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changing the world one cup at a time

Think Before You Drink

September, 2009 Did You Know?

“In 1991 the global coffee market was worth around $30 billion, of which producing countries received $12 billion or 40 per cent. Current figures suggest that the global revenue from coffee sales are in the region of $55 billion, of which only $7 billion (13 per cent) goes to the exporting nations.” – from Coffee: A Dark History by Antony Wild (2005)

Clearly something is wrong in the coffee industry… how can you make a difference? Think Before You Drink. (and save your money too!) The general consensus is that making coffee at home is by far the cheapest way for you to get your caffeine fix. Take it one step further and purchase fair, or better yet direct, trade coffee to brew at home. Fair and direct trade coffees give more of the revenue r from the coffee to the farmers in the developing countries who grow it. Even if you have to purchase a new coffee making gizmo,, you’ll save lots of money in the long run but still give more to the coffee farmer who grew your coffee. Here’s a guide to help you with brewing at home. home

Love the experience of being at a coffee shop to study, work or socialize? socialize Choose your coffee shop well. Since Overflow has not yet opened its doors, look for a coffee shop that serves direct or fair trade coffee. If you have trouble finding one, please contact Overflow and we will help you out. They are easier to find than you think and new ones are opening all the time.

The mission of Overflow Coffee Bar is to give South Loop residents, students and workers the opportunity to change the world. world One of Overflow’s values is Purposeful Living Living. Consumers speak with their money and can encourage fair labor practices in the products they choose to purchase. Volunteers speak peak with their time and talent and can make a difference in ttheir local community by giving for those in need. We believe people want to change the world but too often do not know how or lack the encouragement encouragement. We want to educate and inspire living lives of purpose with our time, talents and money so that the world changes for the better, today and tomorrow tomorrow.

Questions? Have ideas?

We cannot do it alone. Your help is needed to launch a selfsustaining s non-profit organization. Currently, we are working to raise $115,000 as part of our "Set Up Shop" Campaign.. Donations* given to this campaign will help Overflow Coffee Bar to find and renovate a location, to purchase the equipment we need to make coffee, espresso and tea drinks, drinks and to begin hosting educational events in the South Loop. For more information on giving a donation, please contact us.

Contact Amanda at, 773-919-6960. Also check out theneelyjourne *Currently donations are not tax exempt. When Overflow Coffee Bar receives its tax exempt status from the IRS, all donations will become tax exempt. The status is retroactive. You can givee a donation now and then it will become tax exempt later. Please make checks payable to “Overflow Coffee Bar.”

Overflow Coffee Connections, September 2009  

Issue 2: Purposeful Living

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