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Best Use of Negative Gearing Properties My siblings had settled in United States and I had also decided to settle there with my family and had moved here on 10th September last year. As it was a new place, I had decided not to sell my owned property, but to give it on rent so that if I don’t feel comfortable in US then I can come back. At the same time, I didn’t want my property to be a negative gearing one and so I thought of giving it on rent. As the decision was taken all of a sudden and much time was not left to find a suitable renter, I had decided to contact some good Vendor Finance, who could handle the things well. I was then suggested of Paul and Karen, who arranged a renter for me in no time. Seeing my urgency, they told that I will not have to think of it further as they will find a suitable one and they did find one before I left for US. Now, I am well settled in US, but have decided not to sell my property, as I am sure as far as there are Vendor Finances like Paul and Karen, my property will not be a negative gearing one. For more information visit this link: -

Best Use of Negative Gearing Properties