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Happy Summer ! Publisher of: The San Jose Woman’s Journal The St. Augustine Woman’s Journal

Anna K. Egeln, VP of Business Development

such as Jimmy Buffet Night, Friday Family Fireworks, and Family Faith Day. More information can be found on This June is a special month for my father, the Woman’s Journal business manager. He celebrates 60 years of being alive on this earth. Happy Birthday DAD! I hope I won’t get in trouble for putting your age in print, or posting this throwback picture.

ith the kids out of school, the sun shining, and the beach calling, these summer months bring lots of exciting times. In June we celebrate all of our fathers! Have you checked out a Jacksonville Suns game yet? Bring your fathers, stepfathers, uncles, grandpas, and other father figures, all summer long in a fun, family atmosphere to watch some baseball. You can eat hot dogs, and even enjoy special events

July also brings another birthday. The birthday of our great country. Happy Birthday United States of America! I’m sure many of you will be celebrating with barbeques, beach bashes, and fireworks (check out the Fireworks Spectacular at the Suns Stadium). Don’t get too caught up in all the festivities and forget to acknowledge the military personnel, from all those years ago, who have fought for our freedom! So proudly put on that red, white, and blue, fly those flags high, and don’t forget to take a moment to be thankful for your family, friends, and your life this summer! And don’t forget the sunscreen!! As always we ask you to support the contributors to the Woman’s Journal, and we welcome your recommendations for our “Women in Profile” feature and referrals for

Baby Anna smiles for a much younger Dad – 1990

new contributors.

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San Jose Woman's Journal - June/July 2014  
San Jose Woman's Journal - June/July 2014  

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