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How to choose Lightweight Wheelchair – A practical guidance

With the arrival of lightweight wheelchair, gone are the days where the question to be answered when purchasing them are limited to “what color do you prefer” and “what is the size of the user”? Looks like, the constant evolution happening around has not bypassed wheelchairs. True, they still are wheelchairs and they still have wheels but they have come a long way considering that there is already a variety of choices from electrically powered to manually-operated equipments. There are other things to consider also like the material it is made of, aluminum or titanium, or will a rigid wheelchair be better than a foldable one. With the wide range selections, it may be overwhelming to walk around the shop and choose the perfect chair. The options, however, can be narrowed down to lightweight wheelchair if the user is an active individual who wants to get the most of his special wheelchair – that is, he can easily maneuver it to go around indoors and outdoors. Basically, the weight of the wheelchair is a major factor for ease of use and transportation. The typical wheelchair weighs about 33-44 pounds, while the lightweight counterparts weigh around 20 – 30 pounds. The difference of a little more than 10 pounds may not seem a nuisance but with the chair being an everyday use and the need to transport it in and out of cars for let us see, probably every day, would be burdensome. What is more with this weight difference is the advantage of the wheelchair being easily pushed and maneuvered around. Wheels for rough terrain are already available for the sporty, mountain lover individuals. Moreover, there are choices for those who need to transfer a lot. Let us say of example, you have to drive to the office everyday and you need the special wheelchair to be portable. If the space the chair occupies during

transportation is the problem, there are already lightweight wheelchairs with foldable frames. So you see, we were not kidding when we said there are extensive choices designed to fit everybody’s needs. The next query you might be wondering will be regarding the strength of such wheelchairs. Easily, one concludes that the heavier the chair, the sturdier it is and that was true years ago. Now, with the advent of technology, the lightweight wheelchairs may match the power of their ten plus pound heavier counterparts. Other question that may arise is whether or not one could have their lightweight wheelchair custom tailored. But of course, without a doubt you could. As mentioned earlier, the selections are there, you just have to know what you want. So, you could have your chair with a rigid frame to perfectly fit you at your own comfort, or you could have it made with a folding frame. A bit of a down point here if you want it to be foldable though is that they may not be tailored to bend at your choice of position depending on the size of the wheelchair. But if the point is their weight, folding ability and storage, you have yourself a good choice with a lightweight wheelchair. To Learn more about the lightweight wheelchairs visit the website

How to choose Lightweight Wheelchair - a practical Guidance  

Guidance how to choose a lightweight wheelchair