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2015-16 Annual Report

The mission of the Nebraska FFA Foundation is to enhance quality education/FFA programs in order to achieve excellence in leadership development, curriculum innovation and Headline Example of students. scholastic advancement SUBHEAD EXAMPLE Text Example


Dear Friends, As we reflect on the 2015-16 FFA Foundation support provided to the Nebraska FFA Association, Nebraska FFA chapters and Nebraska agriculture teachers, we want to recognize the individuals, groups and companies that provded funding and present our audited financials. We believe your support must be earned and we want you to value how your money is used. Here are just a couple examples of how your support helped this past year: • The FFA Foundation supports the “boots on the ground” in agriculture education and FFA: the teacher. Through support of teacher recruitment and retention activities, the Nebraska FFA Foundation funded two internships for pre-service student teachers to spend the summer learning what it takes to be an agriculture teacher. • The Foundation has helped over 80 local FFA chapters establish greenhouses, animal learning labs and financial support for leadership development through the I Believe in the Future of Ag campaign by providing $35,000 in matching funds to chapters each year and $300,000 in local contributions. • The Nebraska FFA Foundation strengthens agriculture by supporting nearly 8,000 FFA members through almost $90,000 in support of the Nebraska FFA Association career-based awards and recognition opportunities during FFA State Convention. Five years from now the Nebraska FFA Foundation wants to be able to provide sustainable funding resources to maintain the needs of the Nebraska FFA Association, which has grown in membership the past five years to all-time highs. The Foundation also wants to be better equipped to support local agricultural education classrooms and FFA chapters with more financial resources to support classrooms, Supervised Agricultural Experiences and FFA programs. The Nebraska FFA Foundation will also need to continue and even increase financial support for agriculture teacher recruitment and retention programming. The need for your continued financial support every year to impact students, chapters and teachers is real. Enclosed in this annual report is a donation request envelope. We ask for your consideration of a donation to the general fund. This helps the Nebraska FFA Foundation maintain the work we do, provide long-term sustainable funding for chapters and assist the Nebraska FFA Association with program funding needs. Thank you for your commitment to agricultural education student and FFA members. Sincerely,

Stacey Agnew

Christin Kamm

Nebraska FFA Foundation

Nebraska FFA Foundation





Record Setting Numbers



New agricultural education programs (see map)







Nebraska schools offer agricultural education






FFA members 60%

Nebraska FFA members who attend State Convention

The mission of agricultural education is to prepare students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food and natural resource systems.



Nebraska FFA chapters who attend State Convention

Nebraska FFA State Officers Trevor Spath

Renae Sieck

Gage Hoegermeyer

Nevada Smith

Waverly FFA Chapter

Crete FFA Chapter

Logan View FFA Chapter

Ashland-Greenwood FFA Chapter




Jake Wilkins

Katie Nolles

David Schuler

Ainsworth FFA Chapter

Rock County FFA Chapter

Bayard FFA Chapter





Team Ag Ed Staff

Matt Kreifels


Nebraska Department of Education

Anita Foor


Stacey Agnew

Sarah Mullen

Nebraska FFA Foundation

Nebraska FFA Foundation


Nebraska Department of Education




My Intro to Ag Kaitlin Taylor entered 9th grade at Holdrege High School knowing she wanted to join a student organization. She thought it would help her transition to high school and meet new people. She attended a back-to-school picnic hosted by Holdrege FFA where she gained more than a hot dog and chips. Kaitlin shared her story about what she learned from agriculture education and FFA and how she’s using it to prepare for a career in agriculture education. I had no connection to ag, and was definitely not a traditional FFA member, but I was in awe of the officers conducting the opening and closing ceremonies at the back to school picnic I went to. Here were people my age leading an organization and sharing their passion for agriculture. And they were so welcoming to all students. I decided to enroll in the intro to ag class and see where it would lead me. That single decision ended up shaping who I am today: a future agricultural education teacher who wants to share my love of agriculture with young people, and introduce them to what FFA can offer them.

What events and projects did you participate in? After my initial agriculture class, I immersed myself in my FFA chapter and participated in every activity and competition our chapter offered. One of the most impactful activities for me was our Farm Safety Camp where we taught Kindergarteners and 1st graders from ten area schools about small and large animal safety, and how to stay safe around machinery and chemicals. I really enjoyed teaching the children something that could potentially save them from injury, but was surprised at how disconnected most of them were from agriculture even though Holdrege is an ag-based community. This sparked my desire to do more to make sure our area’s children were introduced to what agriculture provides for all of us. With the help of my agriculture teacher, Jeff Moore, I was able to be part of Ag in the Classroom and ag education outreach through the Holdrege YMCA. The Ag in the Classroom curriculum was provided by Nebraska Farm Bureau and featured simple and memorable activities to introduce 4th grade students to how and where food is produced. I taught the sessions with three other FFA members. The materials provided helped us explain complex topics like water use in a way kids could relate to. The students loved the activities, especially the “dirt pudding” we made as a way to explain soil layers. My YMCA outreach came about because of my work at our school’s greenhouse (which Holdrege is lucky to have!). I taught students how to prepare a garden, plant vegetables and care for them. The kids enjoyed the program so much that the YMCA incorporated agriculture into their summer camp curriculum, which I am really proud of. 6

I also used my greenhouse experiences to develop my SAE where I operated my own lawn mowing business for four years. I mowed 5-6 residential lawns plus I worked for the Phelps County Ag Society where I mowed the fair grounds and maintained flower beds in preparation for events as the fair grounds.

What FFA leadership roles did you have and what did you learn from those experiences? In my Junior year, I was chapter Reporter. I learned how to promote our chapter using photos and media releases. It gave our community and our supporters a glimpse into our chapter to “see” the impact of their donations. I served as chapter President my senior year where I gained so much insight into what it takes to create a successful FFA chapter. I learned how to delegate tasks and oversaw all our chapter activities. Leading our chapter solidified my desire to be an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor - it’s what I am called to do.

How did other FFA members and your advisor impact your FFA experiences? Mr. Moore always pushed me to keep growing and try new things. I admit, this was hard because it was easier to be comfortable. But he didn’t let me settle or coast. Under his guidance, I tried new speaking events for the first time my senior year. Mr. Moore encouraged me to ask questions about teaching and about how to manage the chapter. I also had a classmate who influenced me in ways I’m just starting to understand. His name was Braden Badertscher. We met through FFA and became great friends. Our sophomore year, Braden was diagnosed with a really rare kind of cancer. As high school students, I don’t think we really understood what it meant. But Braden was always positive and constantly shared his passion for FFA and agriculture even in the face of a deadly disease. Braden died before our senior year, but he left a lasting impression on my life. His death was an ‘aha moment’ for me: I’m not just here for myself. I have a greater purpose for my life which is sharing knowledge and spreading excitement for agriculture education. Braden inspired me to live every day to my fullest potential.

How are you using your past experiences in FFA to shape your future? They are deeply connected: I’m currently a sophomore at UNL studying horticulture and agriculture education. When I started FFA I was terrified of public speaking. Thankfully, my advisor and my dad encouraged me to try and believed I could overcome my fears. And I’m so glad I listened to them because here I am - preparing to be an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. In addition to my classes, I’m observing Dr. Kristyn Jones at Norris High School where I get to learn from her about how to teach agriculture curriculum plus explore the many ways students can be involved.

Thank you Kaitlin for sharing your FFA story so far. We look forward to learning how it continues after you graduate.


“FFA sparked a desire in me to do more to make sure our area’s children were introduced to what agriculture provides for all of us.”



designed activities to help fill those needs. “We have a very diverse culture within our chapter with lots of different interests and passions, but we designed our POA so that all members could find some way to get involved and make a positive impact,” she said.

Setting goals, then exceeding them with ease has become common for the Humphrey FFA Chapter, earning them recognition as a National FFA Model of Innovation Finalist the past two years. Impressive and rare for a 75-member chapter in a small, northeastern Nebraska community, but chapter members and advisor, Robyn Graham, are especially proud of the school pride and positive community impact their Program of Activities (POA) has generated.

As chapter president, Borer was pleased to see many members increase their participation and improve their leadership skills. “My advice to other chapters would be to use each member’s strengths and interests when developing your POA. Members enjoy their FFA experience more if they are doing something they are interested in and feel they’re good at,” she said.

“I was completely shocked when we were selected again this year,” said 2015-16 chapter president, Baileigh Borer, “but it showed that we continue to have a strong chapter with strong community service activities.”

Humphrey’s focus on developing a POA that all students could take ownership of played a significant role in their success as they worked to execute the plans they drafted. “We absolutely love and are passionate about the activities we’re doing,” Graham said, “national recognition was icing on the cake, but we would do them even without the recognition. We do them solely for the positive impact they have on our community.”

The chapter’s recognition was earned in the area of Community Development, where the chapter planned and delivered five activities in the areas of Human Resources, Environmental, Citizenship, Ag Literacy and Economy. Graham explained that the chapter officer team simply looked for needs in their community and school, then 8


the school’s computer lab to provide time dedicated to helping students prepare for the state convention, but more importantly, develop critical organizational and financial reporting skills that will benefit students throughout their lives.

Pairing a history of chapter excellence with a clear vision of the chapter’s future goals earned the Plainview FFA chapter an opportunity to showcase their Program of Activities (POA) as a National FFA Model of Innovation Finalist in the area of Chapter Development in 2016.

The chapter planned and implemented an impressive list of projects aimed at raising funds for chapter expansion plus improving the Plainview community. Further bolstering the chapter’s strong traditions is an active local FFA alumni group who offer the chapter mentorship and manpower at its community events and fundraisers.

The chapter, led by advisor Chad Kment, aims to expand each member’s leadership skills through participation in conventions, contests and experiences. “We are a traditional ag community so we strive to build leaders who are well-prepared to lead our state’s agriculture industry,” Kment said about the core principles of the chapter.

“Our members have done an excellent job of showing our community what they learn from FFA,” Kment said, “and our local partners are top-notch and never hesitate to get involved in any way we need.”

One way the chapter does this is through its emphasis on record keeping to meet its goals and keep projects on target. Kment holds weekly Record Book nights at


Plainview FFA Chapter



Nebraska’s Ag Education Journey As the agriculture industry grows, agricultural education follows suit. However, it is no secret that Nebraska is facing an agriculture education teacher shortage. Teacher supply remains the most critical issue for agricultural education and FFA in our state; more teachers are needed to fill the growing list of schools offering agricultural education and to fill positions opened by retiring teachers. Efforts from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Teach Ag Campaign, and State Teach Ag Results (STAR) program are working to close the gap through opportunities like Nebraska Teach Ag Internship. For the second year, two preservice teachers travelled the state to learn from and observe other agriculture teachers just prior to student teaching. During the summer of 2016, Miranda Paitz of Wilcox-Hildreth, and Kali Bohling of Logan View, travelled Nebraska to attend conferences and work with student teaching sites to boost their agricultural education experience. Each stop in their journey provided an opportunity to network with and learn from other teachers from Nebraska and surrounding states. The goal was for Miranda and Kali to build relationships with other agriculture teachers and give them a glimpse of what their careers in agricultural education will be like. Miranda and Kali blogged throughout the summer, recapping what they were learning. As she summarized the experience, Kali wrote, “One might ask, ‘What can a teacher possibly do in the summer?’. The possibilities are endless!”

“The opportunity to meet current teachers has helped us to learn more about the journey that lies ahead in education.”

The duo began their summer with four days of business and industry visits across Nebraska, followed by Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT), Nebraska Career Education (NCE) Conference, Natural Resources and Ecology CASE Institute, Tri-State Delta Conference and NPower. They also spent a day with the Nebraska FFA Foundation learning about our purpose and mission, and opportunities we create for teachers and students. During the final weeks of their internship they visited various county fairs and worked in classrooms before student teaching began in August. “The summer was a great experience for both of us,” Kali said, “From networking with other teachers, attending curriculum training and other conferences, the Nebraska Teach Ag Internship was truly an invaluable experience. We are both reaping the benefits as we complete our first semester as student teachers.”



2015-16 Board of Directors

Back Row: Jack Nemec, Kent Kirchhoff, Tom Volk, Karl Hensley, Jeff Rudolph, Craig Head, Mark Holoubek Front Row: Justin Troudt, Kyla Habrock, Christin Kamm, Jill Goedeken, Shane Belohrad

Shane Belohrad – Omaha Gallagher Grace / Meyer

Craig Frederick – Seward Seward High School

Jill Goedeken – Columbus

Columbus Lakeview Schools Nebraska FFA Alumni Representative

Kyla Habrock – Lincoln

Nebraska Pork Producers Association

Blake Johnson – Holdrege

Tom Volk – Lincoln

Bunker Hill Farms

DEKALB & Asgrow


Christin Kamm – Lincoln PRESIDENT

Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Kent Kirchhoff – Hickman Plains Equipment Group

Matt Kreifels – Lincoln


Anita Foor – Lincoln

State FFA Advisor Nebraska FFA Association Board Representative Nebraska Department of Education

Stacey Agnew – Lincoln EX-OFFICIO

Craig Head – Lincoln Nebraska Farm Bureau

Nebraska FFA Association Board Representative Nebraska Department of Education

Executive Director Nebraska FFA Foundation

Karl Hensley – Elgin

Jack Nemec – West Point


Central Valley Ag


Rich Herink – Lincoln

Jeff Rudolph – Gothenburg

Mark Holoubek – David City

Justin Troudt – Kearney

First National Bank


Seitec Genetics

Hi-Gain Feedlot

Landmark Implement


Sarah Mullen – Lincoln Program Manager Nebraska FFA Foundation


Statement of Financial Position

The financial statements of the Nebraska FFA Foundation are audited annually by an independent public accounting firm. A copy of the audited financial statements and the Foundation’s tax filing (Form 990) may be obtained by contacting the Foundation’s office.



Cash and Cash Equivalents Checking and Savings


$ 475,707

Money Market Accounts


Accrued Interest Receivable

$ 457,851 6,769


Receivables, Unconditional Promises and Pledges

Total Current Assets OTHER ASSETS Investments

Mutual Funds

Promisory Note


$ 875,119

$ 786,351

$ 830,922

$ 678,445




Receivables, Unconditional Promises and Pledges

$ 861,106

Total Other Assets TOTAL ASSETS





$ 724,129 $1,510,480



Accrued Expenses


Total Current Liabilities









NET ASSETS Unrestricted






Temporarily Restricted

Total Net Assets





Annual Programming Expenses State Fair ... 4% Local Chapter Programs ... 5% Ag Education Teacher Activities ... 4% Leadership Programming ... 6% State FFA Convention ... 8% Awards and Recognition ... 10% True Blue ... 2% FFA Jacket Fund ... 3% I Believe in the Future of Ag ... 57%



Statement of Activities

For the year ended July 31, 2016 with summarized financial information for the year ended July 31, 2015.

Temporarily Restricted





$ 577,556

I Believe in the Future of Agriculture


Grant Income

Administration Fee


Dividend Income


Interest Income

$ 81,880

$ 659,436

$ 756,831




260,000 -


Realized and Unrealized Gain (Loss) on Investments

Net Assets Released from Restrictions

Total Support and Revenues



















$ (1,660)



$ 905,103



$ 905,103

$ 793,759




EXPENSES Program Services Support Services

Management and General

121,090 96,723





Total Expenses





$ 995,995

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year

$ 222,755

$ (1,660)

$ 221,095

$ 553,686


$ 352,472









2011-12 2012-13




$4,779 $3,692 $2,363


1,344,011 $995,995








Total programming and adult education expenses applied toward all chapters each year

2014-15 2015-16

2011-12 13





INDUSTRY PARTNERS Premier Sponsors ($25,000 or more)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources & Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

6-Star Sponsors ($15,000 - $24,999)

5-Star Sponsors ($10,000 - $14,999)


Frenchman Valley Coop



Your Premier Service Provider

INDUSTRY PARTNERS 4-Star Sponsors ($5,000 - $9,999)

“Thank you FFA for challenging me and developing me into the person I am today. Without your contests and incredible individuals teaching Ag Education, I would not have an ounce of life-defining experiences.� -- Steven Fish 15

INDUSTRY PARTNERS 3-Star Sponsors ($2,500 - $4,999)

2-Star Sponsors ($1,000 - $2,499) Oxbow Animal Health Green Line Equipment Landmark Implement, Inc. Stutheit Implement Company Pheasants Forever, Inc. Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Midwest Laboratories, Inc. Nebraska Wheat Board Nebraska Nursery & Landscape Association

Alpha Gamma Sigma Nebraska Rural Radio Association Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic Ward Laboratories, Inc. Nebraska Cattlemen Nebraska Independent Crop Consultants Association Farmers Ranchers Cooperative Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Preferred Popcorn, LLC Agri Gold Hybrids Bank Of The West Met Life NAU Country Insurance Nebraska Livestock Markets Association O'Neill, Heinrich, Damkroger, Bergmeyer, Schultz, P.C., LLO Pacific Ethanol Nebraska College Of Technical Agriculture

“Thank you for showing me the value of hard work. You gave me many opportunities to grow and succeed, and helped me realize that with a little hard work, I can soar.�


INDUSTRY PARTNERS 1-Star Sponsors ($250 - $999) Omaha Agri-business Club Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association AgriGold Associated Milk Producers, Inc. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health CF Industries EBM Construction Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program Hartman Hydroponic Tomatoes Maxwell AgriService Midwest Dairy Association Nebraska Agribusiness Club Nebraska Bankers Association Nebraska Cooperative Council Norris FFA Boosters RobSeeCo Smart Chicken - Tecumseh Poultry SureFire Ag Systems UNL-Department Of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Wilber-Clatonia FFA Alumni Arctic Cat Aksarben Foundation Cargill Meat Solutions Hoegemeyer Hybrids STIHL Outdoor Power and Equipment Abengoa Bioenergy of Nebraska, LLC Geronimo Energy

Riverview LLP/Wulf Cattle Southeast Community College Monsanto Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center Wisner-Pilger Schools Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association Northeast Nebraska Sheep Breeders Association UNL Center For Plant Science Innovation UNL Department Of Agronomy and Horticulture Empire Hay Inc 4 Seasons FundRaising Associated General Contractors - NE Building Center Beel Brothers, LLC Central Community College Cornerstone Bank CropMetrics Duo Lift Manufacturing Eastern Wyoming College Homestead National Monument of America N-PAC NCEA North Central KS Technical College Northwest Missouri State University Southeast Community College - Ag Equipment Service Technology

Southeast Community College - Building Construction Program Barefoot Athletics Baasch and Sons, Inc. CCPRO Center for Grassland Studies - Grazing Livestock Systems Chadron State College Concordia University, Nebraska Essential Feeds Farmhouse Fraternity FC Stone Hastings College Nebraska Army National Guard Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Poultry & Egg Division Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society Norder Supply, Inc. Northeast Community College Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Sigma South Dakota State University Southeast Community College - Ag Department UNL Office of Admissions USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service USDA Ag Statistics Service USDA FSA Zoetis

Other Corporate Contributors (up to $249) York FFA Alumni Twin Valley Livestock Expo Grossenburg Implement KRVN/ Rural Radio Network Nebraska Soybean Association St. Paul High School Wolfe & Sons Show Pigs Shickley FFA Alumni Association Nebraska Angus Association, Inc. Centura FFA Alumni Association Northwest FFA Alumni Sargent School Activity Fund Crosier, Inc. David & Associates KV Supply, LLC Nebraska Simmental Association Raymond Central FFA Alumni Gerlach, Inc. Hampton School Gro-Rite, LLC Lakeview Community Schools R & K Enterprises Vogler Semen Centre, Inc.

4S Goat Expo Aurora High School Baade Genetics, LLC Burwell Public Schools Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools Norris High School ONeill High School TC Ranch American Welding Society Student Chapter Heartland Commmunity School Masin Farms McCool Junction Public Schools Medicine Valley High School Oakland-Craig Public Schools Schuyler Community Schools Tekamah-Herman High School Tri-County FFA Alumni Raymond Central Public Schools Rafter JX Ranch Straight Farms Pearsons Inc Newman Grove Public Schools Osceola Public School Dist. No. 19


Fairbury Jr.-Sr. High School Riverside Public Schools Schutte & Sons Winz Wagon Wheel Ranch, Inc. Broken Bow Schools West Fork Ranch

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS Leadership Gifts Your multiple year gift of at least $1,000 per year will support the current and long-term needs of the Nebraska FFA Foundation in three areas: a strategic programming fund, a long-term unrestricted fund and an operating reserve. Gift of Rising Sun - $50,000 Frank J. Fleecs Gift of the Plow - $25,000 Blake and Holly Johnson* Keith and Doris Olsen Gift of Corn - $5,000 Angela and Jeremy Armagost* Karl and Margaret Hensley

Richard and Sharon Katt* Mark and Nancy Poeschl* Loran and Nancy Wach* Linda Evans Greg and Teresa Ibach Bill and Ruth Johnson Jay and Nancy Maier* Loren and Terri Neujahr Brian and Paula Schellpeper* Dwight and Karna Dam Seth and Carrie Derner*

Eric Thurber* Mat and Kyla Habrock Chuck and Linda Pohlman J. Paul McIntosh Mark and Debra Schroeder Dale and Christy Hafer* Korey and Tammy Young* Shane and Kelli Belohrad Mark and Willow Holoubek* ACC Farms - Clif & Linda Cattau and Arlyn & Anne Cattau

Jeff & Denise McAfee Jeff & Brenda Rudolph Kent and Aundria Kirchhoff Greg and Patti Hoegermeyer* Mick Morrell Les Denning Mike Roeber Daniel and Raina Applegate * denotes a former Nebraska FFA State Officer

Founders Club This group of individuals has served on the Nebraska FFA Foundation Board of Directors and continue to support Nebraska FFA through financial gifts. All former board members are invited to be a part of this group. Angela Armagost Steven Belitz Allen Blezak Bob Campbell Tony Collins Seth Derner Linda Evans Craig Frederick Katie Gutzmann Mark Hastreiter Richard Hahn

Don Hutchens Dann Husmann Jud Jesske Jolene Jones Chris Kalkowski Richard Katt Rick Keith Mark Knobel Ken Madden Tammy Meyer Kelly Neal

Royce Schaneman Brenda Nelson Judd O’Connor Keith Olsen Rex Prior Dave Rocker Rod Rudebusch Jeff Schellpeper Tim Arkfeld Kent Thompson Lee Thurber

Paul Timm Randy Vlasin Steve Waller Ray Ward Bill White Ed Woeppel Donelle Wolters Steve Zimmerman

Blue and Gold Society Your long-term planned gift can help meet various needs, including support for new FFA chapters and new programming at both the state and local levels. Planned gifts can be through named funds, endowed funds, bequests, life insurance and annuity beneficiary designations, other financial account designations, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Jack and Nancy Nemec Frank J. Fleecs

Rich and Lanelle Herink Judson and Kaye Jesske

Matt and Sarah Kreifels

Endowments and Special Funds Braden Badertscher “Power Your Potential” Memorial Endowment Frank J. Fleecs Fund Gary Scharf Endowment Ted Ward Fund Raymond and Jolene Ward Endowment Milstead Leadership Development Endowment


INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS General Fund Donors You can provide funds for the Foundation’s year-round efforts to support agricultural education, sustain relationships with current supporters and broaden our base of support among individuals and organizations. A. Kjeldgaard Al and Sallie Atkins Allan and Pat Urkoski Betty Fehlhafer Brent and Sharlyn Sieck Brett and Pam Mueller Brian and Jill McMahon Brian and Kelli Thompson Brian and Stacey Agnew Bruce and Jean Wendt Bruce Reeder Bruce Tinkham Byron and Noreen Moseman Calvin and Rita Fix Chris Hansen Chris Lesiak Cindy Canaday Clark Hatch Craig and Stacy Olsen Dale Greenwood Daniel Ripa Daniel Roeber Dave Barnard Dave Polivka David and Alyce Tejral David and Becky Grimes Dayle E Williamson Dennis and Diane Basnett Dennis and Sharon Derner

Don and Marilyn Swanson Don Hutchens Donald and Kelly Witte Donald and Lisa Bloss Dorothy Forre Douglas and Margaret Gibson Duane Grosbach Ed and Linda Stich Elmer Miller Eric and Megan Dam Eva Roubal Frederick and Linda WIlliams Galen Frenzen Galen Furstenau Garry and Sharon Young Gene and Rose Wissenburg George and Helen Woolstrum Gordon and Pat Smith Grant and Katelyn Quiring Greg and Barb Bonifas Greg Nollette Gregg Jager Harold Johnson J. Kent and Kathleen Hambleton Jack Nemec Jack Schinstock James and Julie Nygren James and Sarah Mullen

James Klug Jeff and Kelly Willis Jeffrey and Diane Duren Jill and Kyle Goedeken Family Jody Yank Joe and Wilma Andrews Joe Baldassare John and Judy Borgelt John and Lorrie Klepper Johnny Ference Jon Sonderup Judy Dicke Justin and Kimberley Troudt Kara Jackson Keith and Brenda Anderson Keith and Connie Weston Ken and Mary Madden Kenneth and Marian Dethlefs Kevin and Joetta Wetovick Krystl Knabe and Cody Knopp Kurt and Sarah Heideman Kurt Kline Leon and Susan Wissmann Logan Peters Maci Lienemann Marc and Kelli Peters Mark and Kathy Sonderup Matt and Sarah Kreifels

Mick Morrell Mike and Glenda Davis Mike and Sara Scholz Nick and Bobbi Heppner Norm and Shirley Fritz Normil Foundation Philip Bletscher Randy and Colleen Butterfield Ray and Jeanne Becker Richard and Lanelle Herink Richard Hahn Rick Tank Rob and Carma Hartman Roger and Jill Goedeken Ron Arp Ross Knott Ryan and Kristen Hassebrook Scott Aden Scott and Connie Heinrich Shelby Peters Soyna Filipi Steve and Rhonda Flower Steward and Kris Spath Tammy Meyer Thomas and Beverly Thurber Tim Laughlin Timothy Boender William Landon

Nebraska FFA Foundation Auction In its third year, the Nebraska FFA Foundation Auction raised $47,000 through the auctioning of tires plus a John Deere Gator. The event was held during Husker Harvest Days and hosted by Titan Tire, in conjunction with Graham Tire and Goodyear Farm Tires. We thank these industry partners and individual donors for their support: TIRE DONORS




Stutheit Implement Co.

Blake and Holly Johnson Greg and Patti Hoegermeyer Douglas and Shelly Jones Westin and Lydia Pachta Michael Ference Brandon and Hailey Gehle Duane Tenopir Marlin Reeson Dan Leiser Jared Leiser Carl Watts Dustin Smith

Blue Jackets.

Bright Futures.

The blue jacket is the main symbol of FFA nationwide - the jacket that so many young FFA members wear proudly. The Nebraska FFA Foundation is proud to support students by providing the Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. program. Contributors could elect to be a part of the 2015-16 program by donating $80 per student they wished to support. Students must apply to be selected for an FFA jacket and, for many, this is one of their first experiences as an FFA member. Thank you to the following donors for providing a deserving student with a new FFA jacket!

634 applications were received and 315 students were awarded a new FFA jacket and a tie or scarf.

2008-09 State Officer Team 2010-2011 State Officer Team 2012-2013 State Officer Team 2014-15 State FFA Officer Team 2014-15 State FFA Officer Team 2015-16 State FFA Officer Team (7) Aaron and Kori Jensen Alan and Kimberly Estes Alec Ibach Alpha Gamma Rho (5) Alpha Gamma Sigma (17) Alyce Leininger Amanda and Justin Hackenkamp Amy Wheatley (2) Anonymous Anonymous (2) Ashtyn Shrewsbury Betsy Raymer Betty Vandenbery Bill and RanDee Barger Bob and Karen McNeff Brian and Stacey Agnew Calvin and Rita Fix Clayton and Stephanie Doeschot (4) Cory Johnson Dale Grosbach (4) Dan Morgan Darin and Kendra Weers (2) Dave Barnard Dennis and Natalie Toalson (2) Dennis and Sharon Derner Donald Merlo Doug and Keri Ohlson (2) Duane and Connie Lienemann Ed and Linda Stich (2) EJ and Sandy Habrock (2) Elyse Schlake (2) Empire Hay Inc (3) Eric and Megan Dam (2)

Farmers Cooperative (2) Frank J. Fleecs (87) Gary and Diane Kubicek Gayle and Carolyn Wize Gene and Alfretta Claver Gene and Rose Wissenburg (2) Goertzen Farms, Inc (2) Gordon and Pat Smith (2) Greg and Teresa Ibach Holt Pivot Service and Repair, Inc. (2) Jack Welch James and Julie Nygren Jason and Annette Harb Jason and Kylie Penke Jed Erickson Jeff Schellpeper Jerome and Marcia Engelhaupt Jill and Kyle Goedeken Family Jim and Mary Spath Joe Strickland Joel and Stephanie Miller John and Barb Scharf (2) Jon and Jean Katt (3) Jonathan and Abbie Rempel (2) Karl and Margaret Hensley (2) Karlene Johnson (2) Katie Dobler Keith and Brenda Anderson Keith and Doris Olsen (5) Kennard or Beverley Pohlman (3) Kevin Henrichson (2) Korey and Tammy Young (3) Lance Atwater Lauren Gemar-Davis Leroy and Judy Tejral Lloyd and Eva Roubal Lonnie Goff (3) Mark Hahn Farms, Inc. (3) Martin and Ruth Massengale Mat and Kyla Habrock (2) Matt and Donelle Wolters (2)


Matthew Wiegand (3) Merlin R. Prior (2) Mike Sandall (2) Milt and Joann Fricke (2) Monsanto Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center (2) Neal Lewis Nebraska FFA Alumni Council (2) Nebraska Pork Producers (4) Norm and Shirley Fritz Norval L. and Sharon L. Utemark Paige L Redding Philip and Kate Mueller (2) Philip Johnson (3) Production Animal Consultation Quenton and Tonya Mortensen Ray Ward (2) Rex and Amy Prior (2) Richard and Lanelle Herink Richard and Sharon Katt Richard and Susie Douglass (10) Richard, Ann, Kyle, Catharine & Lauren Perry Roger and Jill Goedeken (3) Roger and Lynda Suhr Ron and Evie Laub Ryan and Anita Foor, Mackenna and Sawyer (2) Ryan and Kerry Hoffschneider Ryan Becker Sargent FFA Chapter (4) Shelly Stitt Shonn and Amber Endres Steve and Jana Kruger Straight Farms Tammy Meyer The Austin Company, Inc (5) Timothy and Jenny Higgins (3) Tom and Jennifer Wood Trent and Jessica Brondel Ward Laboratories, Inc. (2) Wayne Luebbe

I Believe in the Future of Ag is a fundraising campaign focused on building capacity for the future of FFA in Nebraska. It gives us the opportunity to educate community members on the importance of agricultural education and FFA pograms and to raise money at both the local and state levels. The 2015-16 campaign was held from September 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016. This was the fourth year the campaign was a statewide effort and included a media partnership with Husker Sports Marketing and Nebraska Radio Network. Twenty-two corporate partners contributed a total of $270,000 to the campaign. Local FFA chapters raised just over $300,000 for their chapters and $35,000 was awarded out to participating chapters as matching funds.






Crop Production Services, Inc. South Central Cattlemen Association

Blue Valley Family Farms Calvin and Susan Henkel Dwayne and Donna Buschkoetter James and Jackie Kirchner JDA Farms, Inc. Jeff and Michelle Mans Jeff and Sandy Lovett John and Jill Kinley Jon and Shelly Auten Keith and Carolyn Kohmetscher Keith and Patti Buschow Ken and Mandy Ockinga

AINSWORTH FFA Maxwell AgriService

ASHLAND-GREENWOOD FFA AnnaLisa Estrela Daniel Roeber Elmwood Meat Plant Mike Roeber Thomas and Deborah Treadway Wendt Farms

Fred Buhlman Frey Land & Cattle, Inc. Kenneth and Donna Iwan Kent and Jane Beierman Lisa Ortegren-Wagner Lonnie Rasmussen Matt and Wendy Carraher Paul and Jennifer Rasmussen Paul Groeteke Ralph and Chryl Pilkington Sean and Jamie Kohl Steven and Roxane Weeder Todd and Amber Wynn Wayne Choat William and Dian Schriver


AUBURN FFA Allgood Family Chiropractic PC Dettmer Farm Service Kathryn Herold

Pamela Helmick BERMIS FFA Aaron and Pam Long Bradley and Mishelle Wallander Bruce and Darlene Wallander Calvin and Sandy Dannehl Conley Ebert Dennis and Janice Gengenbach Jay and Shawna Mason Justin and Carrie Trompke Mike and Sara Scholz Phelps County Farm Bureau, Inc. Reed and Sheila Philips Robert and Mary Wallander Sarah Dannehl Scott and Renee Davis Scott Fecht Tony and Michelle Singleton WJD Farms, Inc.

Kohmetscher Feed Service Lance Atwater Lorne Rochholz Michael and Diane Karr Randy and Leslie Lemke Scott Bonifas South Central Cattlemen Association Steve and Marilyn Hubl Thomas and Brooke Schmidt Tim and Carla Kohmetscher Tricia Allen Troy and Melissa Bonifas Virginia Heinrich

BOONE CENTRAL FFA Alvin Meyer Andrew Zoucha Daniel Staub David and Audrey Figgner David and Lisa Dozler David and Lori Noble Dean and Michelle Pelster Dennis and Dawna Nelson Donald and Jennifer Beierman


Trail Animal Clinic PC Mary Pohl Marty and Amy Retchless Justin and Becky Corman Robert and Tammi Nichols 21st Century Equipment W & J Newkirk, Inc. Blomenkamp Farm & Ranch, LLC Circle P Cattle Co., Inc. Nolte Trucking Equipment Two Bar Land & Cattle, Inc. Connie Lapaseotes Larry and Sharon Fiscus Weborg Feedlot, Inc. Tyler Nichols Cantu Trucking TMF Farms, LLC Trent and Amy McVicker Phil and Joan Corman James and Julie Nein BurgerWerx Kay Anderson Jim Farrenkopf Sonnys Super Foods-Bridgeport Brandon Nichols

James and Sonya Atkins Jason and Bobbi Baum Jeff and Vicki Schaaf Julie Kulhanek Kathy Ostrand Kenneth and Dianna Berns Kristin Longfellow Lonnie and Cindi McCullough Lonnie and Suellen Koepke Mark and Lisa Phillips Marlin and Marcia Berg Maurice and Marlene Atkins Maynard Barnes McMeen Physical Therapy Mike and Allison Borders Milrae and Kristi Horn Paul and Connie Ulmer R.P. and Beth Smith Ralph and Lynette Mollard Robert and Susan Rose Rodney and Mary Ross Ronald and Susan Beck Ryan and Jennifer Hogue Ryan Mollard Sandra Rieckman Scott and Gwen Stoll Tarin Burrows Thomas Tim and Carolyn Troxel Todd and Wendy Lundstrom Tony and Adrienne Walz Vicky Harrington Willis and Victoria Kaufman

BRUNING-DAVENPORT FFA Mark and Suzanne Jagels

CAMBRIDGE FFA Michael Langley




Vernon Benes

Alton and Barbara Uhlig Ann Nelson Beryl and Tracy Popp Bruce and Polly Spanel Carla Mattox Chris and Laura Rudichar Christie Trumbull Cleveland Sledge Connie Ulmer Accounting Craig and Traci Degroff Dan and Miranda Stoll Darrin and Shareen Max David and Jayne Eggleston Douglas and Ann Eggleston Duda Plumbing Elissa Martin Ira and Kari Spanel

CENTRAL CITY FFA Garwood Family Limited Partnership Kurt Frauen Steven and Darla Belitz Tom and Karen Stephenson

CHAMBERS FFA Bob and Judy Tomjack Brad and Jane Dexter Cole and Debra Stevens Curtis and Lori Carr Darrel Carr Denny and Vicki Libolt Donald and Beverly Gartner Donald and Lenone Koenig Dorothy Dexter E.A. Pavel

I BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF AG LOCAL CHAPTER SUPPORTERS Edward and Cathy Pavel Harold and Kathryn Dexter Jaci Swett-Palmer James and Barbara Hubel Jarrel and Nancy Winings John and Rosemarie Laetsch Justin and Kristy Frederick Leslie and Cindy Green Matthew and Heidi Ehlers Nancy Woeppel Raymond Klabenes Richard and Shirley Sunderman Robert Swett Ronald Sterns Steven Klabenes Troy and Holly Tracy William and Pamela Hubel

DAVID CITY FFA Annette Beringer Darlene Sloup Daryl Crook Dee Bader Donna Moravec Kevin and Amy Slama Lisa Rutn Mark and Willow Holoubek Mike Moravec Nebraska Agribusiness Club Paul Gengler Richard Dietrich Stephen and Eunice Ruth

Don and Ardith Carr Fred and Mary Ann Fangman Gayle Zegers James and Kristen Evans James Meis Jeff and Lynette Krebs Jerry and Karlie Koinzan Karl and Margaret Hensley Keith and Diane Schumacher Keith and Lynne Heithoff Kenny Reinke Kevin and Lisa Schumacher Leroy and Ronda Behnk Michael Zegers Minarik Farms, Inc. P-3 Farms Ralph and Mary Klein RRAM Livestock, LLC Schindler Grain and Livestock, LLC Scotts Backhoe & Well Service, LLC Stanley and Dorothy Heithoff Steven and Casey Busteed The Elgin Review Tom and Sandi Henn

ELM CREEK FFA Bridge Street Auto Dave and Peggy Schnuerle Graczyk Lawn & Landscape In-Field Agronomics, Inc. Mid-States Insurance Agency Rustys Fertilizer, Inc.



Brent and Suzanne Rainforth Circle L Land & Cattle Dan Hastings Insurance Agency, Inc. Double A Farms Double J Feedyards Greg and Judy Buhr Kevin and Lori Rainforth Mark L Pfeiffer Farms, Inc. Rader Farms Troy and Virginia Rainforth Turn East West Fork Farms

Brian and Traci Livingston

ELGIN FFA Angela Funk Bar S Ranch Cedar View Carpentry Central Valley Ag Charles and Shelley Bode Chris and Jeanine Baum Chris and Laurie Waterbury Christian, Sarah, and Sean Dunn Cordells ATV Repair, LLC Daniel Zwingman David Hoefer Deans Market Dicke Land & Cattle, Inc.

Stacy Miller Stanley Schiermeyer T-J Farms Tatro Farms, Inc.

FRANKLIN FFA Dave and Peggy Schnuerle

FREEMAN FFA B.A.B., Inc. Brian and Stacey Agnew Brian Podtburg Dean Farms Exmark Mfg General Agricultural Services, LLC Greg and Kristi Dorn Hestermann Repair James and Kelly Lenners Jeff and Pam Pickard Lake Crest Pharmacy Michael and Holly Klein Riley Page Russ and Lisa Neil Schonewis & Sons Trucking Scott and Vici Osterhaus Tony and Kristina Jensen Vinson VanEngen Wayne and Susan Deininger Ziegenbein, Inc.

GOTHENBURG FFA Bradly and Elizabeth Jorgenson Brenda Vogt Carolyn Sheets Country Porch and Petals Dan Scherer David and Kim Tobaben Greg and Kathi Viergutz Kayla Peterson Kris Loostrom Marilynn Huck Sandhills Hay Co

FILLMORE CENTRAL FFA Allan Jefferson Brian Mumm Clark Poppert Cornhusker Swine, Inc. Elden and Melea Walters Gary and Carol Peppie Geneva Implement Company Graham Rental & Storage, LLC Harre Brothers Heartland Bank James and Janet Donovan Jeff and Cindy Moyle Jeff Whitley Joe Hoarty Joe Monteforte, Jr. Joseph and Christina Srajhans Joseph and Mary Shanle Kent Theobald Nathan and Karla Jacobson Nun Ag-Service OC and OC, Inc. Rich Mueller Richard and Barbara Koca Rick Stoldorf SSS Ins., Inc.

HARTINGTON-NEWCASTLE FFA Allen and Laurie Leise Bradley and Wendi Klug C & K Farms Charles and Jan Sudbeck David Sudbeck Dennis and Dree Arens Dickes Farms Donald and Peggy Reifenrath Frederick Pinkelman Heine Farms Feedyard, LLC Heine Feedlot Company, LLC Jeremy and Jeanette Kneifl Keith and Bette Becker Kelly and Jenny Arens Lyle and Rhonda Lammers Marlen and Patty Schieffer Matthew and Susan Kathol


Paul Koch Randy and Mary Leise Rodney and Debra Flaugh Roger and Dorothea Janssen Shonn and Amber Endres Stacie Lammers Stan Becker Steven and Karen Noecker Stevens Swiss Dairy, Inc. Thomas and Teresa Arens Vernon Arens Wiechelman Repair, Inc. William and Angela Potts

HAYES CENTER FFA Allen and Rita Erickson Boyd and Mary Gigax Brian and Julie Vrbas Eugenie Solt H.C. Mercantile Jean Wach Jeanne Bishop Jimmie and Sandra Cole Kate Repass Kenneth and Susan Messersmith Kevin and Ann Fornoff Kuhn Knight of Lexington Loran and Nancy Wach Louis and Julie Cuellar Mark and Debra Clifford Michael and Lynn Soncksen Mike and Sheri Hamilton Randy Vlasin Tim and Cindy McKillip Tony Primavera

HEARTLAND FFA Joel and Stephanie Miller

HIGH PLAINS FFA Dale and Barb Church Terry and Sarah Carlstrom Tom and Lynn Hofmann

I BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF AG LOCAL CHAPTER SUPPORTERS HOLDREGE FFA B & B Cattle Co., Inc. Blake and Holly Johnson Bradley and Rita Skiles Brian and Judy Borden Bruning State Bank Bunker Hill Farms, Inc. Chris Erickson Dahlgrens, Inc. Dale and Betty Murdoch Daniel and Kara Taylor Darrin and Lori Swanson Jeffrey and Kristina Borden Joyce Badertscher, In memory of Roger Badertscher and Braden Badertscher Landmark Implement, Inc. Larry and Dorla Lindstrom Linda Hoke Randy and Linda Bialas Richard and Melannie Burken Richard and Sue Waller, In memory of TJ Waller Rory and Karna Guthrie Tony and Jane Badertscher Wohlgemuth Farms

HOWELLS-CLARKSON FFA Jordan and Becky Brabec

KEYA PAHA FFA B. Russell and Laura Marla Stephen Patty Pier Rodney and Nila Gierau Vernon and Jean Vanepps

LAKEVIEW FFA Bank of the Valley Barry and Mary Kay Wilke Betty Sprunk Carolyn Ferris Clancy and Sara Williams Cody and Victoria Osten Craig and Kimberly Franzen Dan and Kathleen Lutjens Dan and Linda Egger Douglas and Sheri Kapels Drinnin Feedlots, Inc. Ethan Schmid Foltz Livestock James and Rachel Wilke James and Shayla Shock Jeff and Sheila Lusche Jeremy and Jill Janssen Jodi and Kendal Loseke Jonathan and Shelly Korte KD Farms Kevin and Robin Coan Klint and Cynthia Stewart Larry and Annette Barcel LeRoy Sprunk, Jr.

Lois Rodehorst Mark and Amanda Schwarz Matt and Jodi Behlen Neil Schumacher Patricia Schmidt Paul and Kari Wilke Pieper Family Ag, Inc. Robert and Kelly Schaad Roger and Jill Goedeken Ryan and June Loseke SS & S Feeders, LLC Susan Brandt TJ Livestock, Inc. Todd and Shari Maurer Trent Janssen Wewa, Inc.

First National Bank Northeast Gerald Newill Jim and Karen Vlach Joe and Roberta Malloy John and Joan Niewohner Jon and Regina Heideman Kevin and Kara Anderson Martin Long Richard Erickson Roy and Sarah Miller Trevor Preston

MAYWOOD FFA Community First Bank Elizabeth Broeker Todd and Sheri Hartley Village Market

LAWRENCE-NELSON FFA South Central Cattlemen Association

LOGAN VIEW FFA Crop Production Services Dan Mowinkel Don and Becky VonSeggern Dwight and Karna Dam Fran and Tom Geisler Greg and Patti Hoegermeyer Gregg and Sheri Hoetfelker Houston Moseman Jay and Sheryl Uehling Jon and Jean Katt Kevin and Kara Anderson Lowell Mueller Mark and Jean Schafersman Ron and Gail Bopp Steave and Virginia Harmon Lyons-Decatur Northeast Bill Riecken Brian and Terri Mentink Brooks and Jane Larson Clare and Janet Wiltse Corey Petersen Dale and Paula Miller Daniel Smith David and Caryn Anderson E & C Myers Farms, Inc.


Nebraska Cattlemen, In memory of Clayton Real Terry and Tammi Naber York State Bank McPherson County Quicker Barrel Racing

MEAD FFA Jacob and Katie Mayer


NEWMAN GROVE FFA Donovon Benson Farmers Pride Newman Grove Coop Kent Lee Randy Benson Ray and Connie Flood Verdell Nelson

NORTH BEND FFA Gary and Tricia Ratliff Jim and Mary Spath Marie and Roger Nordboe Phil and Karen Roubal Roubal Stock Farms Tim and Amy Reznicek Webster Well, Inc.

O’NEILL FFA Boyd and MaLaine Strope Brian Kaczor David Knabe Denis and Jody Bergstrom Dorothy Beeks Douglas and Roberta Matschullat Elite Court Reporting Service Garron and Shelly Frank Gib and Patricia Kelly Holt County Tire J and H Greenhouse Jack Welch James and Cheryl Welsh James and Leann Gotschall Jason and Tricia Wiseman KBRX Radio Station Kyle and Megan Heiss Lindys Shear Creations Michael and Linda Dougherty Monte Rainforth ONeill Family Eyecare Quality Alignment & Repair Rob Pischel Rod and Joni Isom Seth and Lindy Stauffer Todd and Amy Shane Wakefield State Farm Insurance


D. Lewis and Linda Rogers, In memory of Mr. Gangel James Zelenka, In memory of Leon Bohem Lawayne and Alma Mach Mark and Teresa Turnbull, In memory of Ronald Ganzel R.L. and B.J. Helms, In memory of Mike G. Vaughn and Patricia Koester

PENDER FFA Charles Reppert House Memorial Library/Pender Public Library Foundation Ken Kaser Consulting, LLC Lander Cattle Co Logan Peters Rod and Ellen Lander

PERKINS COUNTY FFA CustomInk, LLC Doug and Keri Ohlson Gary Glinn Good Air, Inc. John and Erna Rae Lee Office Service, Inc.

PIERCE FFA Adam Venteicher Alvin and Teresa Polt Brad Freeman Dave and Lavonne Fleer


I BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF AG LOCAL CHAPTER SUPPORTERS Gerard and Terese Polt Jeffrey and Lisa Anderson Jerald and Debbi Johnson Kenneth Wichman Lonnie and Jean Wickett Lyle and Denise Venteicher Mark and Lois Fleer Pierce Old Time Threshers Bee Association Steve Albrecht Todd Weinrich Tony and Diana Krueger Vincent and Kathy Dohmen Wragge Trucking

RAVENNA FFA Brent and Chris Bauer Christies Kitchen, LLC Dennis and Diane Basnett Dennis Busch Dottie Meyers Gary and Monica Behrendt Heath and Tammi Ahrens Hervert Farms, LLP John and Julie Chramosta Joshua Bauer JW Acres, Inc. Kenneth and Marian Dethlefs Kent and Sue Zeller Marcus and Carmen Vacek Mark and Monica Lovelace McAuliff Farms, Inc. Raymond and Karen Johnson Sally Mingus SKE Farms, Inc. Standage Trucking, Inc. Steve and Iris Luth Timothy and Melanie Jonak William and Christine Adam

RED CLOUD FFA Frank and Shirley Sibert South Central Cattlemen Association

RIVERSIDE FFA Ron and Irene Rutten

ROCK COUNTY FFA April Ford Clay and Hilary Kuchera Dave Clay Duane Jackson Gary and Jeanie Shankland JT Construction Kaye Stewart Larry Ebert Matt and Ann Dvorak Michael and Janet Kuchera Perfect Valley Irrigation Rick and Susan Calvo Ted and Kristi Thornburg Thomas and Carol Becker

Tim Shaw Waylon Reynolds




Craig Frederick L&A Order Buyers Michelle Schindel

Mike Roeber

SANDY CREEK FFA Allison Story Amber Sorgen Amy Tomlinson Ashley Swanson Chandler Soucie Darryl Pernicek Desma Hamilton Donald and Linda Baxter Faith Mueller Gaylen and Jackie Cox Gaynor and Geneice Smith Gina Engelhardt Grant Schiermeyer Holly Bischoff James and Mary Hild James and Melody Cox Jamie Hajny Jan With Jason Searle JoDe Kinnaman Kristina Heifner Linda Skalka Lonnie and Lisa Stripe Lue Graesser Maria Porter Mark and Suzanne Jagels Megan Schaefer Melissa Whitefoot Michaela Hinrichs Mike and Ann Schlick Pam Hinrichs Randall Gilson Rob Sintek Robert and Jeneane Johnson Robert and Kathryn Sorgen Ron Pavelka Shandi Tobias Sharon Radabaugh Sierra Franzen South Central Cattlemen Association Steve and Mary Beth Carriker Terry and Lynn DeVries Thomas Johnson Tory Duncan Troy and Debbie Anderson Troy and Trish Shuck

SCHUYLER CENTRAL FFA California Custom Products Cargill Meat Solutions Caseys General Stores Healy Agri Service Land Mark Management & Realty, Inc. Tom and Rogene Wheeldon


SHICKLEY FFA Carlson Irrigation, Inc. Danny Miller Great American Coop Insurance Kristin Witte Linus Kamler Shickley Community Foundation Inc., In honor of Rosalie Kleinschmidt Straight Farms Walter Insurance & Real Estate

Beth Vogel Beulah Focken Billy Gardner Billy Kunz Bob and Kathy Kunz Brendan and Andrea Borer Brian Schafer Brock Lange Brock Olson

SILVER LAKE FFA John and Jill Kinley South Central Cattlemen Association


SOUTHERN VALLEY FFA Jon Lechtenberg Stamford Service

SOUTHWEST FFA American Agricultural Laboratory AmFirst Bank N.A. Brent and Debra Hofman Brooks Construction, LLC Jack and Lisa Ryan Jason and Dannette Kloepping K-C Motor Electric, Inc. Kevin and Tami Potthoff Lords, Inc. McConville Agency Red Willow Aviation & Spraying Schaffert Mfg. Co., Inc. State Bank of Bartley Stockmans Feed and Supply, Inc. Tri-State Livestock W Design Associates Wolfe & Sons Show Pigs

STUART FFA Abby Barta Abby Wondercheck Adolph and Doris Nachtman Alan and Kimberly Estes Alex Venenga Amanda Paxton Amy and Jerry Gubbels Amy Wolf Anna Fischer Arnie and Darlene Jauernig Ashley Peterson Ashley Pfaff Austin and Amy Cook Barry and Lori Lemmer

Bronco Boosters Bryan and Kim Andersen Callie Korinko Calvin and Kitty Alder Cameron Shaw Cara Seger Carol Ries Central Bar & Grille, LLC Charles and Marci Zegers Charlotte Jarman Chelsey Riha Cheri Dvorak Cheri Funk Christopher Kellner Cindy Root Clay and Nicole Cadwallader Cody and Ashley Hipke Colette Uttecht Colleen VanMeter Connie Soukup Connie VanMeter Connie Weichman

I BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF AG LOCAL CHAPTER SUPPORTERS Corby and Jennifer Fischer Crystal Baumeister Dale and Lorena Riha Dales Repair Dalton Shafer Dan and Jonna Kohle Dan and Karen Myers Dana Steinhauser Danniel and Nancy Krysl Darby Paxton Darian and Wendi Fuelberth Dave and Brenda Kaup David and Kathy Hytrek Deb Langan

Deb Sacco Delma Borg Denise Carson Dennis and Teri Taylor Dexter Goodner Diana Steskal Diane Osborne Dixie Debolt Don and Mary Swanson Don and Sam Krieger

Don Schmaderer Donna Malone Doreen Fessler Doug Erb Doug Larsen Edward and Marla Kilmurry Edwin and Barb Dickau Elaine Gilg Elsie Mlady Eric and Brenna Kohle Eric and Sarah Vogel Evelyn Paxton F & H Enterprises Fern Seger Francis and Deborah Kaup Frank and Helen Heying Galen and Tammy Heiser Garlen and Marcia Thurlow Gary and Deb Olberding Gary and Mardell Stoltenberg Gerald and Alice Fahrenholz Greg Loomis Hair House Harold and Wendy Claussen Heather Doke Helen Kloppenborg Jack and Connie Olson Jacob and Kayli Dobias Jacqueline Steinhauser James and Beth Miles James and Linda Kohle James and Marshawn Gubbels Jamie Biltoft Jan Kunz Jane Douglas Janet Brewster Janice Myers Janice Taylor Jason and Jody Parks Jay and Emily Wallinger Jay and Sarah Addison Jeff and Kim Wallinger Jeff and Nicole Kreitel Jeff Skrdla Jennifer McHale Jennifer Poessnecker Jeremiah and Jenna Welborn Jeremy and Jesica Shiers Jerome and Beth Murphy Jerry and Kim Dvorak Jerry and Sharon Steinhauser Jerry and Susan Myers Jil Fox Jill Murphy Jill Schaaf Jim and Kate Kunz Joan Murphy Joe and Patti Skrdla John and Lisa Korinko John and Patricia Madsen

John and Rhonda Skrdla John Good Jon and Erica Tubbs Jon and Jennifer Schmaderer Judy Dvorak Julie Joyce Julie Nachtman Justin Ramm K.E. and Elizabeth Barritt Kamille Skrdla Karen Ammon Karen Kotrous Kathy Beck Kathy Forman Kathy Kohle Katie Dearmont Katie Miller Kaups Financial Advisors Kaups Trailer Court Kaylen Dearmont Keith and Brenda Kerkman Kelly and Charity Myers Kellyn Olberding Kevin and Deb Kramer Kim Pulis Kohle Construction Kris Cornell Kurt and Katie Kaup Kyle and Andrea Connot Kyle Jake Engel L. Wayne Pacha Larry and Debbie Tejral Larry and Marilyn Butler Lee and Jo Mitchell Lee Nachtman Leroy and Jackie Carpenter Linda Nekuda Linda Shaw Linda Thompson Lisa Cleary Lisa Fix Lori Fox Lori Schafer Lucas Vogel Lyle Kaup Marde Paxton Margaurite Kaup Marge Stracke Marie Hansen Marilyn Stracke Mark and April Dexter Mark and Karen Kaup Mark Stracke Marsha Banks Martin and Rosanna Pacha Marvin and Barbara Strong Marvin and Christine Miksch Marvin and Phyllis Scholz Mary Ammon Mary Jane Lenhard


Mary Kaup Mary Krysl Matthew and Tanya Dickau Max and Helen Kunz Maxien Leick Megan Mitchell Merle and Leola Riesselman Michael and Dawn Kohle Michael and Enedina Bock Michael and Stephanie Karo Michael Welsh Michele Kaup Michelle Bain Michelle Dennis Michelle Olson Mike and Ana Smiley Mike and Jenny Stracke Mike and Julie Fritz Mike Pulis Mitchell Dvorak Monty and Deb Larsen Myrna Stewart Nancy Snover Neil and Deb Kramer Neil Shald Orrin and Joan Thiede Pat and Brooke Riha Patrick and Carol Mathers Patrick and Tammy Hytrek Patti Wewel Patty Batenhorst Paxton Trucking II Peggy Dvorak Peggy Gentele Peggy Karo Perri Farr Rachel Kaup Ralph and Ann Olberding Randal and Tawnya Douglas Randy and Linda Stolcpart Ray and Priscilla Keogh Rex Stolcpart Rhonda Miksch Richard and Beth Prussa Richard and Cathy Skala Richard and Darlene Kaup Richard and Patricia Galyen Richard and Teri Michka Richard King Rick and Sheryl Alder Robert and Carolyn Doke Robert and Heather Stout Robert and Judy Keck Robert and Julie Regan Robert and Nicole Shald Robert and Patty Hanzlik Robert and Rosanne Malone Roger and Mary Haun Rose Ramm Roy and LouAnn Cadwallader

I BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF AG LOCAL CHAPTER SUPPORTERS Sam Pulis Sandra Kramer Sarah Kucera Sarah Patton Scott and Denice Bouska Scott and Nancy Steinhauser Scott and Tammy Stec Scott and Tracey Kaup Scott Baum Scott Kunz Seth Heinert Shane Farms, Inc. Shane Osborn Shannon Aubushon Sharon Alder Sharon Paxton Shawn and Kim Thompson Sheryl Morgan Slaymaker Heating & Air, Inc. Stacey Stracke Stacey Strelow Steve and Jenny Alder Steve and Karin Skopec Steve and Lorraine Wallinger Steve Brewster Steven and Sheri Gann Stuart Furniture, Inc. Susan Engel Suz Straka Heyden Sybrant Transfer Tanya and Matt Dickau Tara Swanson Tate Schmaderer Ted and Kristi Thornburg Ted Thornburg Teresa Mustin Terri Kaup Terri Mitchell Terri Shearer Terry Burnett Theresa Fahrenholz Thomas and Lisa King Tiffany Gotschall Todd and Joyce Miller Tom and Bonnie Krysl Tom Dvorak Tom Schaaf Tony Morrow Total Drafting Solutions Tracey Kaup Travis Ludwig Travis Morrow Troy and Robyn Heiser Twila Wherley Vince and RaeDean Caldwell Wayne and Tanya Schroder William and Esther Seipel

SUPERIOR FFA South Central Cattlemen Association



Abat Lerew Construction, LLC Austin Reinsch Beverly Ochsner David and Brenda Winter David Drudik Derek and Robin Griess Donald Nuss Doug and Jennifer George Ely Farms, Inc. JAG Farms JLM Ag, Inc. Jocelyn Hofmann Joel Nuss Karla Griess Lane Steinhauer Lee and Janelle Nuss Mark Carlson Max and Karen Hinrichs Michael and Carol Finley NBK Farms, Inc. Nuss Insurance Services, Inc. Patrick and Sara Ochsner Paul and Sheryl Drudik Rhonda Cloet Robert and Sherol Stone Ronald and Leota Griess Ryan Winter South Central Cattlemen Association Tammie Steinhauer

Tom and Rogene Wheeldon

WAUNETA-PALISADE FFA Brian and Stacey Agnew

WAVERLY FFA Don Althouse Keith Asher Lloyd Bell Marlo Burg Mary Becker, In memory of Roger Maahs Nebraska Pork Producers Steward and Kris Spath

WEST BOYD FFA Jerome and Marcia Engelhaupt

WEST HOLT FFA Barry and Lori Lemmer CJ Construction Corey and Cathy Pacha David and Terri Barger David Gibbens Doug and Chanda Smith Dwain and Nadine Marcellus Geraldine Degroff Glenn and Nancy Andersen Hytrek Trucking J & D Feeders, Inc. James Brennan Janet Kliment Jeanne Laible Jim and Sharlene Buss Joel and Kaye Coburn Kelly and Keri Jelinek Kirk and Barb Shane Korey Kerkman Mike and Debra Kelly Mitchell Equipment Nite, Inc. Randy and Lisa Bilstein Rich and Hilda Flannery Richard and Nancy Albrecht Ronald and Colleen Osborne Schrunk Well Service Seger & Sons Repair, Inc. Seger Funeral Home, Inc. Skrdla Land & Cattle Ted and Colleen Thiele Tim and Joann Laible Timothy and Linda Peterson

TEKAMAH-HERMAN FFA Braniff Service, Inc. Brodersen Farms, Inc. Cargill Incorporated Connealy Insurance Cottonwood Clinic Gatzemeyers Welding & Repair Larry and Rosalie Gregerson Maxwell AgriService Pump Shop, Inc.

THAYER CENTRAL FFA Alan Kenning Alice Ehlers Brad Elting & Co., Inc. Brinegar & Son, Inc. Charles and Katholene Fangmeier Chris Hergottt Duane and Brenda Rippe Gill and Jeanell Mumm Jason Eickman Jerrold and Lynne Wiedel Long Crop Service, LLC Lyle and Tracy Tietjen Pickett Fence Club Lambs Prairie Hill Ranch, Inc. Reuben Schleifer Tysen Hissong

WISNER-PILGER FFA Calvin and Nancy Wiechman Craig and Brenda Gerwick Curt Liermann Douglas Breitkreutz Elliot Liermann Gary and Carmen Godbersen Gaylord and Bev Wilcox Hatterman Farms, Inc.


Herbert W. Albers Feedlot, Inc. Jacob and Megan Runyon JD Kloth Jordan Liermann Jr. and Pamela Breitkreutz Leisy & Leisy, Inc. Loyce Leisy Mark and Debra Schroeder Michael and Natalie Callies Myron and Karen Kuzelka Ruskamp Seeds, Inc. Sara Hatterman Steve and Ann Ausdemore Todd Leisy Todd Schroeder Wisner West, Inc.

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Support for FFA is Important for Ag The USDA has reported that between 2015 and 2020 there will annually be about 58,000 openings for jobs in food, agriculture and natural resources. USDA has also reported there will be a shortage of nearly 40% of graduates with experience in the food, agriculture and natural resources needed to fill those 58,000 jobs. The Nebraska FFA Foundation has the responsibility to insure we are providing the financial resources for quality programming for FFA members and equip teachers with tools necessary to prepare young people to be successful in the agriculture industry and beyond. With your help, we can ensure that happens.

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Nebraska FFA Foundation 2015-16 Annual Report  
Nebraska FFA Foundation 2015-16 Annual Report