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Site Performance Optimization by Migrating to Cloud Neev helped a US-based online seller of organic foods by solving the infrastructure uptime and reliability issues. This was done by migrating the infrastructure from an in-house system to a Cloud-based system. Neev now monitors and manages the Cloud infrastructure for the client.

The Client The client operates an online store for organic food. It promotes Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as an alternative to procure quality food from a trusted local farm. The client procures organic produce from its farm and delivers it directly to customers in offices and homes.

Business Need The client was initially using in-house infrastructure. The website’s server used to go down at least once in every three days. This then required manual intervention for its rectification. This issue also affected the site performance. The client required Neev to provide a solution to optimize site performance and improve uptime. The solution had to drastically bring down the number of issues faced by the existing system.

Neev Solution Neev’s solution involved migration of the current in-house infrastructure of the client’s website to cloud infrastructure. Neev successfully migrated from the client’s in-house servers to the cloud. The expert cloud practice team at Neev understood the functionality of FileMaker server. They successfully migrated the scheduled website tasks to Linux Cron. Munin and PowerShell Script were used to clear the log and restart the application pool whenever the site became unresponsive. This resulted in a drastic reduction in the number of issues faced by the website. This, in turn, improved site performance. Neev’s implemented solution improved the uptime from 95% to 99%. When earlier the site used to be down every 2 or 3 days, now the site does not experience any downtime. Neev converted from multiple machine deployment architecture to single machine deployment architecture. This conversion helped the client save costs, overcome realized cost savings, FileMaker communication failure in AWS infrastructure which brought down the number of downtimes. Neev is also monitoring and managing the cloud infrastructure for the client.

Technology Footprint:    

PHP FileMaker Munin PowerShell

Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

   

AWS EC2 Windows IIS Linux Cron

Top Features:  

Neev made PowerShell script and Cron run on Linux machine because windows scheduler was getting killed. Filemaker upgraded to overcome the issue of FileMaker communication failure in AWS infrastructure.

Top Challenges: 

It was challenging to understand the functionality of FileMaker. This was overcome with the support rendered by the client in the form of learning materials.

Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Site performance optimization by migrating to cloud