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Positive Cash Flow by Renting Properties Buying and renting properties and thus, generating positive cash flow is a system adopted by most of the people who have additional property and wants to earn an extra income. Two years back, I had bought a property and had been giving it on rent since then. But before six months, I had a renter who didn’t pay me the rent for nearly three months. When I asked him to make the payment he would keep on giving me dates after dates and at last I had to get them vacated with some difficulty, as they were not ready to do so. Then I was afraid to take such risk again. After sometime, my friend suggested that we should contact some agencies that arrange for renters at their responsibility. Thus, we got in touch with Paul and Karen whose way of talking and understanding the situation was much different. They were very cooperative. Within no time, they found a renter for me and now, every month there is a positive cash flow in my account and I am completely free from worry about what would happen if the renter doesn’t make the payment or is not ready to vacate. For more information visit this link: -

Positive Cash Flow by renting properties