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Events, Expos and Educational Classes: Why HOA Boards Should Attend Included with permission from FirstService Residential

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Community Standards & ARB Enforcement

HOA Foreclosures -What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate Ben Hippeli, Vice President Axiom Resources

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ello members, friends and supporters of NEFL-CAI.

I am thrilled to start my new role as the chapter executive director of NEFL-CAI and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am honored to have been selected for this position, and I am excited to begin helping to grow the association, serve our members, and continue to build our chapter. Now a little bit about me. My husband Brian and I have been married for almost 27 years. We just relocated to St. Augustine from West Virginia and New York. We have four children and two granddaughters, Olivia and Zoey. Our daughter, Melissa, and son, Vincent, both live in Oklahoma with their families and each have one daughter. James, our third child, graduated from the University at Albany in New York and entered the New York City Police Academy in January; our youngest, Connor, is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma and a member of the Army ROTC unit. I’ve spent more than ten years in association management, all in the healthcare field, most recently as the executive director of the West Virginia Medical Foundation and Director of Continuing Medical Education for the West Virginia Medical Association.

from the executive director

OFFICERS President - Ed Ronsman President-Elect - James Dycus Secretary - Sherry McNees Treasurer - Bob Chamberlain Director - Catie Marks Executive Director - Karen Foy COMMITTEE CHAIRS Membership - Sherry McNees Financial - Bob Chamberlain Gala - Donna Clawson Expo - in need of Chair Social - Josh Madden Program/Education - Patricia Truax Stewart The Community Connection Editor - Leslie F. Pragasam

I want to thank our Chapter President Ed Ronsman, President-elect Jimmy Dycus and the board for their confidence in me. It’s an honor to represent NEFLCAI members. I look forward to getting to know you, representing you, and working with you to grow our chapter.


Thank you for your continued support of NEFL-CAI and I look forward to meeting all of you face to face!

Karen Foy Chapter Executive Director NEFL Chapter of CAI Silver Aquatic Systems, Inc. BB&T Association Services Becker & Poliakoff Gunster Law

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NEFLCAI proudly welcomes the following members who joined the chapter or renewed their membership in November, December & January! Individual Managers Bekki Brim - CMC Jacksonville Josette Martin - Severn Trent Services Bjorn W. Gulbrandsen Dana L. Gulbrandsen Nancy Maggiore Kyle Meagher

Business Partners David Robinson - First Coast Mulch Nick Brenneman - Reserve Advisors Scott Swanson - Sperlonga Data & Analytics Candace Harrison - Kings III Emergency Communications

Community Association Volunteer Leaders Richard Janusz Dewey Walker Robert Bevans-Kerr



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April 20 & May 18

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May 19 events

Chapter Expo 9 am - 5 pm UNF University Center 12000 Alumni Drive Jacksonville, Florida, 32224 Join us at our fifth annual Chapter Expo and Education Event where Community Association Board Members & Association Managers from NE Florida will gather to network with vendors & attend educational courses on various topics pertaining to community associations. Visit www.neflcai.com to register online.

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Control Methods

January 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 9

By Patricia Truax Stewart - General Manager - CMCA, AMS, PCAM at Castle Group & Edward Ronsman, Esq. - Partner, Jackson Law Group

Community Standards & ARB Enforcement A Manager's Perspective All HOA and COAs, whether small, medium or large have a vision and requirement through their governing documents, rules & regulations, and policies & procedures to facilitate and enforce use restrictions, community standards enforcement, and architectural review guidelines. A professional manager shall provide the proper leadership to the Board of Directors and community in establishing good communication program and enforcement program. “Leadership is the ability to establish standards and manage a creative climate where people are self-motivated towards the mastery of long term constructive goals in a participatory environment of mutual respect compatible with personal values”. - Michael Vance defining Leadership As a general practice, most guidelines and procedures for community standards and ARB enforcement are identified more in homeowner associations. We do want to point out, however, that a lot of condominium associations also have developed guidelines over the last few years relating to use restrictions for their residents. Outside of preparing the annual budget for a community, one of the most important initiatives that a Manager administers each year for their communities is the leadership and governance of the community standards and architectural guidelines. That can be a tough task as you are creating governance on how community members shall take care of the outside of their homes.

There are some key elements which I have found helpful over the years in enforcing the covenants. What are some of the key ingredients to have a successful community standards and architectural guidelines and enforcement? Review the governing documents and create a table and summary for your community which outlines all the guidelines and requirements to maintain your home. This shall also be a quick reference for you as a manager and for the board and community and is a very useful tool; Create and establish a “Community Standards Enforcement Policy”. In that policy, you will identify the entire process for implementing rules relating to community standards. As an example: A. Courtesy Notice – identify that a courtesy notice shall be sent with a photograph and reference of the document where that specific rule or requirement applies; B. Always include a due date to “either correct the violation or provide a plan of action; C. Set the standard on the next steps – recommendation is to send a violation letter with the date that the Board will meet to determine whether to levy a fine; D. Finalize the plan and procedure if the Board levies the fine, Covenant Committee then either “confirms” or "rejects” the fine; ARB Continued on page 11 April 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 9


We're An Award Winning Chapter! We are proud to announce that your NEFL-CAI Chapter has been selected to receive two awards from CAI National! CAI Northeast Florida and Central Florida chapters have been selected to receive an Achievement Award for its Joint Chapter Lunch and Learn submission in the Chapter Management/Development category. Additionally, the Northeast Florida Chapter will receive the Best Net Growth award for a small chapter in the 2016 calendar year.


The awards will be presented at the 2017 CAI Annual Conference and Exposition on May 5th in Las Vegas.

ARB Continued from page 9 E. Identify the time frame for an owner to pay a fine if required; As per Florida Statute, the Board can levy a fine up to $100 per day for each day of a continuing violation. I have found it very useful in communities to recommend a schedule of fines rather than the standard $100 per day. For example, for cleaning a mailbox, one might recommend $25 per day. Some communities like to use the $100 per day so that they reach the $1000 earlier, but again, it’s about “compliance” and not “fining”. Create a communications plan. Some examples would be weekly e-blasts to the community outlining some of the key areas such as “cleaning driveway” in the spring or “removing leaves” from the roof. Create a good communication plan which gives owners an opportunity to clean those areas before letters are sent out. Another great example of a communication plan is a monthly or quarterly newsletter for community members, and an educational event planned by the community and lead by the manager on all the rules. It is not about “enforcing” the rules, rather more about educating the members so that they know in advance and can not only maintain but also enhance their properties. Communication and follow up with community members is a key ingredient to success in any community standards plan. In large communities, it becomes more challenging to the oneon-one communication but recommend posting on websites and consistent e-blasts to the community. In conclusion, create a summary of all the rules, create an efficient and working community standards policy, host a town hall meeting to share all

the important information relating to community standards and effective communication plan. You will find this will reduce the number of community members who will be in a position of fining. Please remember, it is more about “compliance”, rather than levying fines, so communication is a key element.

An Attorney's Perspective Patricia provides a number of great suggestions for educating members on community standards and guidelines. As stated, the goal is to bring members into compliance and not to raise money for the Association through the levying of fines. As attorneys, we often find ourselves providing legal advice as well as practical advice – and the two may not always be the same. While education of members of guidelines is important to prevent future violations, each community still must deal with its share of violations and therefore should have a plan in place on how to respond. In addition to fining, which Patricia discusses above, the Association should be prepared to move forward with the appropriate form of dispute resolution if a violation is not corrected after demand from the Association. For condominiums and cooperatives, this is usually in the form of mandatory non-binding arbitration before the Division of Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (“Division”). For HOAs, this typically involves engaging in mandatory pre-suit mediation. For most violations, the appropriate form of alternative dispute resolution must be followed before a party may file suit in court seeking relief. However, what happens when a Board finds that the previous Board(s) failed to timely enforce the covenants and restrictions? In many cases, if a ARB Continued next page April 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 11

ARB Continued from previous page community decides to let one violation “pass” but attempts to enforce the same violation against a different owner, that owner will raise a “selective enforcement” defense. This defense essentially states that you are picking and choosing who you are enforcing your covenants against in an arbitrary manner. The burden is on the owner to demonstrate other violations that are not being enforced, but provided that burden is met, the Association could very well lose in arbitration or court even if there is clearly an outstanding violation by that owner.

...for communities concerned about their ability to enforce their restrictions due to past inaction by previous Boards, a uniform letter should be sent to the entire membership advising of the Association’s intention to enforce its covenants and restrictions moving forward.

In order to prevent this result and ensure its ability to enforce its covenants going forward, an Association should consider sending out what is referred to as a “Chattel Shipping” letter. In the case of Chattel Shipping and Investment, Inc. v. Brickell Place Condo. Ass’n, Inc., 481 So. 2d 29 (Fla. 3d DCA 1985), the Brickell Place Condominium Association sought a mandatory injunction requiring removal of a balcony enclosure erected without permission by Chattel Shipping Investment, Inc., the owner of the condominium unit. Chattel Shipping defended the case by pointing to other identical violations which were not being enforced. Both the trial and appellate court ruled in favor of the condominium association, holding that the association’s implementation of a uniform policy under which, for “obvious reasons of practi12 | THE COMMUNITY CONNECTION

cality and economy”, a given building restriction will be enforced only prospectively cannot be deemed “selective and arbitrary.” The court held that as Chattel Shipping (along with every other owner) was placed on notice of the association’s intention to enforce the restrictions going forward before Chattel Shipping installed the balcony enclosure, the association was not prevented from enforcing its restrictions after Chattel Shipping undertook the work in violation of the covenants. In other words, the sending of standard notice to all owners advising of the Association’s intention to enforce new violations moving forward allowed the Association to avoid a selective enforcement defense. Accordingly, for communities concerned about their ability to enforce their restrictions due to past inaction by previous Boards, a uniform letter should be sent to the entire membership advising of the Association’s intention to enforce its covenants and restrictions moving forward. While this may not entitle the Association to enforce against violations in place prior to the sending of the letter, it will most likely act as a “cut off” against future violators and deny such violators the ability to use a selective enforcement defense. Communities should speak with legal counsel about properly crafting the letter to ensure enforceability of their restrictions moving forward. Community associations should work closely with management and legal counsel to devise a strategy for education of members and enforcement of restrictions when necessary. While typically not considered a “fun” part of the job (although this may be the case for certain Board members!), devising a strategy for educating members and timely enforcing violations will lead to a well-run community in line with its established standards.

January 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 13

legislative action Highlights The Legislative Session reconvenes April 4, 2017 at 1:30 PM. There are 31 Bills currently shown on Florida’s CAI Legislative Tracking Report website. Some, which were introduced earlier in the Legislative Session, have been withdrawn prior to introduction. These include: a) HB 89, which authorizes certain disputes to be submitted to mandatory binding arbitration with division; requires HOA to impose fees for certain purposes and b) HB 389, which revises provisions requiring installation of carbon monoxide detectors in certain buildings. Number: FL [R] HB 623; Title: Prohibited Discrimination. Frank Diamond of District 68 in St. Petersburg introduced this Bill to the House on February 2nd. It provides that sexual orientation & gender identity are impermissible grounds for discrimination in public lodging establishments & public food service establishments; revises provisions of Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 and Fair Housing Act to include sexual orientation & gender identity, provides exception for constitutionally protected free exercise of religion. As of 3/7/2017, it sits in the Careers & Competition Subcommittee. Number: FL [R] HB 49; Title: Ad Valorem Taxation, which authorizes certain property damaged or destroyed by natural disaster in 2016 to receive abatement of certain property taxes; specifies procedures to use in applying for abatement of taxes; provides property appraiser & tax collector duties relative to investigating statements & determining amount of disaster relief credit; requires tax collector to reduce taxes in specified manner; provides retroactive applicability & expiration date. As of 3/24/2017, this bill was in the Government Accountability Committee. Number: FL [R] HB 295; Title: Homeowners’ Associations, which revises uses of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, & Mobile Homes Trust Fund is now in Careers & Competition Subcommittee as of 3/7/2017.


LAC continued from previous page

December 16, 2016 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Cost: $25

Number: FL [R] HB 483; Title: Estoppel Certificates, which revises requirements relating to issuance of estoppel certificate to specified persons is currently in the Judiciary Committee as of 3/23/2017. Number: FL [R] HB 1271: Title: Construction Defect Claims, which provides additional requirements for notices of claim, inspections, & notices of acceptance or rejection of settlement offers; requires, rather than authorizes, certain persons to serve copies of notices of claim to certain professionals; revises provisions relating to tolling certain statutes of limitations. This bill was filed on 3/5/2017 by the Civil Justice & Claims Subcommittee & Jay Trumbull of District 6 and as of 3/30/2017 sits in the Judiciary Committee. Number: FL [R] SB 294: Title: Condominium, Cooperative, and Homeowners' Associations, requires associations to meet specified financial reporting requirements if they fail to provide unit owners or members with requested financial information; providing that associations that fail to provide such information may not exercise a specified reporting option for a specified period, etc. This Bill is on the Regulated Industries Committee agenda for 4/4/2017. Number: FL [R] SB 398: Title: Estoppel Certificates, which revises requirements relating to the issuance of an estoppel certificate to specified persons; requiring a condominium, cooperative, or homeowners' association to designate a street or e-mail address on its website for estoppel certificate requests; prohibiting an association from charging a preparation and delivery fee or making certain claims if it fails to deliver an estoppel certificate within certain timeframes, etc. This Bill was filed in the Senate earlier this year and is currently on the Special Order calendar for 4/4/2017.

For more information on these and other Legislative advocacy discussions affecting your Association, please visit www.caionline.org. January 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 15 April 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 15

Included with permission from FirstService Residential

Events, Expos and Educational Classes: Why HOA Boards Should Attend Most homeowner association (HOA) board members are not experts. Board members are well-intentioned, dedicated volunteer leaders who want to protect the value of their property and ensure their community continues to be a great place to live. Of course, the act of becoming a member of your HOA board of directors doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about how to run an association. Every homeowners association is a legal corporation, which means the board must follow federal, state and local laws that govern HOAs as well as the rules laid out in the association’s governing documents. There’s a lot to learn! “An educated board member is a more effective board member,” according to Edwin Lugo, vice president of FirstService Residential. “The board is best able to act as a cohesive unit and focus on important tasks for the association when everyone on the board has become educated about what they really need to do and the right way to do it.” So how can a board member volunteer come to understand the nuances of successfully running an HOA? The best thing you can do is make learning part of the job. Register for online courses, conferences, training seminars and other events offered | THE COMMUNITY CONNECTION 1616 | THE COMMUNITY CONNECTION

by experts in the industry. Industry professionals like property management companies offer this sort of training and education opportunities. In addition to providing you with a better understanding of your role and responsibilities as a board member, these events allow you to network with board members from other HOAs and exchange ideas, best practices and information. You will also have the opportunity to meet local professionals with specialized expertise that can be utilized within your association including landscapers, attorneys, insurance brokers and accountants. Here are a few of the educational opportunities your board may be able to take advantage of. Online classes. Online training for board members who may not have the time or flexibility to attend classes in person are convenient. A property management company may offer these online courses. It is important for board members to understand an overview of roles, responsibilities and activities for key board positions.

and issues with other board members from neighboring communities or across the country. Seminars. Seminars generally last for no more than a couple of hours. They focus on one specific topic, are in-depth, and may include any number of topics that are of interest to association board members. Topics may include legal issues, legislative changes that may affect your HOA, financial issues and responsibilities, budgeting or policy and compliance matters. Ideas for effective and insightful seminar topics: Budgets and Financial Planning 101 How to Read Your Financial Statements Understanding Your Reserve Fund Board Training for New Members Strategic Thinking for Your Community How to Maintain Harmony in Your Community New Legislation and How It Applies to Your Association

Take advantage of every educational opportunity you can. Whether you Conferences and Events. Immerse have been active on the board for a yourself in HOA-related topics at a while or were just elected, there is conference! Conferences and other always more to learn. Your residents large events provide a day-long or and your fellow board members will even multi-day opportunity to learn appreciate your willingness to expand about a variety of topics. Learn from your knowledge and bring back some industry pros, meet vendors and key information that can be applied to discuss your association’s concerns enhance the community.

By Ben Hippeli - Vice President Axiom Resources (Formerly ACR)

HOA Foreclosures -

What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate

If you’re in the community association management industry, at some point you’ve read an article, if not multiple, about a homeowner losing their home due to not paying their assessments.

company, so the board feels compelled to hire an attorney to do what? Send more letters. And at a much higher price. As noted in the recent Tampa Tribune article, by the time the homeowners decides to pay attention to these letters, the additional fees can easily climb into the thousands.

This situation popped up again in a recent article in the Tampa Tribune and, like the many others, Why are we stuck in this painful cycle of there’s blame pointed in every direction — Homepoor communication? A large contributor to the owners need to keep up with their financial obligaproblem is the litigious state of our society. There tions, the attorneys need to not charge such high are so many laws surrounding contacting consufees, and the government needs to change the mers about their debt, that most management comlaws surrounding association lien foreclosure. Howpanies are not equipped, or licensed, to pick up the ever there is a common thread that seems to get phone and contact homeowners directly about their unnoticed by everyone involved in the situation every time. debt. And even if they This common thread stems from common could make the phone You see, in almost all practices in the community association calls, most homeowners of these cases the homeindustry that started as a courtesy, got do not register their phone owner received multiple mixed-up with bureaucracy, and has evolved number with their associletters from the manageinto a formality that fails far too often. ation management comment company as a courpany. Full protection from tesy to warn them about The problem - letters. and compliance to the their delinquency. When the homeowners were unresponsive, the board had little choice but to send the account to an attorney in order to uphold their fiduciary responsibility.

liabilities associated with calling delinquent consumers is very complex and expensive, making the process far outside the scope of most legal offices.

Well, that’s where bureaucracy comes in and really helps make a mess of things. All attorneys, no matter how tall and good looking, have the same tools available to them to recover delinquent accounts. And guess what most state laws require those first few tools to be - yes, more letters!

There is a solution to this circular insanity and the solution has been adopted by many industries outside of association management. It starts by inserting an additional step in between the management company’s letters and the attorney’s letters. A registered debt recovery company can bring in the additional tools and resources needed to contact homeowners directly on their cell phone and educate them on the process on which they are about to embark.

While these processes were designed to help protect homeowners from liens getting filed without warning, what’s going on is often referred to as insanity. Basically, homeowners are not responding to the first few letters sent by the management

Foreclosures continued on page 18 April 2017 | www.neflcai.com | 17

Foreclosures continued from page 17 Just like any industry, the community association management industry is complex and has its own way of doing business. So for the best chances of success, be sure to engage a debt recovery company that specializes in this industry and keeps the board and/or management company in control of the recovery process. We don’t have to settle for the status quo and we certainly should not keep doing what we’ve been doing and expect different results. Let’s learn from other industries and open the lines of communication before bringing in high-priced attorneys to send more letters. Hopefully, if we can all commit to making this change, this article, and the many others like it, will be the last of its kind we’ll have to read.


Event Recap Mock Board Meeting February 16, 2017 - Moderated by Bob Tankel of Tankel Law Group, Patricia Stewart of Castle Group wrote, directed & played the role of the ever present know-it-all homeowner while Charlie Sheppard of Community Advisors, Pilar Dixon of Brown & Brown Insurance, Nicholas Lambiase of Amelia Island Management and Leslie Pragasam of Aquatic Systems played the role of board members holding a quite entertaining board meeting. While meant to be comedic in nature, hopefully the attendees left with a better grasp at what not to do & how to properly run a board meeting.

Chapter Luncheon March 16, 2017 Community Spring Cleanup - Thank you to our sponsor, Axiom Resources, and presenters, John Moore of Metro Property Services, Inc. and Chris Charbonneau of BrightView Landscape Services. This packed event provided attendees with great Spring cleaning tips, how-to advice, great food & networking with the best vendors in town!

You do not want to miss the chapter's next event! Check the website for the latest information.

Disclaimer - Information listed reflects that provided from the CAI National Office. Any changes or updates to contact information may be made by logging into your account at www.caionline.org or through the National Office.










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