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Reelmaster 3220-D Reelmaster 3240-D

RM3240-D shown

High performance Reelmaster 3220-D Kubota 26 kW (35 hp) diesel engine ®

212 cm (83.5”) width of cut 2WD transmission system

The RM3220-D and RM3240-D have been designed to achieve a high level of performance at a cost effective price. These general purpose triple turf mowers are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different applications.

Reelmaster 3240-D Kubota 26 kW (35 hp) diesel engine ®

212 cm (83.5”) width of cut 4WD transmission system

RM3240-D shown

Tilting Platform and Engine Cover Accessibility for maintenance and servicing could not be easier. With our tilting platform and engine cover, allowing you to gain access to all components of the machine in a matter of seconds.

Radiator and Oil Cooler The easy to clean open core radiator matrix and five bar oil cooler, ensure maximum cooling efficiency in all conditions. An audible warning system will operate the horn in the unlikely event of over-heating. RM3220-D shown

Operator satisfaction The RM3220-D and RM3240-D products are at the leading edge of utility mowing. Their high quality of cut ensure the perfect finish time after time, whilst it’s robust and durable construction will meet the most demanding of environments.

Operator Comfort & Controls The ergonomic design of the operator platform ensures maximum control and comfort. The high quality suspension seat, adjustable steering column and easy to reach controls, provide the operator with a practical and safe operating area.

(RM3240-D only).

Accessible centre unit for easy adjustment.

High specification tyres for climbing kerbs.

Full weather ROPS certified Cab (optional).

Rear crash frame for added protection.

4WD on demand for optimum performance.

Cutting unit options for all cutting conditions.

Kubota Engine Performance is maximised by using the reliable Kubota indirect injection diesel engines. The fuel efficient engines supply ample power to both the cutting circuit and 2WD and 4WD transmission systems.

Specifications for RM3220-D & RM3240-D Operator Safety


Rating: Fuel: Cooling:

Kubota® V1505-E2B 4-cylinder indirect injection Electric start 26 kW (35 hp) @ 2850rpm net Diesel Water cooled


Warning light indicators: - Hydraulic oil temperature - Engine pre-heat - Engine coolant temperature - Battery charge - Hydraulic return filter blockage - Engine oil pressure - Hydraulic transmission filter blockage

Transmission Hydrostatic: Differential lock: Drive system:

Closed loop hydrostatic Foot operated RM3220-D - 2WD

RM3240-D - 4WD on demand

Interlock lights:

- Cutterdrive switch off - Parking brake engaged - Transmission in neutral


- Fuel tank level indicator - Hydraulic oil tank sight glass - Digital hourmeter

Traction Unit

0.7 - 1.41 kg/cm2 (10 - 20 psi) Depending on turf conditions Hydrostatic rear wheel steering with shockload protection Hydrostatic service brakes using oil immersed disc brakes 45 Litres (10 UK Gallons) 40 Litres (8.8 UK Gallons). Diagnostic hydraulic test ports. 10 micron filtration

Tyres Front: Rear:

26 x 12.00 - 12, 4 ply turf pattern - (8 ply option) RM3220-D - 18 x 8.50 - 8, 4 ply turf pattern RM3240-D - 18 x 9.50 - 8, 4 ply turf pattern

Ground Speed Transport: Mowing:

22 km/h (0 - 14 mph) Forward; 11 km/h (0 - 7 mph) Reverse 13 km/h (0 - 8 mph) Forward; 6.5 km/h (0 - 4 mph) Reverse

Operating Station Controls:


Hand throttle Key ignition switch Cutting unit drive switch (On - Off - Reverse / Backlap) Parking brake - Single hand operated lever Foot operated forward / reverse pedal Foot operated differential lock Hand operated weight transfer adjustment Hand operated button horn Adjustable steering wheel / column 3 hand operated levers for independent lift to each cutting unit

Seat (standard):


High back with adjustable angle Arm rests Adjustable suspension to suit weight of operator Height adjustment - 60 mm Fore / aft adjustment - 150 mm


Folding 2 Post ROPS Frame (OECD Approved)


- Standard full weather ROPS cab - Deluxe ROPS cab - Super deluxe ROPS cab (RM3240-D only) - Cab tilt kit - Deluxe seat - Full European lighting kit - Flashing beacon - Front roller - Smooth or Grooved for floating configuration - Narrow Transport Width Option (1454 mm (57 1/4’’)

Cutting Units Type: Clip frequency:

MK3 fully interchangeable cutting unit - 762 mm (30’’) width 4 blade: 23 cuts/m (21 cuts/yd) at 11 kph (7 mph) 6 blade: 34 cuts/m (31 cuts/yd) at 11 kph (7 mph) 8 blade: 46 cuts/m (42 cuts/yd) at 11 kph (7 mph) Cylinder drive: Direct drive hydraulic motor Cutting unit lift: Fully independent hydraulic lift Cutting cylinder: 4, 6 or 8 blade 200 mm (8’’) diameter 4 or 6 blade 250 mm (10’’) diameter Cylinder to bedknife: Handwheel adjustment Cylinder speed: 1050 rpm approx. Height of cut: Spanner adjustment 12 - 80mm (1/2’’ - 3 1/8’’) Rear rollers: Smooth 76 mm (3’’) diameter Configuration: MK3 200 mm (8”) Fixed and Floating MK3 250 mm (10”) Fixed Only


CE certified

Dimensions Weight:

Turning Circle:

RM3220-D - 1266 kg (2791 lbs) RM3240-D - 1317 kg (2903 lbs) 1420 mm (56”)

1785 mm (70’’)

Ground pressure: Steering: Brakes: Fuel system: Hydraulic capacity:

Cutting unit drive disengages when operator leaves seat. Engine starts only when forward / reverse pedal is in neutral, the parking brake is applied and the cutting units are disengaged.

1440 mm (56 3/4’’) RM3220-D - 2655 mm (104’’) RM3240-D - 2710 mm (107’’) 2860 mm (112 1/2”)

2395 mm (94’’)


1575 mm (62’’) 2120 mm (85 1/2’’) 2350 mm (92 1/2’’)

TORO® PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Toro Financing Many flexible financing options are available to meet your specific operational requirements.

Toro Training Toro Technical Service Schools are available from your local istributor. Explore the training and customer care areas or for readily available on-line eductaion and training materials.

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Part No. 111-2947 (A) 11/08


Reelmaster 3220-D Reelmaster 3240-D RM3240-D shown The RM3220-D and RM3240-D have been designed to achieve a high level of performance at a...

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