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BY: Julian Austin As I stepped past the giant wooden, double doors into HD1, I found myself staring at a large, plexiglass menu covered with flavor combinations and ingredients I never thought I would have associated with a hot dog. Lets get this straight. HD1 isn’t serving up your typical ballpark style hot dog with ketchup and mustard. In fact, it is much more than that. With a menu inspired by Atlanta chef Richard Blais, and a sleek, modern décor, HD1 embodies a finer side to enjoying one of America’s most beloved foods - the hot dog. More specifically a beef and pork wiener. Complete with a bar serving up your favorite artisanal beers and liquors, the space at HD1 is simple enough. A few high tops and communal tables line the center of the room, dotted with patrons chowing down on meat in tube form between two sweet Ghana rolls. The atmosphere casts a social, laid back, come hang out and enjoy a gourmet hot dog type feel. 7 Bizzy B March 2012

They offer up varieties like the Eastbound and Down - a wiener covered in Carolina pulled pork and cole slaw. Or, The Whiz which is smothered in cheese sauce served with shoestring frites. You can never go wrong with the ole standard, justifiably listed on the menu as The Classic, a hot dog covered in sauerkraut and HD1’s own mustard.

4PM - 10PM

Here’s What Makes Nancy’s Pizza • • • •

F Dough Made From Scratch Fresh Vegetable Pizza Toppings Fresh Imported Spices Fresh Pizza Sauce Using Nancy’s Fresh Original Recipe


resh F

Try our NEW Signature Drink Specials: The Mango Long Island Iced Tea & The Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea


Sunday - Thursday


Live Performances Every Friday Night

7PM - 11PM Drink Specials

7PM - 1AM

We Take


KARAOKE DJ Hosted Every Saturday Night

9PM - 2AM Drink Specials

7PM - 2AM

Nancy’s Original Award Winning Deep Dish

ATLANTA • 3167 Peachtree Rd NE in Buckhead • 404-842-9997

a close and personal look at the And if you get a chance make sure stars uncut and unsensored to check out the interview they did on Bizzy B’s Owner Nia LazNick: We are nothing like TMZ ard, and Editor - In - Chief Shaunte though, and we always make sure Clarke at that whatever truth a celebrity has, they share it with the world Bizzy B: How is it working together since you guys are such good friends? Who are the owners of “”? Freelance photographer Joel Bazile aka “The Exalted One”, and Professional Networker Nick Dejean aka “Diesel”, sit down with Bizzy B Magazine to tell us about their newly launched website: THE SOCIAL LIFE dot ORG.

Nick: Business is very easy because we are very different. I am more like the social butterfly, and Joel is more like the business guy: the man behind the computer. Joel: There is no such thing as having a friendship without bumps in the road, but we have the same vision; so there is no need for us to fight, although at times we do agree to disagree. Our show bridges the gap between what people see on TV, and what is really going on.

Are you looking for your virtual backstage pass to the STARS? No need to look any further, the social life dot org is the site to check out. Co-owners Nick a.k.a. “Diesel” and Joel a.k.a. “The Exalted One” bring you the raw and real scoop on your favorite celebrity personalities. Nick: After we get done with our interviews we always end up Bizzy B: What made you all want to building friendships with the cestart the lebrities. We always like to shed a positive light on our people, but Nick: The social life dot org was an we really are NO HOLDS BAR!!! idea birthed by Joel and I, because I used to always put pictures on Face- The social life dot org airs book of me and local celebrities, and their interviews weekly in 2 my friends would always ask me and 3 part series. Check them about my experience out to get the latest scoop on the entertainment industry. Joel: Yes we wanted to give viewers 9 Bizzy B March 2012

10 Bizzy B March 2012

The doctors told me that I would It’s T’MELLE never walk again.

Former group member of Left Eye Productions female group Egypt; T’melle speaks on the devastatingly tragic car accident in Honduras involving Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and 9 other passengers, including herself. The odds were stacked against this young lady, and being in critical condition from the accident, she has had a long road to recovery. Bzzy B Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with T’melle to get her thoughts and feelings about the entire ordeal, and what she did to help herself heal. T’melle says: It took 2 years to recover. My leg was severely damaged and the doctors performed 5 surgeries on me, Because I was so young, they did not want to put a rod in my leg due to the fact I was still growing. Ultimately, my leg would not heal properly and they ended up putting a rod in my leg anyway. Although I was told I would never walk again; let alone being able to exercise or even dance, I still had faith and kept positive. And I knew God had other plans for me. Fast forward ten years later ....

T’melle: Now I am working on a solo project. I make sure that I take my experiences that I’ve had with the accident, recovering, and trying to make my place in the music industry and put it in my music. With every lyric, melody, and feeling: you get all of me. Through my music I hope to be able to take my listeners through a journey: “MY JOURNEY”. I’ve been so blessed to have a management team that stands behind me, believes in me, and pushes me to be the best. T’melle has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry including: Usher, B. Cox, Rodney Jerkins, Rock City, Fantasia, and more.

Be sure to check out her first single “Go to War” featuring Waka Flocka dropping in March 2012. Also, STAY TUNED next month T’melle has something extra special to share with the readers of Bizzy B Magazine... You can find out more about T’melle out on Twitter: @itstmelle Tumblr: Facebook: tmellemusic

12 bizzy b march 2012



Eugene “400” Jackson THE SONGWRITER/PRODUCER/ PUBLISHER INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAN Eugene “400” Jackson, the songwriter, the publisher, the international business MAN....400 makes his mark on the world in so many different ways. 400 states, “it takes hard work and you can not let a bump in the road deter you from your dreams.” As a songwriter 400 has written for local and major artist alike from Celeste J all the way down to Outkast. Even though his accolades speak for themselves 400 always remains level headed and works just as hard for signed and unsigned artist alike. Starting off in the rap community 400 was able to secure a deal with Epic Records at a young age but soon realized that his heart was not there. Now 400 indulges in the POP ROCK writing arena he says, “ I feel like I’ve found my niche, my way, my style just breathes pop rock. heavy metal wrist bands, but hey 400: It’s always a wonderful experiBizzy B asks: What song to date is that’s where I feel that I the most ence traveling to Africa. I absolutely your favorite song that you have comfortable. love it there. But, for those who live written? in the US you can still purchase Bizzy B asks: Do you like to travel? items from the store online. 400 says “Rain” because it’s about smiling when everything is going 400: YES but, only for the purposes 400 on Music wrong, don’t let the thunderstorm of getting paid. I am most relaxed on your parade. when I am making money. 400: Right now my main drive is TV and Film there is a lot of money to be 400 ON STYLE 400 has had the opportunity to made mainly because of the syndicaspread his wings in international tion aspect of things. “My style is very different from most business partnering with a clothing of the people I hang around I could business in Africa called Trunk Box Bizzy B: Where do you get the topics be wearing some Armani Shades, Vintage. for your songs? Mortal Combat Boots, and some 15 bizzy b march 2012


“ I’m a no nosense kinda guy” 400: My concepts come from personal experiences. Music is my outlet. But sometimes, I just sit and vibe to the music and whatever feeling it invokes that’s what I write about. But, every beat brings a different feeling that’s what makes it so easy to get inspired. You will always find my answers about love in my music. Because, 400 has had the opportunity to place music in TV and Film he started a publishing company called MSMJ Publishing. Songwriters and producers

alike are welcome to submit their music on his website . He is looking for someone who is consistently writing hot material. What you see is what you get with with 400. He will always be honest and stay true to himself and his people he has around him all you have to do is play your part. 16 Bizzy B March 2012

17 Bizzy B March 2012

“I never had to do anything ILLEGAL to get to where I am”



The mastermind behind the music for songs such as: “Low”- Flo Rida, “Walk it out”, and “ 2 Step” - Dj Unk. Montay used his God-given talent to create music that would go on to make millions. With music in over 15 countries, DJ Montay has definitely created an empire that he and his family will enjoy for a lifetime. Montay sits down with Bizzy B Magazine and candidly talks about his journey in the music industry, from the beginning until now, and what he is looking forward to in the future.

DJ Montay: I started out wanting to be a DJ... I really looked up to DJ Jelly: a huge mixtape DJ in Atlanta. I remember I would go down to Big Oomp’s record booth at the Flea Market with just pennies, nickels, and quarters and buy the latest DJ Jelly mix tape. I would take that tape home and try to recreate it with my own spin. At the time I was only 15 years old. Every week I would go down to Oomp’s booth and let him hear what I had done..... ( At the time DJ Jelly, Big Oomp, and MC Assault were the dream team that basically

started the Mix Tape Game in Atlanta )..... Finally, after going down there for several months; Oomp showed up at my house and wanted to sign me.

Bizzy B: What was one of your more exciting times in the music industry?

DJ Montay: My first huge royalty check!!! I was on the phone with my mom when I opened it, and I was Bizzy B: So, when you got in the like, “Momma, I gotta go”... I was in game you wanted to be a DJ, at what that much shock. point did you want to venture into Bizzy B: How has your family adjustbeing a producer? ed to your success? DJ Montay: About 5 or 6 years later. I was producing stuff for Baby D, Dj Montay: My family has been Hitman Sammy Sam, and Intoxi- supportive since day one, but I pray cated. In 2000, Big Oomp signed DJ a lot that’s what keeps me going. Unk to his label Big Oomp Records. Bizzy B asked Montay if there were Montay and a host of other produc- any projects that he could speak of ers worked on his album. The first that he is currently working on. He single to drop which DJ Montay pro- says, “he is really looking forward duced was “Walk it Out” which went to ‘BIG KORY’s’ (Big Oomp’s son) 3x platinum in the US. The follow album dropping which will be out up single “Two Step” did just as well very soon.” hitting the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks at #4. Then an A&R from Atlantic contacted Big Oomp about this new artist named Flo Rida. He was looking for tracks for his new album Mail on Sunday. Oomp sent over some of Montay’s tracks, and one of those tracks was written by T-Pain and Flo Rida, which is now known as “Low” and the rest is history. 18 bizzy b febuary 2012

Underground Economy Presents: Trapp Bank$ & DainjaRuss

This month we got a chance to sit back and talk with two up and comers in the game, TrappBank$ and DainjaRuss. There was a feeling of Déjà vu when we started talking to these guys, as they had a sense of folk wisdom and street savvy about them, which translates well given their style of music and lyricism. And although this may be the first time you have heard of them; these two lyricists are seasoned veterans, and in many ways their attitudes towards music and life definitely place them outside of the norm, especially in comparison to many of their peers. Jay Russell: When people hear your music how do you want them to feel? TrappBank$ : I want them to feel like; when you hear a song and a beat and you go, “ Oh that’s my jam!” Then I know as a person part of that song relates back to you as the listener, I want them to relate basically. DainjaRuss: I just want people to feel my music man, and I just want move them in a way. I’d like them to feel that I’m the same type of person they are, and that I have gone through similar things that they have gone through. JR: What made you all decide to get into rapping as opposed to any other type of occupations out there? TB: Well for one singing in the chorus in 6th grade 19 Bizzy B March 2012

piqued my interest in music. Then in the 7th grade there was this black history month program and I was supposed to recite Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I Have a Dream” speech. However, instead of just speaking it Ms. August made me rewrite it as a rap.(Laughs) At the end of the rap I remember doing this James brown split, it was a crazy feeling. DR: Jam Pony ,basically what I would do on certain songs is, I would let whoever it was rap their verse or whatever, and I would write a bar then after they were done rhyming I’d spit. Eventually, I figured instead of just doing a little part of a song why not write a full bar. And what I would do is take one radio and play a beat then have another radio recording the beat and me rhyming over it. JR: Do you feel like the region you all are in has any effect on the type of music you all make? TB: No, the south really has not really had any effect on the type of music I make. I do some Northern sounding stuff, some western sounding stuff. It really varies from time to time. But all in all there is going to be something for everyone on there. TB: No, the south really has not really had any effect on the type of music I make. I do some Northern sounding stuff, some western sounding stuff. It really varies

from time to time. But all in all there is going to be something for everyone on there.

DR: I have never really been just a Southern rapper; I have a lot of artists that have influenced me. WuTang, Nas, and Tupac are big inspirations of mine, and I feel like if you took them all and rolled them into one: that’s how I think I sound. JR: What is the overall message of your music? TB: It depends on what type of song I’m doing at the time, it really varies and just comes down to what I have experienced in my life; basically my music is my story. DR: There is a lot of stuff I have gone through and experienced and music is my way of expressing myself….I gotta get some of this darkness outta me. JR: What is the hardest part of being an independent artist? TB: Finances and working with a limited budget is really hard at times. DR: Getting money and staying relevant in the game; there are so many underground MC’s going after what you are going after, and it gets really competitive.

day of the week. But regardless of JR: On the other hand, what is the whether we blow up or not our menmost rewarding aspect of being an tality will stay the same. independent artist? JR: Who do you all feel is your target JR: On the other hand, what is the audience, who do you all basically most rewarding aspect of being an feel like you appeal to? independent artist? TB: I feel like out audience ranges TB: Control over everything and the anywhere from 20 to 35 ability to make money from what you love doing. DR: A more mature crowd basically.

(points to alcohol and laughs )

….Nah I’m kidding, I get my lyrics from whatever the beat says to me , my lyrics are derived from what I feel like the beat is saying to me. DR: It really depends on my mood. I let the beat take me somewhere that’s just… bangin.

JR: Alright, so when you are on stage and the crowd reacts positively, what DR: I can agree with that although JR: Lyrics-wise where do you all get does that do to you? sometimes I feel like I would rath- your songs from? DR: It’s like, “Man I didn’t know they erhave the money over the fame any felt like that” TB: The bottom of that cup 20 Bizzy B March 2012

experienced that’s caused me a lot of pain. TB: Whenever I think of that phrase “product of your environment” I think of him. DR: That’s what I talk about in my music my experiences I don’t floss in my songs the only money I talk about is the money I have held. The only times I really talk about the finer things are when I am talking about fulfilling my dreams in the future. JR: So do you all have any other projects you are working on right now, any solo stuff? TB: We are primarily focused on the Mixtape we do he solo stuff as we go along. JR: Where do you all perform mainly? TB and DR: South Atlanta. Throwbacks, Blue Flame, The Gate, J. Pauls and Tiempo Bravado. JR: Do you all have any new music out right now? TB and DR: Yeah, right now we have UGE Mixtape volume 1: Die or Do. - it just gasses you up and gives you TB: We try to lose ourselves and go motivation to keep going! to another place inside of the music and alcohol helps us do that, but not TB: Reach on teach on it makes me too much, just enough to get a buzz feel like I’m the shit, I love it! It’s the going. best feeling when you get up there grab the mic and start spittin and JR: So, let’s touch on this a bit bethe crowd starts rhyming right back cause I think there is something imto you! portant here. Earlier you said you have a lot of darkness in you, where JR : What do you do to mentally do you think this pain comes from? prepare for your performance? DR: My mom is in prison, I just lost TB: Grab my cup, grab a drink and my job, and I have three kids to feed get in the zone. … My life has not been easy there has been a lot of stuff I’ve seen and DR: Same thing. 21 Bizzy B March 2012

JR: So how can we get in contact with you all? TB and DR: On Twitter you can connect with us through the accounts @dainjaruss850 and @trappbanks. On Facebook you can connect with us through our accounts- facebook/ russelbrown and facebook/trappbanks. And on you tube our channel is- youtube/undergroundeconomy1 These two ambitious MCs aren’t looking to make a name for themselves; they already have, only time will tell.

Who is Brandi D WILLIAMS

23 Bizzy B March 2012

24 Bizzy B March 2012

Brandi D

People know this talented young woman from the late 90’s R&B group Blaque. With chart topping hits such as “Boom Like and 808” and “Bring it all to Me” and supporting roles in movies like “Bring it On” Brandi D has already tasted the life of a successful recording artist. Bizzy B Magazine sought out Ms. Brandi D Williams to find out what she’s has going on these days. After a hiatus from Blaque and a whirled wind romance that ended Brandi finds her way back to her to music as a solo artist with her newest single “Love It”. “Music is my baby. It is so amazing to have a dream team of producers and writers to help me express the things that I am going through. I have K-Fox (songwriter) she’s my constant, she helps me keep my project balanced and keeps me focused on where I am tryna go. In my other corner I have Korpal (producer) he brings the big picture together. Bizzy B: What do you think is different about you from Blaque till now? Brandi D: I have had tons of growth in my vocals and I feel like my music touches on real issues. Bizzy B: Are you currently signed?

how have you coped with her pass- the shirt off her back if she thought ing? it would help you get to your goals.

Brandi D: Well right now I’m in a independent situation with Branded Brandi D: Honestly it was so a devMusic/House Rules astating personally and professionally. When Lisa believes in you, she Bizzy B: It’s been 10 years since the believes in you. It was like loosing a passing of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez family member. She would give you 25 Bizzy B March 2012

Bizzy B: Who are some of the artist that you draw inspiration from? Brandi D: Janet Jackson.... she is the greatest musically but of course I love Beyonce and J-Lo I really feel

D Williams

Brandi D: Definitely purses and shoes. I feel like if your purse and shoes are hot everything else falls in perfectly. Bizzy B: What type of fragrances are you wearing these days? Brandi D: Actually, I really like Heat by Beyonce and Daisy by Marc Jacobs Bizzy B: What what it like to work on the set of Bring it On? Brandi D: Well for one we had a real schedule. It’s not like going into the studio. You get up really early work for hours and then you get off. It’s not like going into the studio. You get up really early work for hours and then you get off. Our fans were amazing and the city of San Diego was very gracious during our stay. Bizzy B: How different is it now that you are a solo artist? Brandi D: It is really different, I mean I look for them in all aspects of my career. Shamari is very supportive of my new solo project that really means alot to me.

like she is a true powerhouse.

because he wrote Blaque’s first single Boom Like and 808. Rob is so amazBizzy B: What are some of the things ing when he is doing music he does that we can look forward to on your not sleep so I feel blessed to be able new album? to work with someone like him.

Bizzy B: How did you feel after hearing the news of Whitney Houston’s passing?

Brandi D: I was in Puerto Rico when she passed I was just numb. I don’t think it really hit me until I got home. Whitney is something that Brandi D: Well I have a duet with Bizzy B: So what are some of your fa- we will never have again. She was America’s Princess. My aunt was reR.Kelly!!! Which is really cool bevorite things? ally good friends with Whitney so cause I feel like I’ve come full circle 26 Bizzy B March 2012

“ Music is my BABY”

“It’s what I love to do” we were around her a lot. She was always singing gospel songs. All of our fallen stars were lent to us by God and I just feel blessed to have been able to share their talent. Bizzy B: When is your next single coming out? Brandi D: Look out this summer for my new single it has not been chosen as of yet but with the material we have I am sure that my fans will love it. Fans and friends alike anxiously await Brandi D Williams return, but until that single drops you can check out the lastest on Brandi D Williams on her website at or follow her on twitter @ thebrandid. 27 Bizzy B March 2012

28 bizzy b march 2012

29 Bizzy B March 2012

30 Bizzy B March 2012

Not just speaking about the problem sending a message through my music about a solution SHAWT FELLA a new Orleans native has mastermind the music game being a independent label selling over 50,000 CD’S ON THE STREETS having over 3 hot songs on the radio and working with some of the most impressive artists in the business! SHAWT started doing music putting on shows while incarcerated back in 2001. His release to the outside was one he was well prepared for with lots of show practice and self written music under his belt. SHAWT FELLA hit the studio and began recording educating himself on the business side of things self promoting hitting the streets hard with his music the buzz was out on SHAWT a label came to him Akright Records putting a deal on the table that led him to be a signed artist working with different producers traveling from state to state with the label a lot was learned. Akright Records decided to close it’s doors leaving Shawt to be a independent artist taking all he has learned to mastermind the music game. SHAWT FELLA has worked with some of the most 31 Bizzy B March 2012

respected artists in the game such as MANNIE FRESH, SCAREFACE ,and LIL’ NONO” featuring Lil’ Chuckie of Young Money. He is also traveling and selling out shows every weekend SHAWT has built a empire around his music. He also has a TShirt printng company which allows him to print as many shirts as he likes with thousands of people wearing his brand. In addition to his T-Shirt company Shawt also has a distribution and packaging company allowing him to distribute tons of CD’s to his fans. You can visit some of SHAWT FELLA latest pojects by

going to:




“You’ve got to be willing to self-promote or you won’t make it” - Terry

“It’s not my style to dog women” Music Industries new comer Terry singer/songwriter sits down with Bizzy B Magazine to talk with us about his journey to stardom. Bizzy B: What made you want to be a singer? Terry: I started out in the the church at the age of 9. My mom was the choir director. Bizzy B: What is the inspiration for your music? Terry: 99% of the music I write is about being grateful to women. It’s not my style to dog women. Plus 85% of the things I write are things I’ve or someone close to me has experienced. Bizzy B: How do you get yourself out there? Terry: I self promote. I do my own flyers, sell CD’s, and go to clubs to see if I can perform there. I am always on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter... I promote, promote, promote. I’ve been at this for about 4 years now. Although I have to admit at times I felt that I should fall back. I kinda feel like major labels aren’t really looking at independent artists though. Bizzy B: What is your favorite song on your album? Terry: Precious Time... the meaning behind this song

is that time never felt more precious than the time that I’ve spent with the person I love. I really feel like people can relate to this song. Everyone has been in this situation at least one time in their lives. Bizzy B: To date how many shows have you done and what was the most exciting one? Terry: I’ve done close to 35 shows within the last 4 years. I think my favorite one’s were the one’s where I have opened for Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, and Jagged Edge at the Music Soul Festival in Fayetteville NC. Bizzy B: What is one thing that you want to let your fans know about you? Terry: I’m doing real music that people can relate to and I will always do my best to stay true to that. Bizzy B: Do you have anyone you would like to shout out? Terry: First I would like to thank GOD for me to have this gift. my Mom for her love and guidance my whole Scott Town, Quincy, and Tallahassee FL family, my manager Tonya Mc Neil, Big homie and mentor Chase and lastly shout out to UGE. 32 Bizzy B March 2012

KEEP IT FRESH It’s finally that time of year again where we transition from cold and dreary winter to light and sunny spring! Although the weather may not change as quickly as we want it to, that doesn’t mean we can’t incor-

Caroline Herrara

runway inspired spring looks into our wardrobe. I’ve picked out some things that I think are the keys to adding that freshness into our wardrobes. -B Let’s come out of the dreary colors




of winter and move into the soft colors of spring. Pastels set the light and airy tone that we want to have for spring. Lavenders, teals, rose pink, and many others can either lighten up the mood in the workplace, or

BCBG Max Azria

brighten up your day in casual wear. ome of spring! The blooming of flow- from them always says, “Spring is Any way you wear it, they’re bound ers and the sweet smell that comes here!” But we don’t want just flowers, to be a winner! Flowers are the epit- from them always says, “comes we want fashion! Look for the many



Diane von Furstenburg

Betsey Johnson

Creatures of the Wind

different ways to wear floral such peal to your outfit, why not show make you feel sexier, but also but also as pants, jackets, or a long jumper. some skin without actually show- make you feel more feminine and Make it edgy! To add a little sex ap- ing it? Sheer and lace can not only girlish. You can either wear similar 33 Bizzy B March 2012

H FOR SPRING similar color garments under it or make it interesting and choose a contrasting color to add a pop of color. It’s time to bring out the white ensembles! All white or all crème is perfect for a weekend out, just be

careful of colorful food! The ombré inary! pieces definitely careful of colorful food! The ombré pieces definitely caught my eye because it adds that extra something to any white piece. Don’t just be ordinary, be extraordi-


Dolce and Gabbana

Zac Posen


Emanuel Ungaro


Elie Tahari


Elie Saab


Roberto Cavalli


Band of Outsiders

Charlotte Ronson

34 Bizzy B March 2012

Wanna Be Hip? It’s all about the LIP!

Hey ladies! Spring is here! That means more hours in the sunlight, more running around, and less time to be touching up on makeup. Here’s my pointer for the month: play up the lips so you won’t have to worry about the rest of your face... The hot colors this spring are fiery reds, fuchsia pinks, and orangey corals My suggestion for an easy, long lasting look is to pick an awesome lip liner you fall in love with at first sight. Line the lip and fill in all the way, this will give a matte finish that is more of a natural finish that you can blot, refill, and layer with your everyday chap stick for an easy lip pop. You can go an extra step further and layer your liner with lipstick and/or gloss that compliments your favorite liner for more of a dramatic and amplified effect. When you have these luscious, spring lips, good news is that you don’t have to do too much to the rest of the face (which saves time), so slap on some mascara, and a shimmery blush for a fresh dewy look and be on your way! If you do anything with the eye, 35 Bizzy B March 2012

let it be a light application of eyeliner or just a brush of natural, shimmery eyeshadow. Have a great spring and enjoy the flowers and all the colors nature has to offer! P.s. Don’t forget this weather brings sweat and allergies so be mindful to take care of your skin! You may have to change your cleanser and moisturizer so pay attention to what your skin is doing and saying to you!


J P’s B E A U T Y


love & relationships


Things Woman Hate about Men The connection between men and women has always been a love-hate type. Though this is a much deliberated topic, I will bring about certain points which women definitely find “annoying” in a man. We know for sure that a woman never likes a man who is weak or shows too much of interest in her initially. Though women publicly admit that they like men who are strong, secretly they like a man on whom she can wield certain amount of power. Well for all the MEN reading this article, the Maxwell song ’This Women’s Work’ is how we would love to define her. No matter what, men will always enjoy the company of a woman. It is also likely (majority of the times) that a woman would not like a person who would show insensitivity towards her feelings. This is a mistake that many men make and women do not like this attitude from them. There are many other factors that women generally do not like in men such as arrogance, lies, submissive behavior, etc. Never ever show a woman that you have a weak character. This is another of the traits that women dislike in a man. It is a mistake that many men make by making

a woman feel that he is ready to fall at her feet. Contrary to a man’s thinking that a woman would appreciate it, women get annoyed with men who are too submissive and ready to do anything for her. This does not mean that a woman does not want a sensitive man who is open about his feelings, but it does mean that a woman still wants a man to be his own person, think for himself and claim what he wants from a relationship. A woman’s relationship with a man is very delicate and she looks for a strong shoulder to rest her head. A woman always likes a man who has a big heart and ready to share and care. And then there’s the “self-centered man” - is rarely loved by women and more often than not will crave for female company. Men, you are setting yourself up for failure, if you show unjustified interest in other women when you are with a woman. This is conduct that women dislike and will definitely put her off. Scheming attitude is something that women dislike in a man. The male brain is highly specialized, using specific parts of one hemisphere or the other to accom-

plish specific tasks. The female brain is more diffused and utilizes significant portions of both hemispheres for a variety of tasks. Men are able to focus on narrow issues and block out unrelated information and distractions. Women naturally see everyday things from a broader, “big-picture” vantage point. Men can narrowly focus their brains on specific tasks or activities for long periods of time without tiring. Women are better equipped to divide their attention among multiple activities or tasks. Men are able to separate information, stimulus, emotions, relationships, etc. into separate compartments in their brains, Women tend to link everything together. Men see individual issues with parts of their brain, Women look at the holistic or multiple issues with their whole brain (both hemispheres). Men want sex. Women want relationships. Men have as much as 20 times 36 Bizzy B March 2012

love & relationships


Things Woman Hate about Men continued........

more testosterone in their systems than do women. This makes men typically more narrowly focusedwhich is typically not the case with women. All of a woman’s senses are, in some respects, more finely tuned than those of a man. Men want flesh - Women want love. Just as boys want balloons, toys, and carburetors, the girls have always wanted contact, and communion, and company. The female mind is organized to place priority on relationship, the male on achievement. Men keep a tally of their sexual conquests. The female brain is not organized to keep sex in a separate compartment. This is a male model-as if his brain has a specific filing cabinet for sex, completely unrelated to emotion. Conclusion: Men often act with the intention of impressing a woman. But unfortunately, as I explained in the first part of this article, we are often misguided as to what kind of behavior we think women like; thus, our actions don’t always yield the results we hoped for. It’s too common that men get blamed for all of the emotional and mechanical errors when it comes to women. Can you blame us? Of all the nightmarish memo37 Bizzy B March 2012

ries and scars we’ve been afflicted for years and years? No human being is perfect. There are some bad habits which every human being is indulging in. But these habits should never be out of limits. By: “The Juan and Only”



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