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One night... The night when we stayed at Kilimanjaro mountain we were scared because we had lost Matimpula and when we were alone, start to hear strange voices. The voice asked us if we were scared and we answered “yes”, then we asked him who he was. There was an awkward silence. Later, we heard to the voice again. The voice told us that there was a terrible curse. The foreigners who camped at night in that place were found dead next morning. We needed to gain time and we requested if he could told us the story. It started by saying that there was a creature in the forest. It represented the evil. It was a woman, exactly a mother. Shehated the foreigners becausethey had caused a fire that killed her son, ten years ago. The voice said to us that the spectrum could be nearer than we thought and warned us to be careful. My friend and I were we about to escape when we started to suspect that it was a joke, however we continued saying that we were scared and we said to him if there was a possibility of being saved. It said NO. While the voice continued telling us the story we left by the rear of tent . We were very surprised when we discovered that “the voice” was Matimpula. Was not lost but he wanted to pull our leg. Then we realised that we were in love with him. But my friend Laia was faster than me and said to Matimpula if he wanted to go for a walk alone with her. I thought that she was a bad friend and I felt alone, but later I realised that I was glad for her. When they returned to the tent, we went back to village all together.

One night  

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