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Your World, Our Technology König stands for quality and competitive priced consumer electronics which make your life easier and more comfortable. We offer a fitting solution to all your electronic needs varying from A/V accessories and cables to multimedia products, all with a focus on making your life easier. Come home in a world of König, and enjoy the quality solutions we have to offer. Listen to your favourite music, watch a TV program or movie, get the most out of your game console at home and communicate easier with friends, family and colleagues wherever you are. Find information faster, control your PC with ease and secure your properties with one of the König security systems. Next to that König helps you to capture your most valuable moments and to keep a close eye on your health. Do you aspire a DJ-ing or artistic career? König helps you to fulfill this dream with spectacular products for both advanced as beginning DJ’s, bands or singers. That’s our focus: Enhance your world by offering you high quality and fresh technology against a very competitive price setting.

More about König? For more information about König and our extensive product range, please visit www.konigelectronic.com. König is distributed by NEDIS. www.nedis.com


© Copyright 2015 NEDIS BV. König is a registered trademark of NEDIS BV. No content of this brochure may be reproduced without the explicit permission of NEDIS BV. While we make every effort possible to ensure that everything printed in this brochure is correct, we cannot be held responsible for any errors. All images, packaging and product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Headphones & Headsets

KĂśnig BluetoothÂŽ headset The headset allows users to make calls or listen to music at a maximum distance of ten metres from smartphones or any other Bluetooth enabled device. It features a touch panel, which facilitates conveniently skipping between tracks or volume adjusting. After use, this stylish multimedia accessory can be folded up for easy storage. CSBTHS100BL



White 3

König over-ear headsets Headset to enjoy crystal clear sound and an optimal fit. An integrated microphone enables phone calls or communication via voice chat. CSHSOVE200BL CSHSOVE200WH

Black White

König on-ear headsets DJ style, foldable headset to enjoy crystal clear sound and an optimal fit due to the swivelling cups. An integrated microphone enables phone calls or communication via voice chat. CSHSONE100BL CSHSONE100WH


Black White



Black White



Black White


Black White Blue Red Pink CSHPIER200BU Blue CSHPIER200SI Silver


König in-ear headset round cable In-ear headset to connect to a smart media device to enjoy crystal clear sound. In addition, the integrated microphone enables hands-free calls.

Black White

König in-ear heaphones These in-ear headphones have 3 sizes of soft silicon eartips to guarantee that you will always have a pair that is just right for you. The eartips block out outside noise so you can fully enjoy your music. The headphones are also equipped with a 10 mm neodymium driver and have a range of 102 dB. CSHPIER100BL CSHPIER100WH CSHPIER100BU CSHPIER100RE CSHPIER100PI

König in-ear headsets flat cable Headsets with built-in microphone to connect to an audio device to enjoy excellent sound quality and make hands-free calls. Its flat cable design prevents the cords from getting tangled.

Portable audio

Enjoy portable quality sound without wires

Powerful portable Bluetooth® speakers with crystal clear sound quality

Featuring ultra-small dimensions of only 5 x 5 x 5 centimetres, this speaker is as small as it can get. You will be surprised about the rich sound that it delivers. Enjoy your music on the go with this compact-sized speaker that fits in every pocket or bag.

The König Bluetooth speakers allow users to listen to their favourite music anywhere and pair with any Bluetooth® enabled device.

CSBTSP100 Place your smartphone in the stereo Bluetooth® speaker stand and enjoy music wherever you are. In addition, it features a built-in microphone that supports handsfree calling. Wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth® enabled device to your König stereo speaker. CSBTSPHF110 This ultra-compact speaker features bass pump to produce low tones for an unlimited sound experience. Astonish yourself by the impressive sound coming from such a compact device and enjoy powerful sound quality.


This powerful portable Bluetooth® stereo speaker enables you to enjoy your music wherever you are and is equipped with a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free phone calls.



Kรถnig MP3 player with loudspeaker Always take your favourite music with you and listen to it wherever you are with this portable USB speaker. The speaker contains a Micro SD card slot, to enable you to play music from a memory card. It also contains a USB connection. The control buttons on the side enable you to play/stop, fast forward/rewind the music and control the volume. The bottom of the speaker is lightened up by a blue LED light. CSPSP100BL CSPSP100SI CSPSP100BU CSPSP100PI

Black Silver Blue Pink

Kรถnig portable USB speaker Portable mini speaker system which you can easily connect via USB and a mini jack connector. The speakers produce a rich bass sound and support 3D sound technology over a 2.0 channel. The compact size makes them easy to take along and use wherever you are. CS20SPS100YE Yellow CS20SPS100BU Blue 6

Great coverage and excellent reception with DAB+ radio

König retro radio DAB+ This retro design radio with integrated DAB+ technology gives you all the benefits of digital radio reception. Store presets and listen to your favourite radio stations anytime, anywhere in the best possible quality. The aux input enables you to play music from your own (smart) media device. The integrated 3.5 mm jack output will even let you enjoy music with your headphones. HAV-TR900BL HAV-TR900BE

Black Ivory

König retro radio with Bluetooth® wireless technology HAV-TR800BL HAV-TR800BE

Black Ivory

König retro design AM/FM radio Radio with retro design and large rotating dial scale with big city frequencies on it. You can choose between the AM and FM band. It has a volume control and tone control knob. The tone control knob enables you adjust the sound clarity. HAV-TR710BE HAV-TR710BU HAV-TR710BL

Ivory Blue Black

HAV-TR710PI Pink HAV-TR710BR Brown 7

Audio transmitters

König Bluetooth® audio transmitter Audio transmitter to stream digital music wirelessly from a tablet or smartphone to an audio system. It is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

König advanced Bluetooth® audio transmitter Advanced Bluetooth audio transmitter to stream music wirelessly to an audio system. An aptX chipset and optical output guarantee superior quality sound. In addition, the NFC EasyLink makes it simple to connect an NFC enabled smartphone or tablet.

König Bluetooth® audio transmitter for headphones Audio transmitter to wirelessly stream music from an audio or video system to Bluetooth headphones. The audio transmitter is equipped with an aptX chipset which guarantees superior quality sound. It also features an extra output to connect a second set of headphones.





Home audio

Ultra-clear sound to enhance the ultimate audio experience

2x Digital optical

6 speakers to maximise home cinema experience

KĂśnig soundbar piano black Six-speaker soundbar to connect TVs or receivers and provide the ultimate home cinema experience. The AUX input can be connected to smartphones, tablets or notebooks to serve as a stand alone component HAV-SB400 HAV-SB500

(Features BluetoothÂŽ version 4.0) 9

Portable MP3 Bluetooth® Alarm Clock Unlimited ways of listening to your favourite music Programme this portable Bluetooth® alarm clock to wake up as you prefer. The alarm clock streams music from any Bluetooth® enabled device of up to 10 metres away. You can also insert an SD card or connect your music player to the AUX or USB input and enjoy your own play list. HAV-BTAL100 Coming soon HAV-BTALMO100



Bluetooth® floating speaker Enjoy your music even in the swimming pool or in the bathroom with this Bluetooth floating speaker. This waterproof speaker with Bluetooth enables you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device. It can float, stand or hang. HAV-BTFSP100WH White HAV-BTFSP100BU Blue HAV-BTFSP100PI Pink 10

Bluetooth® Alarm Clock with moodlight

DJ & Entertainment Kรถnig 3-channel DJ mixer Basic and compact DJ mixer, suitable for connecting and mixing three audio sources. Ideal for karaoke applications, sound amateurs and mixing of video sound tracks. KN-DJMIXER10 KN-DJMIXER20

Kรถnig 2-channel DJ mixer


König OnStage 2-way 15" active ABS PA loudspeaker 800 W The SMA range of König is the solution for everyone who wants a good mobile speaker system. This 2-way bass reflex PA speaker has a powerful built-in 800 W amplifier. The stackable trapezoidal ABS housing is made of an impact resistant nylon fiber, which makes this speaker very suitable for mobile use. The speaker is completed with handles, a strong metal protection grill and a top hat for easy use of the speaker stands. This speaker has a wide range of applications through a built-in mixer with tone/gain controls and its multiple connections such as a microphone input. PA-SMA1502 PA-SMA1202

König OnStage2-way 12" active ABS PA loudspeaker 600 W

König dynamic microphone This unidirectional dynamic microphone with all-round sound characteristics has a clear sound and a frequency response from 42 up to 16800 Herz. KN-MIC11

König professional wireless 16 channel microphone system with 2 microphones KN-MICW621 12

König wireless microphone system with two microphones


König wireless 1 channel microphone system


König wireless bodypack


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