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3 Bizzy B June 2012


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Latin Festival


Kids Health Day




Rawmellow De’Marco


RL “Past, Present, Future”



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A Man Speaks

4 bizzy b  June 2012

Latin Festival

In beautiful downtown Atlanta all walks of life come out to appreciate support and partake in Latin American Culture.

5 Bizzy B June 2012

Kids Health Fair

In the heart of Atlanta the kids of Dekalb county gather for fun in the sun and to exercise for their health. Stepp Stewart, Candidate elects and more gather to motivate and encourage kids to make health choices 6 Bizzy B June 2012



“No Matter what stick to your goals” -Pheno Coming from out of the Infamous No Limit Camp Pheno Speaks on life after. Bizzy B: How did you get into the rap game? Pheno: I was in jail with Master P’s cousin Gotti. When I got out Gotti took me down to the main studio where all of No Limit was recording. The way it was at P’s studio you couldn’t just bring any random person into the studio. If you did bring someone it was just that one person and that one person only.

It wasn’t a solo deal though I was signed to the Gambino Family. Bizzy B: Back then there were so many rumors about rappers getting raw deals when they signed to No Limit can you weigh in on that?

Bizzy B: It’s years later and you’re making a come back. Why here? Why now? And what can fans expect?

Pheno: I had a lot to learn. I had to get the streets out of my system it was like an addiction that I could Pheno: P stuck his neck on the line not let go. I had to finally wake up for anyone who signed with him. and see there are only 2 places the Bizzy B: What made Master P want He bought houses and cars before streets would lead me 1 back to jail to sign you? people’s albums dropped we were 2 dead. Once I realized that I just getting a stipend every 2 weeks plus got back into my craft. I’ve got a Pheno: Well one of the first times we got show money and an appear- story to tell I feel like that is what I I was in the studio I saw him in his ance fee every time we featured need to shed light on. On this new office he was actually on another on someone else’s album. As well album it’s a lot like the first Trap or call so I walked in the office and as when our album dropped we Die album it’s 100% swag with the closed the door and waited for him got $100,000 in the bank. But, of blood sweat and tears of everything to finish his call. He gave me this course we did not own any of our that I’ve been through over the last craziest look; like who is this dude. masters to any of our music. For me few years. So when he finished he was like that was actually good cause comwhat did I want. So I just told him ing from the streets to jail and out Bizzy B: Any last thoughts or advice straight up I want to be a rapper and I was always used to having a lot of you want to share? how when I saw him on TV, when I money on hand at all times. But, in was in jail, he made the dream real retrospect I wish I’d know the music Pheno: No matter what stick to for everyone in our hood who ever your goal whatever is in your heart game a little better. wanted to get into this rap game. you’ve got to stick to it. Don’t ever I was honest and true. Honestly, After several top charting hits the give up you don’t know what could I didn’t even have to rap for him Gambino Family/No Limited and happen. and he signed me right on the spot. Pheno parted ways. 9 Bizzy B June 2012


ith an amazing energy and vibe Rawmellow Demarco has been so blessed. A man who lives his life passionately through words and melodies his life is like an ever changing canvas. Rawmellow and his camp KassFlo Ventures and Black8 Entertainment graciously welcomed us to their headquarters to give us an exclusive on Rawmello’s new single “Vegas Nights” and his upcoming project. Bizzy B: Rawmellow is such an interesting name how did you come up with it? Rawmellow: The type of guy that I am I always keep it real or what I like to call “RAW” but, I am very laid back and easy going so I like to think that I am very Mellow. Hence the name Rawmellow Bizzy B: We love the first single “Vegas Nights” what frame of mind were you in when you were writing? Rawmellow: Actually, it was a collaborative effort with my writing team. The track was produced by Omega and lyrically everyone had a little to add but, mostly myself and Kass Flo. The song is basically about enjoying the good life. I feel like I hit the lotto when I think about how good life is. Bizzy B: What can we expect from this up and coming project? Rawmellow: The Raw side of myself when I am talking about love and relationships mixed with a combination of the my Mellow side you know chillin’ and kickin it with the fellas.

Bizzy B: Do you have any features on the album? Rawmellow: Well I’ve got my guy Omega on their he has actually co-written a few of the songs, then there’s Kass Flo, 8 ounce, Rick Ross, and Diddy just to name a few. Bizzy B: What are some of the upcoming things that you are involved in? Rawmellow: Right now I’ve got a remix version of “Vegas Nights” which is helping promote the Ciroc brand, and I getting involved in some acting projects as well as a clothing line. Bizzy B: Do you have any advice for up and coming artist? Rawmellow: Being in the right place at the right time is always so beneficial. Try to surround yourself with people who are making moves.

Faceboook: Rawmellowdemarco Reverbnation: Rawmellowdemarco twitter: @rawmellowdemarco


NOW 10 Bizzy B June 2012



hart topping hits this just one of the many things this multi platnium selling singer/songwritter is all about RL solo artist and current member of Next sits down with Bizzy B Mag to give us the facts about his life as an recording artist.

other writers is I am an artist first so I don’t want to be all over your records. A lot of writers mess up the game, you got a lot of writers that try to come out with their own album and they mess up the game for others because they over saturate the market. There’s a lot of singer songwriters but you got a lot of Bizzy B: What are you currently songwriters that shouldn’t be singworking on? ers. You feel me? That’s why I look RL: The new Next Album, my solo at somebody like Diane Warren she album, and a TV show, I just did doesn’t want to come out with an Valentines Girl for Mindless Behav- album she doesn’t have to. Everyior, it’s crazy because I am working body’s trying to be BabyFace and on a few other artist but, I need to they not and I mean I’m not mad keep it tight lipped till the release at them I’m just saying. I mean I’m, cause I’ve done lots of records on not hating cause I can understand other artist and was supposed to you wanna be a star so bad but, you get the single and politics came in are killing the game. If you can’t do and things like that. So now I don’t it live don’t do it. speak on it until it’s a done deal. Bizzy B: How has your success But really, I like working with the with Next propelled you to the next new artist because they are so open level, and did you ever think that and appreciative, a lot of the times you would be a solo artist or was it you just get jaded in this business. always about the group? So I’ve written for J-Holiday, Lloyd, Jamie Foxx, Luther Vandross, Usher, RL: I’m the baby so it was always Brotha, Jaheim I wrote some of his about the group. I decided to do biggest records and for the me the a solo album when I did the “Best most enjoyable probably was Jaheim Man” soundtrack. I was in the stubecause we came up together you dio with Case Tyrese and Ginuwine know Naughty By Nature discovand it was easy for me I was around ered us all so I can remember sleep- these cats I look up to who are solo ing on the air mattress in the other artist themselves and I’m like wait a room. I mean he could take a song minute no disrespect but it’s kinda and copy it on a tape on both sides easy for me I’m kinda shining right and just let it play for days and we now let me go ahead and plus I was would get tired of the records and writing so many records for the that’s probably the most enjoyable group and we were like the bad boys seeing people like him be successkinda sexy freaky and I’m a love ful. Starting out where I started and addict so I wanted to show another doing my records. side of me I was grown up, I just turned 35 I been in the game 15 Bizzy B: You are such a great songyears I wrote Butta love when I was writer how do you feel about the like 16 or 17 but doing a solo was lyrical content on the radio these more of me wanting to learn I never days and how do you think you even in the choir I was always sang compare? lead so I didn’t know harmonies and RL: The difference between me and arrangements so I went in the

studio with Walter Milsap he was like a little brother to me he was a young church kid still lived with his mom I fell in love with his music and I said you know what we’re gonna do this album together so we went in the studio with my solo album and it was really just us experimenting in the studio oh that sound dope oh let’s try this which is fun so really it was my schooling and being in a group all I had to do was my note and then do my leads and then write the records I didn’t have to know about harmonies and arrangements so that’s when I did the solo thing it really wasn’t about me tryna out shine the group that kinda hurt me and the immaturity. The biggest mistake I ever made in my career was thinking that everybody is happy for me and that’s not how it works and then you are dealing with million dollars checks and me doing different things and I’m flashy you know I wasn’t used to anything I’m wearing 2 watches throwback jersey’s 3 chains and I’m around my group members like you know we all started together and I’m flaunting it in front of them not even realizing it that was my biggest mistake and I think that, that hurt the brand of Next and you know of course people are like he’s doing this what are you doing the oldest member is the business man, Tweety’s the actor but when you’re young you don’t know any better it created a wedge and we just got back together last year the original three members so we’re working on an album but one thing that success did is it spoiled me because when you think of groups from when we came out if you walk up to the average black consumer my age and you ask them who’s your favorite group from the late 90’s they’ll say Dru Hill, 112 but their not gonna think about us but 12 Bizzy B June 2012

believe me 112 was my favorite group back then but, we were on MTV and a lot of them were on BET we really wanted BET we wanted to dress fly and be in the video with Puff, Mase, and Big and we didn’t have all of that so our people don’t realize the success and how big our records were because we’re the Naughty By Nature of R&B. Naughty by Nature black folks be like ooh I know O.P.P or whatever man their touring making more money than all these other groups y’all talking about overseas and that’s what we do. So white people definitely knew us and our music. But for me I, I also wanted to get my props in the hood and we just didn’t get it like that. It worked out in the end cause Clive knew what he was doing trust me I’m touring all over it’s been official. Bizzy B: As a songwriter how and why do you choose your topics? RL: Either somebody around me is going through it or I’m going through it or I’ve been through it. But that’s the one reason why and people don’t realize this the group got dropped from Arista well J really we were on J Records by then I didn’t the offered me 350 grand for my pocket to do an album but my loyalty to my group said no that’s the story. To be honest I’ve said it before one of the main reasons was I was going through a divorce. We were cool and every song I was writing about I was writing about that pain I could not escape it so I had to get away from everything so people kept wondering why I was away for so long I had to learn to love myself again because I started feeling like I didn’t deserve it and it’s cool for a women to sing about all of these things but for me it

wouldn’t have made any sense. I re- make you forget about the drama in ally took a step back the divorce just in your life then I’ve done my job. shatter my self confidence and my creativity was all about how could you do this to me and there is already one Keith Sweat so I couldn’t come with some baby baby please and be Keith Sweat Jr. But, as far as songwriting my mind works really fast a lot of times I don’t even write the lyrics down when I’m recording it’s just a gift it’s a blessing it’s a curse too I think so much so fast on my feet so I’m always bouncing ideas off of people who are around me but I love, love I think it never goes out of style, of course the sex, I love you , I need you, I miss you, I want you. Those things are always going to be relevant I like that. Bizzy B: You’ve been in this game for the last 15 years where do you see yourself in the next 15 do you think you will still be doing music? RL: Yes in some capacity. I don’t want to manage anyone though I don’t want to be the guy telling someone else what to do then they do all they work and I’m getting paid off of you. I think that;s business sense but my mind won’t let me do that. I mean I would love to and I see other artist that I want to help. I give people records and they can just have it and it may be something that I charge 10 grand for. I just love music. That’s me singing, writing, or just listening to it. I love the stage I’m a middle child so I love attention I didn’t get a lot of it growing up ( He laughs). I love getting on stage, I love making people feel good, music is a drug that can make you forget about whatever you are going through so when I’m in a concert or somebody is listening to my songs for that 3 minute or for that 30, 40 minute concert I can

14 Bizzy B June 2012



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r 17 Bizzy B June 2012


Your SKIN is the canvas for your everyday makeup application. Have you ever painted before? Would Van Gogh have put his paints on a canvas with dust and dirt all over it? I don’t think so. Every person, especially women, needs to get into the habit of washing their faces in the morning and ever single night. The crazy things your skin sees during the day is unreal and it makes me crazy when people complain about their skin yet they don’t take care of it. Find a good cleanser you like and make friends with it because you should see it often! I prefer all natural products like Burt’s Bees, or Botanics. (both can be found at Target) I personally moved to all natural face wash, moisturizers, and lotions because these products seep into my skin and bloodstream and it’s pretty scary to think about other product’s harsh chemicals being inside of my body doing who knows what. One of my new favorite products I am using is the Clarisonic MIA! It’s

JP ’s

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like using the Sonicare toothbrush, but it’s for your face! With gentle bristols, this face gadget cleanses the skin 6x more than the average face wash session. It stimulates cell turnover which helps prevent lines and wrinkles, so it keeps your skin looking young and fresh. My skin is so soft now, and I have noticed a great improvement in just two weeks. It’s the perfect way to start your morning and night routine! Every person is different so make sure you know your skin type, are you oily? Dry? Normal? It is perfectly normal to produce oil throughout the day, in fact it’s healthy and that’s the perfect scenario. I understand too much oil can lead to breakouts and there are products out there that prevent this problem from occurring. Once you understand your skin, you can purchase products that compliment your skin type and make them a part of your daily routine. Now you have a good skin care regimen, you

have a smooth canvas to work some makeup magic on! Product suggestions: Clarisonic Moisturizer HydratingDay-Cream-1-69-oz/-/A-11203290 Face Polish/Exfoliator http://www. cleansers/ocean- salt Toner products/face/toners-and-tonertabs/breath-of-fresh-air Cleanser cleansers/ soap-bark-chamomile-deep-cleansing-cream.html


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here’s always a way to break that conventional mode that is easy to fall into, and the way to do that is by utilizing your prints! Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints or accessorize like crazy because this is the way to break that mold. If you ever want to try something new, go for a print that may not look like much at first, and then imagine the possibilities of accessorizing. Break the mold and be bold!

19 Bizzy B June 2012

ove tho se P RIN TS”

love & relationships

A Man


Being comfortable in your own SKIN “I am so tired being Alone” to allow yourself to heal. Remem-

ber GOD has designed someone By: The special for each and every person “Why can’t I find someone on this earth all you have to do is that will love me for me” BE patient and continue to try to be the best version of you that you “Will I ever find the right can be. one?” It is my belief that nothing happens by chance. That nice guy that you never gave a second look because he was a little to short for you or that guy who just did not have the swagger that you desire could have been your prince Juan charming and you PASSED him hese are the questions/ up for the FROG with the tall statements that I often hear physique and the bad attitude. women say. The average Please ladies LOVE yourself woman who has been looking enough to be open to receive the for someone for a LONG TIME blessing that you so deserve. typically has expectations for their mate that are unrealistic, creating a situation where they are NEVER satisfied. Take a good LOOK AT YOURSELF and be very very honThe Only” est are you blocking your blessing because you are not dealing with your OWN unresolved issue. OR are you carrying around tons of baggage that can only be removed by taking the time to


20 Bizzy B June 2012

five benjamins one jackson two washingtons

all you

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