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Introduction to ‘Neera Construction ERP’ ‘Neera Construction ERP’ is an industry recognized state-of-art technology web based ERP system which is developed and owned by Neera Labs.

P r o j e c t P l a nn i n g & M I S With Neera Construction ERP, you can effectively manage your

Neera Construction ERP can automate 90% of business process cycle associated with the Construction process leading organizations to make more revenues by having a control on the budget and spending. You can save resource expenses by 30% by implementing the ERP system.

projects online. Project Schedule can be tracked against the progress of the project time to time. Task scheduling feature allows you

Our ERP system comes up with enormous features when compared with traditional ERP products and is highly economical in terms of implementation and maintenance.

to track tasks under each project most effectively to meet the target schedules. Planning Sheet can be

Through Neera Construction ERP, you can -

Effectively manage the entire cycle of Construction process.


Reduces the overhead cost, esp: the resource cost.


High integrated modules gives high flexibility, accuracy & transparency

State-of-art technology architecture

generated instantly.

B i l l o f Q u a nt it i e s Bill of quantities can be uploaded to

Web based ‘Neera Construction ERP’ is developed with state-of art technology architecture. Users can access the ERP system through attractive multi user login interface, over http browser. Connections are encrypted through 256 bit SSL encryption giving high security to your data. -

the ERP project wise. Bill of quantities can be expanded to have more details on each BOQ item. Bill of quantity can also be linked with project planning sheet and execution which helps to generate the sub contractor & client bills instantly.

E st im a t i o n M o du l e Through Estimation Module once

Innovation at Neera Labs delivers a Construction ERP solution which is accessible from anywhere using a web based interface. With no installation required at client machines makes easy for organizations to deploy the Project Smart Suite rapidly. Neera Construction ERP can be deployed on a cloud instantly and client has various licensing models to choose from. See the page 4 for more details on various licensing models.

can click one each item defined in the project and provide the material, machinery , man power & sundry costs. Market rate & budget rates can be entered separately and can also calculate the estimated cost for each item.

“Construction ERP brings an overall discipline in the Construction process.”

Control budget can be arrived in much earlier phase of the project which will control the spending on the project.


Project Planning & MIS You can track projects along with the schedules & milestones. Project wise BOQ’s can be uploaded to ERP system. Project wise reports can be generated through MIS reports. Project Planning sheet can generated instantly and online approval process makes it easier. Project Budgeting & Costing Project budget can be estimated through this module. Costing module allows estimators to enter material, man power, machinery & other costs associated with each item. Control budget posting will help to control the spending in much early phase. Project Execution Control


Approved project planning sheet can be converted to an execution plan. Day wise project execution status can be updated in execution module. Item wise tracking helps organizations to track the status item wise. Executed quantities can be billed to sub contractors’ daily/weekly and can generate sub contractor bills instantly.


Client Management, Client Interface Client Module helps you to create client contact details. Client module has enormous features to add several other details of clients including mobile numbers and instant messaging facility directly from the portal.


Clients can be provided access to view and review the project progress. Accounts Tracking All the payments can be tracked through Accounts module. All the sub contractor bills generated from execution module flows to Accounts Module for approval and can create vouchers automatically. Account Module records all transactions in ledgers and can generate accounts statement at any point of time. Communicate effectively Through the built in SMS & Email communications, information becomes available to all the ERP users. ERP users can enable the SMS & Email alerts which will help them to keep track of project status, in the case of an event to get notified when they are away. Human Resource Management Web based Human Resource Management helps to track the human resource needs, attendance, re-imbursements, leave management etc. Online staffing module helps to track the recruitment time to time and has a large resume bank.


Track all your projects, tasks & milestone at one place.


Access project data, client data, statistics at any time


Effectively manage project schedules and track progress time to time.

E x e c ut i o n Co n t r o l


Store the Bill of quantities project wise, estimate cost


Helps to control the budget & control over spending


Generate Planning sheets, track project progress on a daily basis.


Centralized repository for all the drawings

Execution Module gives an over view of project progress. Execution plan tracks daily progress of the work item wise. Site engineers can enter the quantities of work executed on a daily basis. Sub contractor bills can be generated instantly using the execution


Can generate Sub Contractor Bills & Client bills instantly.


Helps to track Human Resource requirements & staffing


Integrated Accounting System, MIS Reports


L ICEN SIN G MOD EL S Shared Model (User Based) Hosted on a server shared with multiple enterprises. Shared model is a cost effective model for startups. This model can support up to 20 users per organization and license need to be purchased per user. Billed on a monthly basis. Cloud Based ( User Based ) Hosted on a cloud server. Customer can

Accounts & Finance Accounts & Finance module keeps track of all the financial transaction including the bank transaction. All the system created vouchers flows automatically to the Accounts module for approvals. Salary sheets & Reimbursement requests from HR module

Choose the type of cloud (private, public or hybrid) depends up on the choice. This license model is a user based license and need to be purchased per user. If you are not aware of the exact no: of users and if you belongs to small and medium scale industry, this is an ideal package to choose. One can choose single core to quad core CPU’s with high scalability on cloud resources. Billed on a monthly basis

flows to Accounts Module. Bank book and Cash Book tracks all the bank transactions.

Dedicated Server Model( Enterprise Model) Dedicated Server based Licensing is ideal for enterprises and can handle large no: of users. Client can subscribe for multiple dedicated servers with multi core CPU’s for load balancing. Billed on a monthly basis. For more details please visit or write to

H R M S & F i le M a n a g er HRMS module tracks the employee details within the organization from the time an employee joins the organization. All the employee data is stored in centralized server. Payroll data is generated automatically. Leave management Module tracks the leaves and approvals. Online File manager keeps tracks of files for sharing.

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Construction ERP  

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