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form Classroom Project Guide: Nilesh Misal

bloodflower Blood Flower is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. It is grown as an ornamental garden plant and as a source of food for butterflies. It attracts Monarch Butterflies by mid-summer and provides food for their larvae. Butterflies love this plant! Taking inspiration from the Bloodflower a form was developed that could be used as a Display unit for Jewellery. The focus of the Project was to develop a form inspired from nature. Great attention was paid while developing the surfaces of the form to ensure that they flow into each other and capture the essence of the flower

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explorations The form of the Blood Flower was sketched and explored with untill a form was derived at, that was simple along with being able to impart the character of the flower.

diamond ring display unit The form developed from the flower had delicate, elegant and feminine quality to it. These features were ideal to display something delicate and precious in a retail space. Further changes were made to the form to conform it to its purpose. The final form consisted of three separete pieces that interlock with each other to create a free standing Diamond Ring Display unit. Just as the nectar within the Blood Flower attracts butterflies towards it, the form of the display unit is such that it would instantly attract the customers towards it, making it ideal to display the “show stoppers�

Diamond Ring Display Unit  

Inspired from nature a Display unit is developed to showcase the "Show stoppers" in Diamond finger rings.