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Medical transcription has now become a very challenging and rewarding choice of career in India. It is also one of the fastest growing fields amongst the many outsourced businesses in India. In the US, MTs are always in high demand there, but the cost of getting the job done is quite high. To clients abroad, India has recently become one of the best place to be outsourced due to some potent factors. 1. India has a great mass of English-writing and computer literate people in this country, which qualify the basic necessity to get enrolled in this job. 2. Time zone between the US and India, makes it best place to process the work within the stipulated time frame of 24 hours. 3. Cheaper labor cost in comparison to the same in the US. Earlier Medical Transcription clients were mostly from the US but due to the fast and successful growth of the industry in the past decade in India, UK and even Australian clients are now willing to consider India as a smarter choice of getting the job done – quickly, error free, and just at a fraction of the cost incurred in their own countries. Since the necessity of documentation for medical insurance has always been increasing in the US, UK, and Australia, India is facing huge traffic of work routed to be done offshore, and this volume is increasing every day. The vision is very clear and bright now. A skilled MT would earn a pretty decent salary nowadays and at last but not the least, it is real worthy to mention that with the entry of worker type “home based transcriptionist�, a wonderful opportunity has been created for young, educated mothers, retired persons, the disabled, or those who simply do not wish to venture out of their homes for earning to thrive in this career.

Future of MT in india  

Medical Transcription and India

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