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Discovering Her Path to a Healthy Weight her. “When it comes to bariatric surgery, everyone is different and their surgical choice must be tailored to meet their individual needs,” Dr. Morgenthal said. Since the surgery, Katie’s life has changed. “I am much more physically active now,” she said. One of the biggest

adjustments for Katie is learning how to handle the new attention she gets now that she has slimmed down. “It’s like I’m going through my teenage years for the first time at age 32!” “The payoff to my health and my life has been well worth the effort. This is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Craig Morgenthal, MD, (left) and Steven Hodgett, MD (right) perform minimally invasive surgeries, including bariatric surgeries, at Baptist Health.


espite Katie Cox’s best efforts to lose weight through the years, the numbers on the scale kept creeping upward. Starting around age 18, she tried a variety of diets but nothing seemed to work for very long. “I could never lose more than 30 pounds, and then I would always gain it back, along with some extra weight,” Katie said. This frustrating cycle continued for the next 12 years. Katie’s weight spiraled out of control in 2010, while working for the Gator Bowl Association and pursuing a master’s degree at the same time. “I am a stress eater and I was under a lot of pressure,” she explained. As her weight neared 300 pounds, she knew she had to do something that would permanently change her life and improve

her health. “That’s when I really started to consider surgery as a viable option.” She went to one of Baptist Health’s monthly meetings, where surgeons and staff explain the different types of weight loss surgeries available. Katie remembers bariatric surgeon Craig Morgenthal, MD, being friendly and easy to understand. “He made me feel comfortable,” she said. “During my first appointment, Dr. Morgenthal said something I would never forget,” Katie recalls. “He said, ‘I’m not fixing your life; I’m giving you a tool so you can fix your own life.” Of the different types of bariatric surgeries available, Katie and Dr. Morgenthal decided the sleeve gastrectomy would be best for


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San Jose Woman's Journal - June/July 2014  
San Jose Woman's Journal - June/July 2014  

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