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Model Search

Are you the next BIZZY B Model? Bizzy B Magazine is looking for 25 models to be featured in up and coming editions of our magazine Casting Call: Wednesday February 29, 2012 Time: 7pm to 10pm Place: Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead 3167 Peachtree Rd Must RSVP to attend Casting Call:

4PM - 10PM

Here’s What Makes Nancy’s Pizza • • • •

F Dough Made From Scratch Fresh Vegetable Pizza Toppings Fresh Imported Spices Fresh Pizza Sauce Using Nancy’s Fresh Original Recipe


resh F

Try our NEW Signature Drink Specials: The Mango Long Island Iced Tea & The Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea


Sunday - Thursday


Live Performances Every Friday Night

7PM - 11PM Drink Specials

7PM - 1AM

We Take


KARAOKE DJ Hosted Every Saturday Night

9PM - 2AM Drink Specials

7PM - 2AM

Nancy’s Original Award Winning Deep Dish

ATLANTA • 3167 Peachtree Rd NE in Buckhead • 404-842-9997



President/CEO Nia Lazard Editor In Chief Shaunte Clarke


Contributors JP - Beauty Blog Juan Burson - Sessions Julian Austin Brittany Winston - Fashion


Senior Photography Editor Dwayne Clarke Jason Taylor (JT) Want to advertise with Bizzy B Magazine? Please contact our advertising department at (404) 551-0218

4 Bizzy B February 2012

F E B U A R Y CONTENT Features 6

Greg Cole


The Leaf Cigar Lounge


Don P


Trejia Picassa


Checka Cee

Bizzy Regular 7

Bourbon & BBQ Festival




Live Music




JP’s Beauty Blog


Sessions “The Juan and Only” 5 bizzy b Febuary 2012

Greg Cole Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead “You need to have passion for your product to be successful” - Greg Cole Entrepreneur, husband, father, and friend all titles that Mr. Greg Cole masters with ease on a daily bases. He took his 20 years of business savvy within the food and beverage industry and turned those smarts into the business empire we know and love as “Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead”. In a down turning economy Mr. Cole managed to not only acquire Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead but, grow it to a successful family friendly dining spot in the evenings and a place that the mature crowd can come to get the best late night jazz in the Atlanta area. With products and services that are consistently A rated Greg continues to lead the Nancy’s Pizza franchise as the number 1 franchise in the country

But Greg is so much more than an owner, with heavy ties to the community he provides jobs to people who have had a few bumps along the road, partnering with an inmate program in Atlanta he helps individuals to assimilate back into the community and be productive citizens. On the outside Mr. Cole seems like all work and no play, which is far from the truth. On his off days you can find him relaxing at home making delicious dishes for his wife and child or jet setting to some exotic part of the world.

6 Bizzy B February 2012

Greg candidly confesses “ Although I am a restaurant owner I don’t really go out to eat a lot, I’d much rather cook at home ” Greg knows what is takes to stay on the top with his competitive nature he continues to strive to be the best of the best. No matter what he makes sure that is product always has consistent quality despite rising cost of materials, he knows his price point, and makes sure that is always watching his controllable cost. With these tools in hand Mr. Greg Cole is a recipe for success.


With a name like the BEER, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

he event will be held at Atlantic Station on March 3, 2012 and features over 60 different beer and 40 bourbon vendors scattered across the plaza. Barbecue enthusiasts, and amateurs alike, will enjoy everything from ‘pulled pork from whole hogs, ribs, brisket, chickens, sausages and any fixin’ you could imagine’. General tickets start at $35, while VIP tickets will cost $75, but reward big spenders with exclusive barbecue tastings and private amenities. All guests will have access to unlimited beer and bourbon tastings, live music, barbecue galore and the chance to participate in one of the festival’s contests. The fellas can stuff themselves silly and model in Atlanta’s Best Beer Belly category, while the ladies can show off their southern charm in the Daisy Dukes and Boots contest. Any guest not imbibing in the beer and bourbon portion of this festival can purchase designated driver tickets for $25 and still chow down on delicious BBQ treats. What are friends for, right?

7 bizzy b febuary 2012

8 Bizzy B February 2012

What does a commercial real estate broker and a film maker/restauranteur have in common? No guesses? CIGARS... In the heart of mid town Atlanta just a few blocks from Piedmont Park is a charming spot that Cigar Enthusiasts will love. The Leaf Cigar Lounge offers an upscale environment with a membership only feel. Owners Guy Banks and Reginald Weeks strive to bring their guests, experts and novices alike, a place to come to indulge in their hobby. The Leaf Cigar Lounge offers a variety of cigars, cigar accessories, lounge areas for guests to smoke, and personalized lockers to keep their cigar paraphernalia. Guy says, “ I just took my 2 passions Cigars and Fine Drinks and created a place that I would love and hence came the Leaf Cigar Lounge.” Open since October 2011 Guy says, “It’s the best time to get into the market honestly, real estate is cheap right now and being a commercial brokers I was able to get a great price. Most business owners fail because they do not know how to manage their controllable cost; RENT is the largest controllable cost that you have. Although Guy had never run a lounge before he was destine to make it happen teaming with Reginald who has worked with and owned several of the hottest lounges in the Atlanta area to create a business that has no choice but to thrive. The Leaf Cigar lounge has Ladies nights every Wednesday nights. On these nights ladies are offered the opportunity to learn how to cut, smoke, and take care of their cigars as well as a Chef in brought in to show ladies how to create food dishes that will compliment their wine and cigars. Be prepared inald and

to relax, relate, Guy at The

and release with RegLeaf Cigar Lounge.

9 Bizzy B February 2012






“This market is so competitive... the higher up the chain you are the harder it is to move up in the ranks” - Don P That thought pattern was the fuel that Dwyon Pullins a.k.a Don P needed to create his own internet radio show in 2009. Sooo... “What’s the 411 HUN? Is what listeners want to know when they tune into the Don P and the 411 on Thursday nights from 7 to 10pm est. Listeners will be taken through a 4 part journey touching on Politics and Hip Hop/ Concessions Confessions/ Hot Topics/ and Artist Spotlight. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and ponder with Don P. Although the end result was radio Don P did not start out with aspirations to be a radio personality. Deeply rooted in the church he was one of 4 brothers who was blessed with the gift of song. Taking this gift and starting “Misguided Records” Don P had high hopes of becoming a recording artist. Back in the day it was hard for artists to get their music on the radio with things like “payola” running ramped. Don kept thinking to himself, “there has got to be a way for us

to get this music on the radio”. Knowing that there is more than one way to get your foot in the door, Don knew that interning at a radio station would give him the foot hole he needed to be able to walk his own music in the door. He interned for a few months and was eventually offered a spot as a Radio Personality on campus radio. Don P says, “He loved being on the radio!!”. From there he parlayed that experience into working as a producer on a local radio stations around town. As a producer he produced the actual content for the radio shows. Feeling like radio was so one sided Don wanted to produce a show that would allow people to voice their opinions from all aspects. Being in a the radio market at this point, he knew that there was no room for people to give their RAW point of view on AIR because everything is so scripted and this is how Don P and the 411 was born. Don P says, “It takes hard work and tenacity to get where you want to be” and he takes that motto and applies

14 Bizzy B February 2012

that to everything he does. A pillar of the community Don P, spends countless numbers of hours with Kids behind the camera and the Kool Zone Campaign. Helping inner city kids cultivate their talents and giving them positive advice and feedback from a professional stand point. He believes that giving back will help our future entertainers THRIVE. Unsigned artist looking to get their music out there should take this opportunity to send their press kit and records to . Don P’s audience is wide and he is always looking to give someone the platform to get put ON.

Don’t miss out on some of Atlanta’s best live music Music lovers can’t miss out on “The Hendrix Experience” March 10 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta which features Billy Cox, Buddy Guy and Robert Randolph among other legends. “Young the Giant” March 15 at Center Stage Theatre. Donald Glover aka “Childish Gambino” at the Tabernacle March 16. The ever popular “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” play Philips Arena on March 18. Classic UK group, “The English Beat”, jam at the Variety Playhouse on March 23.

The Masquerade continues to be one of Atlanta’s premiere venues no matter what time of the year as “The Wailers” continue to spread their modern reggae roots on March 9, and the UK based “The Joy Formidable” rock out on March 24. 15 bizzy b febuary 2012






press replay on the new Treija Picassa. She makes sure that with every lyric written and melody sung you can feel her heart and soul. A born and breed Kentucky girl Treija let the sounds of Nat King Cole, Sade, and Michael Jackson be her inspiration. Currently living in Atlanta Ms. Picassa has connected with Seal Music Production Camp under the direction Manny Seal, Usher, and Mariah Carey just to name a few to create a pop/soul album that will be sure to make anyone listen up and pay attention. Treija says, “ In this album I am working to make sure my records will be timeless “ Debuting her first single “ Got A Feeling ” on the Atlanta airwaves in early March 2012 music connoisseurs definitely be on the look out for this jewel. Treija Picassa has no choice but to soar to the top of the charts with her catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics and sol

id team; THIS equation equals success. Once fans hear her velvety voice they will not be able to resist. If you are not in the Atlanta area and still would like to become a Treija music fan you can pick it up on ITUNES March 2012.








T R E J I A P I C A S S A 17 bizzy b febuary 2012


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

`18 Bizzy B February 2012

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


/.&"%&'"34567(8"9&,:*/".+"12/.&;;;< =&>" )*,%" *)2?.)*<" " " @A*" B2+/./C%"2/0.>?">A2>"!"#"A2/" =&>>*+" >A*" -.=" A*2/" $&," 2" ?*B&+/"!"-*.+="&+">A.?"?>2D >.&+" 92?" 2" A'=*" =,&9.+=" *EF*,.*+B*" $&," 0*" 2+/" #" +**/*/">&"C*2,+">A*"F&C.>.B?" &$" ,2/.&G" #" 92?" A&0*" ?.B:" 2+/"92?"A2).+="2"A2,/">.0*" 2/H'?>.+=G"I'>">A.?".?"9A*,*" #" ,*2CC%" C*2,+*/" >A*" 1JK6@" &$"-*.+="2+"J+D4.,"F*,?&+D 2C.>%G"""

" 3*" A&&:*/" A*," 'F" 9.>A" @B&>>" V.+/%" >A*" F,&=,20" /.,*B>&," $&," >A*" L1JJ56" 2+/".>"2CC"$*CC".+>&"FC2B*G"I*D .+=".+",2/.&".?"2">&"?2%">A*" C*2?>" 2" ,&CC*," B&2?>*," ,./*" 2+/"WA*B:2"W**"A2?"02/*" .>" A*," F&.+>" >&" ?>2%" &+" >A*" ,./*"2+/"B&+>.+'*">&"02:*" .>"A2FF*+G

8A.+=?" A2/" =&>>*+" 2" C.>>C*" 0&,*">A2+">*+?*"2>">A*"?>2D >.&+"2+/"?A*",*2CC%"+**/*/" 2" BA2+=*" ?&" " ?A*" ?*+>" A*," 2.,"BA*B:">&"!836"L1JJ56" MNOGP"4>C2+>2<G"4>" >A*" >.0*" .>" 92?" 2" +*9" ?>2>.&+" 2+/" >A*,*"92?"&+C%"&+*"='%"&+" 2.,G"@A*"9*+>"A&0*">&"7*9" Q&,:" *)*,%" R" 0&+>A?" 2+/" 2C92%?" 02/*" .>" 2" F&.+>" >&" ).?.>*/"A*,"&C/"?>2>.&+"S8TG" @A*" 0*>" 9.>A" A*," &C/" F,&D =,20" /.,*B>&," 1&-" U.CC*," 2+/" 0*+>.&+*/" >A2>" ?A*" 92?" C&&:.+=" $&," 2" BA2+=*G" `19 Bizzy B February 2012

Fashion W

It’s that time of the year again for all the fashionistas around the week! Many people have high expectat walking the streets just to be seen in the outfit you carefully put together, the celebrities you could possibly see, and m Although fall fashion lines are mostly darker hues such as black, brown, and grey, I seemed to be looking for somethin believe will capture the hearts, minds, and eyes of fashion seekers for fall of 2012. Dresses with statement stockings: There’s nothing like having the dress you can just throw on, not have to do much, and still feel pretty in. But when it comes to the colder weather and you want to wear that dress, it may make you more hesitant…but fear not! Colorful or printed stockings with boots are the answer to this problem! This gives an easy transition from summer wear to fall wear.

High detailed coats It’s one thing to have a complete statement outfit, but another thing if you have a statement outfit and an outdated or boring coat. Liven it up a bit with bursts of color or interesting prints! Here

20 Bizzy B February 2012

Week 2012

tions of New York including and not limited to enchantment of the general atmosphere, the electrifying feeling of much more. But February 9-16, 2012 was solely to admire the works of art in the form of fashion. ng more. Something different that would catch my eye to make me stop and admire it. Here are some trends that I

Bursts of bright color Amidst all of the dreary colors that will most likely take a hold of us during the chilling season, there should be a little ray of sunshine, a little burst of color to get us through those dreary days. That burst of color could be a killer pair of heels, a sleek and stunning jewelry piece, weather accessories, or even just a bright piece of clothing. Whatever the burst of color may be, it could be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Prints prints prints! Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always a way to break that conventional mode that is easy to fall into, and the way to do that is by utilizing your prints! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to mix and match prints or accessorize like crazy because this is the way to break that mold. If you ever want to try something new, go for a print that may not look like much at first, and then imagine the possibilities of accessorizing. Break the mold and be bold!

21 Bizzy B February 2012


Ready or not, here comes Spring! So this means new colors, new makeup, and new fun ways to wear it all! I know you all have done your research right? Elle. com? Listen, these are a couple of the best websites to look at when you are trying to figure out what the new looks for the upcoming seasons are going to be. They display all of the runway makeup trends that all of the major designers are putting on their models and these are the looks that slowly trickle down as an inspiration for the everyday woman!


!"#$%"&%'($%("''$)'%'*$ 1 NAVY EYES: Save the black and dark grey for next season. This heavy eye look is worn with a nude lip. 22 Bizzy B February 2012


POPPY LIPS: Thin your traditional red but with a little pink o orange undertone i it. Blot and layer sev eral times. This bold beautiful lip is wor with a more neutr eye to set off the lip

N iz m fla m




SILVERY EYES: This is a very whimsical look that is super fun and fresh so play around with the look until you like what you see!

$+,)%'(-)%)$.)"+%.*$/ nk TANGERINE: Orange hues are sliding in d, 4 again this season...try it on for size! Tanor

in vd, rn ral ps.

gerine lips, blush, even a soft tangerine eyeshadow will be sure to liven your face up for spring. Just make sure you arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t doing all three of those at the same time. Make your OWN trend by mixing a tangerine eye with the poppy lip!

Now, these are just a few of the trends fresh off the runway but be your own artist and customze a look fit for you and your style. Remember what is ALWAYS on trend in the Spring/Summer: Skin and brows. If there is no time to play with your makeup, make sure your skin looks awless and your brows are on point, brush some mascara on and maybe a cream blush to make that skin glow and you will be good to go! Happy hunting for your perfect Spring colors! 23 Bizzy B February 2012

love & relationships


The REAL reasons MEN cheat… Despite the fact that thousands of research papers and books about human behavior have been published, no one can confidently lay claim to the reasons of “Why Men Cheat.” Sad but true: Men have always cheated (just take a look at our Politicians, Role Models or even the Bible). But throw in e-mail, text messaging, My Space and cheatbook (my nick-name for Face book), and these days you have a lot more opportunities to cheat. This is my claim. These are my thoughts. Sad but true: People have always cheated (just take a look at our Politicians, Role Models or even the Bible). But throw in e-mail, text messaging, My Space and cheatbook (my nick-name for Face book), and these days you have a lot

more opportunities to cheat. male can and will mate with all of the females in the pride Women are taught trained at any given time – why? It’s and encouraged to suppress an undeniable trait of a male. their natural sex drive while MEN are encouraged to de- I used to own an Old Engvelop it. A man thinks about lish Sheep Dog. He was an sex every 7 seconds, and un-loyal Dog…when I would young men especially, are al- take Him for walks, He would ways hungry. If someone was run up to the first person to tell you that a man cheats that He saw, looking for atbecause his Father, Brother, tention, looking for someone Uncle, or any adult figure in to pet Him. I would see this their lives did which results and think to myself, “what in their behavior today is a an un-loyal mutt!” When I load of bull%@#$! A man would let him out, on occais minded to be a preda- sion, he’d be no where to be tor. It’s the law of nature. found for hours. I came to learn that he would walk the Part of my weekly routing is neighborhood, have sex with to watch National Geographic different Bitches, and then Wild every Monday evening. I come home – like everything am simply fascinated by wild was ok… Men are not indiflife. Take Lions for example. ferent. Men don’t cheat beA “Pride” consists of a domi- cause they can, it’s because nate male, and several females they MUST. It’s easy, too easy. and cubs. The Dominate

24 Bizzy B February 2012

love & relationships


The REAL reasons MEN cheat… Continued

In My opinion, some common reasons why men cheat: Men crave sexual variety There’s nothing like “New Booty” The Wife or Girlfriend’s appearance has changed - The typical man can’t resist the temptation of riper fruit, especially if the woman in his life has let herself go. The Nag - Nothing will drive a man into the arms of another woman faster. Excitement - Most guys who have affairs are getting in touch with their inner predator…to play with fire: it adds a level of danger Biology - It’s a man’s biological nature to be with as many females as possible. It’s Just Sex - Men want more sex than women. More sexually permissive men who don’t have equally adventur-

-ous partners are also more apt to wander. Variety – If he can’t get Her to do it, someone out there will. Men also cheat, in part at least, out of frustration with their relationship with their wife or girlfriend. A man’s frustration with his relationship with his wife can harden his resolve to cheat, because when angry, a wife or girlfriend offers no support. I know, believe me I know, that hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned. Women will never understand how men can cheat because they think of it in terms of themselves as something done to them. They treat it as an outrage at first, then a wound, then a fatal wound

For some men, cheating is a kind of accomplishment. Men want to constantly feel panic perched on the rim of their gut. These are the competitors, the bungee jumpers, the dare-devils. They love everything that comes with cheating. For most, cheating is a reflection of the ability to pull off a complex deception of the person with whom they are most intimate. Are there Men in this world who don’t cheat? Yep. But every minute of the day, they wish they could. Men will justify why the moon is round – can they justify why they cheat? Not really. Good intentions or not, if the mindset is open to entertaining the idea of having an affair, it’s going to happen.

25 Bizzy B February 2012

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