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Nedis | Edition 2020

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Home & Living It contains new products, trends, smart solutions and must-haves for indoors and outdoors!

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NedisÂŽ makes your life smarter, simpler, healthier and more fun. With products for every activity and every phase of life!


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Nedis | Introduction

Step into the world of NedisŽ Home & Living We love to spot the latest trends and products in the market. Nedis’ vision is to be a fast follower: When new developments in the field of consumer electronics occur, we follow quickly with a perfect alternative to the A brands. In the segment of Home & Living there were interesting developments in the past year and many new products were released. We have included the most fun,


convenient and attractive products in our range: from the latest products in the segment of vacuum cleaners (p. 18) to solutions to make your home safer (p. 24) and

Nedis | Lightning


even smarter (p. 26). There is also an appealing new trend outdoors: bring your interior

Nedis | Clocks & Alarms


from the inside out. You can read how to do that on page 28.

Nedis | Humidifiers & Air Cleaners


Nedis | Heating


Would you like to make your life smarter and more fun? We are happy to offer you

Nedis | Air Conditioners & Fans


insight and inspiration through a look at our Home & Living range.

Nedis | Vacuum cleaners


Nedis | Kitchen & Cooking


Nedis | Cameras


Nedis | Detectors


Nedis | Outdoor Living


Nedis | Electricity


Have fun reading and shopping!

Barg van Donzel

Product Marketing Manager Home & Living

3 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Lighting for every room and job Lighting can make or break an interior. That is why it is important to make the right choice, both for your home and your workplace. Do you want to make a room look bigger or smaller? Looking for bright, daylight-simulating lighting, because you want to concentrate while you study well into the night? Or would you prefer a dimmable, warm glow that fits to the relaxed atmosphere of a dinner party and makes certain areas of your home even more cozy? At Nedis you have a wide choice of various colours, sizes and prices.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 4

Nedis | Lighting

1. Pendant Light LPHLE27BS brass LPHLE27SI steel 2. Dimmable filament LED bulb ST64 LEDBDFE27ST64 3. Dimmable filament LED bulb E14 LEDBTFE14CAN 4. Dimmable filament LED bulb E27 LEDBTFE27A60 5. Dimmable filament LED bulb E27 LEDBTFE27A160 6. Dimmable filament LED bulb E27 LEDBTFE27G200







Eye-catching bulb design Lighting does not only have to be practical or atmospheric, it can also be an eye-catcher. For example, the LED bulb without a lampshade is a trend that now decorates many spaces. The bulb is then the accessory on it’s own, where you play with the model of the bulb and the color of the cord. You will find various filament bulbs at Nedis and we have even given the classic pendant bulb a brass color, which is a wonderful addition to modern living rooms and business spaces with an industrial look.

5 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Work Lights Do you want high quality, bright lighting for your workshop?


Then choose LED batten. Our high quality LED batten are





energy-saving and available in 6 different types that vary in length


and light output. The LED batten can be connected to each other by type so you can adjust the lighting exactly to your wishes.



LED lighting is more often used in our interior or 1. LED Bulb E14 LEDBE14CAN3P2 2. LED Bulb E14 LEDBE14G451 3. LED Bulb E27 LEDBE27A601 4. LED Bulb GU10 LEDBGU10P16G1 5. LED Bulb GU10 LEDBDGU10P16WT 6. LED Bulb GU5.3 LEDBGU53MR161

Nedis® Home & Living - 6


as outdoor lighting. We are responding to this trend with a wide range of LED light sources that save


you energy - and money. Various types and colours with dimmable variants! LED lighting is characterized by it’s long service life, low power consumption and greater luminous flux (lumen). These advantages make LED lighting a more economical option than other light sources! Not a strange idea to switch to LED, if you have not already done so. Do you want to mix LED with design? Then take a look at website www.nedis.com.

Did you know that…

1. LED Batten 60cm BTTN11W60 (11W) 2. LED Batten 120cm BTTN22W120 (22W)

Nedis has torches and work lights, which you can pick up to shine when needed? This way you can easily

3. LED Batten 150cm BTTN30W150 (30W)

provide your shed, workshop or warehouse with extra light and safety. 4

4. Work Light LTRHWLG

Nedis | Lighting

Did you know that… we have a wide range of smart home products? Check out the Nedis® SmartLife assortment at nedis.nl/smartlife

Ceiling Lamps 1

Whether you need to shine a light on your desk while working or reading a book in bed; our desk lamps are the perfect choice! They are tiltable, so that the light always shines where you want.

Not just ceiling lamps, but smart

With only one push of the touch control button you can

variants! Illuminate the room,

adjust the light of our desk lamps from

set the most optimal color temperature and brightness for every situation. Control the lamp via your smartphone, tablet or


Desk Lamps

cold white to warm white. And not only that: thanks to the handy extra function, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly in the evening!

your own voice, or switch it on and off via the traditional light switch! The great thing about smart lamps is that they are easy to install: connect them to the Wi-Fi


network, download the free app and you can get started. Turn the lights on, off, change 1. WIFILAC30WT 2. WIFILAW20WT 3. WIFILAW10WT

the color, dim them or even create automated scenes. It’s all possible with the Nedis® SmartLife app!

Dimmable LED desk lamp LTLGQ3M1BK / LTLGQ3M1WT

7 - Inspiration magazine 2020





The clock as a wall decoration Clocks are not only a functional accessory but are also considered as an indispensable accessory for the living room, bedroom or study.


Did you know that… we also have special clocks, such as a DCF radio controlled clock? This means that the time automatically switches to the correct CET zone. Handy if summer or winter time starts or if you take the clock with

1. CLWA002WD30 2. CLWA016PC38AL 3. CLWA013PC30BK 4. CLWA015PC30RE 5. CLWA003PH40

Nedis® Home & Living - 8

Within our Home & Living segment you will find beautiful clocks in different sizes and colors; there is a suitable clock for every interior. Whether you are looking for a classic analog clock for the wall or on your desk, a wall clock with a “clean look” for a modern interior or a clock in which you can put your own photos: we have it for you!

you on a trip.

Nedis | Clocks & Alarms

Tip Put this speaker with built-in clock and alarm clock on your bedside


table: wake up on time with a 3


charged phone and play your favorite music via the Bluetooth® connection.

Just snooze for a while Now and than you have a day when it is difficult to get out of bed, but with the right alarm clock you get out of bed on time. Nedis has various types of alarm clocks in the Home & Living range. With, for instance, different alarm sounds, so that you have enough choice in


addition to the well-known “buzzing sound”. Think of the classic desk clock, where a bell wakes you up. Or, to wake up even more pleasantly: digital alarm clocks and clock radios which can wake you up with the sound of your favorite radio station. We even have special alarm clocks - with large and bright red numbers - for the partially sighted. Oversleeping will never happen to you again!

1. CLAR002BK 2. CLDK007MT 3. CLDK002SR 4. Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger and clock radio SPBT4000GY

9 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Do you ever realize what air you breathe? The air quality and temperature around you directly influence how you feel and in the long term even on your health. Sometimes we open a window or walk around for some fresh air. Indoors, we place a water reservoir on the heater to prevent dry air. But nowadays there are better and easier solutions which directly contribute to better air quality. The Home & Living range helps you to create

Did you know that‌ bad and dry air is not only bad for people? Poor air quality can also damage your interior, such as cracks in your wooden floor or leather sofa. A humidifier can help to prevent this!

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 10

a consistent and healthy environment, and to heat or cool your living and working space.

Nedis | Humidifiers & Air Cleaners

Humidifiers If you set the heating to a higher setting, the moisture content in the air usually decreases. Humidifiers then offer the solution: you quickly notice that you no longer have dry eyes, skin or a sore throat. The humidifier monitors the air quality, adjusts the humidity when necessary and stops automatically. All you have to do is put water in the reservoir.

Air Cleaners Air quality can be determined not only by the amount of moist or dry air, but also by its composition. Even when a room appears to be completely clean, the air quality can say something else: floating dust and dirt particles can be so small that you can hardly see them. Our NedisÂŽ air purifiers offer the perfect 2

solution for a healthy indoor climate. They filter even the smallest dust particles from the air! Nedis has a suitable type for every size of room.

3 1

Hygrometers Check the humidity of the room.

4 Humidifier 1. HUMI130CBK

Air Cleaner 2. AIPU100CWT 3. AIPU200CWT

Hygrometer 4. KATR105SI

11 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Temperature control Our country is known for its changeable weather. That is why we are used to adapting to this by controlling our own temperature, despite the weather outside. When the days are getting shorter, the heating and / or the electric blanket will be turned on. When it is (tropical) warm outside, the air conditioning or fan makes life a lot more pleasant.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 12

Nedis | Heating



Convection heaters HTCO10FWT (thermostat) HTCO20FWT (thermostat and ventilator) HTCO30FWT (thermostaat, ventilator and timer)

2. Glass panel convection heater HTPL20FWT White HTPL20FBK Black


Convection heaters With a convection heater you can heat a room in no time and you can easily regulate the temperature. If necessary, you can even move the convector heater. Go for a functional design or choose one of the design versions, including the panel heater.

13 - Inspiration magazine 2020


Fan Heaters Small, solid, efficient, stylish and even smart. What else do you want? Perhaps the knowledge that some fan heaters work on only 750W? This way you can relax without worrying about the cold.

Plug-in Heaters

Did you know that…

You can go anywhere in the house,

with electric heating, heat is

because this portable plug-in heater

immediately released and with a

can heat up any small space in no time.

gas-fired heating you have to wait

All you need is an electrical power

a while before the heating system


has heated up? With electric, you immediately enjoy 3

pleasant warmth. 1


Smart Heaters We also have smart heaters. Turn the temperature up or down via the Nedis® SmartLife app or by a voice command to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. In this way you can heat the room before you even come home. We also have smart plugs to make your


“normal” heaters smart in a second. So super handy!

Nedis® Home & Living - 14




Nedis | Heating





Personal Heating Useful products for people who get cold quickly and sports fanatics.


Electric Blanket and heating pads

Footwarmers and shoe dryers

Has your neck or shoulders become stiff in the cold or the wind?

You have made yourself a cup of tea or coffee, you have made

Do you want to warm up after your walk or preheat your bed

yourself comfortable on the couch and the remote control is

before you go to sleep? No worries: you can easily control it with

ready. If you still suffer from cold feet. Let the NedisÂŽ foot

a heating pad or blanket. The blankets and pillows are even

warmers warm them up.

useful to relieve muscle pain and heal injuries.

Or preheat your shoes with the shoe dryer. Makes them nice and warm inside and helps remove moisture, sweat and odors.

15 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Fresh and cooling wind Want to get a refreshing breeze on hot days, both at home and at the office? We often realize it is just too late - when we are almost melting away - that a lovely breeze provides just the right cooling to get through the heat. Mini, desk, USB fans, a table, tower or standing model? Or are you looking for a smart variant? You name it: you will find your fan in the Home & Living range.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 16

Nedis | Air conditioners & fans

1 2


Air Coolers

Air Conditioners

If you need more powerful and efficient cooling than that of a

Provide a pleasant and cool climate at home or in the office with

normal fan, choose an air cooler. Also ideal if there is no window

an air conditioner. The NedisÂŽ Home & Living range includes

or you do not want to drill holes for the drain hose of an air

various air conditioners with a coverage of 8 to 78 mÂł!


Whisper quiet and with energy label A, so you can use them with confidence.

The air cooler works as follows: it pulls in dry, hot air which is


passed through a moistened pad. This pad absorbs the heat and

The air conditioners are also equipped with a fan setting and

the moisture in the pad evaporates, cooling the air with a few

dehumidification function; a remote control is included. We even

degrees for you to enjoy an invigorating, refreshing breeze.

have them as a smart product, where you control the operation

Compare it to spending a hot summer day on the water: even

via an app or voice command to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

though temperatures are high, it still feels pleasantly cool.

This way you can cool the room before you even come home!

17 - Inspiration magazine 2020

A clean environment Keeping your house clean just got easier. Meet the NedisÂŽ vacuum cleaners.

New in our assortment Handheld Vacuum Cleaners! Perfect for cleaning up light dirt quickly, cleaning your car, stairs and other hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the compact size, included crevice nozzle and the wet suction nozzle (for cleaning up spilled drinks), you can quickly and easily finish cleaning.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 18

We have variants with a vacuum cleaner bag or with a reservoir that you can easily empty. With us you will also find the latest trend among vacuum cleaners, namely lightweight stick vacuum cleaners: handy battery vacuum cleaners combined with a petty thief (2-in-1), where you do not roll a cable or heavy device behind you.

Nedis | Vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners These vacuum cleaners are completely wireless, work on a rechargeable lithium battery and have a battery indicator. They are light to use and offer sufficient suction power in

New in our assortment‌

eco mode to remove dust or sand. Do you have a harder job? Then switch to high power mode for maximum suction power! The included crevice tool also helps you to reach hard-to-reach places.

You can now get your windows

Small jobs, but don’t feel like taking the whole vacuum cleaner out of the closet? No

clean without streaks very easily!

problem! Click the handle loose and turn your vacuum cleaner into a petty thief in no

Meet our electric, versatile


window wipers. These saves you time - and effort.

Bagless vacuum cleaners A bagless vacuum cleaner offers a stress-free and cost-effective solution. You no longer have to buy new bags: remembering the right type and model of vacuum cleaner is now a thing of the past and you save money and energy! You empty the reservoir at the touch of a button, without getting your hands dirty. The vacuum cleaners are also portable,


flexible and equipped with a telescopic tube that is easy to adjust to the desired height.

Vacuum cleaners with bag A vacuum cleaner with bag is a timeless product and very convenient to use. Especially for people with a dust allergy; in a vacuum cleaner bag all dirt is kept together. When the bag is full, throw it away completely, while with a bagless vacuum cleaner you can knock out the reservoir and the dust can go into the air. Our vacuum cleaners are portable, flexible, equipped with a telescopic tube and have a large dust capacity and wide range.


1. VCCS600BU 2. VCBS550BU 3. VCBG500GN


19 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Kitchen & Cooking To eat is more than just a necessity.

Did you know that… white wine tastes best at a temperature

It is a good reason to get together and is often a resting point during busy days.

of 11 to 12 degrees? And that the smell and taste of red wine are best shown at a temperature of 17 to 19 degrees? Handy, such a wine thermometer. 1

Nedis® Home & Living - 20

Prepare the tastiest dishes for family and friends with our kitchen and cooking products. Whether it’s time for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; together with Nedis® you are the chef in your own kitchen.

Nedis | Kitchen & Cooking

6 4


7 8

8x the most convenient kitchen appliances


From healthy smoothies to toasty sandwiches: your kitchen is the place to prepare a delicious breakfast or an extensive lunch. 3

Choose the right NedisÂŽ products that help you to make delicious dishes that suit your lifestyle. Whether you have a modern, sleek or a more homely kitchen; we have the products that match perfectly. Also take a look at the full range nedis.nl/home-living

1. KATH100SS 2. KAWK510EGY 3. KAWK530EPK 4. KABT210EAL 5. KAGR110SR 6. KAEB130EAL 7. KACM300FBK 8. KAJC300CBK

21 - Inspiration magazine 2020

The perfect dinner Versatile cooking The latest technology and trends ensure that you prepare your food even better than with traditional cookware. It tastes better and is often healthier too. For example, Nedis responds to the trend of the hot air fryer, but also that of the electric frying pan, with which you can roast, bake, stew, braise and cook. These NedisÂŽ products offer you all the flexibility to prepare what and where you want! All you need is an electrical outlet.

1. FCCM110EBK30 2. KAHM100BK 3. KAWP200BK 4. KARC06WT



4 3

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 22

Nedis | Kitchen & Cooking

Trend: Fun cooking Fun cooking is a fun trend that is increasingly 1. KAIM110CWT05 2. FCFO110EBK6 3. FCRA110EBK8 4. KASC110RD 5. FCPC100RD 6. FCCF100FRD 7. FCCM100FRD

The experts among kitchen devices

gaining its place in our households. With our latest Nedis® products you create your own

When it comes to the versatile preparations with the hot air fryer and skillet,

cinema experience at home with homemade

these “experts” are dedicated to making a specific ingredient or recipe.

popcorn! Or bring out that nostalgic feeling

This way you can bring out the ultimate taste and structure of your creations

by serving homemade ice cream or a sweet

even better.

candy floss.

Tip In addition to regular ice cream, you can also make low-fat protein ice cream with the ice cream maker. Who says


that healthy cannot be very tasty?

4 6





23 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Security and safety NedisÂŽ not only helps you to increase the security in and around your house, but also to protect your belongings. Our Home & Living range consists of a wide range of cameras, smoke detectors, detectors, alarms and even dummy cameras! Everything to make you feel safe and guard your belongings.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 24

Tip We also supply a wide range of Nedis camera accessories.

Nedis | Cameras


3 2


Who is at the door or on your site? This is easy to see with the various types

CCTV-cameras For an optimal working CCTV security system (closed-circuit television) you need surveillance cameras, recorders, cables and power supplies.

of camera protection from NedisÂŽ. This way you can watch the images

With these traditional products you can put together a (CCTV) system yourself. Nedis has various separate elements

on HD-DVR and even live on your

in the range, but you can also opt for complete starter sets with 2 or 4 cameras.

smartphone or tablet! Seeing a camera

Capture razor-sharp images on an HD recorder - in a variety of conditions. In our range you will find cameras that are

has a preventative effect and can already

water resistant (IP66), equipped with infrared array LEDs, support various technology standards and work with a BNC

ward off unwanted figures. For that

connector. This allows you to compile and update your own CCTV installation, so that it is precisely tailored to your

reason, a dummy camera can be a good

specific needs.

security solution.


IP-cameras IP cameras not only keep an eye on things, but are also super easy to use. The recorded images are conveniently stored on an SD card, internal memory or in the Cloud!

25 - Inspiration magazine 2020



Did you know that… Nedis has much more different smart home products which can be controlled by the same free app? Recognize these 1




smart products by the Nedis® SmartLife logo.

You can easily operate our smart IP cameras via the Nedis® SmartLife app. Like this you have all smart Nedis® SmartLife products within 1 app, which you can operate anywhere in the world! You can use these cameras in many ways. Nowadays not only for security, but also as a baby monitor, video doorbell and even to monitor your pet from a distance. You get a notification of every movement the camera detects and you can even communicate by some products! Handy for when you want to speak to someone - desired and unwanted visitors - or if you want to communicate with, for example, the postal delivery person at your door.

Nedis® Home & Living - 26

Nedis | Fire & Prevention



Fire and Prevention Even a small fire can cause a lot of damage in a short time. Fortunately, you can do a lot


yourself to reduce the risk. Not only when these is a fire, but also when there is heat, carbon monoxide, smoke, water and gas, our products have a preventative effect and give you a warning signal in time.

Nedis is happy to help you create more safety in your living or working environment with our various warning systems. Thanks to the latest technology, these are even available in smart variants!


27 - Inspiration magazine 2020


Maximum garden pleasure Enjoy nature in your garden or on your balcony.


More and more people spend their free time in their own garden. The interior is brought in from the outside, whereby the house is also optically enlarged. To create the right outdoor atmosphere, you will find various attractive items in our Home & Living range. Think of practical products, such as power supply or heating. But also articles to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden - or to retain desired visitors, with a delicious grilled recipe.

NedisÂŽ Home & Living - 28

Nedis | Outdoor living

Culinary surprise Would you like to start barbecuing as

Patio Heaters


soon as possible? Then an electric barbecue is a great solution for you.

Does it get chilly outside? No problem,

Plug in, set the temperature and within

you don’t have to go straight in. Extend

a few minutes you can start.

your evenings with a patio heater, which

Extra benefit: electric barbecues do

is available in various shapes and sizes.

not emit smoke!

Do you have a charcoal barbecue? With the 6

electric BBQ lighter, the coals or briquettes are at the right temperature

Handy for every season!

in no time!

Eyecatcher 3

Patio heating nowadays does not only have to be practical. The design patio heater fits perfect even with modern




1. HTPA13EBK 2. HTPA16EBK 3. BBQE112BK 4. BBQE110BK 5. BBQE111BK 6. BBQS110 7. WEST402WT

What will the weather bring tomorrow? View the weather forecast and temperature measurement at the NedisÂŽ weather stations. They gives you an accurate and detailed weather information. From simple models with the indoor temperature and humidity, to more extensive models that show the weather 7

trend and also show when the sun rises and sets. No weather forecast can beat that!

29 - Inspiration magazine 2020

Electricity must-haves With the Nedis® sockets and reels you can quickly and safely create multiple power connections.

Did you know that… the orange extension cable are designed to stand out so you don’t accidentally trip over, drive over with a lawnmower or cut it with the hedge trimmer?

Nedis® Home & Living - 30

You can choose a distribution board, socket or multiple reel; all handy to use in your daily jobs. Get power when you need it. In our Home & Living range you will find various types, lengths and colors. A suitable power connection for every job!

Nedis | Electric

Outdoor electrics The outdoor power strips from NedisÂŽ offer a perfect solution for connecting outdoor lighting, Christmas lighting or garden tools. In no time your garden will shine with mood or safety lighting or you can get started with your electric hedge trimmer or lawn mower. 6

The power strips are water resistant, have multiple sockets and the stone-colored design



blends them into your garden.

2 1


Extend Safely

We not only have tools with which you can extend power, but

Don’t you have enough power cable and would you like to

also operate it! Nedis introduces various types of plug-and-play

extend it? Then use a plug box for a simple, yet safe and

sockets with remote controls. This allows you to control

splashproof solution for protecting electrical

electronic devices easily - wirelessly - from the comfort of

plug connections.

your chair with the included remote control!

8 7

1. RFPOM120FBK 2. RFRC410WT 3. RFP110FWT 4. EXGS30 5. EXGS41 6. EXGS70 7. PEBX01OG 8. PEXC110FOG

31 - Inspiration magazine 2020

All you need is...

a great Home & Living assortment! With new products, trends, smart solutions and must-haves for indoors and outdoors! NedisÂŽ makes your life smarter, simpler, healthier and more fun.


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