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TITAN QuickChange Tine Heads ®



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• R educe set-up time by up to 75% •A  bility to quickly change worn or damaged tines in the field •A  vailable for Toro ProCore 648, 864 and 1298 aerators ®



• 3 or 4 tine mount configuration •A  ccepts 19 mm (3/4”) and 22 mm (7/8”) tines •T  itan QuickChange Tine Sleeves secure tines to the tine head • E asy to use Titan QuickChange Tool for installing and removing tines

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Spend more time aerating and less time changing tines! A new innovation in aeration is here: the patent-pending TITAN QuickChange Tine Head. This tine head will make you think differently about efficient aeration. Not only can you change tine configurations quickly and easily, you can do so without nuts or bolts that are easy to drop or misplace, increasing productivity and reducing set-up time by up to 75%. The QuickChange Tine Head uses taper-lock installation, which requires only one simple tool to replace tines with the option to change tines in the field or in the shop. Because of the ease of use, you can aerate one area with a particular tine configuration and then change tines quickly to aerate a different area. The QuickChange Tine Head is available for Toro ProCore 648, 864 and 1298 aerators. ®


TITAN QuickChange Tine Heads