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In the mean while as we are watching a splendid science fiction movie and got amazed by those on screen special effects and memorable moment at a certain scenario, it is also accompany with some special elements that constantly refreshing audience’s eyes, the equipment, the fire weapon, the floating vehicle, the versatile suit wore by characters that kept them from harm and avoid been killed by nature disaster. In this article, we would like to focus more on the super modern suit that appeared in the sci-fi movie and wore by our imagined future saviors and visitors.

Some extraordinary sci-fi movies gave us a tremendous gap to think over how to create a suit combine with visual effect as well as the functions that beyond a suit can offered. No matter to see Lilu in Fifth Element got her life bandage crossed on

or the father and son wore space suit back to earth and encountered so many life threating adventures,

can we always draw most of our attention and wisdom to create or expect something miracle apparel can be widely used by human and acknowledged. Green Lantern suit, as for alien attributed battle jumpsuit also got numerous advantages that keep Mr. Hal basically well adapted to every environment and condition. Here’s some bio we taken from the official illumination “Imagine if the ring on your finger was more than a piece of gaudy jewelry. Instead, it’s the universe’s most powerful weapon. It can create whatever you wish out of pure energy, its might limited only by your imagination and will. And with it comes exclusive membership to an exclusive intergalactic police force with alien officers spanning the cosmos.”-------This is not enough, ring and green lantern is the key to the power, but for what perfectly protecting Hal from all attacks? Yep, the battle suit, it is the post generated material that maximized the usage from the ring. So what’s over to connect to the well utilized battle suit from some of the best known superhero? Bat Man, Super Man, Dead Pool and Flash etc.

The fantasy is not always sticking to any comics and papers. To be exactly, there’s a wideness of making things to reality that leave us to explore. People are always finding addiction and row over and over again wondering “What if I have this suit in the future” or “How can I save the world with the power given by the battle suit I wear”. Mr. Tony Stark who works on his own battle suit in his secret researching vault by utilizing his brain as well as his minion robotic tools that A.I with efficiency and creativity, he made it and saved the world. Mr. Peter Parker, who received a furious bite by a biological altered spider, to protect his family and friend, he made himself a super flexible spider man suit, and he did it, the world is saved by a disguising spider teenager.

The concept of different suits in any sci-fi movie that closely reaching to the reality to make everything possible that help to improve and innovating the form of our basic understanding of clothing. We are living and strife to create a zentai formatted suit originated by a lower rated sci-fi movie in the future, and perhaps it will be a benchmark to the revolution of clothing evolution which inspired the key person who will lead the transformation of modern and high tech, super adaption suit, but the very bottom of it lies only from a tiny spark called “Zentai”. Why the suit has to be tight, got ideas? So far, it is still blank that lead us to develop a kind of suit with super powers and multiple gadgets. However, you will experience a kind of suit that brings better skin tight feeling than any suits that can deliver to you, by trying some zentai now days that we purchased from some of the trustworthy stores like, buycostumes and nefsuits which the original cut was skin tight, you will find yourself keeping a short period of warmth and flexible from the suit. Beside the ventilation, you can also wear it for sleeping and sort of disguise in the spiderman woods, any public posing and gesturing are highly favored by many audiences. However, the usage is quite limited on fun and fetish. Yet, we are still finding difficult to locate why the future suit has to be tight. Skip the craps, here’s what we can conclude the theory that “About to be used” or “Massively Affecting the scientific realm of apparel design and function”

The Bat Man’s utility belt gave us so many inspirations to design the same way of a zentai, and the followings may hit the light: A. Self-adapt the weather by automatically manipulating the temperature of the suit that keeps your body in good condition. The hood will auto remove and attached when there’s a need of protection on the face. You can wear the suit without using a tent in a sub-zero degree environment or event worse. B The side arms shall provide for instant information gathering as well as picture taking. C. The super fiber shall applied on to prevent and protect from been bite by a zombie or other unknown D.













E. No electrical charge but auto absorbing the power from the sun or power storage for further usage. F. The suit can attach as many good weapons as possible on shoulder or waist so that you may fetch it very fast and got faster reaction to all actions. It may have microchips in the suit to apply with different function, and hope the fantasy makes into reality.

Making zentai in sci fi movies become more popular than ever  

In the mean while as we are watching a splendid science fiction movie and got amazed by those on screen special effects and memorable moment...

Making zentai in sci fi movies become more popular than ever  

In the mean while as we are watching a splendid science fiction movie and got amazed by those on screen special effects and memorable moment...