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“Slow Down...You Move too Fast”!


Christine Cousart

Owner, Cousart Studios & Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry

f you spent any time in the late sixties, the above phrase will inevitably bring up the word “groovy” some where in your brain. Summertime IS that time to slooooow down and enjoy family and friends. Make plans to have a picnic or a fun family dinner. Try an Indian or Thai recipe and then make homemade icecream. While your at it... think about getting a family portrait. There are so many times you are together with your loved ones and somehow you forget to get out the camera or you get so relaxed its easier to let it pass you by. My answer to that is “Seize the moment”! You have to be proactive and organize! Whether it is grabbing the camera on the spur of the moment and gathering the troops or deliberately scheduling a family session with a pro.

If you decide to do the latter, here are a few pointers: • Schedule your session at sunset. The light is perfect. • Consider your wardrobe. You don’t always have to have everything match-

ing. Think about what you would like your end result to be. If you want contemporary and modern, try black clothing with a black background. Traditional on the beach with white shirts or pastel colors. Eclectic - purposely combine compatible prints and plaids on a beautiful nature path. It can work if done properly (this is where your photographer can help) • If you have small children, make sure they are rested and not hungry. I always recommend not making a big deal about photos and not even tell them about the session. Perhaps talk about something that will happen after the photos. Let the photographer relate to your children and trust them to get that smile. Too many competing for their attention can lead to disaster. • Discuss with your photographer what you want. Is it just wallets or small 4x6’s to put in Christmas Cards or is it the family portrait on canvas above the fireplace? Perhaps you want a photo album for your grandparents or parents for Christmas. Your photographer can plan and make sure the end result meets your expectations. • Its okay to ask a photographer about pricing for a session and individual sized portraits. That should be part of the process. Check out their website for ideas and samples of their work. Most photographers these days accept credit cards.

Let me make your moment last forever!

These are a few things that may be helpful to you. Please contact me if you have any other questions. I will be glad to help. I would also like the opportunity to capture your family portrait this summer. Time is precious and you never know when things will change!

Testimonial from Richard J. Van Dort My wife and I knew it would be hard to move away from our family so when we had the chance to have everyone here at Christmas, we decided to get a special family portrait of all of by the ocean. We wanted to reflect the heart of our family as well as the surroundings of the beach. Christine knew how to capture the essence of our family with her excellent eye for detail and her easy going nature. She put everyone at ease and took many different shots and poses with the setting sun and the incoming tide surrounding us all. We all had a very positive experience and the photos are exactly what we were looking for. I have also used Christine for my business photos as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine for any occasion. She was a delight to work with.

...”You’ve Got to Make the Morning Last”.

Christine Cousart has lived in St. Augustine since 2004 and says that it is the closest to the life she had when growing up in New Zealand. She owns Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry downtown Saint Augustine and Cousart Studios of Fine Art & Photography. She enjoys painting in all mediums as well as photographing a variety of subjects. She and her husband Kevin have two children that have graduated from Flagler College and one child that is in the AICE program at St. Augustine high school. vThe family loves to travel frequently and loves their relationship with many friends in the community. Cousart Studios of Fine Art & Photography | www. | 904.687.7700 | 320 Hightide Drive #101 | Saint Augustine, FL 32080


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