New England Finery Summer 2011

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We decided to re-use our barn structure from last year’s show. The structure is a symbol representing over 25 years in renovation and new construction. Our firm has a depth of knowledge in the areas of kitchen and bath renovation and interiors that is second to none.

yvonne blacker

Marshall Whitman Design Your space combines many unique design elements. How do you get it all to work together so beautifully? MWD: We each bring different tactile strengths to the table, as well as to our team approach. This permits us a certain level of expressive freedom, which in the end, is really fun to see come together in its conceptual totality. What did you start with for inspiration for this seaside inspired lounge? MWD: Seaglass, for the tile and stone; and for the fabrics, the bold colors found at beaches and farmstands locally. Can you tell me a little about the fantastic large scale photos and the artist who created them? MWD: The two, large-scale sepia prints are the work of Pam Moxley, a fine artist who lives down in Marietta, Georgia. I first encountered her work about two years ago, and fell in love with it immediately. The bold contrast of her images, presented in the mixed media format, are truly capitvating. They are simple in composition, yet incredibly complex in theme. These prints are available for purchase by contacting us at How does working as a design team help your business and your clients? MWD: It exposes us to a larger client base, while at the same time, continually expands our combined resource pool and install streams.