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Positive Cash Flow from the Property You Own I have got transfer to a nearby city and had been allotted quarters to stay in. It is less than six months that I had purchased a house and leaving it unattended was a difficult job, as by the time I would have to return the house will require maintenance. Then I decided to give it to someone so that apart from the house being kept clean, positive cash flow is also generated. As there was shortage of time, I contacted a Vendor Finance and gave them the details of my house. From the various discussions we had, I was sure that I have got in touch with the right person and my house will have a renter in a short span and it did materialize. I had then moved to my quarters and gave the responsibility of finding the renter for my house to Vendor Finance. The renters came to live in my house within two months and all the procedures like documentations were completed by the Vendor Finance, who was very cooperative. I just used to receive the positive cash flow in my account every month without any fail. For more information visit this link: -

Positive Cash Flow From The Property You Own