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NAKED EYE The dictionary meaning of beliefs are an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. In the world where present is reality and future is fantasy, our belief system acts as a strong catalyst to make these exaggerated fantasies into pure minimalist reality. This project celebrates the power of the human belief system. I have touched upon five phenomenons that human beings have a strong belief in. Firstly, levitation is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity in a stable position without solid physical contact. Secondly, intersection is the process in which two things come together and form an unexplainable third element. Thirdly, futurism is a belief that the meaning of life and one’s personal fulfillment lies in the future and not in the present or past. Fourthly, transformation means a miraculous change in the appearance of an object or being. Lastly, teleportation is to transport (a person or object) across a distance instantaneously. Using print design as a medium to express my concept, each outfit has body parts exhibiting ‘L I F T T’ through out the collection. This dramatic appeal combined with pastel colours makes this collection a visual comprehension of this concept of belief. All you are, all you have been, everything about your life contributes to your belief in the truth of millions upon millions of things. Your life, and your perception of it, is an incredibly intricate web of observations, feelings, and experiences, all parts of your existence, none divisible, all making you, you. Perhaps humans have some inexplicable intuition that gives them insight into what is actually true, perhaps not. Could our beliefs be the truth of our subconscious? The fact is that all anyone can do is to use all the abilities they have to determine what is true. All you can do is to think, and analyze, and test, and rethink, until you believe something is true. You must want what you have faith in to be true. Since nothing can be fully proved or disproved, unless truth has been somehow revealed, that which people have belief in is, for them, that which is true.










Each piece has the power once worn to physically fight gravity in positions that the wearer can pose in with an attitude that can only be expressed uniquely by the wearer themselves. Give the same piece of garment to another wearer, then you change its force in gravity! Through the shapes I have created each seemingly separate component comes together with its counterpart pieces to make holistic ensemble that has the strength to empower the wearer.The unique print design propel the wearer into a contemporary trend that engages a visual feast of colour and graphic qualities that explode with excitement, surprise and express the essence of being fashion forward. By marrying individual pieces in different combinations, the collection itself possesses a sense of modernity reflected in a capsule range that has the ability to excite, whether married with different accessories, or simply just mixed in new combinations with existing wardrobe pieces.The collections exists for the purpose of transporting the wearer into a space and time that transcends cultural boundaries and explores Colour and image through an exciting expression of Fashion technology. The wearer has the opportunity to express design through their outer layer of the Human Body.

This collection is about questioning and conflicting theoretical and mythological beliefs of illusion. The mythological belief being the power of maya in hindu mythology whereby the power is believed to be in good hands. it was said that humans believed in the illusion of permanence and the illusion of diversity. Illusion of permanence: The belief of immortality Illusion of diversity: belief in multiple ideoligies that come from one particular source. According to the mythology these illusions lead to misunderstanding which often become physical in nature and only on the release of the mythological illusions, it was said the person would attain enlightenment. Conflicting the previous belief with modern day optical illusions. I am trying to discover the scientific and psychological reasoning behind these perceptions and how they are completly contridictory with mythologies of the past.

Neha Bhushan Portfolio  
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