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Thanks to: The Contributors: Jason Stewart, Luke James, Johnny Alchemist, Shadow Moses, Yee Ting Kuit, Brandon Schaefer, Joel Levy, Tom Crawshaw, Gareth Jones, Ben Peter Catchpole, Jonathan Lax. Help/Inspiration: University of Wales, Newport. (Rob Mason, Paul Morris, Adrian Newman) Dave Thornhill Young Creatives Network And To all of those who submitted but did not feature. Keep trying it was nothing personal there was just too many submissions.






Welcome to this, the launch issue of Genero; A new quarterly publication which aims to showcase all the best, young emerging creative talent. The theme for this issue ofcourse is “Cinematic”, a theme which is close to my heart as i have a love of film and the accompanying media such as posters, credits, film scores. Inside these pages you will see varied solutions to the brief set out at the beginning of 2009 from people around the world. I hope you enjoy it, and please take the time to visit our website where you can look up even more creative talent in our directory, download the mixtapes, podcasts and MP3’S as well as reading and downloading this magazine via Issuu. A Special thanks to all who made this magazine possible, from my tutors and the people who had faith in me, to all the fantastically talented people who submitted. Matt Needle Editor/Creative Director

JOHNNY ALCHEMIST Johnny Alchemist was born in a clock tower, has no memory of the year 1998, once shot pool with a midget and intends on creating exciting, bizarre, passionate, frightening, interesting and largely gin fueled music. Based predominantly in Cardiff, ...He hangs out in dingy drinking holes, under rocks and inside broken old cuckoo clocks searching for other like minded individuals who wish to pluck strings, bang on bins, sing songs and generally run around creating anarchic, wonderful, wonky music...... and maybe start one or two little fires. He has some help from good friends and he hates Andie McDowell with an unrivaled passion. That Bitch. Listen & download Bad Blood and Vicious Bastards by Johnny Alchemist from


TOM CRAWSHAW I’m a 26 year old graphic designer with a focus on identity and branding for print. I am currently working as a freelance designer for studios including Ranch in London and S-Group in Oxford. I previously worked as Studio Supervisor at multi-discipline design studio Chameleon for 3 years. My ideas-led approach draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences with much of my interest centered on a simple, beautifully-crafted execution incorporating considered typography. Colour is also a strong aspect of my work and one which I see as a very important element when creating the most appropriate aesthetic for a project. My response to the brief was to give an insight into my personal movie experience. Although not all of them will be regarded as classics, what the list represents is a record of my interests throughout

my life watching films. My collection is an important part of that both culturally and emotionally, with many films acting as important reminders of different experiences in my life. In terms of the execution, I have never been a huge fan of centered type but felt it referenced the typographic conventions of film posters and end credits. In my (rather limited) experience, I’ve found it extremely important to always produce work that interests me. It isn’t always easy to do this, especially when working for clients or in a studio environment under dirtection from those in a more senior role, but even if you have to do it in your own time, you should try and constantly create work that you enjoy. If you can combine both producing work you love and for people who want to pay you to do so, then you’ve cracked it! Mob: +44 (0)7971 889692 Email:


MATT NEEDLE As Designer and Editor of this publication I obviousley wanted to get in on the act and showcase my work, especially some of the film posters that I have created in recent years.

But before we get into all that let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Matt Needle and by the time anyone is reading this I would have just recently finished studying for my BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at the University of Wales, Newport, hopefully finishing on a first. During my time there I have learnt a lot from my tutors, but as well as that I have been dipping my toe into the world of Freelance Design and Illustration, successfully gaining jobs and commissions for clients such as Clash Magazine, Hugo Boss, ASOS, The Big Chill Festival and The Guardian amonst others.

This has been a huge step in my life and a great learning curve, networking and communicating with some great people along the way which should help my natural progression as a Graphic Designer. When im not being creative, im absorbing creativity and culture, whether by way of Travelling, Exploring, Watching Films, Taking Photos, Listening to Music or just simply engaging in conversation with some interesting and diverse people. The work I am showcasing over the next few pages are Movie posters I have created in my free time, between projects.

Modern Hitchcock: (Overleaf pages) - I created this series of six posters as a simplistic modern range inspired by my favourite Alfred Hitchcock films. Web: Email: Mob: +44 (0) 7800 905 951

The Dream: (Left) - I created this around the time that Barrack Obama made history and became the first black president in Amercian history. It’s a theoretical piece which plays on an idea for a film that could be made from the situation, with all the vital people that have played a part in the story taking up the namespace in the credits.


BEN PETER CATCHPOLE The photos you see before you are constructs of another life, a character that symbolises the human fatigue of the burden of creation. Such inspirations as Jacques Rivette’s ‘Céline et Julie vont en bateau’ & Vera Chytilová’s ‘Daisies’ to most importantly ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’ by Milan Kundera have all influenced and helped develop this work further. I spend a lot of my other time organising and promoting events such as gigs, trips & other entertainment. Having the opportunity to work for Beach Break Live Student Festival as an Event Manager also gives me a great access into the music industry.


This feeds back into my photography, as have most recently been working with Radio 1’s Zane Lowe & many others. Looking into ones future is unforeseeable; nonetheless what I really desire is to become a photographer’s assistant within a truly inspirational & challenging work environment. My advice to anyone in the same position would be to never give up and try everything at least once. Mob: 07742816173 Email: Web:

Hello, my name is Ben Peter Catchpole, and I like to spend a lot of my time in Cornwall. With an unusual appetite for human psychology, I have decided to create such projects that explore the meanings of why we do things and why we even should care.

Š All Copyright belongs to Ben Peter Catchpole. 2009. Unless liscensing is under discussion.

Š All Copyright belongs to Ben Peter Catchpole. 2009. Unless liscensing is under discussion.

Š All Copyright belongs to Ben Peter Catchpole. 2009. Unless liscensing is under discussion.




Shadow Moses is a faceless (yet apparently male) entity that appears to have found a perpetual location somewhere within 1997. As a result of an unexpected, but probably deliberate train crash that occurred in an area just outside of Tokyo, Japan, the creative thoughts of Shadow Moses became lodged inside the sub-conscious of Joe Moynihan, an unimportant white male from England who is reportedly allergic to both eye-contact and good intentions. Through this helpful human-shaped aperture, Shadow Moses composes scores for films you will likely never see, let alone enjoy. Experiment : 07, is an exception, for the narrative exists only in the context that the listener themselves creates for it. Inspired by the structure of discarded mixtapes and books Shadow Moses has forced his medium to absorb, the one-hour-and-

twenty-minutes-too-long mix contains a collection of tunes deemed appropriate to emphasise the melancholic and cinematic tales that lurk within all of us. It begins almost silently, allowing the listener’s scenery to dictate context, then attempts to cover all those over-exaggerated emotions depicted in movies about love and solitude. Interlaced within are subliminal ideologies and some political satire, for good measure, before the piece concludes tragically and indecisively as if it were a Haruki Murakami novel. Shadow Moses has explained that Experiment : 07 is best listened to at 3am, in closed cup headphones, during November, and in a room where the walls are painted indigo. When asked on what he hopes to achieve in the following year, Shadow Moses gave a reply in a bastardised form of English that was accumulated from excess time spent on online message boards. The re-

sponse, translated roughly, was, “Fuck time. Eat women.” I can only assume that this suggests he will continue to piece together mixtapes and compose ambient music for films yet to exist. He has also expressed interest in writing short stories about misery, loss and sultanas.



“I love creating images using textures”.

Above is a piece of work from a talented young Designer and Illustrator who goes by the name Luke James. When illustrating he enjoys recreating distressed, smudged, messy scribbles, that really give his work depth, context and texture. Unique marks which should all have, but are often lost when regurgitated by the computer.

personal projects, which also include the development of his independent clothing company, Huckleberry Clothing. He also hopes to continue his freelance work including illustration, web design and design for print. Whilst continuing to strengthen his personal portfolio He hopes to fine tune his skills, and learn new ones. Luke believes this is one of the most important things in launching yourself as a designer. Lots of hard work, enthusiasm, late nights and cups of tea also help.

He states that as a young boy he would “love creating images using textures, soft graphite pencils and anything that created a personal touch�. Even from such a young age he grasped the concept of individuality and the love of that hand rendered feel through all types of art and design. His biggest inspirations come from music, graffiti and the works of Jasper Goodall and David Foldvari, two of his favourite designers / illustrators. Over the next 5 years his plans are to document his journeys to Australia, New Zealand and Japan, build on his personal portfolio and also concentrate on several


This is the work of 26 year old Joel The one golden rule he would give Evey, Who also goes by the alias out to people looking to get into Mikronized. the creative world and make a name for themselves would be to “Make it When asked to describe himself for weird”. this magazine Joel responded by saying that he was, and i quote... Weird is definatley the first thought that came to my head when i recieved this submission, along with intrigue “A vagabond yeti who and a sense of wanting to know more wandered out of the mythabout this bizarre but extremely talic forests of the north and ented young designer, so i visited his happened upon a comwebpage which i suggest you do to.

puter while make fire”.

trying to

Eye of the beholder - (Left) He goes on to say that he has seen some amazing things, done some This is an utterly bizzarre yet equally pretty cool work for some pretty wonderful and enigmatic piece from cool clients and had some schooling, Joel, in response to the magazine which all come together to shape the brief/theme of “Cinematic” kind of creative mind that he possesses. Web: Other things that contribute to his creativity and style are Nature & Music aswell as that he takes time away from designing by endulging in his hobbie of BMX-ing.



SCHAEFER I’m a twenty-four year old freelance graphic designer who farts around designing movie posters in his spare time while harboring a not-so-secret obsession with books.

My favorite channel is PBS, my favorite superhero is Batman, and my favorite type of design is Swiss Modernism…because a lot of it is dull. Like me. Also, I love sarcasm. Much of what inspires me comes from the words I read written by other designers, filmmakers, and authors. It fuels my engine in a way that visual works cannot do, while broadening my horizons and stimulating new ideas that challenge my current convictions.

As of now, my only aspiration is to lead a balanced life that has a positive impact on others. Sure, it sounds corny, but it’s honest, and as they say, only honest people are interesting.

“I guess i aspire to be Interesting” My tip for anyone launching themselves would be to take your work and shove it in as many people’s faces as possible. Someone, or a group of someone’s, are bound to catch on sooner or later. Email: Web:

The Dark Knight (Left)– The idea is pretty straightforward, as it comes from what The Joker says to Batman in the film: “I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No. You... you... complete me.” Toss in a pattern from The Joker’s socks to add a little chaos and it clashes nicely with Batman’s stripped down background. 8½ (Above) - At its core, the film’s plot revolves around an Italian film director dealing with his own personal creative struggles. So, it just seemed right that the 8 in the poster is made from two film wheels.



Yee Ting graduated from the BA (Hons) Illustration course at University College Falmouth in 2006 with first class honours and has been working freelance since.

She has taken part in various solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.K. Her work is produced digitally using a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and hand drawn components. Her style is influenced by graphic design, icons, nature, patterns, typography and printmaking techniques. Yee enjoys working on collaborative projects. She is currently involved in four such projects: a graphic novel about zombies with a fellow illustrator, the Misfits postcard book and group exhibition, the Love To Print gocco print project and a new collaborative image making project based on unusual phobias – The Phobia Project. This year I hope to make a living from working full time as a self employed freelance illustrator. In particular, I’d like to set up my own company designing and producing surface pattern-based products such as greetings cards, stationery and home wares. I have also got a small exhibition with another illustrator coming up at the end of the year in Falmouth, which I am still in the process of producing work for. There is a publishing company that I am starting up in order to generate art/design-orientated publications. We are planning to launch a magazine this year along with a collaborative graphic novel.

Clients have included the Guardian Weekend magazine, Runner’s World magazine, YCN, Tigerprint, Reed Learning and the Advice To Sink In Slowly project. Don’t sit around waiting for the work to come to you, do your research, put the hours in, give 110% and it’ll all be worth it in the end. Oh, and don’t compromise your design principles in order to please others, it’s impossible to please everyone. I wanted my illustration to represent the magic and creativity that happens on film. I made the composition bold, bright, colourful, fluid and quite animated, as they are common themes throughout my illustrative work. Mob: 07961 919130 Email: Web:

Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Kurosawa, Claude Monet, Tord Boontje, Adrian Johnson, Jon Burgerman, Aardman Animation, and fellow illustrators/designers.



Jason is a 22 year old creative minded individual looking to complete his degree in graphic design later this year at the same university as myself (University of Wales, Newport).

He aspires to make beautiful things that stimulate and provoke people’s understanding, and hopes that with time and thought he can refine his work to something more substantial; Jason enjoys illustration, photography, animation, typography and all other forms of creative expression. He states that he is “nearer the beginning first steps of a thousand mile journey in which I find things to be very interesting and look forward to what the future may hold.� The image below is a surreal composistion Jason submitted in response to the brief, It has an almost Daliesque feel to it, which is something i think is starting to heavily influence his illustration style. Web: Email:


GARETH JONES On the subject of Cinematic, I decided to look over some iconic films and shoot a still of one of the films. After much research I decided to go with the famous, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” shot with Audrey Hepburn as it’s very iconic. On the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” original shoot, Audrey Hepburn is sexy, cool and sophisticated not forgetting classy. So it was extremely important to get this in my own images. I have been doing photography now for over 5 year’s, I am completely self taught and picked up a lot of knowledge from reading many photography books. So I decided to treat my self to my very first digital SLR, which was a Canon 350D. After much pointing and shooting I found myself more and more taking caution with the shots and lots more time and care, before I knew it my original point and shoot images were transforming into beautiful pieces of art. I started taking images of Landscapes as it’s all around us and shapes the world in which we live in. Countryside was the first landscape imagery that i captured as I’m


quite lucky to live close to some beautiful country landscapes. The more and more i clicked the camera the more images I had in my folder, but I felt like something was missing and still didn’t quite feel fulfilled. I wanted to explore something more deep and i stumbled upon a fantastic opportunity when my friend told me how he wanted to spend his 21st birthday in New york, as soon as he suggested it I had an instant buzz and just wanted to be there taking photos. After returning back to the UK and a couple of years past, I did a few band shoots for my friend and got a taste for capturing people as with every image, the individual tells a story. On doing various shoots I explored more and more people photography and captured some portraits of my family, I discovered a photographer, Tim Walker who I admire so much as his work is so creative and it seems to have no boundaries. So he gave me more and more inspiration to keep at the photography and so leads on to where I am today. I hope to achieve in the coming year a spotlight on my work and a distinctive style of my work that will be recognized by people and associated with me. It’s not an easy place to be in photography when your trying to open doors but the rewards are

amazing and the comments you receive are priceless. My one golden rule/tip would be, if you have a passion for something that you want to make your career, go for it as passion and determination are the strongest tool’s you will own. No matter how hard it seems I never stop taking photos as it makes me feel alive and it gives me a purpose. Even if I’m not famous till I’m 40 I will still be proud of everyday my photography brings as each day is a learning curve and is one step closer to my dream. Web: E-mail:



My name is YONIL. Well, it’s actually Jonathan Lax but I go by YONIL. I’m an illustrator and a graphic designer from Holon, Israel. I am currently still a 4th –year student at the Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.) in the faculty of design.

It is really an old-school, honest and long lasting love affair between me, design and illustration. Since the beginning of the millennium, I have slowly discovered a growing urge within me to create and draw. Inspired by punk-rock, metal music posters and album covers, skateboard arts, street arts and urbanism, I’ve decided that this is what I will be doing my whole life. This is definitely my artistic goal: To draw. To design. To attract. Whenever I face a project which has no pre-set theme, I would delve deep into my mind and find a subject which troubles me. Once I figure out the subject, I start thinking about it. A lot. Thinking is a crucial

part of my work; I can not start working before reaching that stage. I would usually start off with pencils and some black pens and markers. I really feel comfortable with them, as they provide me the fine line-drawing which really defines most of my illustrations. I then start thinking in layers, this is where my scanner comes into play – I scan textures, images, printed typefaces which, in my head, might fit into the theme I created, and throw them all into the computer mixing and mashing them all up. I really can’t tell how I know my work is finished, I don’t have an answer for that – I just feel it, maybe it means that (my) works can never be entirely finished. Right now, apart from my final project for school, I am working as a freelance designer and illustrator, doing some editorial illustrations, designing my own line of tshirt designs as well as t-shirts for a major clothing chain and do my best to always roll with what comes my way. If I had to give advice to someone who thinks of going into the design world, graphic design or illustration in particular, I would say this: the term “design” is very much divided within itself into sub-genres, styles, trends, and some believe that once you master one area, it is okay if you slack another – this is wrong. In other words, design in all its forms works the best when combined into one product – poster, table, whatever. This might be a cliché thing to say and a known fact, but surprisingly, some people from the design field categorize themselves into one sub-genre and shirk responsibility for other elements of their own work which are of another sub-discipline (with typography leading the chart of victims).


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