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Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners

NEEDLEWORK COMPANION 2013 Authored by: Susan S

Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners Watching Project Runway week after week peaked my interest in sewing again. For some reason, I enjoyed my sewing classes back when I was studying. I was probably one of a handful who did not ask their mother or seamstress to finish their projects for them. Buoyed by the prospect of creative work, I set out to revisit my old favorite pastime. What follows are the top ten sewing tips for beginners I have learned through trial and error that I hope will help you too. This is a new skill that you are attempting to learn so there are bound to be some challenges. Manage your expectations. Most of us received some kind of training in school in operating a sewing machine. But sewing is not like riding a bike again. There would probably be improvements on the sewing machine that you need to learn again. Patience is a virtue, stock up on it.

Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners | 1/1/2013

Gather your sewing tools first before beginning any project. The most important tool would be the sewing machine. I would suggest that you get the best machine you can afford. Don't discount buying a previously loved machine. Just make sure that it is still in good running condition.


The best sewing tip I learned from my teacher was to master pattern drafting. This is the most overlooked part of sewing because a lot of people find the measuring and cutting tedious work. But a good pattern is like a good map - it will lead you to the right direction. Don't stop learning. Do your research well. Talk to other sewing aficionados or visit sewing blogs. Experience is still the best teacher, so learn from your own as well as that of others. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The steamer or the iron is your best friend. It is easier to create when the fabric is crisp and not bunched up. Working with well-pressed fabric usually gives me the energy to finish my creation.

To keep your interest in sewing, work with good fabric, preferably something that you love. Most of the time, the fabric is the focal point of your creation. The simplicity of the design can be covered up by the beauty of the fabric. As you become better, know the characteristics of different kinds of fabrics and work with it. There's a wealth of information online that you can explore. Aside from fabric, you should also invest in good quality threads. They literally hold the fabric together, so shop around for the best kind. Start with a small project. Make something that you like but easy to make such as an apron or a drawstring bag. Little success will spur you on than your monumental failures. Your objective as a beginner is to keep on sewing until you get better. To get better, just practice, practice, practice. There are so many things you can make with your sewing machine. Not only will it be cheaper in the long run, you will also get the satisfaction of owning a unique item. Finally, the best sewing tip I can give you is to learn to regard sewing as play. This will inspire you to be creative. We always do better if we love what we are doing. So start sewing today!

Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners | 1/1/2013



Sewing Tips for Beginners  

The best sewing tip I learned from my teacher was to master pattern drafting. This is the most overlooked part of sewing because a lot of pe...

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