using snaps.

Pick medicine box based on day of the week.

The box is divided in 3 parts. Each compartment uses a live hinge & snap as a fastener.

The lid on the glass of water uses a snap to make sure there is no spilling.

Neha Karve | Product Design


Bamboo furniture

Bar stool Design Bamboo furniture relative to a social space.

Open elective

2 Weeks Group of 4

Design suitable furniture out of bamboo for a social space. <A BAR>

Bamboo pins

Half lap joint

X knot

Rope dipped in adhesive

Neha Karve | Product Design


The bar stool, with human scale reference.

Science in everyday



Neha Karve | Product Design


Science in everyday life

Shell it Study of an eggshell, product intervention.

2 weeks Individual project

The objective was to take something that occurs in our day to day lives and study its principle.

Water bath

The shell of an egg is made out of calcium and it has a semi permeable membrane that allows water and oxygen to flow through, but filters out dirt.

Concept To have a pot for plants that can be placed in a water bath. This way, you don't need to water the plants everyday.

Pot made from semipermeable membrane

The pot is made out of a synthetic semi permeable membrane. This membrane allows water to pass through its pores. The plants soak up water from the soil, and the soil absorbs water from the water bath it is placed in.

Neha Karve | Product Design


Model Making

Twist A toy for children ages three to six.

3 weeks Individual project

Material used for the model was acrylic, HIPS and PVC.

The toy for children is inspired from coloured playing blocks, and the working principle of a key.

Twist the key to correspond pentagon to same colour level. Match alignment to make it pass through.

Concept Cut outs

To have a toy for children that works on the same principle as a lock. It will help develop motor skills and understanding.




Neha Karve | Product Design


Neha Karve | Product Design


Skin Design

Beats by Dr. Dre Experimenting with materials on an existing product.

1 week Group of 2

Beats by Dr. Dre, taking the existing design and changing the materials and textures.

Carbon fibre ear-cups





Colours and textures are changed, keeping in mind the existing visual language of Beats, as well as the target audience.

Signature colours; Perforated leather

Brushed chrome; Chrome with diamond texture

Material used Soft touch Leather Perforated leather Plastic with carbon fibre finish Plastic with matt finish Wood Brushed chrome Chrome with diamond texture

Neha Karve | Product Design


Representation skills

Solarization Neha Karve | Product Design


Form studies

3D Geometry, Paper

Clay modelling

Neha Karve | Product Design


Skills 2D softwares

3D softwares +91 9921823645

Born : 10th March 1992 From Pune

About me I am comfortable working in a team, and can take charge. I am organized with my work and can hold my own under pressure. Im outgoing, and love travelling. I love reading and adventure sports.


Activities 2011 - Attended Design Yatra, Goa 2012 - Event head for Yokozuna, Quasar 2012 (Design Festival of MITID) 2012 - Attended Design Yatra, Goa 2013 - Event co-ordinator for Quasar 2013

2008 - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, SSC 2010 - Marathwada College of Science, HSC 2012 - MIT ID, Product design

2013 - Attended IDF(India Design Festival), Mumbai

C/O : MAEERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MIT Institute of Design, Rajbaug, Loni- Kalbhor, next to Hadapsar, Pune 412201.

Neha Karve Portfolio  

Hi. I'm Neha Karve, a third year product design student from MIT ID, Pune. I'm looking for a 6 week summer internship, in the month of June.

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