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Welcome Wagon recognizes sponsorship milestones - Page 3 Neepawa, Manitoba

Volume 116, No. 51


May 9, 2012

EVL may soon be no more

RADIO RUCKUS The Town’s perspective on current legal issues surrounding it and CJ97 Radio

By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press

NEWS - Page 2

ARCHIVED ADS A new weekly feature highlighting old ads from The Neepawa Press archives NEWS - Page 7

Kaiten Critchlow/Neepawa Press

Tigers pitcher Garett Rempel throws some heat as the starting pitcher for NACI’s season opener against the Carberry Cougars recently in Zone 7 action. The Tigers reeled off two big wins in Prairie West High School Baseball League (PWHSBL) action this past week while their female counterparts have come out of the gates on fire in Zone 7 action. For more on the Tigers ball games recently see Page 13. SOCCER SEASON NUSA’s house league kicks off its spring season SPORTS - Page 13

Coun. Simon says Gade out of tune Dear Editor, CJ97 Radio news about Neepawa Town Council is B--- S---! Sorry about the use

of slang terms, for those of you more sensitive to colourful language, but there is no other way to describe the crap being re-

ported on CJ 97 radio. I don’t know how many of you have listened to or heard of some of the reporting on Neepawa Coun-

cil business that Bill Gade seems to think is legitimate news. If there are some of you out there, take heed. See LETTER on pg. 2

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The final decision isn’t expected until May 15, but the indication from last Thursday’s public meeting is that Neepawa’s East View Lodge (EVL) facility may soon be no more. At the meeting, all five featured speakers – two from the Town of Neepawa and three under government employment – eluded to the fact the EVL property may now be more valuable without the former personal care home’s building on it. Photos of the building in its present state show the exterior of East View Lodge’s building as it has always appeared; a brilliant, well-looking facility which Mayor Ken Waddell rightly refers to as being “the signature building for the town...ever since its inception”. But images of its interior gave a much different picture, putting the situation in to a more realistic perspective. Images of hazardous tiles needing removal, mouldy or water-damaged ceilings, a desolate kitchen, damaged piping in the boiler room and an infestation of flies all pointed to the same conclusion; the building is no longer feasibly salvageable. The poor condition is in part because the building has been largely unattended to in recent years. Waddell, who led the meeting to a full room at the Neepawa United Church Education Centre, pointed out the building had been costing the province about $15,000-$20,000 monthly when it first closed and heating and and other services were kept up. See DEMOLITION on pg. 3





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Page 2 • May 9, 2012 •


CJ97’s council news: Simon says Gade out of tune LETTER from pg. 1 There is no easy way to start debunking all of Gade’s BS. There is just so much of it. One thing is for certain though...every last bit of it, the so called Council News he purveys, has been orchestrated, embellished or contextually twisted by none other than...wait for it....that’s right, the one-and-only Mr. Bill Gade himself! How so you ask? Here’s how: • Gade is THE ONLY party to have applied for no fewer than 241 FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) requests since mid-2011. That’s more requests from this ONE GUY than the Provincial government department with the highest number of requests receives in a full year! • Gade didn’t get what he wanted, so HE complained to the Provincial Ombudsman, OVER A DOZEN TIMES! Has he ever stated this on air? Have any of you ever heard

on CJ 97 that it was Bill Gade who was demanding the Ombudsman investigate every bloody thing Neepawa Council did, was doing, or was going to do?....I didn’t think so. • It also seems Gade likes to defame people in any way he can come up with if the news appears to be getting dull. If he doesn’t get information he wants or thinks he is entitled to, he will simply make things up, regardless of whether there is any truth to it and regardless of whether it’s damaging to someone. He’s done it to this Council, he’s done it to me, he’s done it to Town staff and he’s done it to our former Mayor. He does it everywhere he goes. • Speaking to how he has defamed me personally, Gade publicly levies the accusation that I was in a conflict of interest when I PRESENTED a personal subdivision query to Council, in a regular open meeting so that questions I had asked of Council could be clarified. There were no decisions

being made. Gade has even demanded the Provincial Ombudsman investigate THIS concern of his. Meanwhile our name (my wife and I) gets regularly trashed on CJ 97 as Gade and his on air staff repeatedly report HIS issue! Completely unfounded. Completely wrong. • Gade is a bully, simple as that. I wonder if he was bullied as a kid? Now he has a radio station(s) and thinks that gives HIM the power to stick it to the man, whoever HE decides that man to be. Consider how he handled the Neepawa Natives hazing story. Using HIS radio station to literally POUND a local organization supported by many of the same businesses he seeks advertising revenue from. Let’s be clear. This is no trivial matter. Gade’s conduct has cost Neepawa and its taxpayers in many ways. Financially, there has been significant legal costs but the

“Four developers walked from EVL because of third party notices indicating Gade wanted their proprietary business info.” - Coun. Simon morale costs, though not monetary are equally significant. Town staff are stressed as are many community members. His antics continue to cost in ways that pertain to potential development as well, since some developers now look upon the situation Council has with Gade as an issue they will just as soon avoid as take the chance of becoming an inadvertent victim of. Four developers walked from EVL because of third party notices indicating Gade

wanted their proprietary business info. You know, I was one of the most excited to hear someone wanted to start up a private radio station in Neepawa, so much so that I personally sent a written letter of support to Gade during his licensing stage. Years ago I worked with Ivan Traill to investigate the possibility of NACTV getting a station going, learning it is certainly no easy task. I was equally excited to hear the quality of Gade’s station when it started up. His

people did a great job with my ads during the 2010 election. You can’t go too far wrong with music. Local weather reporting is nice to have. Having a local station where area businesses can advertise is a good thing too. So why in the hell does Bill Gade have to screw up such a good thing by broadcasting BS? Get off it for Pete’s sake Bill. It isn’t doing anyone any good at all. Yours truly, Coun. Monty Simon

Town of Neepawa council responds to CJ97.1 Radio allegations By Mayor Ken Waddell Town of Neepawa Over the past several months, the Town of Neepawa has been dealing with a difficult legal situation. In 2011, radio station CJ97, which is operated by Mr. Bill Gade of Swan River, Man., began treating Town of Neepawa staff and Councillors in an ever more aggressive manner. In some cases, staff and Councillors became very concerned by what appeared to be an unfair and relentless pursuit of information about the Town of Neepawa operations. Needless to say the relationship between the Town of Neepawa and CJ Radio deteriorated to a point where almost all communication was cut off. During this time and in succeeding months, CJ Radio called for resignations of certain staff, speculated on staffs’ whereabouts, speculated on motives for decisions and in general and caused severe stress with many Councillors and staff. Since 2011, the radio station also filed over 240 FIPPA, (The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)) applications with the Town of Neepawa office.

To put it into context, this number is more than is usually received in a whole year by major departments of the province of Manitoba. Over the passage of time, the Town of Neepawa senior staff took a course of action whereby FIPPA applications were disregarded under provisions of the Act. Consequently 161 applications were disregarded under Section 13.1 of the Act; public body may disregard certain requests. Responding to even some of these applications that asked for things like copies of all emails from a particular staff or all correspondence relating to particular matter took thousands of dollars of staff time to respond to the applications. Responding to the rest may have caused months of work and large amounts of money. Complaints about disregarding the applications were filed by CJ Radio to the Manitoba Ombudsman’s office. The Manitoba Ombudsman has found in favour of the Town of Neepawa after several months of investigation. The Ombudsman’s letter states: “Our office has completed a review of Mr. Bill Gade’s

complaint of the Town of Neepawa’s decision to disregard 161 access requests under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA); I apologize for the delay in

ted 161 access applications to the Town of Neepawa on one day. The Town relied on clauses 13(l) (a) and (b) under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to disregard these

of the public body or amount to an abuse of the right to make those requests”. The Ombudsman’s Report and letter is also posted on the Town of Neepawa website

“The Town of Neepawa, in addition to the significant amount of staff time handling the 161 FIPPA applications, ran up a legal bill of over $27,800 to file statements of Notices of Defamation against CJ Radio.” -Mayor Ken Waddell providing our investigation report in this matter, a copy of which is enclosed. “This complaint represents the first time that our Office has investigated and made findings about a decision to disregard requests under section 13 of FIPPA, which was amended in January 2011. “As such, it raised significant issues of statutory interpretation relating to the rights of applicants and the obligations of public bodies. Because of the educational value of this report, we intend to post it on our website in the near future.” The summary of the reports states: “The applicant submit-

requests. “The Ombudsman determined that 22 of the applications were repetitious and all 161 were systematic in nature. “The Ombudsman also determined that responding to these 161 applications would interfere unreasonably with the operations of the public body. “The Ombudsman found that the Town’s decision to disregard the requests was authorized under clause 13(l) (b) of the Act.” Clause 13 (1) states: “because of their repetitious or systematic nature the requests would unreasonably interfere with the operations

The Town of Neepawa, in addition to the significant amount of staff time handling the 161 FIPPA applications, ran up a legal bill of over $27,800 to file statements of Notices of Defamation against CJ Radio. This legal action was deemed necessary by council to stand behind staff and Councillors in what had become a very frustrating and serious situation. Due to the continuous actions and comments by CJ Radio that Council felt were totally unfounded and unfair, these notices have been served. Further legal action may be pending. The Town of Neepawa is

pleased with the Ombudsman’s Report on this matter and believes that other issues Mr. Gade and his radio station continue to raise will be dealt with in a similar fashion. In the past two months, Town of Neepawa staff has been asked not to communicate with CJ Radio due to circumstances and ongoing legal actions. Until the situation was clarified, as we feel it has now been, virtually no information has been given to CJ97 in interviews with staff or the mayor. The Council of the Town of Neepawa is accountable to the taxpayers of Neepawa and will not be further frustrated by the unreasonable demands of CJ 97 Radio. As a general practice, Town of Neepawa staff should not be responding to media interviews. The Mayor of Neepawa, the deputy mayor or a person designated by the Mayor or Deputy Mayor will respond to interview requests from any media outlet. We trust that the foregoing information and the material posted to the Town of Neepawa web site, will clarify both the situation and the actions taken by the Town of Neepawa concerning this matter.



ouglas Stewart Armstrong formerly of Plumas, Manitoba oldest son of the late Clarence and Elizabeth (Stewart) Armstrong born January 24, 1924 passed away in the hospital at High Prairie, Alberta, April 11, 2012 in the presence of his family, at the

age of 88 years and 78 days. Ann Crozier and Douglas were married June 25, 1955. Douglas adopted Ann’s little daughter Kathy. They farmed in the Deseronto School District, while living there Patricia, Fred, Earle and Stanley were born. In 1965 the family moved to Taber, Alberta where Douglas did carpentry work until retiring in his late 70’s. Ann and Douglas be-

came residents in the Pleasant View Lodge in High Prairie, Alberta near Kathy Peters, in 2008. Douglas enjoyed a healthy life. He is survived by his wife Ann, daughter Kathy (Gordon) Peters. Sons Fred (Colleen), Earle and Stanley, nine grandchildren, seventeen great-grandchildren his sister Grace Single of Glenella, Manitoba, several nieces and nephews also

cousins and friends. Those who predeceased him were his father in 1963 at 70 years, daughter Patricia accidentally at age 18 in 1974, mother 1978 at 78 years, two brothers Murray, 76 in 2008, Harvey 85 years in 2011. Funeral service was held in St. Mark’s Anglican Church April 14, 2012 at 2 p.m. of¿ciating was Phyliss Dupuis,

pallbearers were 4 grandsons Maverick Dyck, Shane and Tyler Peters, Skyler Penner and two friends Matt Schaalje and Maurice Gauthier. Honorary bearers were brothersin-law Jim and Sam Crozier from Ontario and Brandon, MB respectively. Interment was in High Prairie Cemetery. • May 9, 2012 • Page 3

Welcome Wagon a community resource for new residents Organization recognizes Npwa. sponsors Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press A Canadian welcoming group has recognized ongoing support from businesses in Neepawa. National, regional and area representatives were all in Neepawa recently as Welcome Wagon thanked two local businesses for their long history of support. Chicken Corral was recognized for supporting Neepawa’s Welcome Wagon for 30 years while The Neepawa Press was given a 40 year plaque and was notified it was only one year away from 50 years of sponsorship. “These are two businesses that have been great in supporting us,” Neepawa’s Welcome Wagon director Giselle Lisoway said. Welcome Wagon is the only national, Canadianowned, free greeting service for families experiencing a lifestyle change. The national tradition began with a greeting in Vancouver in 1930 - when wagons were actually used - and now continues across Canada in more than 300,000 households annually.

“We are here to promote businesses in town and to inform people who have moved to Neepawa of fun, social things in the neighbourhood; we are really a community resource connection” - Giselle Lisoway On a smaller scale in Neepawa, Lisoway focuses on greeting people who have recently moved to the community and those with newborns. “We are here to promote businesses in town and to inform people who have moved to Neepawa of fun, social things in the neighbourhood; we are really a community resource connection,” Lisoway said, noting people she visits also get a gift certificate to one of Neepawa’s businesses. Neepawa’s Welcome Wagon has become increasingly busy in recent years as well, Lisoway said, as a result of the increased immigration coming courtesy of HyLife Foods expansions. With so many new resi-

dents coming in through immigration, the Welcome Wagon has actually become a part of Settlement Services and HyLife’s community integration sessions when people arrive in town. In total, Lisoway believes she has been making visits to more than 300 people a year. “Once you make that physical, personal touch with people, it does seem to make a difference and help connect them to the community,” Lisoway explained. One issue for the group is identifying people outside of HyLife who have moved to the community. The organization is hoping other Neepawa residents will help them in pinpointing more people who could benefit

Kaiten Critchlow/Neepawa Press

From left, Welcome Wagon Neepawa’s Giselle Lisoway, area manager Sandra Ross and national president Pat Neuman present Chicken Corral’s Dean Tremaine with a 30 year plaque recently for the business’ long-time support of the organization. The Neepawa Press also received a plaque recognizing 40 years of its support. from their services. “Sometimes it is hard for us to find out when new people have come to Neepawa, so one challenge is that new people, or people who know them, need to contact me,” Lisoway said. “We really rely on people letting us know.” Anyone who is new to town or knows someone who is, can contact Lisoway

at 476-3509. Sponsorship from businesses is a huge part of Welcome Wagon’s success in Neepawa, Lisoway added, and long-term sponsorship has been committed by 12 area businesses. Local sponsors who have supported Welcome Wagon for more than 10 years are: Gill Schmall Agencies - 49 years; Neepawa Pharmacy

- 49 years; Neepawa Gladstone Co-op - 49 years; The Neepawa Press – 49 years; Neepawa Furniture Centre - 41 yrs; Chicken Corral 30 years; Team Electronics - 23 years; Beautiful Plains Credit Union - 22 years; Neepawa Banner - 21 years; Knowledge First Savings Plans; The Brandon Sun - 16 years; and Neepawa Dairy Queen -15 years.

East View Lodge building demolition anticipated DEMOLITION from pg. 1 In more recent months, heat and other amenities have been turned off to lower those costs, leading to the deterioration issues. Neepawa’s Economic Development Officer Rick Donaldson has been looking for potential developers

for the site since about June of 2009 and said as time has gone by, the costs of renovating the building for housing have escalated substantially. It would cost millions to renovate and, even though Donaldson said he has talked to about 38 developers about varying projects with the

building, they have all eventually withdrawn in talks. “None have ever got close to a return on investment... that would allow them to move forward,” Donaldson said. “I think the due diligence has been done on this and I would not recommend any-

thing but demolition,” Donaldson later added he believes about seven developers would have serious interest in the EVL property if the building was removed. Mayor Waddell echoed Donaldson’s conclusion, noting information indicates, “we would be better off to

Kaiten Critchlow/Neepawa Press

Neepawa’s iconic East View Lodge building may soon be demolished if last Wednesday’s meeting was any indication. Council is expected to consider a resolution to have the property demolished and purchase the land parcel for $1 from the Department of Health for development at its May 15 regular meeting.

tear down East View Lodge than to let it deteriorate for another 10 years.” As part of the talks, Waddell pointed out the Department of Health has told the Town it will fund the full cost of EVL’s demolition at no cost to the Town. The Department of Health would also sell the property to the Town for $1 and allow it to find a proper developer for the land parcel. No decision has been made yet, but council is expected to consider a resolution to support demolishing the East View Lodge building and purchasing it for $1 for development at its May 15 meeting. Mayor Waddell pointed out at Wednesday’s meeting that no one in attendance gave opposition to demolishing of the building and that will play into council’s decision-making. In a follow-up interview Thursday, Mayor Waddell told The Neepawa Press he was not able to disclose any information regarding what type of housing potential developers are considering. The benefits of using the property to offer more assist-

ed living homes in Neepawa was discussed informally at Wednesday’s meeting. Also at the meeting, MLA Stu Briese commended the Town’s efforts towards the issue throughout this whole process. “The Town, I think, did exactly what they were supposed to do,” Briese said. Fatal decision The historic East View Lodge building may not have had to meet its end this way. At the meeting, Donaldson said the Town had previously been working with a developer for about a year-and-ahalf regarding the potential of renovating/reusing the building for housing. He estimated the development group had invested about $250,000 into its efforts for the development. The Government instead decided to put the building to tender, the developer withdrew its interest in part because of time constraints, and no bids were accepted through the tender put out. Other developers showed interest in reusing building after the tender process but none were able to feasibly complete the project.

Page 4 • May 9, 2012 •

Happy Mother’s Day


unday’s right around the corner and this one marks a special day for all the women out there with young ones - or grown-up ones. And to celebrate the occasion, I’ve written a poem (I know what you’re all thinking: “Oh no, not another one!”) for all the mothers out there. I would have written this one out specifically to my own mother, but it was her birthday last week (I’m smart enough to not say how many years) and I already took her out for supper (you can save the applause for how great a son I am) last week. So, here we go, for all of you people out there who forgot to get their mom or wife a present this year I offer you a template for a mother’s day poem that you can recite to By K-10 them, tailor as your own and be sure your Time Better Spent mom would be flattered to hear: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Dear mother (mom, mommy and baby’s momma are all suitable as well), It was (insert the number) years ago when I first entered this world, To become your little boy or girl (dependent upon your gender). For nine months you carried me in your belly, And after I popped out, it temporarily turned in to jelly, Come to think of it, I’ve never apologized for that, So mommy, I’m sorry for any of that excess stomach baby fat. While on the list of baby things I should apologize for, I guess, when I think back, there are still quite a few more, Like when I pulled your hair, spit out my food, or peed on the floor, Or when I left a mess, cried all night or knocked a hole in your door. There’s one more baby thing I could apologize for as well, It involved the use of some expertise and a hot towel, But from what I understand I’ll have to help you with that in a few years, So I’ll refrain from apologizing for all of your poo-in-diaperrelated tears. After that I was a rotten little child through and through, Had troubles sharing with others, and did little things just to bug you, As a teenager I rebelled, thought I no longer needed my ma, But eventually those thoughts were stopped by beatings from pa. After high school I left home (some people may need to reword that part) and became an adult man (or woman), But you still always remained as my biggest fan, Even when sometimes I may have asked for cash or a boost, Mother hen was alway willing to watch over from her roost. In hindsight maybe all of my actions weren’t done to be mean, They were more for something a little unforeseen, I just wanted to grab your attention mom, I’m sure you know, Everything I did was just a special, secretly affectionate, show. So on this Mother’s Day, in the twelfth year of the twenty-first century, I offer this poem as a special little gift from me, To show you that, even though I don’t always show it, I appreciate all you’ve done for me, every last bit.

Neepawa’s first Filipino resident When I first came to Neepawa in April 2010, I was worried about adjusting to a new community. I felt uncertain as to how I should Bernadette “Adette” Tripon l o o k , A Filipino Voice speak and relate to people. Although I was staying in a house with four other Filipinos, I could not help feeling alienated probably because I was so far away from my family and friends. Then I was introduced to Andrea Winik, a Filipino married to a Canadian, Howard Winik. I was immediately drawn to them because they were so accommodating. It was then that I lost all my inhibitions and in the course of our initial conversation, I found out that Andrea was the very first Filipino in Neepawa. She was born and raised in the Philippines. With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of the East in the Philippines, Andrea came to Canada in August of 1966. She worked at the University of Toronto Library then went on to teach at Moose Factory Island. In 1967, she was an elementary school teacher at the Red Lake District in Ontario. Her hus-

Adette Tripon/Neepawa Press

Andrea Winik moved to Neepawa in 2007, making her the community’s “first Filipino.” She now helps integrate new Filipino people into the community. to nearby cities like Winnipeg and Brandon is another reason why they were drawn to peaceful Neepawa. It was easy for Andrea to adapt to her new home as she established friendships with a lot of residents almost immediately. She joined some community programs which gave her the opportunity to socialize with them. When the first batch of Filipino workers came to Neepawa in 2008, Andrea Winik volunteered to be a translator and community mentor. To this day, she continues to offer support and advice to all the Filipinos. With her help, the workers feel welcome and more “at home”. Andrea’s jovial manner encouraged us to be

optimistic about our future in this foreign land. Everyone considers her to be a mother-figure because of her selflessness and generosity. Andrea is an inspiration to us for she emulates the true sense of being a Filipino. Her relentless compassion for her fellowmen is an example I wish to follow. A Filipino is hospitable, warm and reliable by nature; all attributes which best describe Andrea Winik. Note: Change in schedule of activities The kiddie pageant, Little Miss FILTOBA and FILTOBA That’s My Boy, originally scheduled for the 16th of June 2012 is re-scheduled for the 30th of the same month.

Your Neepawa Press Team

Published each Wednesday by Glacier Media Inc. Copyright material

Main office: 476-2309 Newsroom: 476-5486 Fax: 476-5802 Web: Mailing address: P.O. Box 939 Neepawa, Manitoba - R0J 1H0 Publications Mail Reg: 08929

band, Howard, worked at the Madsen Mines. Andrea married Howard in 1969 and raised a family in Balmertown. They were blessed with two boys, Lee Howard born in 1971 and Kevin James in 1975. Andrea also acquired Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees in 1988 from the Lakehead University in Ontario. After thirty-three years of teaching, she retired in 1997. In April of 2006, on their way to visit with their son who lived in Alberta, the Winiks stopped by to meet with friends in Eden. They were given a tour of Neepawa by a couple who were considering buying a property. Because Howard had retired that same year and they were so impressed with the amenities and landscape of Neepawa, they decided to put an offer on a house at Third Avenue. They moved in shortly after on Mar. 15, 2007. I asked Andrea what she liked most about living in Neepawa, she stated the friendliness of the people was one of the reasons they chose to reside in a town she described as being “picturesque”. Andrea indicated the town offered a lot of entertainment and community events. She went on to say that the accessibility of the town

Subscriptions: Manitoba: $54.88 Canada: $51.45 U.S. $110 inc. taxes Darren Graham General Manager

Jean Seaborn Office Manager

Cecil Pittman Looking Back

Kaiten Critchlow Reporter

Natalie Loughrin Graphic Designer

OPINION • May 9, 2012 • Page 5

MB: Get ready for more tax hikes


old onto your wallets Manitobans because you haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to tax increases. By now you have proba b l y heard t h a t Manit o b a ’s N D P governBy Colin Craig m e n t CTF Guest View raised taxes by $184 million in the 2012 budget. Sales taxes have gone up on insurance, hair care services, manicures, pedicures and tattoos to name a few items. Apparently the latter was an easy decision for the government. They’re trying to reduce the growing demand for posteriorregion tattoos that read “tax this.” Gas taxes are also up 2.5 cents per litre, but as the 5 per cent GST is applied on top of the provincial tax, the increase will actually be larger. It’s a disturbing situation where raising one tax automatically increases another. It’s even going to cost

you more to die. Well, maybe not for you directly, but for those dealing with your will as they’ll have to pay more for provincial death certificate fees. Not to be outdone, birth and marriage certificates are also going up. Perhaps the government is encouraging people to live a life of solitude; free of making babies, getting married and being in a position to administer a friend’s will. On top of all those tax and fee increases highlighted in the budget, Manitobans will also see a secret income tax hike again this year through a process known as “bracket creep.” Manitoba is one of only three provinces that don’t protect taxpayers for inflation in the tax system. The result – this year taxpayers will pay an extra $5 million or so in income taxes provincewide. But if you thought those increases were bad, it’s actually going to get worse. A lot worse. You see, the NDP government can’t control expenses to save its life.

Over the past 12 years the NDP has spent more than it had budgeted 11 times. Think about that for a second. Imagine if every year your boss asked how much your division needed in funding, you provided her with a figure and then you blew through your budget. Wouldn’t she eventually question your managerial skills? The NDP’s inability to

meet financial targets, deliver meaningful government reform and say “no” to funding requests once in a while is why spending is skyrocketing and why Manitobans are seeing tax hikes to pay for it all. It’s also why we pay the highest income taxes in Canada at the $30,000 and $40,000 income levels. Don’t believe it? Visit Ernst and Young’s 2012

personal income tax calculator on the internet and plug those figures in. But here’s the real kicker. In the 2010 budget the NDP projected to finally stop running deficits by 2014-15 by tabling a surplus of $185 million. Yet in the 2012 budget they updated their estimates and now project a surplus of just $23 million in 2014-15. Meanwhile, spending in 2014-15 is

expected to be $624 million higher than originally thought. At this pace, there’s little chance of a balanced budget in 2014-15 and a good chance of even higher taxes along the way. It all comes down to this. Either you line up for witty tattoos when your taxes rise or you get off your duff and speak out against wild spending. It’s really that simple.

Letters to the Editor Sopuck: Safety and Security of Canadians a top priority Dear Editor, Our Conservative Government is committed to ensuring Canada’s food safety system provides consumers with the protection they expect and

deserve. The opposition has shamefully made claims that decisions made in Budget 2012 – and to the Agency’s overall modernization agenda – are intended to

reduce Canada’s investment in food safety or somehow diminish the Agency’s role in it. This is completely and utterly false. As we all know, the risks associated with

Online poll question of the week: What Guinness World Record should Kaiten try to break? Most leapfrog jumps by two people in 30 seconds (17%) Most socks sorted in 30 seconds (22%)

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Most socks put on in one minute (17%) Most bottle caps sorted, by mouth, into a receptacle 30cm away, in 30 seconds (43%)

Next week’s question: What Guinness World Record should Kaiten try to break? Go to to participate in next week’s poll question and let your voice be heard! Survey results are meant for general information only, and are not based on recognized statistical methods.

the food supply are constantly evolving, and the changes being made by the CFIA will allow the Agency to focus its resources where they are needed most. The CFIA has not and will not reduce staff or cut programs that would in any way put the health and safety of Canadians at risk. The Agency will continue to verify truth in labeling. As CFIA president George Da Point said, “This is carried out in many ways: through

investigations into complaints, facility inspections, inspections at the retail level and laboratory testing of products, including verification of the nutrient content or calories in the food at manufacturers, importers and retailers.” Our Government is also continuing to take steps to improve our food safety system. In Budget 2012, we committed $51.2 million over two years for CFIA, Public Health Agency of Canada and

Health Canada to continue enhanced surveillance, early detection and improved response capabilities to food-borne illness emergencies. Canadian families can be assured that food safety will not be affected as we regularly review program spending. Our Government has and will continue to make the safety and security of Canadians a top priority. Sincerely, Robert Sopuck, MP Dauphin-Swan RiverMarquette

Sopuck’s handling of F-35 reckless Dear Editor, When undertaking the most expensive military procurementz ever, respect for hard-earned taxpayer dollars should be priority number one. But when it comes to the costs of the F-35 stealth fighter jets, Robert Sopuck and the Conservative Party failed to be up front with Canadians. But the recent Auditor General’s report has

shredded the Conservatives’ deception about the project: Stephen Harper low-balled Canadians on the project’s total cost. The report confirms the government knew the F-35 would cost $25 billion, but told Canadians $15 billion - $10 billion less. That’s a $10 billion mismanagement of your money. Nearly two years ago, the Liberals first raised a

red flag about these concerns - only to meet with Conservative denials and deception. Mr. Sopuck and the Conservative Party must stop being reckless with your tax dollars. Canada should hold an open competition to secure the planes our troops need at the right price. Yours sincerely, John McKay, Defence Critic Liberal Party of Canada

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Looking Back

Tobacco price hike encourages smokers to quit By Cecil Pittman Neepawa Press 80 YEARS AGO Thursday, May 10, 1932 A serious accident occurred on Saturday when Reg Williamson, living in Glendale, was accidently shot through the back with a .22 caliber rifle by his companion who did not know that the gun was loaded. Young Williamson is now in the Neepawa Hospital and, although suffering considerable pain, his condition is reported as being favorable. 70 YEARS AGO Thursday, May 14, 1942 Dr. H. H. Hutchinson, health officer, had quite a busy session at the Neepawa public School Monday when almost every student underwent a tuberculin test. This was given by an injection in the arm and should the result be positive, it means the child has come in contact with the germ. No results were available at the time information was obtained, however, the travelling clinic visited the school yesterday and the results of it, along with the tests, will appear in the next issue. 60 YEARS AGO Tuesday, May 6, 1952 Audrey Lee, elevenyear-old Chinese-Canadian daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Frankie Lee, of the town, won the Elks Trophy Saturday, awarded for solo pianoforte classes at the 14th annual Regional Festival held at Dauphin. Audrey obtained 88 marks to place first in the qualifying contest Thursday. She obtained the highest marks of anyone at the entire festival. 50 YEARS AGO Tuesday, May 8, 1962 Franklin – a happy combination of circumstances averted a sure disaster Saturday, when volunteers were able to confine a fire in the office of the Manitoba Pool Elevator (formerly Ogilvie’s) here, saving the main elevator and avoiding what might have been a severe threat to the other two elevators. 40 YEARS AGO Thursday, May 11, 1972 A new peeling machine began operation this week at the Prendiville Timber Preservers Company Ltd. (formerly Morton). The plant is now in full production after a shutdown since December 1971, and produces fence posts, poles, and timber treated under pressure with a preservative. William Taylor will continue as resident manager.

1982 A public referendum on the Beautiful Plains County building will be held June 28, town officials announced Monday. Mayor Homer Gill said council made the decision during a committee-of-the-whole meeting May 7. Council also agreed to hold two public informational meetings prior to the referendum. The ballot will ask voters to choose either renovations or construction of a new municipal building, he said. The council, he added, will not take a position favouring either of the choices. 20 YEARS AGO Tuesday, May 12, 1992 Members of Neepawa’s BPO Elks Lodge were a jubilant group Friday evening when they announced construction on the proposed seniors housing complex Elks Manor could begin as early as June 15. “At this point, we put the project out to tender”, said Elk’s president Jim Schmall. “The prices look very good and so far we’re right on budget,” 10 YEARS AGO Monday, May 13, 2002 A major hike in the price of tobacco prod-

Barry Hutchinson Photo

70 years ago: Thursday, May 14, 1942: Dr. H. H. Hutchinson, Health Office had a busy session at Neepawa Public School testing students for T. B. ucts appears to have had the desired result, with more smokers than ever ready to kick the habit.

Pharmacist Kevin Harris, of Harris Pharmacy in Neepawa, said since the province raised the price of ciga-

rettes to $9 a pack - $72 a carton – he’s having trouble keeping up with the demand for stopsmoking aids.

30 YEARS AGO Thursday, May 13,

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What’s in the Weeklies? Ads from the archives By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press (Every week The Neepawa Press receives weekly newspapers from across Westman and the rest of the province. Here are a few of the most interesting stories coming out of the weeklies received recently.) Saints marching in If you build it, they will come. That may not have been the idea behind the construction of Virden’s new state-of-the-art multi-use facility but it’s certainly the end result. The Virden EmpireAdvance reports Virden Hockey Ventures Inc. has officially brought a Junior ‘A’ hockey club to its community, taking over the reigns of the franchise formerly known as the Winnipeg Saints. The move will come into effect for the 201213 MJHL season, and the new owners promise the change of location will be coupled with a new name, logo and jersey which are not yet determined. The Saints made a long run into the playoffs last year and, with 13 players returning to the squad now heading to Virden, Virden Hockey Ventures is guaranteeing fans “we will make the playoffs” and the goal is to contend for a title. Volunteers celebrated People in the Parkland region never forget to recognize those who give

their time freely. Community Futures Parkland handed out its annual awards recently, The Exponent out of Grandview and Gilbert Plains explained, to people going above and beyond in volunteerism in that area. Awards were given out to both adults and youth who have been involved in things such as community sports, offering a helping hand to clean after houses burnt or buildings were graffitied, or braiding bracelets to raise funds for Tsunami victims from Japan. Winners received the recognition along with prizes such as a $300 donation to a charity of choice, a laptop or an iPod Touch. Councillor quits Waskada has lost one of its councillors who is tired of “locking horns” with the rest of the group. Don Wickham resigned from the position after frustrations involving some of the council’s decisions as a whole, the Deloraine Times & Star reports. Most recently, a request to bring in a larger building for a growing business – CE Franklin – was denied despite Wickham seeing it as being beneficial for the village. Wickham said decisions by council have “become more of a personal vendetta than about what’s good for the Village of

Waskada”, adding he wanted to help the village take advantage of opportunities for growth but it isn’t happening. Some of the reasons for denying the request were because it would create too much traffic, the building was too high, and there was a lack of room outside for equipment. Hockey Hall’er A former Souris resident is heading to the Inernational Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Hall of Fame. The Souris Plaindealer reports Andy Murray will head to the hall as a longtime professional hockey coach. Murray has coached in the minor leagues, AHL, NHL, NCAA, internationally and with Team Canada over his career. He is only the ninth Canadian Builder inducted into the IIHF Hall of Fame and one of only 23 Canadians inducted for any reason. Souris will be hosting an event June 8 to recognize the achievement. Rodeo Rundown Cowboys and cowgals were out in full force around Melita recently. Melita New Era told its readers the Pierson and Area Indoor Rodeo was a hit recently. The event featured three days of rodeo fun, including a Ranch Horse Competition, bareback and amateur riding, barrel racing, tie down and team

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Press archives

May 18, 1950 - It was the 1950s and “The Sign of Progress” for Neepawa residents came in part at the hands of The Manitoba Power Commission who powered the ‘futuristic’ electrical ‘automatic cooking stove’. The new stove helped eliminate the need, and ‘inconvenience’ of fuel and coal stoves. roping, steer wrestling and bull riding. Plant perishes The Minnedosa Tribune reports the town’s original water plant has been demolished. Clint Moffat and Sons knocked down the building as part of a tender with the Town of Minnedosa. The plant was originally built around 1953 when about 18 men worked on the project. Trashin’ the trash

Carberry’s elementary and senior schools took turns collecting refuse, debris and garbage around their community recently, The Carberry News-Express writes. The initiative helped keep the town green while students were rewarded with hot dogs and canned drinks afterwards. Talent up, cash down Residents in Russell were treated to some great entertainment at their

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community’s Multiplex Talent Show, according to The Russell Banner. The mayor sang, youth gathered donations, cowboy poetry was heard and various other talents stepped on to the stage to show off their abilities. However, the showcase which is only in its second year saw a substantial drop in profits made from the previous year, profitting only about $3,800 on the night.

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Yellowhead Centre establishes membership fee By Yellowhead Centre Board The Yellowhead Centre located in Neepawa is very rare compared to other Manitoba Communities as it is not Town/Municipality owned or operated. To ensure parity across user groups and financial stability for the facility, Neepawa’s Yellowhead Centre will now be requiring a membership fee for all facility users. One membership is required per family and it will be due annually. The cost will be based on the municipal location of the member’s home residence. (Calculation can be found on our Website www. Over the last decade, the centre’s expenses have risen dramatically (examples of increases can be seen

in the ‘Expenses’ chart accompanying this article). Over the past decade, the Centre has also invested over $500,000 in upgrades. The Yellowhead is very grateful to Organizations, Volunteers and The Major Events that have assisted in making these upgrades possible. Like many other organizations, the Yellowhead has seen a decline in volunteerism, which has led to decreased income and increased costs. For example, in 1983-84, the Yellowhead Auxiliary donated $20,000 for the facility and today the income figure remains much the same because many of the jobs that were done by volunteers are now done by the hired manager and concession staff. While income has risen to cover expenses, tradi-

tional sources of revenue such as municipal grants and concession income has either remained constant or declined. Municipal grants used to be the facility’s major source of funding, grants from the Town of Neepawa for $63,000, the RM of Rosedale for $1,500, have remained constant over the last 10 years and the RM of Langford’s grant fluctuates around $4,000. The RM of Lansdowne doesn’t provide a grant to the facility. With municipal funding not keeping pace with rising expenses, the board has pursued other sources of revenue for the facility over the last 10 years. The difference has been made up by increased income from ice and hall rentals, advertising and special events. In 1999-2000, the Yel-

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“A membership fee will be required before users can rent the facility or register for a team or group that uses the Yellowhead.” lowhead had a $75,000 loan and paid $7,700 in interest that year. Within two years the loan had been repaid and the Yellowhead remains debt free but the centre has no reserve for future needs. A membership fee will be required before users can rent the facility or register for a team or group that uses the Yellowhead. The base membership fee is $51 per family but

will be reduced based on how much of a grant is provided to the facility by each municipality. Users who reside in the Town of Neepawa will be charged $10 per year, users who reside in the RM of Langford will be charged $37 per family, users who reside in the RM of Rosedale will be charged $49 per family and in the RM of Lansdowne and all others will be charged $51 a family.

EXPENSES Bookkeeping/Office Manitoba Hydro Natural Gas Manitoba Hydro Electricity Insurance Bank Charges Advertising R&M Rink R&M Hall R&M Concessions Taxes Supplies Telephone Water Wages/Salary/Payroll Liabilities WCB Travel/Training Totals Difference (2011-2000)

Such fees are becoming increasingly common in facilities in Manitoba. Most similar facilities in Manitoba are municipally owned however, as stated, the Yellowhead isn’t. The Yellowhead is owned and operated by the Neepawa and District Centennial Project Committee Inc. Yelowhead staff are not Town/Municipal employees. Without a municipality to cover unexpected shortfalls, it’s important that the facility be well funded. The move to a membership fee will at least ensure that users from each municipality are paying equally their share of the facility’s cost of operation.

2000 $3,694.00 $10,020.00 $31,351.00 $5,058.00 $8,048.00 $1,163.00 $19,391.00 $2,014.00 N/A $2,741.00 $1,800.00 $1,723.00 $5,549.00 $76,326.00 $768.00 $1,160.00 $170,806.00

2011 $2,480.00 $18,928.00 $46,707.00 $16,361.22 $200.00 $131.00 $44,875.00 $13,800.00 $695.00 $4,332.00 $3,686.00 $1,800.00 $13,177.00 $115,00.00* $589.00 $1,940.00 $284,701.22 $113,895.22 *($20,000+ of that being concession staff)

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Population increase ACT Festival causes HMK additions New rooms to be added By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press Neepawa and area’s population increase is leading to some changes at Hazel M. Kellington. The elementary school is planning to add two new portable classrooms on to its facilities for the fall “to accomodate the growing

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enrollment at the school”. The portables are expected to be utilized by the school’s Grade 6 classes. Earlier this spring, Beautiful Plains School Division (BPSD) superintendent Jason Young told The Neepawa Press bringing in the new classrooms is in part a response to the received and anticipated population increase to the Neepawa area. “We are expecting our Neepawa schools to grow over the next couple of years due to immigration,” Young said. The superintendent pointed out many of the original immigrants coming to HMK had moved to larger urban centres which kept the enrollment “relatively unchanged”.

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The BPSD is now anticipating more of the students to stay in the area which causes the need for the additional classrooms. Young said the school division’s past experience has shown trends of about half the eligible immigrant students ending up in Neepawa schools. The ratio for those students is about 2:1, where for every three new students, two are typically enrolled at HMK and one at NACI. The school also understands it will be having more classes in the younger ages this upcoming year. “We know we have two Grade 6 classes leaving HMK and are expecting three Grade 1 and three Kindergarten classes for the fall,” Young said. In mid-March, Young and BPSD Secretary Treasurer Gord Olmstead and two trustees met with Education Minister Nany Allan and Deputy Minister of Education Gerald Farthing to discuss Neepawa’s growing enrolment and future education facility needs. The two portable classrooms will be funded by the province.

Darren Graham/Neepawa Press

Diane Martin and Lisa Walsh share a laugh during a performance of Whitemud Comedy Club’s (WCC) The Odd Couple. The WCC hosted the ACT Manitoba Festival this past weekend where different acting groups from around the province showcased their talents.

Council Briefs - May 1 By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press -Council passed its bylaw to levy taxes for the 2012 year, effectively passing its financial plan for the year. The Town has budgeted total expenditures for the year at about $5.98 million, up slightly from the $5.39 million budgeted last year. The Town has reported it

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compiled about $350,000 in surplus funds in 2011 which has been reallocated into the 2012 budget. An increase of about $460,000 in capital expenditures is budgeted, up to about $1.29 million. -The Town’s search for a new CAO will continue. Council announced it had someone it was interested in hiring but the individual is no longer available. “Unfortunately we had a prospective candidate coming to visit our town and unfortunately they have since taken a job in a bigger community in Saskatchewan and we’re back to square one in regards to getting a CAO,” Dietrich said. The Town will now be readvertising for the position. At the same meeting, council set its CAO salary range, stating the range will be between $70,000 and $90,000.

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-Coun. Dean Dietrich is tired of seeing a dilapidated building on Neepawa’s main highway stretch. The councillor told council he would like to see something done with the former Happy Bill’s building which sits in between the Co-op gas station and Agassiz. Dietrich said as one of Manitoba’s most beautiful towns, the dishevelled state of the building bodes poorly on the Town and suggested looking into cleaning up the lot or having the building demolished. “It’d be nice to have at least a bare piece of property that would be attractive for our community on the main drag,” Dietrich said. Council agreed to have Town employees look into the current ownership of the property to bring back for future discussion. For more on the May 1 Neepawa council meeting see next week’s paper.

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Plumas News

TIC Tender

Plumas competes at Evans tourney By Bernice Evenson

Submitted photo

T.I.C. Parts and Service owner Darrell LeBoutillier hands over a cheque to Roxy Theatre representative Marilyn Dietrich for $478. The donation comes as a result of the business’ pledge to give five per cent of STIHL sales during our Lawn Care Days Apr. 17-19.

Central Plains seniors held their partner cribbage playoff at Plumas Apr. 18 with nine tables. From here Allan Hogarth and Robert McLaughlin, Bernice Evenson and Loreen Amann are qualified to go to Ashern in June for the Manitoba Summer Games. When I went to work at the Plumas Inn on Apr. 19 I got a shock I didn’t have to unlock the door; it was already open as the cafe, post office and legion hall were all broken into during the night. Mr. and Mrs. Len Tyerman spent a few days with their daughter Gail and Arnold Hogg in Brandon last week. Bernice Evenson spent the Apr. 20 weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Martens in Baldur. Returned home on Monday after three days of dancing in Belmont. The Central Plains

Cancer Dance and Supper was well attended here on Saturday, Apr. 21. Several of the same dancers were in Belmont on Sunday. JoAnne Oswald took Ayden McKenzie back home to his mom and dad in Macoun, Sask. after staying a week with Ken and JoAnne Oswald. From there, she motored to Saskatoon to see the Campbell girls in the three day dance competition. Chelsey danced with her group six different times and scored three golds and three silvers, as well as three awards for the most promising ballet due, the most promising jazz small group and the most promising musical theatre trio. Heidi and Kaytlin danced in four dances and won two gold and two silver medals. Chelsey’s one group made it to the final dance-off competi-

tion on Sunday evening where they competed against 31 other groups but they didn’t win. Everyone returned to Archerwill, Sask. while JoAnne returned home to Plumas Tuesday. She had a great time! Word was received here of the passing of Grant Schettler’s wife Brenda out in B.C. Sympathy is extended to her father Don Collins and her brothers of Gladstone. Ron Fischer of Didsbury, Alb. is spending a few days with his mother Clara Fischer and other family members in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Hanneson and Jodi of Lakeland, accompanied by Iris Fischer, were in Dauphin Sunday, Apr. 29 to watch the Ukrainian dancing. Iris’ great granddaughter Tristyn Hanneson took part and also received the helper’s

Stuart Briese, MLA Agassiz Constituency



The Manitoba Water Services Board

Neepawa Phone: 476-3736 Fax: 476-3462 Email: P.O. Box 23 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0


May 25, 2012 Supply of all material and equipment to complete selective demolition of existing filtration equipment, existing roof, opening and closure for access, gravity filter modifications, media supply and installation of pre-purchased membrane and associated works to the existing Town of Neepawa Water Treatment Plant.

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MARKED M.W.S.B. No. 1068 Town of Neepawa Water Treatment Plant Upgrades


Tenders will be publicly opened and read at the location, time and date specified above. Each tender must be accompanied by a fully executed BID BOND on the form provided and in favor of the Minister of Finance for the amount shown on the Tender. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a certified cheque be accepted in lieu of Bid Bond.

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Sealed tenders, marked as follows will be received by the undersigned at The Manitoba Water Services Board, Imperial square, 2010 Currie Blvd., Box 22080, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6Y9, up tp 11:00 a.m., prevailing Brandon time on: for the following works:


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award. Wednesday, Apr. 25 Larry Evans held the 23rd Annual Senior Bowling Tournament at Evans Lanes in Neepawa. There were 24 teams entered coming from Minnedosa, Brandon, Trehorne, Dauphin, Neepawa and Plumas. Congratulations to Albert Hailstone team that won the gold with two pins more than my team of Gail McGregor, Pearl Sollner, Dorthy Moller and myself. Sunday two teams from here bowled in Minnedosa with the team of Gail McGregor, Phyllis Mauthe, Isabel Dixon, Ted Mauthe and Ken Oswald winning silver. If there had been a third prize, David and Marion Single, Erwin and Dorothy Moller, and Pearl Sollner would have won it. But Pearl did win most points over average for the women with 99 points.

Corner of 5th & Main St. Neepawa Insert store location Mothers Day - Sunday, May 13 2012 At participating locations only. Blizzard, DQ and the ellipse shaped logo are trademarks of Am. D.Q. Corp., Mpls, MN ©2012. ® Trademark of American Dairy Queen Corp. Distributed by IDQ Canada. Printed in Canada.

Tender documents may be obtained on or after May 7, 2012 at 2012 Currie Blvd., Box 22080, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6YA, on the deposit of a CERTIFIED CHEQUE in the amount of $50.00 on each Tender. Deposit will be refunded only on (1) the submission of a bona fide tender or (2) the return of the tender documents within seven (7) days after tender closing. The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. • May 9, 2012 • Page 13

Lady Tigers blazing out of gates By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press

Kaiten Critchlow/Neepawa Press

Gettin’ their kicks

From front, Madison Kilburn, Richelle Forgue, Oscar Funk and Trinity Wiens battle for a ball during Neepawa United Soccer Association’s (NUSA) house league play last Thursday for ages eight to 12. It was the first night of practice for the kids who were having a blast on the field.

NACI’s female fastball team has opened its season with a pair of impressive wins, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. After creaming the Carberry Cougars 19-6 to begin the season, the Tigers followed that up with a 6-2 showing over the MacGregor Mustangs. NACI 19 - Carberry 6 There was no rust on the female Tigers bats to start their season as they belted out an amazing 19-run total for the win. Jaya Freemen went 3-for4, walked once, and dinged in 4 RBIs to lead NACI offensively. The Schmall sisters, Emma and Adrienne, and Halle Hayhurst had 2 RBIs apiece, while Kailee Stewart had one RBI. Emma Schmall set the tone defensively, pitching all seven innings to clinch the win.

NACI 6 - MacGregor 2 Amy Todoruk and Kailee Stewart split the pitching duties for NACI in their second win of the season, keeping the MacGregor Mustangs bats silent in a 6-2 win. Adrienne Schmall helped lead the way offensively for Neepawa, racking up two RBIs and a stolen base, while Stewart tallied one RBI and a steal. Freeman, Emma Schmall and Amy Todoruk all grabbed steals as well. NACI was scheduled to play Monday night in Gladstone and will host William Morton Collegiate Institute in the rubber match tonight (Wednesday) at Neepawa’s fairgrounds. The female Tigers compete in Zone 7 matches against teams from surrounding area schools. The male Tigers play in both the PWHSBL and Zone 7. Both the boys and girls squads play seven inning games.

Tigers tame Huskies at home By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press There seems to be a trend building for the NACI Tigers boys fastball team early on this season. So far, the talented young squad is either finding itself playing in a blowout game or not playing at all. To start out its Prairie West High School Baseball League (PWHSBL) season, the Tigers have won two games by 19-9 and 12-4 wins, lost their season opener 15-2 and had three games postponed due to rain. Sunday afternoon in Neepawa, the Tigers kept their home record perfect with an impressive 19-9 win over the Hamiota Huskies.

Blair Krutkewich got the Tigers off to a strong start, pitching three innings, while Jesse Adams replaced him for the next three frames and Trent Nelson closed out the final inning of the game. Garrett Rempel helped lead the way offensively with a double and single at the plate. A few days earlier the Tigers hosted their first game of the season, dominating Russell’s Major Pratt Trojans 12-4. Matthew Sneesby and Adams split the pitching duties for Neepawa. A week earlier in Dauphin, the Tigers opened their season with a poor outing, being defeated 15-2 on the road.

Nelson started the game as pitcher for NACI. Coach Mike Levandosky said he is happy with the way his team has bounced back from the opening day loss, and hoped to see that success continue. “Last year we kind of struggled because we had six Grade 10s and six Grade 9s, that’s pretty tough. But those guys have come back (for this season)...and we’re doing much better,” Levandosky said. “I’d say we’re right in the middle of the pack.” Levandosky isn’t quite as happy about the fortune the team has had with weather lately, as rain has been the cause of three postponed games in the first two weeks

already. With the PWHSBL beginning Apr. 23 and playoffs scheduled to begin May 13, postponements are leaving a bit of uncertainty for the Tigers. “The weather hasn’t been great for us so far,” Levandosky said. “With such a short season, I’m not sure where we’re going to be making up all of these games.” According to the league website, most teams are in the same boat, leaving the PWHSBL with an interesting scheduling situation. In the meantime, NACI’s next PWHSBL game is scheduled for Wednesday in Brandon against Crocus Plains, and then Sunday against Boissevain.

Kaiten Critchlow/Neepawa Press

NACI’s Emma Schmall throws a pitch during Zone 7 play against the Carberry Cougars.

NACI, WMCI compete at badminton provincials By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press Neepawa and Gladstone had a good contingent of its athletes at the MHSAA’s

2012 Badminton Provincials in Carman over the weekend. NACI’s Matthew Sneesby and Travis Nicolson were a strong force in the

male doubles category after qualifying for the tourney with a second place finish at Zone 7 finals in Neepawa. WMCI had even more representation at the tour-

ney with three teams entered. Gaelen Fehr headed to provincials for male singles while Tanner Peters and Alyson Vercaigne com-

peted in mixed doubles. All three won their groupings in Zone 7 playdowns. WMCI’s female doubles team of Alyssa Hill and Doris Roulette also quali-

fied for provincials through wildcard play. None of the teams were able to place top eight to reach the playoffs at provincials.

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July 15, 2012

Manitoba only • May 9, 2012 • Page 15

Evans YBC season ends The Youth Bowling Canada (YBC) league ended its season Apr. 18 with awards and recognition being handed out to some of its bowlers for their performances throughout the year. From left: High Series for two or three game totals are, front, Dawson and Maverick Jakubowski, Delanie Newsome. Back row, Samantha Nickart, Amos Taylor and Chris Obsniuk. Missing is Chantal Crivea. Bowlers of the Year are front, Bryce Kwiatkowski, and back, Samantha and Katlyn Nickart.

Most Improved Bowlers for the season are, front, Maverick Jakubowski (+10), and back row, Briean Cloude (+32), Samantha Nickart (+9), Matthew Obsniuk (+19) and Tatrina Porter (+11). Missing are Brendan (+10) and Callista Lockerby (+6). Other badges or pins were handed out for Turkeys (three strikes in a row), Family Twosomes, Perfect Attendance, Participation and Skunks, YBC Badges and Senior Awards of Excellence. Each bowler was also given a certificate of their personal achievements

and a YBC pin. More photos will follow next week for other YBC award winners. Supporters of YBC were also recognized with certificates and pins; they are Larry Evans as well as Darren Graham and the staff of The Neepawa Press. The bowlers enjoyed bowling two games followed by a draw for three YBC/Evans Lanes jackets and t-shirts donated by Larry Evans, as well as a lunch of pizza, donuts and pop. See you all again Sept. 8.

Submitted photos

Athletes in Evans Lanes Youth Bowling Canada (YBC) league this season are, front row, from left, Maverick Jakubowski, Dawson Jakubowski and Delanie Newsome. Second row, Bryce Kwiatkowski, Chris Obsniuk and Samantha Nickart. Third row, Matthew Obsniuk, Katlyn Nickart and Amos Taylor. Back Row, Brianna Porter, Terrell Cloude, Tatrine Porter, Briean Cloude and Emma Gerrard. Missing, Brendan and Callista Lockerby, Chantale Crivea and Allison Byram

Dr. Greg Perkins Dr. Derek Papegnies Optometrists

499 Mountain Ave. (Neepawa & District Wellness Centre)

For appointment please call:

476-2002 Neepawa, MB

Mother’s Day Special May 8-13 -13 • 10 piece chicken en en • Large Fries • Large Gravy • Large Salad $ • 3 Rolls • 2L Pepsi Product uct uc ct • McCain Cake

29.99 plus tax

Bring in a mom and she will recieve a 2 piece chicken dinner at half price Valid on Mother’s Day. Dine in only

Phone: 476-7500 Corner of #5 & #16 Hwys

120 Main St W Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0 (204) 476-3333

Page 16 • May 9, 2012 •

McCreary News

Busy month in McCreary, Golden Gals get Glenella grinning

By Thelma Burton Another busy month has left us in the dust, with May already into its second

week, the year is flying by. School years didn’t go that fast when I was there. No doubt the youth of today are eagerly waiting for summer break to find employment, vacation or just hang out. Some farmers have their seeding done, while many haven’t started as of yet. I don’t think gardeners have started yet but I could be wrong. April saw a lot of McCrearyites on the move to

meetings, entertainments, hospital visits and so on, so let me list a few of them for your reading enjoyment or curiosity. Hello to those in hospital or recuperating at home may you soon be in the pink again. The Legion Auxilliary District meeting for Hwy. No. 1 South was held in Gilbert Plains recently, attending from here were Edie Lloyd, Hilda Longtin, Marilyn Benson and Viv-

ian Livingston of Kelwood who did the chauffering. Many from here attended the very hilarious comedy play the “Golden Gals” in Glenella last week. A lot of time and effort was needed to pull it off. Writer and director Darryn Cameron did a great job choosing the right players for the characters, people are still laughing two weeks later. You folks deserve all the praise you get. The Regional Health

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May 9-12 Chocolates


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424 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB Ph: 476-2888 or 476-3157 Toll Free: 888-798-9378 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm Sat: 9am-5pm

Auxilliary District meeting was held in the Grace Baptist Church on Highway No. 5 west of Ste. Rose du Lac recently. Attending from McCreary were Sadie Leepart, Jean Buchanan, Millie McLuckie, Vernice Sheppard, Edie Lloyd, Mary Schultz, Anne Lashewicz, Theresa Nault and Jeannette Butterfield. The Burrows Arts Council have their season tickets ready for our fall and winter schedule, and they are as


follows: Kayla Luky on Oct. 19, Jake’s Gift Nov. 9 and Elli Barsi on Jan. 25, 2013. We have heard them all and they’re all very good. Season ticket price for all three performances in McCreary is $40. Until next week Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it, learn from it, make your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change YOUR smile.


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Hot Rock Massage • Cranial Massage • ReÏexology • Reiki • Ionic Foot Detox • Nursing Foot Care • • Sea Salt Scrub •

Treat Mom to a gift certiÎcate! 462 11stt AAvenue, Neepawa, N MB

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Classifieds IN MEMORIAM


Olive Morden Oct 1919 - May 2011 You were a precious gift So much beauty, grace and love You touched our hearts in so many ways You heard God’s whisper \calling you home You didn’t want to go and leave us alone Till all your strength was gone and you could no longer fight So you gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away Knowing that with our love we will be together again



There once was a girl named Jo Who met Hymie many years ago They got married one day In the middle of May 30 years! Where did they go? Love the Hurrell clan

GARAGES • Lifts & New Concrete • New Builds • Repairs


Also seeking experienced workers.

(204) 299-7247

Remembered and missed by family and friends

Guess who is 40?

MEMORIAL SERVICES Henry Dueck Passed away at the Neepawa Health Centre on February 12, 2012. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. in Clarke’s Funeral Chapel, 102 Dennis St. W., Gladstone. Clarke’s Funeral Home, Gladstone in care of arrangements.


Happy 45th Love your Family


Antique Auto & Tractor Auction for Edwin & Rita Friesen Saturday June 9/12 11 AM • Neepawa, MB Directions: From jct of Hwy#5 & #16 (on east side of Neepawa), 2 miles east on Hwy#16 . Watch for signs. Owner’s Ph#: 204-476-2679 Feature items: •1941 Ford 1 ton truck •1951 Ford Mercury 3/4 ton truck •1928 Ford Model A Special Coupe,rumble seat •1928 Ford Model A, 2 dr •1952 Chevy Half Ton • 1928 Ford Model A, open cab truck • all above vehicles restored Tractors: • Cockshutt mdl #1950, 453 GM dsl engine, restored, call: (204) 476-6314 for info •1948 John Deere Model M,restored,call: (204) 476-6314 for info •1951 W6 • 1954 Super W6 Antiques: • McCormick 3 hp stationary engine, running • McCormick 1.5 hp stationary engine, running • Fairbanks Morris 2 hp stationary engine

John Lamport: (204) 476-2067 • Tim Dowler: (204) 803-6915 See web for full listing & pics •

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Lookie Lookie guess who is 40 Happy Birthday


CARD OF THANKS We would like to thank everyone who donated and came out to wish us well at the send-off night at the rink. A big thanks to the Neepawa Curling Club for putting on the night. It was good to see you all there. A big thanks to Paul, Dalyse and Wanda for organizing the evening and to Dalyse, a big thanks for the super website she created to follow our curling endeavors. Thanks to the Westman Curling Foundation for covering the cost of the lunch, the night of our send-off. Thanks to all the people who donated prizes for the raffle draws that night. A big thanks to both local papers for all the interest and coverage shown for us during both competitions. Team Canada Kelly, Doug, Peter and Bob

COMING EVENTS Holland Old Time Fiddling Contest. June 15 - 17, 2012. Holland Community Centre Guest: Jason Lepine. Dance: The Moonshiners 9 p.m. Contest Saturday 1:30 Sunday dance, 1:00 pm.

GREEN GIANT POPLAR, plugs: $1.79/each for a box of 200 ($358.). Full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. 1-866-873-3846 or **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866287-1348 SAVE! NEW! WRAPPED! Queen Pillow-Top Bed Set $395! (6-piece Bedroom Suite including PillowTop Bed set $900). 40”x40” pub table, 4-stools $585. SOLID LIGHT OAK 60” to 96” Table (No Veneer) 6-high back padded chairs $1,850 ($4,200 value)! Leather 3-Piece Set! Sofa, Love Seat & Chair. Sacrifice $1,400, Store Value $3,100. (Can Separate) Call: 204-571-1971. Brandon


BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING Automotive, farm, construction, ATV, marine, cycle, golf carts, solar. Phones, tools, radios, computers, etc. Reconditioned, obsolete, and hard-to-find batteries. SOLAR panels, inverters, and accessories. The Battery Man Wpg. 1-8777758271

Love Mom, Marissa, Troy, and Family


Case/IHC tractor with front end loader, 72 H.P., 3 pt. hitch, cab, mechanical front wheel drive, only 261 hours; ladies walker, ladies wheel chair with gel cushion; platform scale up to 500 LB; household furniture. Phone 352-4495 Glenella, MB

FOR SALE Air Seeder 210 Series, FH 424-28 with 2115 tank extended to 169 bushels, new cross auger, new shaft monitor, new clutch, liquid kit, 7” fill auger, æ openers, used one season, field ready. $10,000 firm. Phone 9672009.

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DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-3331405.

CAREER TRAINING Become a Cardiology Technologist (CT) in your own community. Wages range from $26.18 $36.26/hr. The only CT program in Western Canada accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Approved by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT). This full-time program is delivered in a combined delivery format (guided online learning with regional classroom, lab and clinical placements). Student loans available to qualified applicants. Toll Free: 1-855-CARDIO-0 (1-855-227-3460) WORK FROM HOME Huge demand for Medical Transcriptionists. Train with the best. Loan and funding options available. Contact CanScribe Career College today. 1.800.466.1535,,






Public Notice is hereby given pursuant to subsection 162 (2) of The Municipal Act that the Council of the Rural Municipality of Lakeview intends to present its financial plan for the fiscal year 2012 at a public hearing in the Council Chambers of the Rural Municipality of Lakeview on the 10th day of May, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. Council will hear any person who wishes to make representation, ask questions, or register an objection to the financial plan as provided. Copies of the financial plan are available for review and may be examined by any person, during regular office hours at the Lakeview Municipal Office. Holly Kyrsko, B.Comm, CMAA Chief Administrative Officer Rural Municipality of Lakeview CARD OF THANKS



The Happy Rock Children’s Centre

Sutton-Harrison Realty AN INDEPENDENT MEMBER BROKER 445 10th Street Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4G Fax: (204) 571-5905 Email: Website:

(204) 571-5915 (204) 212-3731

Minnedosa Homes - 1 3/4 storey 3 bedroom, completely renovated - $145,900 - 3 bedroom bungalow, new furnace, C/A and hot water tank - $137,900 - 1 3/4 storey 2 bedroom, many updates $108,000

Rick Taylor 867-7551 HomeLife Home Professional Realty Inc.

Would like to thank everybody who helped make this year’s annual Quad Derby a tremendous success: the landowners, registration workers, trail markers, parents who sold ghost hands, food workers, and all of the 151 riders who came out to support the event. Special thanks to Shane Henton for donating $100 of his winnings back to the Centre. Poker hand winners were: 1st – Jessie McCaughan ($827.50) 2nd – Shane Henton ($496.00) 3rd – Mark Ferguson ($331.00)


Page 18 • May 9, 2012 • BUSINESS SERVICES


MOBILE/MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE New 2011 SRI, 3 bedroom, 16x80 home. Priced to sell. Delivery included within 150 kms of Brandon. Glendale Mobile Home Sales Brandon. 204-726-3398 or 7247907

SERVICES FOR HIRE A PHONE DISCONNECTED? We Can Help. Best Rates. Speedy Connections. Great Long Distance. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122. Protel Reconnect.


Full-time mobile tire technician, Killarney, MB. Must be able to work alone, follow protocols, directions, physically fit. Work involves large equipment, tires off-site. Must have valid driver’s license. Air endorsement, experience an asset. Resumes to fax: 204-5237592 or


STEEL BUILDINGS/GRANARIES CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1-8-NOWPARDON (1-866-972-7366).

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STEEL BUILDING BLOWOUT SALE! 20X26 $5,199. 25X28 $5,799. 30X42 $8,390. 32X56 $11,700. 40X50 $14,480. 47X76 $20,325. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

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1 – 5 p.m.

Neepawa- located behind the Located 10 km North CO-OP of Plumasgrocery on PR #260 Neepawa/Gladstone store MONDAY to Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM SUNDAY 12 noon - 5:00 PM

Watch for our sign

NEEPAWA ★ Custom Gravel Crushing ★ Concrete ★ Crushed Aggregates ★ Gravel ★ Sand ★ Equipment Rentals ★ Topsoil ★ Snow Clearing in Season




Beautiful Plains School Division is accepting applications for an evening custodian for Neepawa Area Collegiate. Duties include the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds under the direction of the Principal and/or Maintenance Supervisor. Hours of work are 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The starting wage is $15.10 per hour with 4 annual increments of $.50 /hr. to follow. The Division offers a pension plan and other benefits. Applicants should state experience and include three references. Duties to commence as arranged. Questions can be directed to the undersigned at 476-2388. Deadline for application: NOON, Thursday, May 17th, 2012

is currently taking applications for the following positions:

Class 1S Driver for dry bulk runs. Monday to Friday dispatch through Western Canada. We offer competitive wages, beneÎts, assigned late model equipment, and year round work. All you need is a clean abstract with 2 years experience, a positive attitude, and the ability to work in a team environment. Please forward resume to: Box 64, Gladstone, MB R0J 0T0 Fax: (204) 385-3465 Email:

Brahma’s Grill

Neepawa • Hwy #16 East

Now accepting resumes for

Full Time - Part Time Cooks, hostess and serving persons

Phone: (204) 476-2388 Fax: (204) 476-3606 Email:

Successful candidates must complete a Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry check. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Others are thanked for their interest.


Gladstone Transfer Ltd.

Send resumes marked “NACI Custodian” to the undersigned. Mark Hutton Maintenance Supervisor Beautiful Plains School Division Box 700 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0

FEED & SEED Plumas, MB AC Carberry, Barrie, AC Kane Barley: Desperado, Tradition Oats: Leggett, Summit Canola: Invigor, Brett Young, Nexera, F.P. Genetics Corn: Pickseed, Elite Forages: Brett Young, Pickseed Other: Millet, Triticale Todd: 386-2206 Darren: 386-2072

Qualiſed Individuals Please Drop off resumes at Brahma’s Grill


Kingland Ford Hay River, NT seeking Experienced Ford Certified Partsperson with ADP/MicoCat, Long term employment, teamplayer. $34.50-$36.50hrly wage with benefits and pension plan.


269 Hamilton Street, Neepawa, Man.


EVENING CUSTODIAN Neepawa Area Collegiate

30 foot GPS Steering Serving Neepawa and General Area Please contact: Ken Lindsay Home: 476-5593 Cellular: 476-0669


Sunday, May 2

Phone: 386-2354 • Plumas

• •



Plumas - Located 10 km North of Plumas on PR# 260 Watch for our sign MONDAY to SATURDAY 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM SUNDAY 12:00 noon - 5:00 PM



- Telehandler and Skid Steer Rental



Charles D. Taylor, B.A., LL.B Michael Davids, B.A., LL.B Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Telephone 476-2336


• Gas Fitting • Air Conditioning




Moving z Delivery Service z Junk Removal z



841-3781 Dr. R. P. Ashcroft Dr. A. Aiken OPTOMETRISTS Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm 37 - 2nd Ave., N.W., Dauphin NEW PATIENTS WELCOME CALL FOR APPOINTMENTS


May 18 &19 9:00 am-8:00 pm • Misc. trailer parts • New & used ag parts • Misc Steel • Assorted used hog equipment • And much more Come and see LEAWOOD ENTERPRISES


UNDER THE HIGHWAYS PROTECTION ACT THE HIGHWAY TRAFFIC BOARD Notice is hereby given that a hearing of the Highway Traffic Board will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in Room B6, Brandon Provincial Building, 340 - 9th Street, Brandon, Manitoba.

1 mile north of Birnie on #5 Highway Inquiries? Call


Yellowhead Cooling • RADIATOR REPAIRS





Application for On- Premises Sign (Commercial) adjacent to P.T.H. No. 10, Lot 3, Plan 672, S.W. 1/4 18-19-18W, R.M. of Park (Onanole.). The Highway Traffic Board will be prepared to consider all submissions, written or oral, on the above applications by contracting the Secretary prior to or at the hearing. 200-301 Weston Street Winnipeg MB R3E 3H4 Phone: (204) 945-8912 Iris Murrell, Secretary THE HIGHWAY TRAFFIC BOARD


(Advanced Cooling System maintenance)


#16 Hwy. West (next to airport)

PHONE 476-5589 • May 9, 2012 • Page 19

FREE DELIVERY of blister packs!

And Home Health Aids for Sale or Rent

Our Pharmacists are able to help you with all your medication! Neepawa, MB Kevin Harris

Heather Todoruk

Heather Saquet

Jackie Pollock


Page 20 • May 9, 2012 •

Neepawa’s Triston Grant in AHL conference semis By Kaiten Critchlow Neepawa Press Former Native and hometown product Triston Grant

is enjoying a long playoff run in the American Hockey League’s (AHL) - the NHL’s farm league - Calder Cup tournament.

Playing for the Oklahoma City Barons, Grant is currently in the midst of a second round, Western Conference semi-final bout with

the San Antonio Rampage. As of Monday morning, the Barons and Rampage series was tied at one game apiece.

Grant featured in 53 of the Barons 76 games this season, totaling 11 goals, 15 points and 163 penalty minutes.

The Barons finished the regular season with the best record in the AHL’s Western Conference and second-best record in the entire league.

PHONE 476-3317 1-800-851-3364 AFTER HOUR SALES

Nick Beavington ..................................385-2284 Doug Forsman ......................................476-5375 Jim McLaughlin ....................................476-2416 Brian Ramsey (Carberry)................834-3201 Rob Cameron....................................841-0591 Dealer Permit 4123

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The Neepawa Press  

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