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Vastu Shastra Tips For Complete Harmony At Home In classic astrology, there are 12 houses in horoscope, which show people various surroundings of their lives and, in case of any problem give them an option to adopt corrective measures for a stress free life. Vastu Shastra has also gained a lot of popularity and there are many effective vastu shastra tips that can have a harmonious effect on a person’s life as well as the environment of a house. Vastu Shastra has gained a lot of significance in today’s times, which is why it is being seen that people take special care to embrace various tips from this ancient science while building their homes as well as placing various furniture items. Designing a house as per Vastu, which literally mean the science of construction will take care of various directional alignments for a positive influence. Vastu Shastra is a definite way to bring a sense of balance between different kinds of energies, like cosmic energy, lunar energy and solar energy, to name a few. It is easy to make the house look beautiful by simply incorporating various kinds of artifacts and paintings. A house that has been planned based on Vastu Shastra tips is bound to bring a lot of happiness and peace for all the members. Here are a few tips, which when followed will ensure a comfortable and successful life. •

If someone is going to build a house from scratch by buying land, then it is suggested that they perform a bhumi pujan, also called worshipping the earth, before beginning the actual construction. This will account for an auspicious beginning and will in turn add to the positive vibes that the house will be filled with when the construction is complete.

The entrance of a house has a significant effect, and the East should be the preferred direction as the sun rises in the east. This is bound to bring in light along with a lot of positive energy. Apart from this, even North East can be considered for the house entrance.

Master bedroom has an important influence, with square and rectangle being the preferred shapes. Sound sleep and a relaxing atmosphere will be ensured if the bedroom is build according to the vastu tips, which includes the color of the walls and the placement of the bed. South-west corner is the most preferred direction for building the master bedroom in a house.


According to Vastu, cooking should be done while facing the east direction, which makes the south-east corner of the house the most ideal for building a kitchen. But, one should take extra precaution and make sure that the kitchen doesn’t directly face the entrance of the house as it is not considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

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Vastu Shastra Tips For Complete Harmony At Home  

Vastu shastra tips are being embraced more than ever by people while constructing their house. The positive benefits that incorporating thes...