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Chrysa alis Dinoart Program

C HRYSA ALIS Chrys路 a 路lis (kr?s?l?s): 鸥 The obtect (hard-shell) of a moth or butterfly 鸥 Anything in the process of Developing Chrysa alis is a premier content development org anisation formed to cater to the le arning needs of young children in the a ge group of 3 ye ars to 1 0 ye ars. Incepted in the ye ar 2 0 0 5, more than 7 0 0 0 children have benefited from different programs operated by Chrysa alis. Currently, Chrysa alis has its foot prints in Karnataka , M aharashtra , G ujarat and Tamil N a du. The corner stone of the philosophy at Chrysa alis is to inculcate strong thinking skills in young children right from an e arly a ge to empower them to become independent le arners and bre ak the shackles of rote / mindless le arning that they are subjected to in formal schools tod ay.

O BJECTIVES The key objectives of the programs developed by Chrysa alis are to empower children with skills that would make le arning ple asura ble and focus on the a pplication of le arnt concepts thereby making le arning less a bstract, more practical and importantly, FU N . The Chrysa alis Dino Art program strives: Ÿ To cre ate an ambient environment for children to express their thoughts, cre atively Ÿ To nurture and channelise the latent cre ativity, a bund antly present in children Ÿ To expose children to various mediums and styles thereby eliminating monotony in art and thought. Ÿ To foster Cre ativity in Thinking and Ingenuity in Expression Ÿ To enhance fine motor skills and strengthen dexterity.

C HRYSA ALIS DI N O ART PR O G RA M The Chrysa alis Dino Art program is a comprehensively developed art program encomp assing various forms and mediums of art and craft. The primary objective of the program is to recognise and develop the latent cre ativity in children thereby providing a structured outlet to their cre ative energies. The program allows children to explore different forms of art such as Painting, sculpting, Q uilling, O rig ami etc while keeping the focus firmly on the cre ative development of the child. In keeping with the tra dition of programs developed by Chrysa alis, an integral p art of the Chrysa alis Dino Art program is the emphasis on “Thinking Skills Development�, an aspect achieved by exploring the subtle correlations between Art and the child's Environment.

THE C HILD LEAR N S Mediums: Printing W ater colors Pa pers

Clay sculpture O il p astels

W ater colors C olors pencils

Activity: Clay modeling 2D & 3D Folk art We aving Resist effect

Still life Doodle art Q uelling Scratch effect

Landsca pe, Se asca pe & Skysca pe

Still life O rig ami Mosaic Self and Animal portraits


Product design

C oncepts: Symmetry Perspective Product designs

Symmetry Me asurements 2 D and 3D

Patterns Estimates life cycle of bugs and animals

C oncentric

Ra dials and many more

BE N EFITS O F THE PR O G RA M The Chrysa alis Dino Art Program aims to encoura ge clarity of thought and expression in children, by use of different art forms and materials. The key objective of the Chrysa alis Dino Art program is the emphasis on whole brain development le a ding to a well-rounded and confident child. The curriculum of the program is so designed so as to aid the enhancement of self-expression and self-assurance le a ding to a b alanced development of the child's outlook tow ards the environment.

EVALU ATI O N The Chrysa alis Dino Art trainers are provided with a well-rese arched a ppraisal system to g auge the inputs g ained by e ach child during the program. There are two Semesters for e ach Level. A Report C ard on the child's performance is given at the end of e ach Semester.

C O URSE I N STRU CT O R & TRA N I N G Intensive training is imp arted, at all the Levels, to the instructors, by our expert trainers. Chrysa alis I-M aths India conducts Workshops, from time to time, to sustain and enhance the a bilities of its course instructors.


Chrysaalis i-Maths India (P) Ltd. # 4 5 1, 9th Cross, J.P. N a g ar 2nd Phase, Bang alore-5 6 0 0 7 8, Karnataka , I N DIA Ph: + 9 1.8 0.2 6 4 9 4 9 5 6 / 2 6 4 9 4 9 5 7. E-mail:info@chrysa Website: www.chrysa

Chrysaalis DinoArt Program  

The Chrysaalis DinoArt program is a comprehensively developed art program encompassing various forms and mediums of art and craft. The pri...

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