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Vendor Finance Business Model Vendor Finance is now known to many of us due to the assistance and help they provide to needy to sell or buy properties. We were always after real estate agents to either buy or sell the properties and thus, had to at times give more commission. I was planning to buy property but was not able to find suitable one at rate I wished and at desired place. Thus, I contacted a Vendor Finance who understood all my requirements well and helped me to buy the property, which was exactly like the one I dreamed off. Though I faced some shortage of money, Vendor Finance assured me that I should not worry at all as they will assist me to get the property on installment basis. Today, I have made the complete payment and the property is in my name. I have got the dream home of my choice and that too at a very reasonable rate, which would have not been mine if Vendor Finance had not supported me. Till we don’t experience, it’s hard to believe, such was my experience. At first I hesitated, but now I would propose it to all who asks me.

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Vendor Finance Business Model