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ITTIR perfumed manuscript

Project by

Nedim Kufi

Perfume These watercolors works are the result of Kufi’s exploration of new signs of communication of “Love”. Here he weaves the works with a delicacy similar in a way to that of preparing “Perfume”, with all that it takes of fragility and grace. They are visual arrangements of love in peaceful times, when it is based on trust. Love as ritual, the great bridge between people, where these essential notions are transformed through the instruments of visual expression and imagination. While love remains an unmatched ideal as that of freedom, it is a key and diet for the soul. This visual exploration took Kufi to new personal paths creating original signs. Love in universal. It is a binding between the West and the Orient. The works aim at presenting the essence in unique mixtures as visual perfumes. These visual “extracts” are open indications of an emotional experience that is admirable and right. Kufi presents us his vision of what belongs to the heart before it attains the imagination. Puffs of love in the silence of the night tangled with hushes of thought. Maybe he is looking for his own self in this experience to renew his emotional power. A bridge for trust on an unusual passage, as Kufi remains fully conscious that this visual experience has to take the instinctive paths, undoubtedly, first.

Titles of images

Terracotta Dulcet Perfume Shy To Play Puck *hand Friendship Excavations Touch Untitled Bonzai kiss Lineage The Red Rabbit Holy

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