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Meizitang- this is a type soft gel which its origin is traced to have originated from China. it is well known of its crucial function as the Botanic Slimming comprises of a collection of many different species of plant which are combined together in order to come up with a quality end product (meizitang).This species include; psyllium shell, jobstears, slimming grass, kola, guar mum, perilla, alfalfa, frutescens and hoof bamboo shoot. They normally undergo a certain process where they are gradually and carefully purified until the final soft gel is obtain.

This gel specifically performs crucial rolls in the process of slimming, this comprise of;

-in biological terms it mainly interfere with the normal functioning of lipase normally present in the stomach and intestinal canal where its normally breaks down fats and enables it be observed into the body. The interference of this lipase disable the observation of fats into the body therefore the body fats gradually reduces in level which in turn enables the slimming of the body due to fats reduction.

-it has also been proved that this gel usually increases the rate of metabolism where the body increases the rate of energy consumption in which the body fats is consumed in large amount therefore dropping the level of fats. This unique factor enables the slimming of the body size. Visit the website to know more about the lida daidaihua


When using these pills it is always recommended to carefully abide to the following crucial safety rules

-ensure that just take only this pills alone, not in bond with other types of drugs.

-it is prohibited for pregnant and lactating mothers for this may have side effect if not avoided.

-People suffering from glaucoma and prostatic hyperplasia should not use these pills.

-Individual with heart coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and high blood pressure is also prohibited.

-In terms of age it states that people under the age of 18 and above 60 are not permitted.


-It is advisable to drink a lot of water, just take a walk daily for some distance and eat as much fruits as possible

-don’t drink alcohol while in progress with these pills.

-just take only capsule as recommended don’t overdose.

This slimming pill is found to be more friendly and comfortable to use mainly because it’s a natural extract and there is no any harmful chemicals is also used by both men and women it’s not selective. For the exultance results at the end body physical exercise daily is very healthy and good for this speeds up the slimming process in such a wonderful rate.

Side effects

The following result are effects which emerges due to the use of meizitang pills

-it results into the dryness of mouth, paradoxically increased appetite, a very strange taste in the mouth, dizziness, headache and constipation.

-to some people it may results in increased high blood pressure and heart rate

-it can lead to bleeding, abnormal bruising, some challenges when urinating, and problem with the sight, some chest pain and rigors.

-it may result in cardiovascular problems

-some of the rare effects (not common) include the pulmonary hypertension.

Lida daidaihua  

Meizitang- this is a type soft gel which its origin is traced to have originated from China. it is well known of its crucial function as the...