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Contemporary Arab Representations The Iraqi Equation Project of Catherine David

DAFTAR online visual magazine 2004-2006 Nedim KUFI




Sinan Antoon / Arab Image Foundation / Fadhil Al-Azzawi / Fernando Báez / Shimon Ballas / Hana Al-Bayaty / Sargon Boulus / Sawsan Darwaza / Tariq Hashim / Koutaiba Al-Janabi / Nedim Kufi / Faisel Laibi / Gema Martín Muñoz / Maysoon Pachachi / Salam Pax / Haris Pellapaisiotis / Oday Rasheed / Talal Refit / Samir / Baz Shamoun / Samuel Shimon / Hushim Al-Tawil / Saadi Youssef / KW - Berlin 2005


daftar project | 16 issues on the wall | Nedim Kufi


daftar project | 16 issues on the wall | Nedim Kufi


daftar project | 16 issues on the wall | Nedim Kufi


Daftar magazine is a quarterly bilingual Arabic/English publication with the intention of filling a gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East, North Africa and its Diaspora. It is an art and cultural magazine with high demands on content. It focuses on topical art and socio-political debates, aesthetic questions and information on arts and culture in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. High-calibre authors from both banks will make the magazine a forum for information and dialogue with and within the Arab cultural area. Daftar’s Work Programme will be a not-for-profit curatorial organization dedicated to supporting contemporary artists from the Middle East, managed by a group of curators, editors and artists based in Middle East and Europe. We will commission and curate artists’ projects, exhibitions, and educational events, usually working in collaboration with local organizations and practitioners. The Dafter Library a collection of catalogues, books, artists’ books, and sound/film projects, curated by artists, which will be developed as a touring, ‘pop-up’ resource; a course of Arabic/English workshops on writing about art, designed to encourage critical debate in the Middle East and North Africa; as well as curated film programs and performances. Daftar’s work programme that occupies a place between theory and practice. It will include seminars, publications, performances and presentations of works by various Arab and European cultural practitioners – visual artists, architects, film-makers, performers, musicians, writers, poets and intellectuals, as well as people from the social and political spheres. There will also be a range of workshops that will explore works of art and artistic practice. Daftar e-magazine was a monthly publication founded in 2004 with the intention of filling a gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East and its Diaspora. It was carried out by commitments of four cultural practitioners. We have produced 16 issues. Info-installation was created to take part in a tour exhibition The Iraqi Equation 2006, curated by Catherine David which took place in KW Berlin, Tapies foundation and Omia, Swede, : The structure of the organization: The exclusive director (you) and an administrator(Preferable a Creative Writer). The administrator will coordinate the Daftar organization, resources and programmes, and contribute to the effectiveness of the Daftar’s activities. The administrator will also responsible for the day-to-day running of the programme and company bookkeeping, and will work on specific projects and schemes whenever possible and appropriate. 8

daftar project | 16 issues on the wall | Nedim Kufi


daftar project | examples covers


daftar project | kufi writing


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