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Sweex On Stage music cables & plugs

Sweex OnStage The Sweex OnStage series exists out of a wide range of the best quality audio connectors and cables. For any situation you can find a complete on-stage audio wiring solution over short and long distance. Connect instruments, microphones, amplifiers and other devices for (semi) professional musicians for a great sound reproduction.

Target groups Our Sweex on-stage assortment is a professional and reliable connection and guarantees perfect sounds for consumers and semi-professionals with high audio standards.

The packaging design Firm euro-lock for display presentation

Clear description in 3 languages on front of packaging

Icons show usage of the cable

Open packaging so customers can feel the plug quality

The product design

Highly flexible and tactile rubberised cable for easy bending

Durable die-cast zinc connectors for a firm connection The latchlock(on female) prevents accidental disconnection.

The (cable) range



Retail Concepts Various retail concepts are available for this range. Besides the standard concepts we have created we can customize it to every customer specific.

SweexŽ is a registered trademark licensed to NEDIS B.V. The Netherlands Š 2017, NEDIS B.V.

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Sweex Music Cables Lowres  

Sweex Music Cables Lowres  

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