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think niagara. think original. emerging clusters

think niagara. think success. The Niagara Region has been the setting for many a Canadian success storey. Now we invite you to become a “Niagara Original” by growing your own business here in our fertile soil.

wine industry I have been extremely happy with my decision to locate my wine business in the Niagara Region. In addition to the geographical and climatic advantages that benefit my winery, I have found the business community to be vibrant and supportive. I have always strived for perfection. For my wine business I have found it here, in the Niagara Region. Mike Weir • Proprietor, Mike Weir Wine

sustainable technology The Niagara Region makes perfect sense for us as it has quietly become a major centre for agribusiness and sustainable technologies. Our cost of operations are less than most other communities and we have tremendous affordable access to global markets as a result of the multimodal hub right here. Clare Riepma • President, PlanET Biogas Solutions Inc.

interactive gaming My troops can become quite fatiqued sitting at computer screens developing leading edge video games. That’s why the work/play balance in the region is so key to their productivity. And the high speed fibre optic networks that link us to domestic and international markets is critical to our daily operations. Denis Dyack • President, Silicon Knights, Interactive Gaming Developers

aerospace As the Canadian arm of the world’s largest manufacturer of civil helicopters, several important factors have lent to our success here. First is the deep talent pool. And of equal importance is that our location is in a multimodal hub, just an hour away from Canada’s business capital, and minutes away from the Canada – US border. Marie-Agnès Vève • President & CEO, Eurocopter Canada

think diversity. think niagara. Niagara’s natural abundance is matched by the multitude of companies that have found a home here, in a wide range of emerging business sectors perfectly suited to the Region.

biosciences The convergence of life science technologies has spurred the growth of a burgeoning Ontario biotechnology sector. Investors and developers have awakened to Niagara’s own bioproducts industry base, its business competitiveness, its research capacities, and its synergistic potential for expansion into emerging sub-industries in the biotechnology field. They are helping to expand the economic potential of the region, creating a home for a diverse cluster of bioscience companies with their own niche products, services and markets, and strong support from government and academic partners.

digital media Digital media is hot, engaging and a national economic development priority. In Niagara the digital media sector is robust and growing, sustained by entrepreneurial business leaders, a pool of talented researchers and creative programmers, and a broad spectrum of products and services. Development demand, fuelled by advances and convergence in communications technology and the growing expectations of consumers, are creating new digital media businesses that are becoming economic cornerstones of a new Niagara.

green technology Historically, Niagara has been at the forefront of Ontario’s ‘green’ industries, and a leader in technologies that generate renewable energy resources. Niagara’s hydro-electric power generation has global brand recognition, attracting a cluster of industries in the power generation field. Now the Region is harnessing additional power sources, from wind energy to solar and geothermal energy. It is putting significant resources into other leading edge green technologies, in all areas of product development, manufacturing and services, from the making of energy-efficient LEDs to waste disposal and recycling.

health and wellness Niagara‘s enviable lifestyle has attracted seniors from across Canada and the need for new health-related services, products and delivery systems to provide a balanced quality of life offers enormous growth potential. A new hospital for the Niagara health system, coupled with new health care teaching facilities being built by Brock University and Niagara College, are enabling Niagara to attract investments from related medical, diagnostic and clinical testing firms wishing to become part of a growing cross-section of specialized health services.

natural power and people power. together in one perfect location.











Niagara Canada is a prosperous, diversified, and sustainable regional economy that offers: • Diversified manufacturing base and supply chain networks • Strategic central location with easy access to major markets • Multimodal transportation – rail, road and water • Highly skilled and experienced workforce • Pro-business regional and municipal government • A business culture open to innovation and change • Strategic support from government and academic partners • +1.905.685.1308 Fort Erie • Grimsby • Lincoln • Niagara Falls • Niagara-on-the-Lake • Pelham Port Colborne • St. Catharines • Thorold • Wainfleet • Welland • West Lincoln

Niagara Emerging Clusters  

Niagara Emerging Clusters

Niagara Emerging Clusters  

Niagara Emerging Clusters