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Worldwide Fall Off in Farm Dealers Make First of its to kind API joins dealer management Tractor Sales ‘Likely Continue Strides in Charter Software in 2017’ Inventory Inc.’s July 2016 release software with third party suppliers includes the launch FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Reduction Efforts, of ASPEN Integrator, Charter Software InC. Federation, expects the downturn in farm machinery sales experienced a new module that by most countries to move into 2017, according to a release issued But Underlying integrates ASPEN, on Nov. 8, prior to the start of the EIMA Ag equipment exhibition in their flagship business releaSeS aSPen Headwinds Persist Bologna. m a n a g e m e n t


While supply and demand “The negative phase for agricultural equipment purchases is software, with the imbalances continue to plague likely party to continue also in 2017, and a recovery is only expected third suppliers many Ag machinery dealers, the that use the to association. “The setback involves many of the from dealers 2018,” said threewas publicly held North American About ASPEN: ASPEN developed using Microsoft run their business efficiently. major coun¬tries, but does not affect the positive trends seen in farm equipment dealership groups .NET and SQL Server to offer dealers strong security, With ASPENmarkets Integrator dealers can now: some emerging that represent — after the emergence of are reporting progress in reducing a reliable, manageable IT infrastructure, and easy • Connect to multiple data sources including CRM India, China, Brazil and Turkey — the new frontier ofintegration agricultural their equipment backlogs. On the with Microsoft applications. packages, shopping carts, auction & equipment other hand, it has come at Software, a price as mechanization.” About Charter Software Inc.: Charter sites, manufacturers, and email and phone dealers report that ongoing low used According to data compiled by Agrievolution, through first Inc. istheheadquartered in Littleton, Colorado and systems in real time. equipment values offer little or no 9 months of 2016, the following countries and/or was regions have in 1978. Charter Software provides founded profit margin. • Keep multiple data sources current, reducing experienced declining tractor sales: affordable, Windows-based business management At the same time, factors like lease duplicate data issues caused by current software software designed to improve efficiency and increase integrations Europe –6% Russia –19% returns and individual farmers selling the profitability their of equipment dealerships. Charter China –29% Japan –24% own equipment are coming into • Run secure live queries and more quickly respond Software works closely with the equipment industry’s play, slowing dealers’ efforts to put Brazil –17% to customer inquiries leading suppliers to create streamlined EPC/ea meaningful dent in the ongoing where tractor sales increased the first 3 “At Countries Charter Software, we understand that during in commerce integration withof their software. overhang equipment on their lots. quarters of the year included: order to flourish, dealers need to be able build a “The major of this current For more information on driver Charter Software, India +17% U.S. +3% bridge between all of their technology systems. dip in used values liesormostly please visit e-mailwith at: Most business system Turkey +7% vendors in our industry do not the increasing number of machinery have anyreport meansnoted to connect, and overall the ones that do in the The that, while unit sales auctions featuring a lot more one or net U.S. were require party certification,” said Anne two used items that individual farmers up, the third increase was driven by compact unitsSalemo, (under 40 horsepower). President/CEO of Charter Software. “Dealerships own have been selling to free up some Sales of high horsepower tractors (over 100 horsepower) were down their data and should be able to extend it as necessary cash,” says Greg Peterson (Machinery during the January through September period by 22%. Pete) in his Machinery Pete’s Quarterly to maintain competitive edge. If you have a software ~ AEI Used Values Index report for the third or online tool that needs access to your customer, quarter 2016. inventory or other relevant business information, ~ AEI ASPEN Integrator is for you.”

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